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i think…. AnY has permanently raised my standards for fictional romance. Some might disagree with this but like I can’t see myself finding another story where the two characters have such awesome natural chemistry. Also two characters who are so subtly written to understand each other’s needs so well and they get together after they have character development to make them more suitable for each other. And also, it’s gonna be difficult to find another couple where the drama feels really earned and not like… tacked on melodrama. Idk man it’s just gonna be rough finding another couple as engaging to me as hakyona.

Like i was just reading a novel on my break at work, and they two leads just kissed and I was like “…okay.” Yet when Hak and Yona had like the quickest, most impulsive kiss ever I just absolutely lost my shit and stared at the image for days. 

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Honestly Pinkberry makes me super uncomfortable because I had a friend who treated me similarly to how Chloe treats Brooke and then she ended up sexually assaulting me when I was unable to stop it and I've never fully recovered from that shit and people shipping Pinkberry just makes me feel icky now because of it and it reminds me too much of what I went through and I'm fucking 20 and have worked through most of my shit >.> idk I'm rambling but I'm glad you said something

oh my gosh im so sorry you had that experience?? but yeah just,, like idk man the way this fandom treats chloe rubs me the wrong way

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Do you know of any Reylo fics that are like really really hurt/comfort-y? Specifically Kylo getting whumped to hell and back. I'm looking for a little catharsis after a pretty shit week, and idk this stuffs hard to find.

…man, if I can actually manage to pull off my anthology fic this year (we’re down to, like, 30/70 odds on that one), it sounds like it’ll be right up your alley. Hurt/comfort is my jam (and Kylo does kind of go through hell in “Blades Crossed”). 

I’m monstrously behind on fics — I just haven’t had the time/energy/mental stability for reading much over the last 6-8 months or so — but here are a couple that might work to tide you over:

The Conviction of Things Not Seen

The Sword of the Jedi series

Both are long emotional rollercoasters that will take you to hell and back with these characters. Again, apologies for not having a more comprehensive fic rec list on this one — it’s my favorite genre for one of my favorite pairings, but I’m still woefully inadequate on the fic-reading side of things. :(

Followers, any more recs for anon (and for myself as well)?

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hey so you honestly seem so good at advice and I thought I'd ask?? My gf and I broke up a few weeks ago and honestly it seems so much better for both of us cuz it wasn't workin out? But now she's saying she misses me and she isn't getting over it and I don't know what to do? any advice?? maybe I sound really mean idk but it just doesn't seem healthy to get back together or anything idk man

maybe it’s just the aftershock like she misses u and ur company and everything you all had because it’s not there BUT (idk ur relationship) if you already know that it doesn’t work ever and frankly if you don’t want to be in a relationship then don’t be.

I would say just try to be nice and just say you want to continue being single for your own good as well as hers. U can only do so much and u probably cannot change how she feels so just be gentle but hold ur ground to whatever decision u make

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”

if you caught him red handed eating cake, he’’ll probably just squint at you and keep eating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ aaaa also little birthday doodle for myself// toots confetti 

Star Wars and toxic masculinity though, I’m sorry, but what? Are we watching the same movies? They have a pretty clear message: Anger is the path to the Dark Side. If you want to be a hero, don’t go around getting angry and being violent, you have to be nice. Kind. Understanding. That’s kind of a central message. And it runs very much counter to the whole angry, prone to violence, emotionless macho thing.

That’s shown in the characters as well, because we’ve got some really big tough no-emotion macho hero types there, let’s review:

  • Luke Skywalker, bleeding heart idealist, has a lot of feelings and shows all of them. Whines about wanting to see his friends. Cries when upset or in pain. Appeals to people’s conscience, does the right thing, big on calming your mind and listening to your heart. Makes friends with everyone immediately, can’t hate anyone for longer than two minutes. Does not hesitate to rush headlong into danger, but can’t necessarily save the day with fighting prowess. Cares deeply about everyone. If you could be friends with any character, I’d recommend this one.
  • Han Solo, resident idiot, has many feelings and tries to hide them, everyone knows anyway. Will glance broodily around so that you can tell he’s upset or conflicted. Really wants to talk to the girl he likes about her feelings, but has no idea how. Says he doesn’t care, continually runs straight into danger to save the people he cares about. Doesn’t even try to look tough in the face of torture, immediately starts screaming, would never say “it’s just a scratch”. Constantly needs help, always barely one step ahead of total disaster, definitely not your knight in shining armour.
  • Lando Calrissian, actual ladies’ man, charming and suave, arguably the closest we get to a fuckboy except not because he totally respects Leia. Shows polite interest, does not push or manipulate when he realises that she’s not interested, despite the fact that this happens very subtly. Does not hesitate to do the right thing, loyal to his friends, even at great personal cost. Also does not hesitate to follow Leia’s orders, and not because he thinks it’ll get him laid.
  • Anakin Skywalker, drama queen extraordinaire, has far too many feelings and most of them make him cry. May seem a little whiny. Always wants to talk about his feelings, readily shares them with anyone who’ll stand still for long enough. Loves very deeply and is not afraid to show it. Gets very angry, but this is shown to be a Bad Thing. Gets too attached to the point of obsession, which is also shown to be a Bad Thing.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, drama queen support group, is a lot better at keeping his feelings under control but still has them. Will absolutely cry at emotional moments (possibly because he is tired). Understands everyone, even if he kind of wishes he didn’t. His need to be rescued by Anakin is a running joke, but not in a way that demeans him as a man, or a person. Makes snarky quips to reassure himself. Knew all along that This Is A Terrible Idea. Definitely the Mom Friend.
  • Palpatine, the big bad, an evil nightmare of a man. Literally uses his anger and hatred as a power source. Enjoys torture and violence, wants to corrupt the hero with hatred and anger. Likes to pretend he knows everything, needs no help, thinks love and friendship are weakness. Has no friends. Employs no women (in the movies). Shows no emotion except smug superiority, anger, and, briefly, panic. Ultimately defeated by the power of love and forgiveness, which serves him right.

Star Wars very explicitly portrays excessive anger and violence as BAD, and caring and understanding as GOOD. The guys are allowed to cry, they all need rescuing at various points and they aren’t “less” for it. They work together with women, as partners and equals. When Anakin finds out that Padmé is pregnant, he doesn’t roll his eyes or get cold feet, he’s delighted. He’s excited to be a father and start a family. The only disparaging comment I can think of that any guy makes about women in the movies is Han’s “If we can avoid any more female advice” which is followed by Leia telling him to shut up and do what he’s told, and Han grumbling and doing what he’s told. So that plays more like Han trying desperately to find some way of getting back at Leia because he does not like being told what to do, and immediately losing another round.

We see Han trying to get Leia to admit how she feels about him, while Leia is more concerned about getting him to join the cause. We see Padmé trying to be practical and focus on the mission while Anakin can’t shut up about his feelings. We see Luke saving the day not by being the ultimate badass macho fighter man, but by appealing to his father’s conscience, his love, the good in Anakin Skywalker. We see plenty of instances of men asking for help and accepting help, showing emotion without being judged or fear of being judged, wanting love and family, etc. We also see romantic rivalry between Han and Luke, and Han and Lando, that does not turn into any kind of “fight” for Leia’s affections, because it’s Leia’s choice and they all know and respect that. In fact, the three guys are friends and stay that way.

All of that is the opposite of toxic masculinity, as far as I can tell.

If anything, the prequel trilogy is a cautionary tale about the importance of keeping your emotions, especially your anger, in check, and the original trilogy is basically how to do it right. Darth Vader is not portrayed as some kind of masculine ideal to strive for, he’s the bad guy. Luke, with his emotional openness and explicit refusal to give in to anger and hatred and violence, is the good guy. Luke is a character you can show to a little kid and say “this is a hero”.

I guess if you twist it enough you can see sexism and toxic masculinity in everything, and I’m not saying these movies are perfect. They have plenty of problems. But when it comes to portrayals of male heroism (and villainy), I think they’re actually pretty damn good.

Guys, we could’ve figured out Allura had magic before it was revealed in S2. Remember the scene where she and Hunk had to save Shiro from Haggar?

She knew exactly where Haggar was, how? I’m guessing it’s because she has the same magic Haggar has. It’s little details like this that we seem to sleep on but it foreshadowed Allura’s magic, so I think we should really focus on these little hints in the show.

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Any good bomb ass BTS rough smut? Like I'm obsessed with dom BTS . And I have no shame.

b r o…If you like Jungkook smut…half of my fic recs are dom!jungkook…LOL…no shame.

Here’s a few selection of some that I’ve read and come across:


Room for Dessert

In Bloom

Tinder 2.0

Baby Boy

Lock the Door

Like A Man

Monster series (M)


Where Is My Mind?

Yes, Oppa

Only Mine


English Literature

Like Pavlov’s Dogs

Five Months



Scandalous series (M)


The Fanmeet

Zaddy series (M)


For a Good Time Call the Horndog





Mr. Min series (M) w/ JK 

(Also, I haven’t come across dom!jin smut, except for maybe one where he had just gotten home and you just got out of the shower but idk the name and person who wrote that)

**Admins feel free to edit this post and add more~


“In the time it took for their coffees to arrive, Roger Davies and his girlfriend had started kissing over their sugar bowl.”

or: roger davies, the fandom’s “wyd” text-sender

even though star trek takes place waaaaaay in the future i’d like to think there’s a starship captain out there who is a huge star wars fan so @femspirk and i played with some headcanons

“go to hyperspace”
“it’s called warp 5 sir”
“did i fucking stutter, ensign”

“set blasters-”
“they’re phasers, captain”

“now put up force-fields”

“can i commission the science officers to work on lightsaber research”
“sir your five-year mission is to establish diplomacy”
“diplomacy with lightsabers is still diplomacy, lieutenant”

“chewie, the readings”
“i’m first officer zaden”
“i said CHEWIE, the readings”

“i wonder if these aliens speak Basic”
“it’s called Standard, captain”

“so, vulcans, i hear you have lots of sand and also anti-gravity technology so would you care to assist me in making a landspeeder”

“androids, hm? why don’t they make them with gold plating anymore”

“CONTACT STARFLEET COMMAND we just discovered tatooine”
“that’s actually delta vi”
“a man can dream, commander”

“i didn’t know that planet had a moon-”
“that’s no moon”
“sir all our readings indicate that it is, in fact, a moon”

“the engineering room is on fire”
“idk try bypassing the compressor”

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Your human Sidon is so cute! He has so many freckles and I just wanna kiss every single one of them! And I just wanna play with his long hair all the time!

ME TOO HHH I want to draw him more tbh he’s just as fun as drawing regular sharky Sidon because I love drawing big guys with long hair. 

There’s a legitimate discussion that needs to be had about why Julie has such a hard time showing unconditional love and friendship between girls and seems fine showing it between boys, but:

Say what you will, the boy squad would never fucking do this. When Isak withdrew into himself, was clearly having a hard time–they may not have sat him down for an intense heart-to-heart, but they knew something was up, they asked him if he was okay. When Isak forgot Magnus’s birthday, they let it slide. When Isak tried to start a physical altercation with Mahdi, the dude didn’t even get mad about it. They were all concerned, because Isak didn’t seem like himself. And when he apologized, they forgave him immediately. And I know for a damn fact that if any of the boys had done what Sana had done, the first thing they would have done is ask why. In fact, setting aside some of the deeply problematic (if generally well-meaning) shit Isak said to her afterwards, he did ask her why, right off the bat. He did the thing. And he stepped up to defend her by taking the fall.

Hopefully in the show Sana will at least get some support from her family and Jamilla, but in the meantime imma let those Sana + boy squad + Evak headcanons rise like never before, because FUCK THIS.