idk man i just really love this movie

“Considering I just saved your life…yes.”

“You saved me from a bicyclist.”


idk about you guys but i rlly liked michell e

I just watched the first Iron Man Movie and it was so intense I was speechless for the hour at least

This genius is kidnapped (by his own mentor/business partner/substitute for dad at some point), literally tortured, moments away from death until this awesome guy in the cave saves him. Then he finds out that the terrorist are using his weapons to cause destruction and harm lives that he intended to protect, and using nothing but his intelligence and intuition, is assisted by his newfound friend and build an iron man suit prototype thing???

How. I mean he’s disgruntled, he’s a mess, he’s clearly scared. But when he sees those weapons, he channels everything into saving himself and friend, so he can prevent his name from doing any more bad. I mean??? That is drive. That is an incentive if I’ve ever seen one

And like I get it. I admit, he is an asshole in the movie, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Like at the beginning, when he wins that award, he doesn’t care. It’s a big deal, clearly anyone would love to have it, but he doesn’t and thats because he’s passionate about what he does, it was never about the praise or the trophies or whatever, it was getting the job done, helping his country, and living his life. That sort of admiration isn’t why he’s in the business, it’s quite straight foreward.

So, I mean yeah it’s rude and whatnot, but he’s an impulsive, certain and assertive person. Things for him seem really black and white, he seems to know what he’s doing. That changes as the movie progresses, but that’s just character development.

Damn, I can’t wait to watch the rest. Tony Stark is the man! (And Pepper, Rhodey, Jarvis, and friend from cave who’s name I forgot, they the real mvp’s)

I’m picturing the losers club as ‘Grease’ characters because I love that movie and

Eddie would be a badass Sandy who never drinks or smokes bc can you say hEALTH HAZARD?! and can you imagine eddie wearing skin tight leather + strutting his stuff at the end and totally owning richie? bc I can.

Richie would be Danny (of course) and he would rock those leather jackets & shades. He would definitely put on one of his Voices too, to sound cooler than he actually is. He never puts on a voice when it’s just him & eddie tho.

idk I just really love reddie man


(also, I feel like Stan would be a really good Rizzo? He just gives me that “don’t fuck with me” vibe, yet he’s actually super loyal & caring & really vulnerable)

so does that mean bill is kenickie? (I’m trash for stanxbill sorry)

I’ll probably add onto this l8er tbh

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when i was a teen i always hated hearing "it gets better" and i never believed it. but now i've moved from a homophobic and borderline abusive household into a flat with my girlfriend, another lesbian and a gay man. it's literally like paradise and so loving and supportive and we go watch movies together and fold eachother's laundry and it really hit me that it did get better. idk i just wanted to share im so happy and i know that if i can live a happy life y'all can too

im happy for you!!!

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Do you find people rejecting Zendaya as MJ anti-black?

idk why you would ask me, a white guy, this bc it’s just – how i feel about what’s racist/anti-black/discriminatory towards poc shouldn’t be listened to That Much bc i’ve never/will never experience racism so therefore i shouldn’t really have a say in what’s racist or not

that being said: i will say that there’s a girl that goes to my cousin’s school named jade, she’s like 11 years old and she’s black. and a few weeks ago i was hanging out with my aunt and uncle and jade was playing with my cousin, and i was talking about spider-man: homecoming and jade chimed in and said that she was so happy when michelle turned out to be mj. she said she loves zendaya and she never thought they would actually make mj a black girl. she was really really happy about it

so idk. i think of jade and girls like her, young black girls, who watched that movie and are ecstatic that mj is now black. they probably have no clue who kevin feige is or that he said it was “just a reference” she’s just a kid who watched a movie, and i get really sad. bc there are people online who are outright saying shit like “not my mj” and are fancasting all these actresses for mj and i just feel bad for girls like jade. bc it’s like, you may not like how they handled the mj thing, that’s fine, but there are a lot of little black girls out there like her who don’t even know about that shit, and they now see zendaya as mj. like it’s done, that’s their mj for their generation to them

so when i see people out here fancasting liza soberano or becky g for mj and saying “um…. they’re a poc so it isn’t racist???” it just feels like they’re missing the point. we aren’t talking about all poc rn, we’re talking specifically about black girls who – at least by my understanding – face the most amount of racism in terms of systemic racism. so when they get a form of representation it just feels kinda fucked up to yell “NO!” all bc of a dumb thing kevin falalalalaa said, and try and fancast all these people and try and take that representation away from girls like jade who have no clue about it being “just a reference” and are over the moon that their mj is now black

idk. like i said, i’m a white guy, how i feel on the matter should be taken with a grain of sand. it just feels like in the grand scheme of things, these people who are rejecting zendaya as mj are kinda childish and need to take specific lack of representation for black women (not all poc, black women) into account. i don’t think they’re necessarily being anti-black, but it does feel like they’re being insensitive and a bit ignorant. but that’s just how i feel, and i want to make it clear that you should really be asking a black person, bc i’m sure this opinion varies greatly and it’s not really my question to answer

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OK IDK WHY BUT your art reminds me of studio ghibli films??? Idk why because the style itself isn't exactly similar BUT looking at your art makes me feel as if i'm watching one of their movies?? Just really happy and sweet but also mesmerized weirdly inspired?? and i can just FEEL the character's emotions through the way you portray them in their facial expressions and ekfzkfmsk idk man but I LOVE IT

HOLY HECK!!! that might be the biggest compliment i have ever gotten, if there is something i aspire to achieve, it is the way Studio Ghibli creates characters and makes them so real and relatable!

THANK YOU!! This means a lot to me, now i know i am on the right track! towards my goal!!! *0*)/ !!!!


Feel free to delete this:
I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

so my sister finally made me watch voltron

i hardly knew anything about it except most characters’ names and a few tumblr posts that i’ve seen, which told me that pidge is nonbinary and klance is a thing; we just finished the first ep.

so, what i’ve concluded so far:

  • lance is actually p cool? from what i’ve seen he’s usually the first one to react and also brave as hell idk why i expected him to be a meme
  • shiro seems so reliable and everyone goes to him for advice and yet each time his answers are just shit like “follow your heart’s guideance” ,,he doesn’t know what he is doing 101% of the time shiro pls
  • he defs likes yoga. an d meditates regularly. he owns a bunch of those incence sticks if a psychic read his mind he’d hear sth like ommmmmidontknowwhatimdoing on repeat
  • if a psychic read keith’s mind it’d probably just be 5 hours of screaming
  • yes, klance is indeed a thing i’m yelling. lance is so bi for him he jsut opens his mouth anywhere near keith and all i hear is “i’m bi for this guy” ,,and keith is the physical embodiment of the “move i’m gay” meme
  • also how does he manage to be calm and angry at the same time, all of the time. how
  • i love pidge’s voice so so much
  • i love pidge so much
  • hunk’s fanboying over mechanical stuff is very relateable but i don’t like his character at all. sis tells me he’ll get development though
  • allura is a british magical girl and i don’t like her one bit lmao
  • shiro and keith used to date fite me on this. they probably figured it wouldn’t work because they haven’t seen each other in so long, things have changed the distance grew yadda yadda ,so they broke up
  • still doesn’t stop them from being like thAT tho, i get that anxious third wheel feeling just by looking at them look at each other gdi. they are That One Couple that you feel uncomfortable around, and they’re not even a couple anymore
  • coran (koran? corran? idk man how do you even spell him) is so funny he only just showed up and i already love the guy. he’s kind of an aged up version of lance and i’m cryingn
  • did i mention i love pidge?
  • i love pidge so much

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Omg omg same! Im sadly bad at drawing so I cant exactly make a blog for that. But literally that was my entire thought process through the movie. It gave me such amazing boyf riends vibes and in general the friendship aspect that I fell in love with the movie more than I usually do! I get completely what you mean with all that haha -spiderman ask anon

((I would totally make a blog if I had more time but I don’t lol so;;

I’m glad we feel the same way omg…and to be honest I was sitting there like “They’re so cute I love them do I ship them? I think I just might, Ned and his superhero boyfriend”

Honestly I liked Liz but like? She was so…boring? Like she didn’t really have that much of a character to her, she didn’t have a lot of character depth or backstory–I mean they provided that whole spiel with her dad and stuff and she’s obviously smart but. I just remember Gwen from the last Spider-Man movie franchise and she was much more dynamic and actually useful to Peter she helped him a lot? Idk I found Liz boring and while I liked that they gave Peter a POC love interest I just. //shrugs So honestly I probably like Ned and Peter more, even as a platonic friendship, Ned was a much more interesting character than Liz and he made me laugh so much. He’s a good boy

And yeah!! That friendship dynamic is my favorite thing ever, and just the fact that Peter and Ned are always sorta looking out for each other was really great :’) ))

Anon: HECK DUDE I LOVE SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING i would b over the moon if u drew an au for bmc :’)))

((YEAH SAME!! I watched it for the first time today and I really enjoyed it and heck I love Peter’s relationship with Tony, and how Tony sort of becomes his dad it’s so cute how much Tony cares and he’s just like “God I sound like my father” njdnfjdg I sorta wanted him to swoop in and save Peter after he got trapped under that pile of building debris and rubble and them have a father son moment but oh well they had a pretty good one at the end


While I may not have time to do an AU ask blog for it I could definitely do some AU doodles!! Jer and Michael working on cracking the code of that mysterious purple glowy thing, Michael in the Spider-Man mask, just them in general being dorks…♥))

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pssst Kim Possible IS super good and funny and if you're not busy it's smth u could watch at work (I think you watched stuff when work was slow if I'm not mixing u up w someone else). I rewatched the movies with my mom when she was sick (she loved it!) so it's not only enjoyable to kids.

I actually did start watching it a couple years ago at work but something about it made me lose interest?????????? idk man the art style is SO fuckin gosh darn cute but the actual show couldnt hold my attention so I just stopped. I wanna try to watch it again later tho bc it is SO cute and I really like it in theory kgjfhkd

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I was really uncertain about seeing the Balde Runner movie, bc I've actually watched the whole original movie (...well, okay, the one with the unicorn origami ending, not the one with the Shining ending) only recently and loved it so much, and I didn't really have time to go from "oh god I love this please don't ruin it" to "gdi I'm drowning in nostalgia and just need more!". But thanks to your posts now I'm just dying to watch 2049!

OKAY MAN SO like believe me I was absolutely set to not like the sequel - I don’t rant about BR often enough so idk if the depth of my Issues with that movie is clear, but I watched it when I was twelve (the shining ending because it was what the video rental shop had I mean), then I got hold of the directors cut and idek like there was a month when I was fifteen I think where I watched it once every goddamn day or something I might have broken the VHS, I’m the kind of ridiculous person who waited years for the decent release of the entire thing and I have the box set with five versions of that bloody movie is2g, and like… it’s my absolute favorite movie so XD and like, when I heard sequel I went like ‘CAN’T THEY LEAVE GOOD THINGS ALONE THANK YOU’, I was terrified of it being a cash-in and tbh after prometheus I didn’t even want to know if I wanted scott to write it or not because prometheus was bad and I was just like don’t ruin my favorite movie for me

and then I watched the trailer and I was like wait this actually doesn’t look half bad I mean still unnecessary but it’s not atrocious (okay I also watched it just after the DT one so anything would have looked great but still XD) so I was like okay I can give that a chance, very cautiously, and then I went to see it all set to be disappointed or to get a nice fanfic and idk maybe the nonexistent expectations helped but that movie is a) not a rehash trying to copy the original, b) has a personality god I’m so glad they picked a director who kept the spirit of the original without getting giving up the personal touch for it, c) has really fucking gorgeous cinematography, d) managed to pack a lot of content and idg why people say it lacks the philosophical angle of the original because shit it has it in spades, e) has excellent acting tbh like fight me gosling was perfect and I’m not even his #1 fangirl or anything I just loved everything he chose to be (and that his character chose to be), f) even if they made me wait for deckard to show up it didn’t absolutely feel like ‘oh hey harrison ford is cameo-ing so all the old fans are coming just for him’ and is2g I’ll never get over that ending I’LL NEVER GET OVER ANYTHING NOW I WANT THE THIRD MOVIE GDI yeah okay this movie fucked me up.

like. it’s obviously not the original and it doesn’t even try to be and I never would want it to be the original and nothing can ever be the original -

but on its own it’s a gorgeously shot and conceived movie that deserves every extra minute of length it has (GOD I’M SO GLAD IT’S LONG AF I DON’T CARE IF IT’S SLOW I LOVE SLOW MOVIES HERE HAVE IT STUDIOS like it’s obvious that if they wrote it to cash in they didn’t do it following studio executive commands because nothing in that movie follows the list of shit you need for a blockbuster) and I loved everything about it and yeah pls everyone go watch it I beg you give it money ;_;

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tbh my main problem with rogers is that the fandom refuses to acknowledge that he is flawed and can make mistakes. i mean yeah, i really disliked him in civil war but the biggest beef i have with him is the fandom. it's like the serum didn't turn him inhuman?? he's still a person who can make mistakes, but oh no, this is steve rogers who is always right, i support him because he says so and he is right like wtfffff

Anon were you in my head??

 I mean listen, my problem with the good ol’ capt’n started with the first Avengers and what Whedon did with him in that movie because that just… idk it’s not the Steve I love. mcu avenges steve was a rude, judgemental, holier than thou mofo that never got off the high horse. 

Also, of all the mcu characters, he’s one of the ones that has grown the least. Like we saw the first breakthrough in AOU when he decides to move on from the past, and then fucking CW brought us right back into the melodrama of this man out of his time and it just…. no? ??? 

Let steve be a good human being with flaws that actively tries to grow?? don’t let him get stuck in the same fucking narrative for fucking 5 movies now????? 

ugh idk I feel like the MCU really did a disservice to rogers as a character, and hence why I don’t like him anymore, which is actually really sad because I used to love that dude. 

So, I feel like I need to address this, even though it's not that relevant

So, I love and adore Rumble Fish. I never really had the time to get the book, so I watched the movie first. The only thing that I was constantly thinking about through the movie was “How high was S.E. when she wrote this??” So, when I read the book, I was so confused and outta it, that I think I got high (I wouldn’t know, but it was damm weird)

All of that is kind of irrelevant, but I really feel like I have to say this. And as a bookworm, I feel like I’m betraying everything I stand for, but the movie is WAY better than the book.

The book is downright confusing, and very vague. Like, the whole thing about Rusty James cheating is never really explained. He’s just like. “Yeah, Smokey picked me up and we had a booze part at the lake. There were some girls there, lol.” HOW WERW WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT HE CHEATED!?!?!?!?? And then the next chapter starts out like “so, I got expelled, and Patty and I broke up” AND, LIKE WHAT!?!?!?!????

Besides, I feel like there’s a lot of plot holes, and the fact that Patty gets no characterization, and the fact that cop Peterson (I think, I haven’t slept I 48 hours, so excuse anything….basically ignore this whole rant) in the book really bothers me.

I think the movie does an amazing job filling the plot holes and making it less confusing, although, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the book. The movie, I guess, was something that shall never be replaceable to me, and I love it.

Anyway, sorry about my sleep deprived rant!!

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What sparked your interest in Cars? <3 WHAT MADE YOU WANNA GO WATCH IT? Did you ever expect yourself to end up addicted to it?

My interest in anthropomorphized inorganic things was definitely nurtured by The Brave Little Toaster first! When I was a baby all our appliances looked exactly like the ones in the movie, which was a total trip. :P 

The thing about Cars itself that really shook me from the start was Lightning, though, when he stops right before the finish line after Chick crashes The King. I remember being totally stunned and wide-eyed because at that point it literally would have been easier to win than to stop. And like, he could’ve crossed the line then immediately doubled back and helped The King finish, too. But that wouldn’t have counted, somehow. It wouldn’t have worked. idk, like usually when a character has to make a dramatic choice, it’s because they can’t do both. Technically, Lightning could’ve! Physically speaking, both actions were executable in either order. The fact that it would have been so easy to have both, but for Lightning to realize in the .0732 seconds that he had that even if it’s still only right if it happens one way–just, man. <3333 I love him???

I remember having to write a “creative writing” school assignment that night and writing this really involved movie review of Cars. It was for a class where people had to read what they’d written aloud to the whole class, so I stood up in front of a roomful of high schoolers (I was in 10th grade and the class went all the way to 12th) and READ MY OVERLY INVOLVED REVIEW OF CARS TO ALL OF THEM. XP I remember one of the 12th-grade football players commenting, “I’ve never heard anyone talk about a cartoon for that long before.” XD

So now I exist in some deep Cars hell where I make my family take dumb pictures like this in front of Disneyland because I got emotionally attached to the roadwork materials. Note that WE ARE AT DISNEYLAND and I made my whole family take a picture with me posing next to roadwork materials OUTSIDE of Disneyland (and this, after two days of making them lie in wait for Lightning, so we could take a picture with him).

ISN’T IT THE CUTEST TRENCH PLATE, THOUGH? ;___; Luv this trench plate. <33333333

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so what are your other interests? I'm the favorite anime anon!!! Idk you just seem so happy when people are interested in you

IT DOES MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY!!!! i have a shit ton of interests so ill only name a few djshshshs
vocaloid, jrock but mainly the GazettE, gorillaz, NIRVANA fUCk, i really love queen a lot too ;-; freddie and kurt man,,,,, NOW I WANNA CRY woW. I love mythology!!! And everything supernatural related too (if you hadnt guessed already bc,,,,, my characters fjshdjehd) i also love horror movies!!! Classics are 10/10

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  • Why I don’t - nope Whirl is great in my eyes<3
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - I do love that moment where Whirl pulls himself off of being impaled on that rod and attacks Fortress Maximus.
  • Favorite season/movie - mtmte(?)
  • Favorite line - Just assume almost anything from Whirl is a great line. I’m too tired to look up specifically what he says throughout the entire series.
  • Favorite outfit - i feel kinda dizzy
  • OTP - (hah i’m a sucker for cywhirlgate)
  • Brotp - Cyclonus. I fucking love how their friendship developed.
  • Head Canon - Whirl’s life is a series of failed suicides….. that’s more of less canon tho right? poor Whirl….
  • Unpopular opinion - idk man… i’m really tired
  • A wish - Just more of Whirl being great please that’d be lovely.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - OOH I CAN ACTUALLY SAY IT THIS TIME!! I don’t want Whirl dead. I’ve lost so many already. 
  • 5 words to best describe them - grasshopper spinny blue gun boy
  • My nickname for them - Whorl


          i  normally  don’t  post  neg  stuff  here  but  i  just  gotta  say  that  i’ve  been  playing  hockey  since  i  was  four  years  old  ,  like  fifteen  years  of  being  on  the  ice  playing  a  sport  i  LOVE  okay  .  last  season  i  had  a  really  bad  knee  injury  that  took  me  out  of  this  year’s  coming  up  season  (  2018  )  .  &  i  just  got  word  back  from  my  doc  and  physio  guy  that  i  may  not  be  able  to  strain  it  anymore  ,  in  other  words  ,  i’m  going  to  have  to  probably  stop  hockey  unless  i  undergo  surgery  for  it  :\\\\
          my  love  for  hockey  ,  and  my  team  ,  and  everything  is  what  makes  me  WANT  to  do  the  surgery  ,  but  i’ve  already  done  a  few  surgeries  before  and  i  don’t  wanna  put  my  body  through  the  recovery  AGAIN  .  it’s  almost  as  draining  as  playing  with  the  injury  tbh  .  &  if  i  do  decide  to  have  the  surgery  ,  i  won’t  be  able  to  play  for  2018  either  way  because  of  recovery  time  .
          so  basically  i’m  at  a  loss  ,  and  i  feel  really  pressured  to  make  a  decision  in  such  short  notice  ,  and  i  feel  like  a  HUGE  part  of  my  life  is  about  to  be  taken  from  me  regardless  of  what  i  decide  .  i  knew  eventually  i  was  going  to  stop  playing  sports  ,  but  not  so  abruptly  like  this  .  idk  i’m  not  asking  for  advice  ,  just  some  time  to  think  about  what  i’m  gonna  do  .  replies  might  be  a  little  slow  ,  or  activity  might  not  even  change  .  idk  ,  i’m  just  gonna  be  offline  until  later  tonight  bc  i’m  in  a  crummy  mood  .

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Can I please get a matchup? Im 5'3, kinda chubby, I have dark brown hair and eyes, I have a mole above my lip, and Im a heterosexual girl. I really like reading and watching scary things, riding roller coasters, running, playing volleyball, I have a darkish sense of humor, I struggle with acne, but!! I love to put on makeup! When I'm older i want to get a career in SFX. Um....Im Mexican, yet I'm hella pale 😂(idk just thought i should put that lol)

I match you with Hoodie/Brian! He has always had a thing for brunettes. He also loves your eye color he will literally get lost in your eyes. He likes scary things cause he kinda has too. He doesn’t like scary movies much because it reminds him of his job too much. But he will man up to watch it with you. He likes your weird interest in SFX. He thinks it funny that your Mexican but really pale. (I’m part Mexican but I’m more tan) He thinks everything about you is absolutely gorgeous. Plus being with him means you got a protector.

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