idk man i love my culture

ready 4 this? noodle is a 26 old girl with an undisclosed sexuality who embraces her culture on top of the lifestyle of her bandmates, so it is safe to say she’s definitely not a virgin anymore like, no joke, she gets laid frequently she’s in her prime my dudes! OH also! she’s a smoker, stoner and prob a party animal!

if you’re young and you’re latching onto teenage noodle, then fine, but she’s an adult. she’s older than a good majority of this fandom. to say that a panty shot drawn by a “white man” (who is the creator of this character everyone loves, idk why i have to remind any of you that) is ‘sexualizing’ her, it says a lot about you promoting this idea that noodle can’t be a feminist that’s anti-slut shaming. just because she’s asian or there’s sick people who have sexualized her since she was a minor doesn’t mean you should undermine her development and prohibit jamie from drawing a leading lady that gives no fucks about what men think.

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Thank you so much for blowing up my trans idol!!! Peter was "that guy" for me as a little kid when I started wanting to transition.

idk what it is about peter parker but dude that kid is an absolute trans magnet…. like most trans men I’ve encountered cite Spider-Man as their favorite hero, or say he was an important part of their childhoods. Something about that character is super relatable to trans men and we all love him for it????

loving Spider-Man is trans culture. 

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Love love love our fav bffs teaming up, esp for the best man speeches :D I just wanna bring up something with you if its okay? As someone who gets kinda uncomfortable reading about Victuuri being 'westernized' in fic, esp when they're in non-au contexts, I just wondered if western style bachelor parties and best man speeches were a thing in Russian or Japanese wedding customs? I'm Asian myself so I don't know actually (idk if these things seem so universal but we don't do either of them in (1/3)

my culture lol). Also along the same lines, I was wondering if you’d consider researching and then writing in something culturally significant to them? (if you intend to write about their wedding in RPPF that is of course). I know this is just fanfic and obviously you must be busy and you probably don’t have time to research when writing should just be for fun and shouldn’t involve needing to do any homework on it, I just thought I’d ask you anyway if its alright (2/3

Either way thank you so much for working hard on the top tens! <3 (3/3)


I completely understand what you mean anon! I always imagined them having Chris and Phichit as ‘best men’ because, to the best of my knowledge, while traditional Japanese weddings don’t have best men, Russian weddings can have them or an equivalent (although if I am wrong about this please feel free to correct me!) I imagine after living in Detroit for years together Phichit and Yuuri would have become fairly familiar with more westernized wedding style too, having probably attended a few themselves, and so if Viktor decided to have Chris as a best man/witness then Phichit would insist he gets to be Yuuri’s to make it fair. And also  there’s no way either he or Chris are going to miss the chance to make a very embarrassing speech about the two of them, regardless of tradition so they’d insist on doing it no matter what. 

In regards to bachelor parties, I was imagining it less as a traditional bachelor party and more just Chris insisting he takes Viktor out on last time for old times sake and Phichit insisting to Yuuri that they can’t let Viktor and Chris one up them so dragging him out too (also to make sure they get the best ‘friends on a night out to celebrate their best buddy getting married’ selfies because Chris made it a personal challenge). Not so much a real bachelor party but more just friends on a night out to celebrate.

In regards to the actual wedding, I’ve always said I’m never going to write the actual ceremony because I don’t feel like I would be able to do it justice. I imagine they would have a combination of traditions from both of their home counties when they get married but, since I am neither Japanese or Russian, I don’t think I could portray them accurately enough. Even with research, there are so many nuances to things like weddings that are often deeply rooted in tradition that I feel anything I write would be missing all of that. So while I’ll reference the wedding and maybe write some of the bits surrounding it, I wont write the actual thing because I don’t think I would be able to do it accurately enough

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fave hylink headcanon?

that they’re actually a thing lol

you mean a popular one or one of mine?? i’m gonna answer both anyway

i once saw this theory that all the links that have the spirit of the hero look similar because hylia wants to recreate the image of man and boyyy… i love it.

idk how one of my own headcanons can be a “favorite” but i like to think that during the war they visited all sorts of places together and that’s when they started bonding. she would learn more about a town’s culture, they would dance, eat lots of food and generally have fun. just some nice relaxing shit to do when they weren’t doing War Stuff™, you know?

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Hel lo I'm the Ben Wyatt anon I had the kindest intentions I was not tryng to be mean I just don't know who that man is than you for explaining who he is and why he is like my main man Ben Wyatt

haha, good! well, in conclusion, ben wyatt and jack zimmermann have many, many things in common including deeply loving their partners who loudly care at everyone in their vicinity and not understanding said partner’s obsession with a cultural icon. 

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Name: claudia
Nickname(s): claud, cloud
Gender: female
Star sign: pisces
Height: idk probably 5′6
Sexuality: idk man 
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff! if any of y’all are hufflepuffs or really love hp hmu
Favourite animal: CATS. specifically snow leopards because they’re so majestic and beautiful
Average hours of sleep: 5 (cause school)
Dog or cat person: CATS. (but dogs are cool too)
Blankets you sleep with: 3 as it is very cold where i live
Dream trip: italy, greece, back to austria, basically anywhere with beautiful architecture and culture
When I made my blog: this blog was created about a month ago! i’ve had my main blog since 2014. 
Followers: 500 like what why do ppl follow me
Why I made a Tumblr: i love that so many people are on tumblr that have the same interests as me! 

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Are the Seahawks your team?

I’m decked out in green and blue, screaming at the tv, while wearing the silly seahawk baseball cap that was passed down to me by my grandfather (first gen hawker), and waving around my $20 pom pom set that I bought at my first live game two months ago… when I’m done screaming at the tv I snuggle up in my seahawk blanket. 

lmao lmao yeah I come from a family of big seahawkers like it’s at the point where we save the large cups from mcdonalds cause they print them with team players 

but my love of the hawks didn’t become so strong until I started travelling around the US? like here… it’s practically a cultural thing. everything is green and blue and everyone in the pnw is the twelfth man. we paint seahawks on our houses, we wrap seahawks on our cars. on friday’s a lot of work places let their employees dress in blue and green and idk. I just get this huge sense of pride… we have the loudest stadium in the league for a reason. it wasn’t until travelled around that I realized that “oh shit… people who see me in seahawk gear expect me to be able to hold conversations about the team”

I’ll cut it off here but I LOVE THE SEAHAWKS !!!


read the hiphop that i write as my confidence
fuck the dictionary definition, i educate myself
man, i’m so over with under-over shit
who’s jabbing who about culture damage? hiphop is the best
the rabbit bastard who’s only after ricecake and carrots, my ambition lifts me higher
to carat to karat, you get me?
i’m only 17 but my future is solid man

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Idk why i want to share this but.. so my mom's american and my dad's japanese and to be honest i cant recall if my dad actually said that he loves mom. He is very stoic and very modest by nature. so I asked mom one day if he actually told her those words and she said "u don't expect japanese man to say those words so baldly", i was like the heck, how's nationality has anything to do with that. i live in US so i don't know how japanese culture works but i was thinking about moms words and

cont, it made me think that it is true that most asian people are less articulate in that kind of lovey-dovey stuff. Don’t ask me why, i have no clue. My parents were married for 19 years but mom told me that dad said i love u to her only 3 years ago. Lol. That sounds so much like my dad!Anyways, it made me think of SS for a bit. I think if sasuke ever told sakura i love u it would have been later in there marriage as well. I can imagine sakura replying “don’t tell me what i already know”

Definitely. I’ve also said that I believe Sasuke says those words very few and far in between, and his first time would have been when they were already married. But yeah, it’s not like Sakura didn’t already know by that point ^_^