idk man i just think the art is pretty

hello imagine Stan deciding he wants to wear makeup but he’s really scared to bc he doesn’t want to be judged or whatever (its the 80s man) and he goes to Bevs house and decides to “steal” her makeup bag and practices when he gets home. like he has all these magazines and stuff that he;s practicing from and he’s trying his best okay but his eyeliners a bit wonky and his lipsticks abit messy. he tries one more time and this time it turns out perfect so he doesn’t wanna wash it off but he has to meet the gang in like 8 minUTES so he wears his hood up and everyones like “stan???Wtff??? whres ur face??” and he’s like omfg FINE so he pulls down his hood expecting a laugh or to be mocked or whatevs and richies like “i think a red lip would look nicer with that shirt but art is subjective i guess” and they all just carry on their day and Bill comes over and kisses Stans forehead and just whispers “pretty” and bevs like “next time u wanna slay just ask” and then Bev and Stan practice makeup for the night and Richie joins in and idk man i just love Stan with winged eyeliner

yknow something i really love about flight rising and the community of it on here??

how often do you see posts from artists or writers or just anyone, wishing that oc’s were more celebrated and how getting 4 notes on a non-fandom work feels like gold

but thats what flight rising is? sure the dragon breeds arent our creations but look how different and original each persons lore and dragons are, they’re pretty much ocs in a way

and you see all the time, peoples ideas and stories and art getting 100 notes, if you think about it thats crazy? i have 2 bits of art with 100+ notes, and people reblogging and writing compliments about my art or my designs in the tags, thats literally the dream??

we’re just like, a whole community of people sharing ocs and paying attention to each other’s creations and celebrating them and??

idk. feels good man

doodled this earlier and i dont think im ever going to even finish it but. i really liked the look of it anyways?? hmmm


Request: hello! i just want to say i rly love your blog💖 may i request a librarian! or barista!jun x reader ((in point form please)) thank you in advance 😩💘

A/N: I just think he’d fit better as barista cus of his charisma IDK so I went for barista ^.^

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  • Jun is definitely one of those baristas that tries showing of every trick he has up his sleeves
  • I never said he always succeeds though
  • he likes putting art on the latte’s but his ‘leaf’ turned out as a squiggly round
  • it was still pretty though so no one really noticed 
  • but when he did it more often his works got better and better
  • also loves writing names wrong
  • “Yeah I didn’t remember your name so now you’re mr. business man.”
  • doesn’t always has a smile on his face
  • because that’s just exhausting
  • if there is a kid like a really small kid he will make faces though
  • loves teasing the small kids as well, acting like he didn’t hear them at first 
  • or when they say “no whipped cream!” he’ll say “one chocolate milk with extra whipped cream coming up!” but winking at them afterwards
  • honestly a cutie to everyone
  • super loved by a couple of old ladies who come drink a coffee there each sunday 
  • “You would be a perfect grandson-in-law you know that sweetheart?”
  • gets shoved some cash in his hands by the ladies when it’s new year or something
  • he knows the regulars and their orders because he really is passionate about being a barista
  • at first he just wanted to make some extra money but he soon started to love his job way too much
  • you were a regular at the coffee shop and Jun first wrote your name wrong but when he saw you returning so often he started making small drawings on your cups
  • sometimes of animals, sometimes just cute stuff like stars and planets
  • and at a certain moment you saw that he took a cup that he had set aside for you because his doodles became more elaborate
  • Y/n-ah~ was your go to name now
  • he started chatting you up a little when there weren’t a lot of people in the coffee shop and boy
  • was he smooth
  • complimenting your eyes like it was no big deal
  • but on the other hand when you walked in he’d tried to lean on the counter and end up falling
  • he is smooth but at the same time totally not
  • also that nervous laugh of his that you get when you give him a compliment, but you though that was the cutest thing ever anyway
  • one day when it was super busy gave you your order with rushed smile and when you looked down you were little let down because there were no drawings on it…
  • the next time you went the coffee shop was nearly empty and you felt so relieved 
  • Jun’s face lighted up when he saw you walk in and already started making your usual 
  • this time your cup wasn’t doodled on either and you were a little confused 
  • but you let it slide like maybe his markers were empty or something
  • so you just had a nice little flirty chat with him
  • you had to leave earlier than you wanted though because of work/school/…
  • and after sipping a little more from your cup you noticed that at the back Jun DID write something down
  • besides your name obviously
  • and guess what he gave you his number
  • with a cute lil’ Jun next to it holding a phone to his head saying “Call me~”
  • later that day you called him 
  • and boy was he happy… you also learned so much about him, before you knew it it was 11pm 
  • you asked Jun if he didn’t need to get up early because of his job
  • “Yes but if talking to you means sleeping less I wouldn’t mind being a sleepless zombie~”
  • you freaked a little because THAT WAS SO CHEESY BUT ALSO SUPER CUTE
  • but because you didn’t know how to answer to that you kinda said he should go to bed anyway
  • from on then a beautiful romance started blossoming
  • and a greasy one, because you started taking over some of his habits


I just awknfwabgor my funny posts get lots of notes but the ones I take time and mind to it get nothing

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Hey so idk how exactly to express it but I find your writing calming both in tone and in just how uncanny most of your subjects seem to be. Like it's just odd enough that I have to kind of double take and center myself before reading and it's really nice to dive into another way of thinking. OH and your art is so flowy and lovely?? Good stuff all around A+

aww thanks man!! I’m glad you like what I do haha


its hard 2 believe its been as long as it has but wow man. its been rad seeing u and ur art style and everything grow for so long dude, and its also been just as cool seeing how our humor has warped so much that we laughed at me saying that i like to dance. but yea we’re both totally different people than we were years ago yet we’re still here and i think thats pretty cool

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Apparently I've been hearing elentori is bad, but from what I'm seeing she's just another person who was groomed into thinking certain stuff is okay in fandom. I've seen voltron fans that are SO much worse

she’s not as bad as some in the vld fandom and i think she gets so much flack because she’s just super popular (and also i’m pretty sure her art style has been much of the influence in creating the saladman art style, but i’m Not Sure about this and it’s just speculation)

but the reason she’s so infamous is because she shipped (ships???) bi//dip and drew a lot of porn of that ship, and when she received much-deserved backlash and criticism for it, she made an “apology” video that was basically a non-apology along the lines of “sorry if you’re offended” or w/e

Ormondsacker asked me: “Have you ever read Joanna Russ’ "How to Suppress Women’s Writing” and if so what did you think of it? I recently read it and couldn’t stop thinking how many of the mechanisms she describes in the book seems prevalent when it comes to how media treats fanfiction. Idk, maybe it’s just me.“

Oh man, it’s been (OY) almost thirty years since I read it, but man, I think you might be on to something. I remember the list of suppression methods most clearly–here’s the summary from Wikipedia, which I think is pretty accurate:

The book outlines eleven common methods that are used to ignore, condemn or belittle the work of female authors:

Prohibitions: Prevent women from access to the basic tools for writing. 

Bad Faith: Unconsciously create social systems that ignore or devalue women’s writing. 

Denial of Agency: Deny that a woman wrote it. 

Pollution of Agency: Show that their art is immodest, not actually art, or shouldn’t have been written about. 

The Double Standard of Content: Claim that one set of experiences is considered more valuable than another. 

False Categorizing: Incorrectly categorize women artists as the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, or lovers of male artists. 

Isolation: Create a myth of isolated achievement that claims that only one work or short series of poems is considered great. 

Anomalousness: Assert that the woman in question is eccentric or atypical. 

Lack of Models: Reinforce a male author dominance in literary canons in order to cut off women writers’ inspiration and role models. 

Responses: Force women to deny their female identity in order to be taken seriously. 

Aesthetics: Popularize aesthetic works that contain demeaning roles and characterizations of women.

Yeah, if you replace the word "woman” with the word “fan” here, things get pretty interesting…

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your art's cute and all but you use the same body/face shape and the same stiff shoulders, arms puffed out, straight leg pose /every/ single time. /:

man i do admit i draw standing up poses a lot cause yknow its quicker to draw and be able to post content n try to be active as im currently in school and dont have a lot of free time most days + the more i draw bodies its better than avoiding it all together as learning anatomy is tough!! shoulders are honestly super tough too but i am trying my dude

 i do not draw the same face/body shapes tho i dont think like some examples 

some sketches of my ocs

a final homestuck piece im working on and off of 

civil war piece, still gotta do team iron man but yknow 

wanda doodle

some grump headshots i drew today

also i do draw different poses once in awhile it just takes me forever to actually finish the draws 

witchsona + squid oc tbh

but yea idk thats just me tho i try my best to make my art diverse as best i can !! im still pretty young n always room for improvement it just isnt gonna happen overnight no matter how much i wish it could happen !! idk art takes time and effort and some days i just dont have the energy or motivation to do much with my art but dont think i dont try //