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Star Wars and toxic masculinity though, I’m sorry, but what? Are we watching the same movies? They have a pretty clear message: Anger is the path to the Dark Side. If you want to be a hero, don’t go around getting angry and being violent, you have to be nice. Kind. Understanding. That’s kind of a central message. And it runs very much counter to the whole angry, prone to violence, emotionless macho thing.

That’s shown in the characters as well, because we’ve got some really big tough no-emotion macho hero types there, let’s review:

  • Luke Skywalker, bleeding heart idealist, has a lot of feelings and shows all of them. Whines about wanting to see his friends. Cries when upset or in pain. Appeals to people’s conscience, does the right thing, big on calming your mind and listening to your heart. Makes friends with everyone immediately, can’t hate anyone for longer than two minutes. Does not hesitate to rush headlong into danger, but can’t necessarily save the day with fighting prowess. Cares deeply about everyone. If you could be friends with any character, I’d recommend this one.
  • Han Solo, resident idiot, has many feelings and tries to hide them, everyone knows anyway. Will glance broodily around so that you can tell he’s upset or conflicted. Really wants to talk to the girl he likes about her feelings, but has no idea how. Says he doesn’t care, continually runs straight into danger to save the people he cares about. Doesn’t even try to look tough in the face of torture, immediately starts screaming, would never say “it’s just a scratch”. Constantly needs help, always barely one step ahead of total disaster, definitely not your knight in shining armour.
  • Lando Calrissian, actual ladies’ man, charming and suave, arguably the closest we get to a fuckboy except not because he totally respects Leia. Shows polite interest, does not push or manipulate when he realises that she’s not interested, despite the fact that this happens very subtly. Does not hesitate to do the right thing, loyal to his friends, even at great personal cost. Also does not hesitate to follow Leia’s orders, and not because he thinks it’ll get him laid.
  • Anakin Skywalker, drama queen extraordinaire, has far too many feelings and most of them make him cry. May seem a little whiny. Always wants to talk about his feelings, readily shares them with anyone who’ll stand still for long enough. Loves very deeply and is not afraid to show it. Gets very angry, but this is shown to be a Bad Thing. Gets too attached to the point of obsession, which is also shown to be a Bad Thing.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, drama queen support group, is a lot better at keeping his feelings under control but still has them. Will absolutely cry at emotional moments (possibly because he is tired). Understands everyone, even if he kind of wishes he didn’t. His need to be rescued by Anakin is a running joke, but not in a way that demeans him as a man, or a person. Makes snarky quips to reassure himself. Knew all along that This Is A Terrible Idea. Definitely the Mom Friend.
  • Palpatine, the big bad, an evil nightmare of a man. Literally uses his anger and hatred as a power source. Enjoys torture and violence, wants to corrupt the hero with hatred and anger. Likes to pretend he knows everything, needs no help, thinks love and friendship are weakness. Has no friends. Employs no women (in the movies). Shows no emotion except smug superiority, anger, and, briefly, panic. Ultimately defeated by the power of love and forgiveness, which serves him right.

Star Wars very explicitly portrays excessive anger and violence as BAD, and caring and understanding as GOOD. The guys are allowed to cry, they all need rescuing at various points and they aren’t “less” for it. They work together with women, as partners and equals. When Anakin finds out that Padmé is pregnant, he doesn’t roll his eyes or get cold feet, he’s delighted. He’s excited to be a father and start a family. The only disparaging comment I can think of that any guy makes about women in the movies is Han’s “If we can avoid any more female advice” which is followed by Leia telling him to shut up and do what he’s told, and Han grumbling and doing what he’s told. So that plays more like Han trying desperately to find some way of getting back at Leia because he does not like being told what to do, and immediately losing another round.

We see Han trying to get Leia to admit how she feels about him, while Leia is more concerned about getting him to join the cause. We see Padmé trying to be practical and focus on the mission while Anakin can’t shut up about his feelings. We see Luke saving the day not by being the ultimate badass macho fighter man, but by appealing to his father’s conscience, his love, the good in Anakin Skywalker. We see plenty of instances of men asking for help and accepting help, showing emotion without being judged or fear of being judged, wanting love and family, etc. We also see romantic rivalry between Han and Luke, and Han and Lando, that does not turn into any kind of “fight” for Leia’s affections, because it’s Leia’s choice and they all know and respect that. In fact, the three guys are friends and stay that way.

All of that is the opposite of toxic masculinity, as far as I can tell.

If anything, the prequel trilogy is a cautionary tale about the importance of keeping your emotions, especially your anger, in check, and the original trilogy is basically how to do it right. Darth Vader is not portrayed as some kind of masculine ideal to strive for, he’s the bad guy. Luke, with his emotional openness and explicit refusal to give in to anger and hatred and violence, is the good guy. Luke is a character you can show to a little kid and say “this is a hero”.

I guess if you twist it enough you can see sexism and toxic masculinity in everything, and I’m not saying these movies are perfect. They have plenty of problems. But when it comes to portrayals of male heroism (and villainy), I think they’re actually pretty damn good.


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i guess? this is an au? idk i just want harley englishes to be hot lifeguards whatever, people always draw dirk swimming but jade and jake grew up on a pacific island? LET THEM BE THE SWIM

If the Mega Man X cast met the Classics
  • Zero: Wow X seems to be having so much fun with his older siblings. Makes me wonder how my older brother's like.
  • Axl: Ha he's probably just like you! Quiet, too serious, cool under pressure-
  • Bass: *breaks down Dr. Light's wall*
  • X and Rock: *screams
  • Zero: ...
  • Axl: *falls on the floor laughing* aMAZING

I’ve been reading a fair bit of romance lately I would like to propose a new trend: “romance without the consent issues and red flags of abusive behaviour”. (It might need a snappier title.)

But yeah, like instead of pushing past her boundaries “for her own good”, he steps back, gives her space, and shows her that she can trust him. Instead of him tracking her down after she says no, or stalking her place of work, she actually chooses to meet with him. Instead of him making her stay inside and being all super-alpha “protective” (aka controlling) because the vampires are after her or whatever, she learns how to fight vampires.

Because every time I read this “I love you so much I can’t control myself, I’m locking you up because I’m protective, I’m taking you away from your friends and family to protect you, I’m ignoring your agency and will for your own good” crap, all I can see is red flags. SO many red flags. And every time the guy flies into a jealous rage or manhandles her “for her own good”, I want to scream at the heroine not to marry him. Get away from him. Sooner or later, that rage is going to turn against you. I don’t care what he says right now. Words are easy.

Same goes for the heroines, albeit in a different way. She has no business reading his private letters or diary or digging into his past without his consent. She shouldn’t expect him to solve all her problems for her. And trying to make him jealous is manipulative.

Oh, and if he’s flirting with a pretty long-legged blonde woman, that does not make said woman a bitch or a slut. If he’s cheating on you, that’s 100% on him. He’s the one making that choice. Please stop with that “she’s so pretty and skinny, I immediately hate her” crap. Especially in a genre written predominantly by and for women. WTF.

While we’re at it, please, none of that “she wasn’t like the other women”. It’s way too close to “women are all terrible except for this one” for comfort and it makes me like the guy that bit less.

Overall, I would just like it so much better if there was actual respect between the characters. They’re both adults. They both get to make their own decisions. Her feelings are valid. His feelings are valid. He’s protective without being jealous or controlling. She can accept his help without giving up her independence. He gets to feel pain. She gets to be tough. He’s allowed to have female friends, she’s allowed to have male friends, because they actually trust each other.

You could still have a compelling love story, in any subgenre really, you can still have friends-to-lovers and rivals-to-lovers and love/hate drama and fake dating, and all the hot sex scenes you like. You could have, if anything, more compelling characters because she would have more agency and he would have actual respect for women as opposed to the “I respect you, but I’m still going to manhandle you and lock you up if needs be” variant I’ve read too often.

I like romance in theory. I’d like it a lot more without that nonsense I keep running into about women being the weaker sex and needing protection, while the guys are tough and feel no pain and call the shots. (Even when she’s “feisty”, she’ll still end up agreeing, in the end, that it’s better if he takes care of things. I hate that.)

I would just really like a kind of romance where it’s like the romantic sub-plots in other things I read. Mutual respect. Partnership. Trust. No toxic masculinity or casual misogyny. Two people who treat each other as people. That would be lovely.

 Levi screaming/saying Eren’s name in relief when he rescues him from the female titan really gets to me.

This is the expression he’s wearing when he asks if Eren’s dead.

Like, just a few minutes before that, he had flown through the forest, had found out that every member of his squad was killed, and he obviously thought Eren was dead too since he saw Eren’s titan’s neck torn to shreds. Mikasa confirmed that she saw the FT biting Eren out of his titan. Levi’s already so used to lose people by now, but he decides to trust Mikasa on this one anyway and hopes Eren’s still alive, even though he doesn’t look too sure of it. Like I said, losing people is almost second nature to him. He’s used to it, but he certainly does not like it.

He then proceeds to literally destroy Annie, like it’s his personal vengeance. I don’t think he really expected Eren to be in her mouth, I don’t think he expected him to be alive either. But. He is there. So Levi shouts Eren’s name (in the light novel. He murmurs it in the manga. And he’s completely cut off from the anime, iirc, jeez…).

The look on his face, my god. So much relief floods him as he looks upon Eren’s emerging form, and he seems to almost whisper in shock, “Eren…”. And all he wanna do now is go back to safety. And so he does. They could have, I don’t know, put Eren on a tree and killed Annie but no, he just wanted to go away from there and put distance from danger and Eren/himself/Mikasa. Mainly Eren, I think. He has orders he has to follow, and those orders are “protect Eren with all you’ve got.“ 

He thought he had failed at protecting him but Eren’s alive. It’s a miracle. It’s hope. Eren is the exception to everyone else, because he lives.

Levi looked so stunned that Eren was actually alive, like…I bet he was already thinking that he could have done something different, could’ve done something more to save his squad and Eren, who was put in his care just a month before. He was already punishing himself with thoughts of failure and loss and defeat. He is relieved, yes, but I feel like he also can’t quite believe it. 

Either way, I think that, for someone who tries so hard to live with no regrets, Levi lives with a lot of them on his shoulders, constantly plaguing his thoughts. Proof: after so many years, he was still trying to figure out the reason why Kenny abandoned him back in the underground. 

Levi remembers all his dead comrades. And while he really doesn’t know what the best course of action is, he’s still so sensitive about deaths and emotional losses, and friends and comrades, because he’s just like that. He cares too much for his own good. He can’t not care. It’s not in his nature. And I love him for it.

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Akechi’s mom and other stuff Head canon about the guy’s childhood

Let’s see where should I start?

Well since his mom is being shamed due to stigmatize at having a child out of wedlock, I can only assume that she’s always depressed. She also probably loves Shido so much that she cannot move on and become stronger to care for Akechi. 

She loves Akechi deep down but she also sees him too as nothing but a burden, probably an unwanted child at the same time, Shido didn’t need a child thus unwanted. I can imagine her telling her own child on how much she wished that he was never born, whenever she snapped at him. 

They get barely enough money from her work, minimum wage/average female’s salary is perhaps smaller than average male’s salary. So bills, foods and maybe rent is hard to pay, Akechi presumably hasn’t gone to school nor she’s not able to teach him how to read. Physically and emotionally tired of dealing with people’s whisper and thinking about how they will survive on daily basis.

The shaming probably gets very worst at certain points and some of the insults are from her family or distant relatives, she barely had any support from them as they disowned her. Dubbing her as a scandal to their reputation and all that. Fed up and probably losing it, she can no longer let herself live her life, irrational thinking plus depression adding shame and anxiety, she ended up killing herself. Leaving her undesirable child sees her body hanging or drowning in the bloody bathtub. Alone in the hands of adults who never desired him.

Childhood was, let say—was the worst part of Akechi’s life. 

He was passed through (a possibility) relatives and foster care. Akechi won’t be seeking attention, acknowledgment, and affection if he was given properly. His mom hadn’t given him affection to an extent but other people can if they wanted to but the people that surround him chooses to ignore that need since, no one wants him nor was he welcome in these adults life.

He is probably bullied by kids and other adults, possibly his foster parents, I can imagine them threatening Akechi that if he causes them trouble they’ll throw him to another foster care/distant relative. It always happens though, even if he don’t trouble them. Ironically whenever he’s bullied by kids his age, he would just let them be, so that he won’t be thrown away, perhaps.

His views becomes more misanthropic as years pass. He never had friends or anything to share his thoughts, heck he did say he is unwelcome no matter where he goes. And yet he still tried to fit in.

His mistake is that he approached Shido two and a half years and shit his life goes in a literal way.


10 Favorite Panels [4/??]

Roronoa Zoro

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So that post wasn’t necessarily aimed at you guys specifically, and, when it comes down to it, I was the one that asked for requests, so I did expect to receive asks in the form of just “character & palette #”. Those aren’t my favourite, but it was expected. The one that kinda set me off was written in a “draw this” type format which irked me.

That being said, however, I will say (@ everyone, not you guys specifically) that even when an artist opens requests, it’s important to still keep in mind that artists are not machines. We can’t just churn out good art whenever we feel like it. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into each piece and each piece can take hours upon hours, if not days, to complete. So receiving a request that feels like the equivalent of someone putting coins in a vending machine, expecting something good to automatically come out, is not really… motivating?

Basically, long story short: be nice to artists. Tell them why you want a certain request. Shit, if you tell me a few sentences as to why you really think that palette fits that character I am immediately 500% more interested in drawing it because I know you connect to it. So say please. Be courteous. Artists typically like making things for people. One of the best parts of art is being able to share it. But we really don’t like making things for people who appear to take what we do for granted.


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