idk man i have lots of feels

Oliver and Felicity sticking it out in Star City together?

Yeah, okay — I’d like to trade in my front row angsty-ex-fiancé tickets for every slow burn, best friend storyline on the planet, please?

Oliver and Felicity cleaning up the lair together, getting gross and sweaty doing all the heavy lifting themselves because it’s not like they can hire a crew to help them piece the top-secret Arrow cave back together.

Oliver and Felicity collapsing with water and take-out at the end of each day because I seriously cannot feel my arms anymore. Can you see them? Are they still there?

Oliver and Felicity not wanting to go home the night the lair is deemed good as new because there’s something even lonelier about dark rooms and empty beds after spending — enjoying — their days together.

Oliver and Felicity lingering awkwardly and verbally stumbling around each other until one of them blurts out movie night? 

Oliver and Felicity sitting on opposite ends of the couch in the newly-empty loft with a bowl of popcorn between them, apologizing every time their feet so much graze each other.

Oliver and Felicity running through so many movie marathons over the weeks that they revert to sickeningly cheesy and horribly filmed sequels.

(Oliver lingering a little too long every time she falls asleep, tucking a blanket up around her chin and brushing her hair back from her face before he takes his exit.)

(Felicity totally fucking faking it.)

Oliver and Felicity taking Oliver’s lunch breaks together in his new office and trading turns between strategizing his mayoral agenda and planning out how she can get her company back — working as a team.

Oliver and Felicity getting so excited when she convinces the board to reinstate her that he barely thinks twice before picking her up and spinning her around, her arms thrown around his shoulders and her grinning face buried in his neck.

Oliver and Felicity organizing and directing Star City’s clean-up volunteer groups. Oliver and Felicity visiting patients who’re in the hospital after HIVE’s attack. Oliver and Felicity selflessly picking up their city side-by-side. 

And then — Oliver and Felicity taking countless walks in the park together until Oliver slowly starts to open up to her — his hands trembling but his voice steady and sure. 

Oliver and Felicity, not so much falling in love with each other again as they are re-learning each other — growing separately but somehow healing together, the way it always should have been.

Oliver and Felicity, standing on the other side of five months with their city rebuilt and their future before them, so different and yet infuriatingly the same because I want to kiss you so badly right now but, dammit, I shouldn’t, and doesn’t that sound frustratingly familiar?

Oliver and Felicity throwing out conspicuously flirty quips as often as they shoot each other inconspicuously desperate glances, because this stupid, stubborn thing between them just will not quit.

And then finally there’s John Diggle, groaning with frustration when he enters the lair for the first time in five months because those idiotic dorks are too busy grinning stupidly at each other to even notice him and for the love of god, here we go again. 

reasons why greek was the best show on abc family ever ever ever

  • strong female friendships. i mean, this makes the show a winner already. casey and ashleigh, casey and rebecca… strong female friendships are so important to me man. their friendships were never ruined over stupid things, or over guys. sO GOOD
  • strong friendships in general. greek is a show that puts friendship over relationships and promoting positive platonic friendship is something i can’t ever get enough of because good friendships are incredible things to have and you don’t see that enough in media.
  • calvin, and heath’s sexuality never defined them - they were just normal college guys, looking for relationships too. heath and calvin were kissing at frat parties without a care in the world and i love that. i love that they had LGBT characters who were never defined by their sexuality. they were people above all else - treated the same as all the straight characters.
  • they promoted positive sexual health and positive sex in general - katherine wanted advice on what kind of birth control to be on, rusty realised that he couldn’t be the one to take katherine’s virginity just because she wanted to loose it before law school (i don’t think sex and love come hand in hand don’t get me wrong but i do buy into the idea that your first time should probably be with someone you trust and katherine and rusty barely knew each other) sex was never a shameful thing for girls to be having (OK there was some issues and name-calling but for the most part girls having sex was GOOD and not a problem and girls can be sexual beings too yay)
  • rebecca realising that she deserved better than the way evan was treating her and ending the relationship despite how much she cared for him because she knew it was important to be in a relationship where both parties love equally
  • couples realising they have issues and need to work them out before they can actually be together (cough evan and rebecca cough)
  • calling out shitty behaviour even though its being done by your brothers (the whole calvin vs tripp thing)
  • it was funny and witty and made me laugh way too much
  • actual decent storylines
  • college is fuckin scary man and leaving it will probably be scarier and they didn’t shy away from that (cappie’s storyline basically) 
  • they didn’t magically get jobs and happy after they graduated (final season was in 2011 in the middle of a severe recession and they didn’t shy away from that fact either)
  • can we talk about casey and cappies love story for a second - “its a fairytale” “no other girl in the world compares to you” i mean come on they were such an incredible relationship and they felt almost real because they had issues and problems they couldn’t work through for a really long time
  • they (eventually) dealt with a love triangle far better than any other show i’ve watched to be honest (evan/casey/cappie)

so ok the show had its problems and it wasn’t perfect but it was a really damn good show and it has so many positive things and positive atributes and it was definitely the best show on ABC family they will never top it ever again bye


“I know things have been difficult lately and I’m sorry about that. I think I know what you’re feeling. Ever since you were a little boy, you’ve been living with so many unresolved things. Well, take it from an old man. Those things send us down a road… they make us who we are. And if anyone’s destined for greatness, it’s you, son. You owe the world your gifts. You just have to figure out how to use them and know that wherever they take you, we’ll always be here. So, come on home, Peter. You’re my hero… and I love you!”

I really like to think about Ronan getting new tattoos, like Ronan adding roses and vines to the tattoo on his back that resemble the clearing where his mom lived in Cabeswater, and Ronan getting a skateboard tattooed on the inside of his arm for Noah, and later on adding something for Adam, like the Magician tarot card or a design of leaves and vines near his heart or a latin script on his ribs that Adam always traces with a soft awed touch. And.. just Ronan Lynch expressing his love and remembrance quietly but surely the way he always does.

‘Prayer is a sign of faith.’

That was a very poetic way of putting it, but Dean had always been far from agreeing with that particular phrase. If you would’ve asked Dean a couple of years ago, he would’ve told you that praying was like begging. Dean didn’t like to beg, not ever.

And yet, one thing had been powerful enough to change his mind about it.

On days like today, when he felt tired, lonely. When he was craving company, the company of someone who genuinely cared about him. It usually started with Dean staring at the ceiling of his room while listening to music, and it often ended in a single name falling from his lips without him even realizing, always followed by something that could only be labeled as ‘praying’.  

“Cas… Have you got your ears on? I’ve had a rough day, man. And I think Sammy’s mad at me… You know, the usual, crappy hunt. I was only trying to save him, but he took it the wrong way. Disappeared into his room when we got back to the bunker and won’t utter a word to me. I know he’ll come around, he always does… But I just need you here, so if you have five minutes to spare-”

The soft rustling of wings cut off the prayer. Dean could feel Cas’ eyes on him before actually seeing the angel whom he knew so well. He felt the bed dip, knowing that Cas was quietly joining him like he often did.

Times like these, Dean was reminded why he always made sure to keep one half of the bed empty.

He turned on his side, finding that Castiel was right there, mirroring him. Cas’ hand reached for one of Dean’s, smoothly intertwining their fingers. Blue eyes provided comfort and safety.

They didn’t talk; Cas being here was enough, and they both were aware of that. When Castiel gently kissed Dean’s knuckles, Dean could smile again, all memories of a bad day washing away at once.

To some, prayer was a sign of faith. To others, it felt like begging. But to Dean… It had become a sign of love.

I’m so happy to see Justin acting like a cute dork again and being his happy self because in a lot of ways we really lost that in 2013 and seeing him in a good mood recently has made me feel so


I’m aware of my weaknesses and the beast within. We feel a lot of pressure about looking silly or appearing weak, whatever that means, or being a failure. You have to keep in your head: what’s the worst that can happen?


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

andreil in neils 5th year + WILD

Okay so hear me out…

  •  I was just thinking about Neil’s lonely fifth year and how Nora said that he and Andrew visit each other when they have the time
  •  and…. weekly Saturday meetings in columbia halfway between them amirite??
  • so.. wild
  • its so PERFECT for this period in their relationship ??
  • ((cause theres too long til the weekend comes, too long til I drown in your hands, too long since I’ve been a fool"))
  • just… neil spending his spare moments wishing he was w andrew 
  • but staying as busy as possible w the team to keep his mind away from cigarettes and scars and quiet night roadtrips and keys in his hands and i hate you’s that they both know mean something else entirely
  •  … like can’t u just picture Neil doing all of his captainly duties, hanging out with robin, putting up w the annoying new freshmen (without kevin to yell at them and put them in their place) who think theyre too good to try at exy bc they were the stars of their little hometown teams
  • and at the back his mind he always has that niggling unease and disrest at the idea that andrew could find somebody better now that hes out in the real world
  • but he pushes it away bc he knows he cant trust his own judgement on this since its the first time hes ever had this ((love trust happiness take ur pick amigos))
  • and then suddenly he’ll have one, free, quiet moment before he goes to sleep,,,,
  • and all he can think about is Andrew and that secret thrill that races through him at the idea of their once fragile not-relationship/thing/epic world ending romance becoming strong enough to survive this time apart and
  • ((white noise in my head won’t calm down you’re all i think about))
  • then theres that lingering hunger that’s always rushing through him to see blond hair and hazel eyes and hear a whispered “yes or no?” in his ear 
  • ((cause when you look like that i’ve never ever wanted to be so bad, and it drives me wild))
  • and the strange aching sadness when night practices go smoothly as their now starting goalie plays with them, without even a thought of refusing
  • and he remembers how at first he hated andrews careless disinterest in exy
  • but now he wants more than anything to see andrew sitting lazily on the bleachers with a carefully bored expression on his face
Perks of being a hijabi

1. Woke up late and didnt wash your hair last night? Its okay, just dont wash them.

2. You live in a 4 seasoned country? You autumn outfits are basically your summer’s just add some scarfs and knits (money saving!)

3. Dont feel like shaving your leg today? Dont shave them.

4. Maybe you dont have to shave them at all, but idk man.


6. What the hell is bad hair day?????

7. Did i mention you dont have to worry about your hair????

8. You can get about 11 hijab styles with 1 hijab thats………

9. You might be listening to your teacher’s lecture…… but youve got your headphones on underneath that hijab……….the teacher might be talking about mitosis but all you hearing is “when i was a young boy, my father took me into the city…..”

10. You could shave your head if you want

11. MOST men wouldnt dare to catcall you because they either think you’re too religious and your oppressive husband/father (lol) will kill him OR YOU’RE A TERRORIST AND YOU HAVE A BOMB UNDERNEATH THAT HIJAB LMAO HAHAHAHA WHAT A LOSER but guess what he’s wrong its 100% hair

((could be the dark lord tho))