idk man i just really like this quote

YOU KNOW, when I first watched episode 12 last year I was like ‘WTF HOW COULD SUKEROKU CONSCIOUSLY LEAVE HIS DAUGHTER BEHIND’, and I quote:

“did [sukeroku] just willingly throw his life away?? AND CONSCIOUSLY LEAVE HIS DAUGHTER BEHIND??? did he think at all about how konatsu would feel???? idk that just really didn’t feel in character to me :/ he’s a selfless guy and to throw away his life so easily leaving the two people who loved him most behind… like kiku’s a grown-ass man he can deal with it but KONATSU. WHAT THE HELL.”

And now I’m kicking myself in the face because IT ALL MAKES SENSE. He didn’t consciously make the decision to leave his daughter behind. He didn’t get a chance to. Just fuck me up.

tag 10 people you want to know better

i was tagged by stannon, ayeeee

NAME: arielle


WHERE I’M FROM: tex-ass

FAV ANIME: idk, i only really watch sailor moon tbh. but i love it, so.

FAV SHOW: i don’t even think i have a favorite show? i kind of just watch a lot of bad shit on netflix. i really like 90s sitcoms though.

ZODIAC: virgo ♍️🌺

FAV DRINK: lemonade, red wine, and monster bc i’m fedorable

FAV QUOTE: oh man, idk. the first thing that came to mind is “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character” from pulp fiction, which i realize is really lame.

FAV BAND: modest mouse

FAV SEASON: autumn

MOVIES I’M WAITING FOR: insidious 3 (i’m trash), the gallows, fantastic 4, carol, me and earl and the dying girl, dope… that’s all I can think of rn


i’m tagging: sinnermoon, vital-beach, giant-swan, stan-brakhage, kingkruelle, manshuns, sailorcrescentmoon, fart-simpsons, velvetsidewalk, chapterdoof