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The Gods as Quotes from Books I've Read

Because I’m a book person and have recently returned to my hobby of binge reading. I also included why I feel each quote suits them because it looked short with just the quotes. IDK. I don’t really think any of these are spoilers for the book or the route, but I’m probably wrong.

Leon: “Those who truly love you will only ever see you for what you really are.” – Sara B. Larson, Defy
Because Leon is the most powerful, the other gods either envy or fear him. Leon feels that they only see his power and not the person behind the power, thus distancing himself from others.

Scorpio: “People in brightly it places cannot see into the dark.” – Marie Rutkoski, The Winner’s Curse
Scorpio’s past isn’t that great, and he was stuck in the dark, forced to do things that he despised. A lot of the other gods also have mixed feelings about him because even though the king favors him, he was once human, and they are unable to comprehend the horrors that he endured. The character who says this is not in an identical situation to Scorpio’s but I still kind of see a similarity between the two of them.

Teorus: “Sometimes you have to give the hurt a noise and let it out. If you don’t, it fills you up with its emptiness.” – Kierra Cass, The Siren
Teorus’s childhood isn’t that great either. His father was a notorious womanizer and eventually, Teorus was left to fend for himself. He surrounds himself with women partly because his father is the only role model he’s ever had, but also because he’s seeking the love he so desperately wanted as a child. Even though he’s looking for love, he closes himself off from others and guards his heart, keeping all the hurt that has built up over the years inside.

Dui: “This is what happens when you try to help people. You get screwed.“ – Lauren Oliver, Before I fall
Because of somewhat questionable decisions made by his best friend, he ends up taking the fall for his friend. Even though he was helping his friend and saving his friend’s reputation, in the eyes of the other gods, he was seen as a monster and a murderer, and is essentially shunned.

Huedhaut: “Everything I love has always had a tendency to be taken from me.” – Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses
The Goddess of Fate, Huedhaut’s previous love sacrificed herself for the sake of the humans. This quote is really only significant to one part of him, but I thought that he had some similarities with the character who said this because they have both closed themselves off from others in an effort to protect something near and dear to their heart, even if the context is different. Also it’s not like their personalities are polar opposites. I mean they aren’t identical, but like idk man my brain works in weird ways.

Ichthys: “Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” – Natalie Babbit, Tuck Everlasting
I feel like Ichthys’s quote is fairly self explanatory. Like, I don’t know if there’s anything I could add on to this. I don’t really want to spoil the story if you haven’t read it so like ???

That man was once a king,
Until he lost everything.


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I spoke about this moment before but I finally got around to making the gifs to go along with it so again, the thing I love about these moments is that at first she was like “lol you read comics how charming” and then later while she’s with Bill he asks her about Louis and she’s still mad/upset with him and yet she’s reading his favorite comic series and idk man I just think it’s really damn cute. I just love this movie entirely. That is all. 

Oh hey wow I am #shook at @snowbazzledazzle for tagging me in this but here we gooo
Nickname: a lot of ppl call my by things derived from my dead name haha but a lot of my friends call me pidge (when i joined the group chat my username was pidgepodge)
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Favorite Music Artist: Y A L L i fuxkin love The Wombats. Kill The Director is what got me into them, but my favourite song by them now is Walking Disasters. V cool band you should check them out
Last movie you watched: Welcome to Hell counts bc it’s a student thesis film right
Why did you choose your url?: so @carcino-giovanna has this really good Baz fan song called Swan Songs In The Snow and I just. Took a line from that whoops
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What did your last relationship teach you: think carefully before making harsh decisions bc there’s a 99% chance it will bite you in the ass and fuck you up haha….
Religious or Spiritual: spiritual
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Favorite characters: DEV AND FUCKIN NIALL DONT GET ME STARTED. Also lance from voltron legendary defender is pretty cool I guess.
How many blankets do you with: 1 sometimes none bc I have the hotness of a metaphorical Baz Pitch to keep me warm (I mean that like. He’s attractive. Yes I do realise he’s a vampire with a low body temp but have you seen this mans cheekbones)
Dream job: Author! I’m actually working on my first novel (even though I just have characters right now and a general idea…smh) and it’s gonna be about a girl who loves girls and really only finds support through her best friend (Max- Oh my god Max I love him) who is awesome (I LOVE HIM) and she joins the LGBT club at her school. She is #shook to find the really popular girl there who is questioning her sexuality and might be bi.
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(I'm only on anon because idk how you'll react) I saw a post with incorrect quotes between Robin and Crocodile, to make a joke, and i started thinking. What if Robin and Crocodile had been in a toxic/abusive relationship before she joined the Straw Hats? I mean, imagine her meeting Franky and having this man be really kind, and be treated like a total queen. Imagine her waking up from nightmares about Croc and he just holds her while she cries?? Idk im getting a lot of feels here man

i mean, that’s……….really sad :’D i like to THINK that wouldn’t have happened.  tbh i can’t really see robin having let herself be in a relationship like that??  like i do think she has a level of self-preservation and while i doubt she enjoyed working with crocodile, i can’t imagine her putting up with it if he’d just treated her like trash, or allowing herself to be in a relationship with someone who treated her as such.  and as someone who does like crocodile, while i know he’s a terrible guy i kinda like to think he wouldn’t be that particular brand of terrible.  also he’s p gay lbr….that fur???  gay

sdfdsfoijs but it would add another level of sweetness to her finding the crew…..and franky being the antithesis of everything like that is so!!  good!!  bc he’d be so gentle and respectful of her boundaries ahhh.  big gentle cyborg man.

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i just submitted a few of these as quotes but i had to share the rest with y'all www ( . ) buzzfeed ( . ) com / jasminnahar/ couples-who-are-so-adorably-extra-itll-make-yo?utm_term=.pxLyKx0EA#.rjrkebA5w i feel like dahyun would do this m( . ) facebook ( . ) com/ story ( . ) php?story_fbid=1669522260016859&id=1441658079469946&fs=1

Oh man nine-berry delivers yet again. One problem though, the second link isn’t working. idk if I’m typing it in wrong or I just don’t have access to it. 

lov having books previously owned by someone who underlined shit and wrote in the margins cuz it’s like having a reading buddy and it’s also interesting to see what they deemed important and how they mark Really important stuff

on some stuff they just underlined it, but on stuff that they Really Liked they underlined and then in the margins just wrote a bunch of checkmarks and sometimes i’m just like “yeah man i’m with you there, that was a dank-ass quote” and then other times i’m like “idk that one’s not /that/ worth pulling so much attention to but i respect that it spoke to u”

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did i tell you that i came out to one friend like accidentally? i was ice skating and we were talking about getting a guys number and i said and i quote "idk if i can do it man, i just scare people off. besides i would rather date that girl over there" and she just looked at me and asked "are you bi?" i shrugged said yes, she said "cool. girls are cool too" and we kept skating.

Wow that’s really awesome. They sound like a great friend. You know… because instead of going “oH UR bIsExUAl wOw. sO WhATs iT LiKE oMg” they were chill and thats cool

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hey about nonbinsry peeps calling themselves gay/lesbian: that doesnt mean u have to me male/female aligned do you? i HATE those terms with a passion and hate being called male but i call myself gay (for men) and i got yelled at for "appropriating" the word gay by a "nonbinary gay man" and im just. so tired. of being lumped in with men like i have the same privileges just because i see myself as gay for men

I….. don’t really know why you’re sending me this I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this (or at least not at all in the recent past)…. 

I guess I don’t really have a strong opinion since imo this just isn’t something that matters in the grand scheme of things to me but honestly…. being “gay for men” has a specific cultural meaning within the LGBT community and society in general that implies you yourself are also a man…? It’s kind of.. unfair to call yourself “gay for men” and then claim you’re “tired of being lumped in with men” when the word “gay” literally means attraction to the same or at least similar gender…

“Gay for men” implies you’re a man who is attracted to other men, like that is what it means by definition and what it means historically and culturally and… idk how I feel about someone who doesn’t identify as a man at all and even actively rejects being lumped in with men calling themself “gay for men”… But I also see you identify as a demiboy so clearly your identity is more complicated than just flat out not at all being in any way a boy?? But you also don’t want to be lumped in with men at all? I swear I’m not at all trying to be rude or invalidating I just don’t know you or your specific relationship to your gender and identity. And to be honest idk it’s seriously not my place to try to guess a stranger’s exact relationship to gender based on their description on tumblr dot com and a single ask out of the blue and determine whether or not they’re “deserving” of using the word gay as an identifier like I just don’t care to try to do that.

Idk when it comes down to it like, either way you’re nonbinary so it’s not like you’re a straight person calling yourself gay or something so it’s really not a concern of mine what label you decide to use lol like “a nonbinary person calling themself gay” is just not the hill I care to die on at all whether or not I agree or understand it entirely, there’s so many other “issues” I care so much more about & that’s just my 2 cents 


I just??? Really love the sky 🌌

I used to be as solide as stone, completely unattainable. But then you entered my life and fucked it all up by making me turn soft before slowly tearing me apart.
—  Ten words story: I hate being so malleable when it comes to you.

Alright so there’s a few people on the tag saying Odin’s demon can’t possibly be Pedri because he’s 16 but need I remind you guys

As soon as he tells Ava he’s sixteen she immediately tells him he doesn’t look it and then he replies

Which sounds kind of defensive, like he’s drawing the attention away from his age and to Ava’s instead. (which works, since Ava doesn’t question him being 16 again.)

And then also there’s this formspring reply:

Note the quotes around 16, which just furthers my idea that Odin must be lying about his age. Then, it’s not too much of a leap to think that maybe he’s young enough to be a host to Pedri. 

Doesn’t really explain why exactly he’s lying but????

idk man sorry I just thought I’d say some stuff I was thinking about

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NAME: arielle


WHERE I’M FROM: tex-ass

FAV ANIME: idk, i only really watch sailor moon tbh. but i love it, so.

FAV SHOW: i don’t even think i have a favorite show? i kind of just watch a lot of bad shit on netflix. i really like 90s sitcoms though.

ZODIAC: virgo ♍️🌺

FAV DRINK: lemonade, red wine, and monster bc i’m fedorable

FAV QUOTE: oh man, idk. the first thing that came to mind is “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character” from pulp fiction, which i realize is really lame.

FAV BAND: modest mouse

FAV SEASON: autumn

MOVIES I’M WAITING FOR: insidious 3 (i’m trash), the gallows, fantastic 4, carol, me and earl and the dying girl, dope… that’s all I can think of rn


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