idk man i just really like that screenshot


idk if anyone has noticed this before (they probably have) but just LOOK how Roxanne is looking as Megamind I honestly can’t really describe it but it’s like “this fucking idiot” “my fucking idiot” “bless him for trying” “he is kinda cute in a dorky way”

and then in the second screenshot Metro Man realises how she’s looking at Megs and sure the main reason for him faking his death was bc he wanted freedom but he also wanted his OTP (Megs and Roxanne) to get together and you can’t convince me otherwise


Ok so I was talking to @murgleiss about this and we cant really figure out what is happening here. Everytime I go to bed, I wake up and there are all these screenshots on my phone that I didnt take??? Like every time
And it’s very hard to take screenshots on my phone like 7/10 times I fuck it up like my phone is so precise about it
And these are just some examples but most of them are just blank white pages like?? I??
Idk it’s just creepy and idk what’s going on

After watching this I’m starting to think that this really isn’t his natural hair color or like he dyed it or somethin’ because in the lil doodles of him and Howard, Randy has brown hair?

So I’m now starting to think that he dyed his hair purple maybe? Then again it’s just a fun lil doodle and I’m probably looking way too much into it