idk man i just rlly love him

This episode of TWD is literally one of my favorites ever. It was basically a Richonne honeymoon and I just loved it??? We saw yet again how well they work together and just how GOOD they work together!! We saw their funny goofy sides that we honestly have never seen to that extent before?? Michonne has shown her silliness but Rick just hasn’t glowed this much w anyone! We saw just HOW MUCH they love and are dedicated to each other. Michonne LITERALLY THOUGHT THAT HE DIED RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!!! She was about to completely lose it before he popped out! They way she ran and jumped to hug him!! The complete and utter relief that she felt when she saw he was ok!! She loves him sooooooooo much and this episode kinda just showed us #1 how much they loved each other and #2 just how good of leaders they are considering that they had a serious conversation that if either one of them died that the other HAD to keep going and lead. Idk man but they are just such a power couple and I rlly love them as individual characters, them in love, them as parents, and honestly mostly them as leaders. They trust each other w their LIVES and i love for it???? A+ characters I can’t even Bonus: Also I love that gif so much. Look at her huge smile. And Rick is constantly looking at her like he is just so impressed w everything that she does and honestly like getchu a man like that????

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no but girls that dont like phil dont make sense to me, like look at this man

seriously he is like a freaking confused kid he’s just adorable

and i mean how can you resist that face, he just looks really happy and his eyes are really pretty here????? and look at that smile dont tell me thats not the cutest thing ever

and i mean you cant even hear him laughing here but his laugh is gorgeous ayy?

and even when he’s not laughing he’s still ridiculously cute

and like no joke but


nobody said you could be this cute and sexy at the same time

all i wanted to say is that phil is amazing and idk what youre doing with your life if you only like dan and not phil but basically just enjoy this pretty man’s laugh and you should subscribe to him if you’re not because he’s almost to 2mil

haha, byeeee

(look at fetus phil, so kawaii)

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ChriSTMAS SEX 5sos

Well as it is Christmas, I thought this was pretty appropriate

Yeah so um I’m gonna write this for each boy and literally just say what I think would happen to make Christmas just a little bit more special:-)

Jesus Christ it’s all pretty kinky tbh

So with Ashton I think he’d be super into you dressing up as a sexy lil Santa or elf or something- he’d either make you (by buying the lingerie or dressy thing for you for christmas) or drop hints or something by saying he’d like Santa to come and visit him personally on Christmas Day or whatever idk I just thing Ashton is into role play no matter what time of the year it is

So ya you’d dress up and you could either be like “shit sorry babe, I forgot your present, but I can think of something better,” And then submissive Ashton sex which would be so hot damn (and he’d find it rlly hot too I think) or you could dress as an elf and be like “what do you want me to do for you, then?” And then Ashton would be all dominant an uGh

Either way it’d be amazing sex I can tell you

But ya he would probably take time in taking your clothes off or just try to leave them on all together idk but he would definitely eat you out but then he’d probably demand you to suck his dick bc after all Christmas is partly about giving /and/ receiving hey

Calum goddammit I think would keep you up on Christmas Eve and want to ‘open the first presents early’ and then continue to tell you how his first gift is mind blowing sex and that you’re “both going to be up very late tonight so Santa might not come; but you definitely will.” And jesUUS I think he’s the kind of guy that could make sex so long but feel so good that it is literally all night and god you’d be so tired but it would be so good Jesus Christ. He’d probably make you ride him idk I think he’d like that but then oh my god then he’d fuck you into next Christmas tbh Then maybe if you visit yours or his parents the next day he’d just drop suggestive comments a lot and wink at you and stuff and then say stuff about how he “couldn’t sleep last night. He was too excited” And things like that and Calum fuck you man

Luke omg what if you gave each other presents but Luke felt his was rly bad compared to what you got him? Idk I can see Luke being like “but babe yours was so thoughtful and I love it a lot and my gift to you is so stupid compared to that I’m so sorry” and being rlly sincere and sweet but disappointed in himself bless and he’d want to make it up to you by buying you something but you’d refuse and say his gift was great but he still wouldn’t be happy an then he’d probably say something like “well, if I can’t buy you anything else, guess what’s free?” And then he’d kiss you with so much force but I think it would be pretty slow just for him to show you how much he loves you and he’s undress you so slowly and just make sure each millimetre of your skin was touched and kissed and it would be so cute but so frustrating bc slow and then he’d realise and just smirk at you and then proceed to finger you until you came and then use his lips and tongue until to came again and by this time you’d be hypersensitive but he’d still want to fuck you- his present was shit so the sex has got to be good, right? So then it’d be slow and beautiful and passionate and he’d link his fingers into yours and kiss you and it would just be slow and lovely and so fuckinG GOOD

Oh Michael. This boy would probably want to fuck in the middle of you cooking Christmas dinner tbh and just walk into the kitchen with an obvious boner and his little grin like “uh, I forgot a present” and then you’d tell him to take care of himself bc you were busy and it was Christmas dinner so had to be good and you couldn’t afford to just stop half way through but then he’d whine and win you over (seriously. Sex with Michael Clifford. You would not be able to resist for long) and then yeah he’d move everything off the table and the turkey and veg and potatoes and other Christmassy food would end up on the floor but he’d still lay you down and fuck you so hard and after your orgasm he’d be like “merry Christmas, babe” all out of breath and sweaty and ugH damn it would be very very good sex tbh he’d kiss you and then your neck and literally rip your clothes off and just sit you on the table and kiss you more and then start to finger you until you got impatient and then he’d push you back and just make you come so hard Jesus

Though the sex would be good, the food would be ruined so then Michael would say something stupid like “order a Christmas pizza”


So yeah I hope you liked that! Merry Christmas everyone!!


and hey imagine the sex after cos kinky lil Santa costumes ooh