idk man i just rlly love him

This episode of TWD is literally one of my favorites ever. It was basically a Richonne honeymoon and I just loved it??? We saw yet again how well they work together and just how GOOD they work together!! We saw their funny goofy sides that we honestly have never seen to that extent before?? Michonne has shown her silliness but Rick just hasn’t glowed this much w anyone! We saw just HOW MUCH they love and are dedicated to each other. Michonne LITERALLY THOUGHT THAT HE DIED RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!!! She was about to completely lose it before he popped out! They way she ran and jumped to hug him!! The complete and utter relief that she felt when she saw he was ok!! She loves him sooooooooo much and this episode kinda just showed us #1 how much they loved each other and #2 just how good of leaders they are considering that they had a serious conversation that if either one of them died that the other HAD to keep going and lead. Idk man but they are just such a power couple and I rlly love them as individual characters, them in love, them as parents, and honestly mostly them as leaders. They trust each other w their LIVES and i love for it???? A+ characters I can’t even Bonus: Also I love that gif so much. Look at her huge smile. And Rick is constantly looking at her like he is just so impressed w everything that she does and honestly like getchu a man like that????

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