idk man i liked these signs so

My Thoughts on the Signs (Mega Stoned Version)

Aries: Wow, you are so almighty and powerful and just very strong from your foundation up through your branches and leaves. You are so glorious and strong, you remind me of a mountain who is never going to budge. I feel like you guys definitely have the strongest, most powerful glazes tbh. Idk I just really love all of you so much.

Taurus: Okay but I thought that nobody is perfect yet here you guys are and I think Hannah Montana lied to me when I was younger but who cares man. You guys are just really amazing, sweet, lovely flower buds (I swear I’m not biased bc I am a taurus) but yeah you guys are amazing. You remind me of the smell of sweet honeysuckle petals on a warm breezy summer day.

Gemini: Gosh, you guys truly are gods and goddesses and just creatures of beauty. You are the friend who I never truly forget about, the person in my life who I know I can go to for support and love and compassion. I know that doesn’t sound like the Gemini stereotype at all but thats why it is a stereotype. Gemini’s remind me of the sound and smell of waves crashing against a sandy beach late at night and the feeling of a warm breeze dancing over your skin giving you goosebumps.

Cancer: Whenever I really just need a hug, I always know there will be a Cancer there to make me feel loved. You guys are like the sweet warm sunshine on a warm summer afternoon, the sound of a little girl’s laughter on a playground, the sweet innocence and bliss of life. You all are so necessary to the world, I don’t think you realize. You remind me of the sweet taste of honey on my tongue as I drink my tea late at night as I start to feel my eyelids getting heavier.

Leo: WOw. You guys are so mighty and so powerful and unique and special and just wow. Your laugh brightens everyone’s day up, you care so deeply about everything I just think it is so amazing. I associate you with great power and just purity and warm happy feelings. You remind me of the loud, billowing echo of a wolf howling under the milky way up in the sky.

Virgo: The word Virgo in my mind represents purity. Kindness, deep love and passion for everything you do, and beautiful souls. You put off such a warm glow and vibe, its like people radiate around you. You’re like a soft rose petal drifting through a mid Autumn breeze, such a necessary and amazing and special and unique thing you bring to the world.

Libra: You guys are kinda like super soft little fuzzy baby bunnies. Just very cute but also slightly feisty and there is definitely a dark side behind you but yeah moving on. You guys mostly just vibe with everyone you meet and you are definitely pretty chill and awesome. Just dope on so many levels. You remind me of the strings playing on a guitar just vibing with the music and the tones and harmonics and just very chill.

Scorpio: Wow very sexy time. You guys are all so passionate and sensual and intimate and just amazing at everything you do. You remind me of the old 70′s out dancing on a Friday night with the one you love and getting milkshakes and holding hands and staying up late looking at the stars. You remind me of the lava lamp across the room growing bright with so many colors, shining bright in the dark room.

Sagittarius: The powerhouse of the zodiac. Like the mitochondria of the cell, but of the zodiac. You guys are so fiery and independent and unique and you guys all just rock so so much. You remind me of the cloud of smoke drifting up through the air under the stars on a cold winter night in a back parking lot. Of the rebellious teens who just wanted to have a good time. My love for you is so so endless. You all have such beautiful souls, please never forget that.

Capricorn: The capabilities of your guys’ minds is so so endless. You are all so creative and passionate and intelligent and you will all go so far in life. You are the older brother that somehow always used to know what was going and how to live life. The one that sticks to their roots through rain and shine. You remind me of the vinyl record player sitting on the floor, the vibe of the music through the room, the laughter of the one you love.

Aquarius: The cool older teenage girl who you dream about becoming like one day, the cool one who dances shamelessly at concerts. You are all so unique and intelligent and loveable and you just put off such good vibes. I just want to be around you. You remind me of the big leafy green plants on the windowsill soaking up the sunshine and living for what you believe in.

Pisces: You have this really unique orbit around you. People seem to gravitate around you when they notice how much you have going in your mind. Your laugh is intoxicating and I just want to spend late summer nights with you. The bass in your favorite song, the part you feel in your heart. You remind of a tundra wolf in the snow, very powerful yet magnificent and spectacular and awe striking and just amazing in so many ways. Wow.

breaking the signs stereotypes

don’t take this too literally, you know what I mean

aries expectative: WHAT THE FUCK IM GONNA FIGHT YOU BITCH YOURE DEAD *kills someone*
aries reality: how many orion rings can I eat within an hour

taurus reality: idk man I just want to listen to britney spears

gemini reality: je ne speak pas francés obrigado you

cancer reality: why tf is my zodiac sign called like that

leo reality: *pushes door instead of pulling it*

virgo reality: *uses french fries as fangs* look hehe im a walrus

libra reality: i want to pee

scorpio reality: *wears fuzzy socks* *owns 57 pairs of crocs*

sagittarius reality: *has an entire family of cats through their house and some chicken soup from 2 weeks ago on their fridge* yasss the sweet life man

capricorn reality: what the fuck is guatemala

aquarius reality: *fades into bed* aww man I just love spongebob so much

pisces expectative: DREAMY DREAMY FISHY FISHY
pisces: *gets high off gummy bears*

oh dude we’re all so lame

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Gender: idk man i consider myself genderqueer/perhaps agender? but i align femininely and with like women if that makes sense?

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 5′7″

Sexual Orientation: i call myself sapphic since i dont like confining terms, but i date women and nonbinary people

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Favorite Colour: seafoam green

Favorite animal: bunnies or cows!!

Average hours of sleep: probs like 6

Cat or dog person: both!!

Favorite Fictional Characters: lottie person

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 at most

Favorite Singer/Band: lady gaga is my #1 fav but i also like alt-j, tame impala, childish gambino, fka twigs, hayley kiyoko……im rly getting into glass animals too

Dream trip: i like any coastal place so just to the ocean in general

Dream job: i think rn it might be art oriented but im not sure yet

When was this blog made? 2011 was when i joined tumblr but ive remade twice since then

Number of followers: 907

What made you decide to create this blog? i think i just found tumblr through shitty fandom stuff and joined??? now im here

i tag: @fxmmes, @upnorthwiththesnow, @kylohoek, @ghostshoujo, @angelwines@futchwitch, @thundertricked, @matthewmara, @c-clearly, @baskaweeta, @fearows, @reshiram, @gentlesbian, @eiou, @stridah, @wlllow, @rosebays, @softbeaniebaby, @sweetrevelation, @heathermason

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questions n stuff:

name: noah or james idc

nicknames: i don’t technically have any but u can call me jams if u want thts a good n only like 2 people call me tht

star sign: leo

height: 5′2 or 5'3 idk

sexual orientation: pan/ace

favourite colour: navy blue !!

average hours of sleep: idk man im so Inconsistent

cats or dogs: both but like,,, also dogs

favorite fictional characters: i thought of keith from voltron first even tho its been so long since ive watched it so him ig

number of blankets i sleep with: i have 3 on my bed n i either sleep w one depending on how i feel or i wrap myself up

favorite musical artists: probavly likr pwr bttm n 21p tbh

dream trip: florida or anywhere w claire lmao

dream job: i wanna b an author or writer or journalist jus like anything w writing tbh

when was this blog created: idk like december 2015 mayb?

number of followers: like 215 idk im a smal blog lmao

when did this blog reach it’s peak: never lmao its a Mess

ok so im supposed tp tag likr 20 people i wanna kno better but i sont think i kno tht many people so

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I like never say anything about my opinions on stuff happening in the ZP fandom since I try to stay out of that noise but

I’m perfectly fine with ZP getting rebooted and that reboot not being the focus right now. ZP was what I first got interested in when I started becoming a fan of Viv’ s work but honestly Hazbin Hotel and a Timber series? Frikin heck man sign me the heck up that’s sounds super rad. ZP is the thing that people have been grilling her over anyway so I see why she has no energy to work on it.

Honestly too with how the looks of the ZP fandom are, the fandom could use a reboot itself. And until then I’m jumping ship to Hazbin and Timber.

the signs as bluesey moments
  • aries: “I am not a prostitute.”
  • taurus: “What was Poland like?” “Prettier than you’re thinking. So pretty.”
  • gemini: “I’ve learned a lot. I’m glad you misdialed.” “Well. Easy mistake to make. Might do it again.”
  • cancer: “Is that all?” “That’s all there is.”
  • leo: It had a grounding effect - the shocking slime of the blueberries, the sugar hitting his stomach, empty from school, the knowledge that her mouth had been the last thing to touch the spoon.
  • virgo: Richard C. Gansey III has a nice mouth. Now I know he has nice eyes when he laughs, too. This still isn’t love.
  • libra: “I wish you could be kissed, Jane. Because I would beg just one off you. Under all this. And then we’d never say anything about it again.”
  • scorpio: Okay. I’m ready - Gansey’s voice caught, just a little. Blue, kiss me.
  • sagittarius: “I just want to pretend. I want to pretend that I could.”
  • capricorn: Just the sound of her voice, the Henrietta lull to it, made him feel uneven and shattered.
  • aquarius: “You’re still not Congress, I see.”
  • pisces: His heart hummed. Blue touched his fingertips. Just this - He pinched her fingers lightly, just for a moment, and then he withdrew his hand and put it back on the wheel. His chest felt warm. This was not allowed.
the signs as... dumb things my friends have said
  • aries: "if I became a serial killer I would just kill people who purposely hurt dogs."
  • taurus: "[holding a taco] this is going to fall apart... like my life."
  • gemini: "I'm a man. real men don't play webkinz."
  • cancer: "the bus is a special place for me."
  • leo: "why is your phone screen so bright?" "LSD."
  • virgo: "this salad tastes bad... it tastes like vegetables."
  • libra: "all you want to be in life is the yolk"
  • scorpio: "leave the boys keep the toys"
  • sagittarius: "you're like a unicorn without the unicorn"
  • capricorn: "what if someone made Plato out of playdough"
  • aquarius: "who wants to study politics when you can be a groupie."
  • pisces: "my hair is like my feelings... it's everywhere."

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Name: Fitzy

Nicknames: Fitzy, Skull

Gender: Skeleton

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: Shorter then i’d like

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Uhhh fuckin ravenclaw I guess

Favorite colour: Purple, white, gold, dark red

Favorite Animal: I don’t know, like a scorpion or something…or a pug. 

Average hours of sleep: between 5-9 hours.

Cat or Dog Person: Dog

Favourite Fictional Characters: General Grievous 2003 Clone Wars, Trazyn the Infinite, Badrukk, Saurfang, Blackhand, fuckin idk man.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2. My body is a furnace so I never really need them

Favourite Singer/Band: Lazerhawk, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Mick Gordon’s work, The Police, Talking Heads, man I can’t think of ‘em all there’s a lot.

Dream Trip: Scotland highlands.

Dream Job: Writer or story creator for a video game company…like Blizzard or something.

When was this blog created?: Like, end of 2013

Current Number of Followers: 3,740

When did your blog reach its peak?: It’s always been in a downhill

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: Everyone else was doing it, why not. 

Tagging: I don’t care do it if you want nerds. 

20 People I’d like to get to know better!

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Name: Aubrey
Nickname: Aubz, or Bobby
Gender: Female

Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5′3″
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual? Pansexual? Idk, man. If I like ya, I like ya.
Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR
Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Animal: Sea turltes

Average hours of sleep: Depends. Anywhere between 3 and 10 lol
Cat or Dog Person: Dog
Favorite Fictional Characters:I have so many… I’ll name my top 5 cuz i’m tired lol bucky barnes, steve rogers, ron weasley, dean winchester, & charlie from perks of being a wallflower
Number of Blankets I sleep With: two
Favorite Singer/Band: So many. Twentyone pilots, paramore, wolves at the gate, evanescence, and a day to remember
Dream Trip: oh dear sweet baby jesus anywhere.
Dream Job: writer and mom
When was this blog created: 4 years ago this month!
Current Number of Followers: 1,175 (HOLY FUCK)

When did your blog reach its peak?: Now? Fuck Idk?
What made you decide to make a Tumblr: I don’t even remember, man.

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name: bri

nicknames: nug, noodle, 

star sign: cancer

height: 5′6

sexual orientation: bisexual

favourite colour: blue

average hours of sleep: like 7? idk man i just sleep a lot 

cats or dogs: CATS!! i just went to the cat shelter today to visit the kitties

favorite fictional characters: idk?? i love shippo from inuyasha a lot he’s so smol.

number of blankets i sleep with: one

favorite musical artists: p!atd, 21p, pvris, ptv, bmth, etc 

dream trip: i wanna explore europe and all it’s old art and architecture if someone took me there i would probably cry 

dream job: an artist n i have my own lil studio and just do art for people

when was this blog created: in april of 2014 i think

number of followers: 858

when did this blog reach it’s peak: do u expect this blog to peak at any point

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name: tierney

nicknames: ppl call me t or tee it’s easier

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 5′6 or 5′7 idk

sexual orientation: bi

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

favorite colors: dark green, dark red, yellow, orange and light brown

favorite animal: i frickin love otters

average hours of sleep: i sleep a Lot some days so i think like 10? 

cat or dog person: cat i think. but i still luv dogs!!

favorite tv shows: the walking dead, it’s always sunny, the office, my mad fat diary, lost, freaks and geeks

favorite movies: dead poets society, grease, submarine, swiss army man, into the wild, the darjeeling limited, mustang, the life aquatic, trainspotting, the big lebowski 

favorite music artists: the kinks, the arctic monkeys, the beach boys, the rolling stones, david bowie, the smiths

favorite books: i have a lot of books but haven’t read like, 99% of them. but my fav rn is this cool book called the resurrectionist 

fictional characters i relate to the most: dwight - the office, nick - freaks and geeks, charlie - iasip

i tag: @fluorescentgaylescent @averagecomputer @theo-bundies @goth-child1999 @clintboon @velvet-overdose

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Name: Alexander
💜 💜
Nickname: Alex, some people call me Alexio, I have this oNE FRIEND who calls me Al, also Lex Luthor ehehe
💛 💛
Star sign: Libra (I also know like my moon sign and rising sign and shit I’m so ashamed)
💚 💚
Height: 5'2″ I’m short I’m so short
💙 💙
Orientation: Gay? Bi? idk queer
❤ ❤
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
💖 💖
Favorite color: Purple
💜 💜
Favorite animal: Rainbow mantis shrimp!!!!!
💛 💛
Average amount of sleep: um on weekdays 5-6 hours, on weekends 8-9
💚 💚
Cat person or dog person: Both??????
💙 💙
Favorite fictional character: It changes every two seconds right now I guess I’m feeling Professor McGonagall?
❤ ❤
Number of blankets you sleep with: a super thin blanket, a thick blanket, and a comforter but also a fan so that kinda cancels it out
💖 💖
Dream trip: ………………………………to my bed, where i sleep
💜 💜
When was your blog created: Apparently January 1, 2015 as I learned when Tumblr sent me a little two-year birthday card
💛 💛
Current number of followers: 63
💚 💚
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name: Brittni

nickname(s): britt i guess? and to my internet friends beebo

gender: female

star sign: scorpio

height: idk but im pretty short 

sexual orientation: pansexual


favorite color: black

favorite animal: so many animals how do you choose 1 its red pandas fennec foxes or ferrets

time right now: 10:53 PM

average hours of sleep: idek not as many as i should tho

cat or dog person: CAT dogs are chill too tho 

favorite fictional characters: idek man probably like spongebob lmao

dream trip: dude canada or japan 

dream job: i have no idea what i am going to do with my life lol

when was this blog created: i think 2 and a half ish years but dont hold me to it 

when did your blog reach its peak: probs when i had an actual queue set up n stuff

what made you decide to make a tumblr: literally @trippingbunnies forced me to 

im gonna tag @trippingbunnies @macabreadventures @teacups-and-sugarcubes @prettyoongis @rogueloki @kiss-sneke @ot7-bangtan @barackabomination @kyra-1221 and @brendons-suit-collection (yall dont have to do this its just a fun thing :D )


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1. Nickname: Abs, Abdizzle, hoe

2. star sign: aquarius!.

3. height: 5′3″

4. time right now: 9:18PM

5. favorite music artist: idk man fiona apple? Marina and the diamonds? halsey? i’m basic

6. song stuck in your head: ok so I’ve been binge watching Parenthood on netflix and on regular TV and for some reason they use a different song when it’s on netflix and it’s so annoying & I hate it but that’s stuck in my head??

7. last movie watched: Rogue One with my bf!!

8. last tv show/anime watched: Parenthood lmfao I have a problem

9. what are you wearing right now: my bf’s big shirt and some flannel pj’s

10. when did you create your blog: fall of 2014 so I missed out on like every OG meme i’m a fake fan

11. what kind of stuff do you post: potpourri  

12. do you have any other blogs: nah

13. do you get asks regularly: Not super regularly, but every now and then

14. why did you choose your url: i like memes and im a hellion

15. gender: cis female

16. hogwarts house: ravenclaw binch

17. pokemon team: valor rah rah rah

18. favorite color: pastel anything!

19. average hours of sleep: 9-10 on weekends, 7-8 weekdays

20. lucky number: 4

21. favorite characters: yikes uh DEF lapis lazuli, pearl, chloe price, tapioca the duck from tsuritama, adam on parenthood lmao, i haven’t watched much anime recently bc I suck

22. how many blankets do you sleep with: like 3

23. dream job: psychiatrist. but since I decided against medical school I’m shooting for behavioral neuroscience

24. following: 413 sick homestuck reference

I tag: idk 20 blogs so imma tag my pals @squaremoms @domloco @nearlyer @simonstuck493 @yoounggod @hawkymo @gummibat @savoring-sleep and uh literally whoever else y’all my friends but no pressure no pressure


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Name: Eli, or Conrad, idk

Nicknames: @smiloe calls me Connie but otherwise I don’t have any I don’t think

Gender: nonbinary 😳

Star sign: Cancer

Chinese sign: DRAGON

Hogwarts house: idk?

Favorite color: orange


Average hours of sleep: Either 2 or 9, no in between

Cat or dog:  cat ❤

Favorite fictional character: fuck idk?? Um.. it’s hard to pick… I guess currently Matt Engarde has my fucking heart

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite singer: um… Can I pick Gerard Way, even if I’m not as into his solo stuff? 😂

Dream trip: space, very far away


When was my blog made: eh,,, I don’t remember

Number of followers: like,, 470+? I love y'all ❤

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Name: Nora

💜 💜

Nickname: Im not cool enough for a nickname but like i actually rly like my name so im good
💛 💛
Star sign: Cancer!!
💚 💚
Height: 5′6-5′7 ish???? i have nO idea
💙 💙
Orientation: buddy,,,,,, its a long story i guess bi is the simplest way to explain it also ace?? probably arospec somehow but i dont really think about it too much anymore
❤ ❤
Hogwarts house:  I was sure I was slytherin for awhile but im more of a gryffindor now? so gryffindor i guess
💖 💖
Favorite color: mauve/ gray-pink colors idk i would die for semi-neutral colors
💜 💜
Favorite animal: my favorite animal to be around is cockatiels but the most interesting animal to me is jellyfish
💛 💛
Average amount of sleep: i dont have a working clock in my room so i have No Idea
💚 💚
Cat person or dog person: cat person!! dogs are lit but like,,,,, yeah
💙 💙
Favorite fictional character: Ive always been Such a Neville kid sdkfd
❤ ❤
Number of blankets you sleep with: I have 3 blankets on my bed but I wake up like every 2 hours to get another one or take one off so ???????
💖 💖
Dream trip: on a small level i Love the library but like for an actual vacation? I like beaches I guess
💜 💜
When was your blog created: late 2014 I think with the Iconic URL “internetpotatos” rest in pieces 
💛 💛
Current number of followers: I just checked and its 617 I feel so appreciated
💚 💚
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Name: Kate
Nicknames: I guess Kate is a nickname for Katherine, but also KK, Kenny, Hate
Gender: Girl (ish sorta nb but idk man)
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5′6 :) bc ima short nugget
Sexual orientation: Hella gay
Hogwarts house: gryffindor ;) (i added a wink to prove my trash status)
Favourite colour: Maroon, navy and black are the only colors im aware of
Favourite animal: B E A R S
Average hours of sleep: School days progs 4-5 (oh no) and weekends probs like 7-8?????
Cat or dog person: As a lesbian I choose cat (playing to my stereotypes)
Favourite fictional character: Yurio from YOI
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favourite singers/ bands: Porter Robinson, TØP, Panic!, Halsey, Hayley Kiyoko, Dessigner
Dream trip: Japan and London
When was this blog created: ermmmm forever ago but I’ve only been active for a couple of months maybe
Current number of followers: like 300ish bc IM TINY
When did this blog reach its peak: A lot of my posts have a couple of hundred notes but I dont think I have a specific “peak”

20 ppl is hard for me to tag bc I know no one but I’ll try (if I tagged u you def dont have to do it) @princessdan @rosylester @phanperra @greyphan @sliceofphan @soundwavespark @pansexualphil @stormydaylester @yuriorussianfairy @joshler-brallon-stump @colorfulnerdworld @smolgayixchel @flurrylester @secretlybasictrash @hellnostandards @nasahowell @shetastedlikeart @fluffhowell @phillp @thisphangirlisnotonfire

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  • Nickname: even though my name is really short I hate being called ‘amelia’ so everyone just calls me meli, or beag
  • Star Sign: scorpio
  • Height: like 5'2 or something idk I’m small I know that much
  • Time right now: 7:19pm
  • Last thing i googled: I preordered kh2.8 so prob my nearest game store
  • Fave music artist: idk about artist but I <3 Mumford and Sonds
  • Song stuck in my head: Simple and Clean (Ray of Hope mix) its been stuck in my head for days now
  • Last movie i watched: Beauty and the Beast
  • Last tv show watched: idk man probably Walking Dead ??? I really need to catch up on Teen Wolf
  • What are you wearing right now: vest and jeans bc I’m a lucky soul who has date night
  • When did you create your blog: originally in 2012, but I became a ff/kh blog in 2014
  • What kind of stuff do i post: games, memes and more games
  • Do i have any other blogs: I used to, but I literally never use it because I’m in kh/ff meme hell
  • Do i get asks regularly: not as often as I used to before I was a game blog, but its nice when I do
  • Why did i choose my url: noel kreiss is my ultimate love, and I will fight the world for him
  • Gender: female
  • Hogwarts house: idk man I don’t rly pay much attention to anything harry potter
  • Pokemon team: valor
  • Favorite color: really pale pink
  • Average hours of sleep: 8 if I’m alone, 6 at my boyfs
  • Favorite character(s): noel kreiss (ffxiii-2) jesus (twd) riku/aqua (kh) prompt (ffxv) bucky barnes (mcu)
  • How many blankets do i sleep with: 1 when I’m alone, but chris has like 7 at his and its fckin annoying
  • Dream job: it used to be media but now I’m back to square 1
  • Following: 700

I’m tagging a few of my faves (some I already know well but cant hurt) @erinhatesthings, @thingsinlifeyoujustdo, @starry-spaceneet, @divinitions & @helloimthedoctor <3 you guys don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna !!! x