idk man i just love them a lot

tom holland in england: adorable cozy boy who wears soft clothes, walks his dog, drinks tea and hangs out with his mom. practices lines in the morning, goes out to pubs and gets a lazy happy kind of drunk. is asleep by 10 pm everynight without fail. probably cries while watching titanic and likes the smell of grass

tom holland in new york: This Bitch™ who wears tight clothes that are all dark like his soul. titties are Hard and tattoo gun is Out. goes boxing every day and probably is always in the mood to make out with somebody. lowkey sleepy all the time. he’ll kick your ass he’ll kick my ass he’ll kick his own ass

tom holland in california: a fuckboy with a heart of gold. never wears a shirt, probably doesn’t even own shirts anymore bc he burned them all then lit a joint on the flames. eats raw fruit a lot and drinks only ice cold water. smells like sea salt and always has some sand in his hair. he loves life he loves himself and he loves his friends. good vibes man

The six of crows duology is honestly one of the best series in ya. You have all this crazy heist shit going on, the con men are being conned, and so on. But then, Leigh also deals with problems like human trafficking, racism and racial prejudices, positive self-image, disabilities, lgbtq+. And that’s not even all.

One of my favourite aspects is kaz and inej’s relationship. Kaz is a broken boy who needs fixing before he can be in a healthy relationship, and throughout the two books, he’s gone through a lot of character development and he’s getting closer to being better. He is not, however, an entirely changed man. And inej knows that and she’s not settling for that shit. Yes, she’s willing to try and help him heal. But she won’t let herself be dragged under with him. She knows when to put herself first and not give him everything of her. She knows she can try to help fix him but at the end of the day it’s kaz who needs to make the final decision to really try to heal himself and become a better man. Not just for inej but for himself. And it’s makes me so glad to see a heroine who doesn’t blindly want to give everything of themselves for the boy they love even if it may hurt them in the process. It makes me happy that inej is willing to wait for a healthy relationship. And it makes me happy that kaz knows this too and is trying to move forward.

Idk. I just have a lot of feels about my little crow children. Plz feel free to add on your thoughts

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

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Top 5 best Senpais. the floor is yours


1. Tanaka

TANAKA SENPAIIII. I think Tanaka is the best of the best. He’s played a huge role in shaping the Hinata/Kageyama duo from the very start, helping them practice when they needed to, Hinata puked on his LAP AND HE DIDN’T EVEN CARE HE WAS JUST LIKE “YOU OKAY LITTLE BUDDY?”, he begged his sister to take them to tokyo, he’s constantly initiating high-fives, reminding the first years (coughKageyamacough) that it’s okay to celebrate after a good play, idk man he’s just a good role model and i love him a lot

2. Suga

There are a lot of things that make Suga a good senpai. He went out of his way to help Hinata with his basics, he offered sound advice about being part of a team, he’s constantly the voice of reason when the first years have their little squabbles. I think one of the most important things this boi did, as a senpai, was “stepping back” so to say as the official setter to make sure Kageyama’s talent could bloom. Sugawara makes me want to CRY IN THE BEST WAY HE’S PERFECT

3. Iwaizumi

IWA-CHAN! Wellp first things first, he’s definitely a better senpai than Oikawa heh. Back in his Kitagawa Daiichi days he was the mediator between Oiks and Tobes and was at least providing SOOOME guidance to poor Kageyama. Iwa’s a pretty supportive senpai overall, he provides a lot of advice for Kindaichi, he’s the only one who can placate Kyoutani (besides Yahaba lol) ALSO KIND OF UNRELATED BUT I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT ALL HIS KOUHAIS HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM HE’S JUST THAT GREAT

4. Yaku

Not only does he apparently carry around tissues he’s always trying to whip his kouhais into shape. He has a no-nonsense attitude, especially when it comes to Lev lol. Kuroo called him “demon-senpai” and i’ll never get over it because he’s a smol BUT what he lacks in stature he makes up for in senpai-ness that doesn’t even make sense but YOU GET IT, HE’S GOOD

5. Moniwa
Any time I get to scream about Moniwa I WILL OKAY. He deserves the world. Not only was he a great captain, he’s a great senpai too. He wants his iron wall sons to succeed, he even showed up at the spring tournament to cheer them on and then make sure they knew they did a great job afterwards when he didn’t even have to do that? He tries so hard to make sure Futakuchi isn’t being a little shit all the time what a good senpai i miss moniwa ಥ‿ಥ

I hope I made a little sense with this one??? I’m not the best at explaining why I feel a certain way about a character but I’m good at providing examples I think. Thanks for asking!! :)

Jae as your boyfriend

-Constantly receiving memes.

-He even makes his own memes and sends them to you.

-A lot of them are made with super embarassing pictures of you that you didn’t even know he had. 

-Probably snap chats you all the time.

-Random texts all the time everything from funny things that happened, to riddles, and random facts.

-Basically I think he would just share whatever is on his mind and honestly most of the time it’s pretty funny/entertaining (I’m thinking like when he had his twitter RIP jaes twitter).

-He loves when you come to his concerts or to watch him live on ASC.

-Always has you listen to the new music he has found or that he’s writing.

-Loves hearing your opinions on it.

-A+ listener but probably makes a lot of jokes during the deep conversations to make the conversation more comfortable.

-Sarcastic comments all the time.

-Loves to make you laugh so he’s always trying to find new ways to make you laugh.

-Sometimes Brian/Youngk tags along when you guys go out and you aren’t sure if you are 3rd wheeling or if Brian is.

-ice cream dates, arcade dates, park dates, quirky cafe dates, sitting on the couch and playing video game/wathcing movie dates, etc. Just chill, fun dates.

-Fights don’t happen often since he’s so chill so that’s great but when they do I see him to be the type to be really quiet and swallow his words. He will eventually get to the point of saying something he will regret later if pushed too hard.

-When the fights over he will probably take you to get ice cream. 

-Not super into PDA unless he’s around people he’s comfortable with.

-Low key loves cuddling.

-The type to slouch down just to put his head on your shoulder even though he’s super toll. 

-A lot of hand holding. 

-Probably loves when you play with his hair.

-Says he doesn’t like rom coms but gets more invested in them than you do (Probably has yelled “Gosh just kiss already!” at the TV before).

-Idk why I picture him as such a nice soft boyfriend but I do.

-Also savage and an A+ hype man at the same time.

-Like you tell him you aren’t sure about your hair he will tell you how great you look with it.

-Or he might tease you about it and say something like “the blonde with the tight curls are making me hungry for some reason…maybe it’s because it looks like ramen” if it’s 1 an easy fix or 2 he knows you can take it. 

-No matter what he will assure you that it looks fine and it’s just hair so it will grow back. 

-basically the most chill and soft boyfriend

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Okay so we know that Jack is extremely competitive but I’d bet that he’d pamper the heck out of his bf because just, imagine him and Johnny at a carnival and Johnny sees a ring toss game and he’s like ooh mama you’re gonna love this- Jack pushes him aside very gently and proceeds to land three perfect shots and win a stuffed toy for Johnny.

Or just imagine them in a carnival in general. Johnny sees that mallet game and he can’t resist and he gets a pretty good score and looks very smug about it and is flexing so that he can impress Jack, but then Jack gets a turn, raises the mallet above his head and just straight up breaks the machine.

I mean Johnny loves his bf but Christ Jack, let the man live. You can’t be perfect at everything. Jack has to console Johnny after the carnival and buy him lots of cotton candy and also tell him he’s still very manly and handsome.

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consider: the foxes take on a HoH recruit a couple years post canon. they have hearing aids and are oral, but the aids they have aren't that good because their parents couldn't/wouldn't pay for better, and sometimes they cut out. neil starts learning asl to be able to translate for/communicate with them at those times bc at this point it's pretty easy for him to pick up, and it's a new challenge (1/2)

(2/2) (the rest of the team tries too ofc because they don’t want this kid to be stuck in the dark and renee and dan are pretty good, but it’s not as easy for most of them, they didn’t have to grow up learning foreign languages just to survive). andrew mostly learns from proximity to neil, watching him practice and learning from context, and they discover it’s useful for them as well in the ways you were talking about in your first post -minyardjostenrivalry

oh man oh man oh man I love this you have no idea (also this got little longer than I originally meant it to be wowza)

  • so I’m making said recruit a dealer idk just roll with me on this
  • when they play they’re always usually in the middle(ish) of the court
  • kind of in the thick of it
  • even with hearing aids that work great it’s hard to keep up when there is a lot going on around you
  • and neil is oblivious to a lot of things but not exy
  • he notices and realizes all the other times he’s seen said recruit kind of lost in conversations/big groups
  • he doesn’t make a comment on it bc why point out the kid’s struggles?
  • he just immediately goes back to Fox Tower after that game/practice and starts learning asl basics 
  • andrew sees and watches but doesn’t say anything about it
  • after a few nights it peaks his interest enough to ask
  • neil explains and andrew decides to learn 
  • he doesn’t tell neil or anyone really
  • mostly he starts learning in case it becomes useful/necessary down the line
  • spoiler alert: it does
  • anyway neil learns a lot very quickly, especially one handed signs he can use quickly while holding his raquet on court 
  • this works great and kinda catches on with the foxes
  • most of them know at least numbers up to 30 in asl, so they can reference players 
  • no one can quite pick up languages like neil can though, so he’s the go to if the recruit needs something interpreted 
  • mostly though the recruit can get by on their own but they really appreciate all the foxes trying to accommodate them
  • also i think it would be hilarious if when asl became another andreil™ thing if the foxes (nicky) would constantly ask the recruit what the two were saying
  • recruit is loyal to their new bro™ neil though
  • no snitching even though they may be a little bit traumatized after witnessing some questionable conversations
  • also i would like you all to consider neil and this new recruit shit talking people in asl right in front of them 
  • imagine them both on press duty together
  • josten part 2: the sass you love this time with considerable less angst

hey, guys! so as you all (hopefully) know, it’s valentine’s day!!!
so firstly, happy valentine’s day <3
secondly, i do feel quiet bad that i’ve been pretty MIA this past few days, and i’m so grateful to all of you guys for sticking with me. thirdly, i hit 1.5k yesterday, which i cannot believe! thank you so much, all of you!
along with this, i just really, really want to convey how deeply i care for all of you guys. i’m not very well-liked irl, and it’s really tough to have lost so many friends in such a short span of time, hence, i’m so so so SO grateful for all of you, even if we’ve never interacted, because you’re the ones that get me through the days. :)
so i figured, why get three (love)birds with one stone, and celebrate with some mutuals appreciation? let’s go!

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I’ve never been good at speaking on my feelings on anything of my past even up to today. coming out as a “lesbian” wasn’t too difficult for me because I came out by changing the way I dressed from 10 or 11 years old I’ve been wearing male clothing. and then uploading pictures of me and my first girlfriend at 15 years old and each one after. of course many people thought it was a phase (because I was somewhat feminine) but now going on 24 years old I have news for my family and friends that I’m not sure they are ready for.

transitioning for me have
always been on the far side of the side of my brain that isn’t often used. but one day recently I woke up w it heavy in my thoughts, day in and day out. I’ve been researching my ass off and watching ftm videos literally all day everyday. the more I watch these videos, and research and find more FTMs on social media, the more I become sure that this is something I want to do. I need to do.

lately I have been extremely depressed w what I see when I look in the mirror. I have tried to explain this to my girlfriend and friends but I’m not sure that they truly understand that it’s not about whether your body looks nice or not. it’s about what you see when you picture yourself. and for people like me, the mirror is all wrong. the body is nice, yes. but it isn’t mine. it isn’t how I feel inside.

it’ll be hard enough to tell them that I want to transition. but I don’t know how to explain how I fall under the non-binary umbrella. in the physical sense I am transmasculin. which is obvious because of how I’ve dressed all of this time and the “role” i play in relationships. it’s in my likes and dislikes. I’ve never played w female toys as a kid, I’ve hated wearing feminine clothing, never had any interest in makeup or anything cis women speak about w other ciswomen.

I love to get my hands dirty, I fix things, I love sports, I played w my brothers toys as a kid, I kill the bugs for my girlfriend, I give daps/hand shakes, not hugs, I cut off all of my hair, wtf is a panty or thong, boxer briefs over here, the list goes on.

but I may be feminine because of how I talk w my hands, how emotional I can be, the sound of my voice is super high pitched I hate it! it’s the #1 reason of why I’ve been antisocial all of my life and only spoke to people through social media in writing because I hate hearing such a pitch coming from my man body. I may tear up at the end of very sad movies, I may sometimes stand w my hand on my hip, my friend base is 95% cis women, dancing to single ladies is my shit!, I love musicals (is this a feminine/masculine thing), I have such a gentle heart, I’m not a fighter, I don’t get into arguments, I just feel like I’m complicated.

maybe I’m just over thinking (which is something I do A LOT). anxiety. idk how to get them to understand. I wish there was a documentary that explains all of this in detail for me. I doubt any of them would take the time out to research this themselves to even try to understand me and be in tuned w what I want to do.
but the first step is coming out to yourself, and now I am trying to come out socially.

"Would it be weird if he did it to Sam"

quick platonic/romantic test that I did with my friend which is kind of eye opening

it’s called “would it be weird if he did it to Sam”

it’s super simple, you just take action or dialogue that Dean says to Cas and you think, “would it be weird if he said or did the exact same thing to Sam?”

try it with me

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Unpopular Opinion

Mor being a lesbian is perfectly fine. Someone can be very fond of another human being and not have romantic feelings for them. A woman is not obligated to be with someone who is in love with her if she doesn’t return those feelings. And she really hasn’t. All of the evidence I’ve seen so far of people saying “look how in love they are!” Is contextual, and subjective, and vague, and shows a lot of love from Azriel’s side, but not Mor’s. Also, sleeping with a man in the past does not ever solidify that a woman is straight. Lesbians who have only slept with other women in their lives are in the minority. 

If this development upsets you, ask yourself why five times. “I’m mad that Mor is a lesbian.” Why? “She and Azriel are meant to be together.” Why? “Look how in love with her he is!” Why is she obligated to be with him now? etc.

Just something to think about.

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OK IDK WHY BUT your art reminds me of studio ghibli films??? Idk why because the style itself isn't exactly similar BUT looking at your art makes me feel as if i'm watching one of their movies?? Just really happy and sweet but also mesmerized weirdly inspired?? and i can just FEEL the character's emotions through the way you portray them in their facial expressions and ekfzkfmsk idk man but I LOVE IT

HOLY HECK!!! that might be the biggest compliment i have ever gotten, if there is something i aspire to achieve, it is the way Studio Ghibli creates characters and makes them so real and relatable!

THANK YOU!! This means a lot to me, now i know i am on the right track! towards my goal!!! *0*)/ !!!!

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do zach dewall and dan clermont know that they're loved and appreciated? there's so many posts everywhere about maxx and cody but zach and dan are just as amazing as they are, do they know that we all love them? do they know just how talented we think/know they are? do we, the fandom, show enough appreciation for them? idk but man i love dan clermont and zach dewall and they deserve the best and they deserve so much appreciation and love and support and i love them so much

idk man like confidence is great but when someone raises a legitimate issue with your work (eg racism, homophobia) that’s not the time to be like “I don’t care what anyone thinks!! uwuwu I love myself!” that’s the time to seriously look at yourself and your creations & fix them.

Chanyeol Fav Gifs Compilation

Hello everyone! I am sooo extremely thankful to you all for following me and sticking with me through all my change of interests! It means a lot!

I felt so happy that I decided I might as well do a compilation of my favourite Chanyeol Gifs ~ Love you all ~(‾▿‾~)

GIFS NOT MINE. ALL CREDITS TO OWNERS (you all have done an amazing job)

oh okay you ruined my life ok I got it



Them lips ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

He just…. he is…. STOP STARING AT MY SOUL

‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻


My favourite Beagle Line + The person who wants to kill them (Kyungsoo is too precious for this world please everyone, protect him)

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! (EXO Showtime made me a mess)

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Okay but I fucking love this because he is so huge and tall … idk man .. just fuck me already ….


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For the Hanzo x Widowmaker thing, how about they're battling it out, each really good snipers, and it ends with them out of ammo in close quaters. Kinda like that scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith where it just evolves into passionate sex.

I’m actually really captivated by their dynamics. Both being snipers and their parallelism of ‘killing’ a loved one. I love Widowmaker’s seemingly impish and flirty romantic style matched with Hanzo’s stoic and brooding nature. I feel like they would understand each other a lot, and be able to feel free with each other, but idk man, this ship is kind of slaying me.

Just take this away from me, doll. please.

The Hunt

Venomous Arrow. Fluff. Slight Violence.

The arrow whistles past her ear as she jerk back against the wall. Her lips set into something like a smile as she rolls to the next open doorway. Her sights already trained on his stained skin through her scope. She pulls the trigger, but he’s half way out of the window.

Pulling back into cover, she reloads her sniper, the thrill of the hunt making her eager. They’ve been attacking each other since the little Overwatch team swooped in on her assignment. Reaper is somewhere, taking care of the others. For now, the archer is hers.

The hunt is reaching its climax, and she knows this is her last clip. She’ll make it count.

Rushing back to the over doorway, she takes a leap off the edge. Grappling hook shooting out and hooking onto a building as she swoops towards a lower structure’s rooftop. An arrow pieces through the night air, cutting the rope. At the sudden free fall, she braces her legs out, catching herself before rolling safely on her designated place.

Too slow, archer.

She knows the building he’s hiding in is connected to this one. With a backward glance, she slips behind cover. Setting in place her trap that will draw the unsuspecting man soon enough.

Dropping her renewed grappling hook against the ledge, she drapes down. Feet planted firmly against the side of the wall as her body stands perpendicularly. She waits, activating her recon visor, her head turning to catch the red outlined body of the archer slipping out the doors and to the opposite side of the building she hangs from. Smart. She didn’t think he’d scale up its side, instead guessing he’d go through the building to get to the door.

She doesn’t hear the sound of his feet touch ground as he makes it to the roof. Smart and silent.

Switching her gun to assault, she allows her grapping hook to drag her up. The angle shooting her up, over the cover and right onto the surprised Hanzo Shimada. His head looking over his shoulder up at her as her feet kick into his back, sending him reeling forward as she recoils back and lands on the ground. Her ambushed didn’t faze him enough, as he hits the ground but twists his gracefully body and comes up on one knee. Letting loose an arrow that almost pieces Widowmaker’s throat if she didn’t throw herself out of the way. She comes back up, finger pulling the trigger. The shots echoing on the rooftop as he ducks behind cover. Her finger releases the trigger, knowing she just has two bullets left in her clip.

As his pale gold ribbon trails through the wind, Hanzo comes up running around the opposite side of the cover. He fires an arrow, aiming for her eye. Her eyes widen as his rash and reckless charge surprises her.

She rolls forward, the arrow nearly pressing against her hair as she dodges it. He moves to meet her head on, the one clothed arm reaching back for another arrow. She meets him with the barrel of the gun pointed at his skull, finger settled on the trigger.

Hanzo’s fingers grasp at empty air. Widowmaker’s finger presses against the cool metal of the trigger, but doesn’t move.

He realizes his helplessness with wide brown eyes, before his brow narrows. His hands coming to rest by his side. Gloved hand curled into a fist while his tattooed arrow clasp his bow against his hip.

“Why do you not shoot?” He questions, smoky voice laced with an accent. Intense gaze focused on her, and the tip of her assault rifle.

The same question plagues her mind, but now it echoes in his voice. Deep and gruff and thick. She feels something inside of her shift. Warmth pooling in the center of her cold body as her eyes flicker for one moment to the tattoo that encases his muscles.

They’ve fought before. They’ve shot bullets and arrows at each other countless times. Yet, when she fights him, she never aims to kill him. She knows he does the same, because he had a clear shot in one mission set in Ilios, and he didn’t take it.

He let her live, as she lets him.

And she doesn’t understand why she does this. Is it just because her minds finds the glowering man interesting? Finds the dragon tattoo pretty on his skin? That he’s a brother to Genji, and somehow involved with how he became a cyborg?

Is he just a puzzle for her frozen mind to figure out, or does she wish to know the man that handles the bow so artfully, yet doesn’t kill her as he should.

“I’m out of ammo.”

Lowering the gun, she lets it rest against her lower torso. Lips settling into a faint grin as her brow raises slightly. His eyes narrows at the slightest of her movements.

“And I don’t hunt recherché prey.” Her voice light but holding its edge.

His startled expression is almost enough to make her laugh, but the way he turns his head slightly, as if to hide, intrigues her further.

“Is this a game to you?” He demands, eyes darting back to her face before turning his head. On his cheeks is the faints trace of pink.

Her eyebrow twitches as she takes in his flustered behavior at her flirting. Her eyes lighting in the slightest manner as this teasing revelation.

“I don’t play games,” She saunters slowly towards him, and he steps back once before holding his ground. His gaze unsettled at her passive approach. The archer is still cautious of the spider.


She finds her head tilting slightly down at him, taking in the gray strands of hair at his temple that spike outwards. The golden ribbon that flutters across his back. She leans closer, and finds he smells of cloves and sandalwood. Rich and intense. His disconcerted gaze locked on her but his body refuses to move.

“I fight battles. Do you not know that by now, archer?” Her tone soft, alluring. Tempting him to lean closer.

“Yet,” He breathes back, brow narrow as he refocuses, “You do not fight me.”

Her brow arches, eyes brushing over the strong cheekbones his face possesses. “You’re not a battle, you’re an entire war. I’m not going to win you in just one day.”

His eyes widen at the smallest fraction, his irises a carob brown that stay pure throughout the entire eye. No overlapping shades. No spots or dots of hues. One true color that looks back at her.

Then she catches the faintest hint of blood flooding his cheeks. She admires it for one moment the color over his elegantly sculpted cheekbones. Taking it to the mind, pressing it against the inside of her skull. Hoping that she’ll be able to brand it to her memories without fear of lost.

A pushed breath slips out of his lungs. “Lacroix-san, you…” He tries again. “I’m not…”

She laughs, the sure, stoic man is fumbling under her heavy gaze. The noise rising from her chest and trickling out of her mouth. He stares at her, eyes watching her lips. She takes note of the warm spreading across her lungs.

“Am I scaring you, archer? Do you fear my favor for elegant things? Perhaps I should—”

Her words are cut off by rough lips pressed against her, eyes caught on Hanzo’s knitted brow and trembling eyelids. The slight brush of hair that traces his upper lip. Cloves and sandalwood invading her senses as beams of warms penetrate her mouth. She finds for one moment, she wants him. She wants his kiss. She wants his touch. She feels something for the interesting archer.

Then his taste is gone, and she’s still caged by his form. Unable to blink, her eyes watch him slowly lift his eyelids. Gazing upwards at her, shifting his bow in his hands. His brow drawn, but his eyes softly resting on her.

“I do not fear you,” He says, then turns. Escaping the rooftop, he leaves her stunned by his kiss.

The archer she had just barely wrapped around her finger, leaves her speechless. Cloves resting on the tip of her tongue. The hunt finished, but with him claiming victory.

Très jolis archer, she thinks.

(Très jolis — Very beautiful)

I really just wanna be in a relationship. 🙁 I want someone who I can 100% be myself with and feel at home with them. I can spend a lot do time by myself that’s not a problem I love who I am and I love finding out more about who I am but I feel like a part of me is missing without someone here to call a lover and a friend. Idk man…. anyway imma drink this chamomile tea and take my ass into a deep sleep. 🤷🏾‍♂️

hold up i made one for more ppl 

For ohm, idk if ANYONE remembers this game..but, does anyone remember i think it was called the “bunny/rabbit man”? where he chases you through the streets and shit? well ig it’s kinda based off that but i changed a slight bit. He doesn’t just chase anyone. He only chases the ones’ he loves, but the reason he wears a blindfold is because he has no eyes. like they weren’t cut out or anything, they’re just missing. And when he chases you he hums in a very very deep voice. He also twitches a lot . And once he catches them he takes off his blinfold and asks if you love him still. There’s also a movie called the bunnyman massacre.

Bryce, I’m still figuring this one out but, he was a doll that sings to them, and they buy him right? the usual, but after a few days, he goes missing. So the person looks everywhere for him, but eventually give up. One night they hear him singing like theirs an echo in the house. And blah blah they go check, and once you get to the spot you heard it from, it stops. Then you hear Bryce’s normal giggle. And i’m not sure how they die yet. 

gd that’s not something you should just say…fuck.

i made one for markiplier too but it’s probably not creative at all.