idk man decisions

unzipped (707 x  mc/reader)

summary: he’s always wanted to see if you wearing his clothes is as hot as the experts say. 

rating: 13+ (no spoilers, but slightly sexual implications)

notes: Inspired by this post. I was gonna work on other planned 707 fics, but then @hanamayhem was like ‘meet da bae in nothing but his jacket’ and my inner sinner was like ‘yassss lets doooo itttt.’ No real sin here tho, but it’s in our hearts LOL.

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okay so yes Lili DID say beronica wouldn’t be canon, but also that it wasn’t her decision?? idk man i think it’s dumb for people to immediately jump to “she’s homophobic!!” if she’s literally just trying to be honest about what the writers have told her, and not tryna get people’s hopes up. the lil “who knows” i don’t really see as baiting, more like we know that the fan base does have an affect on its show, and maybe she’s hopeful that the CW will get its shit together, but i don’t see that as baiting. it’s being up front.

  • Rumple: I have put Belle into this box!
  • Charming: wait is that... Pandora's Box?
  • Rumple: well yes
  • Emma: as in the box to contain really evil things?
  • Rumple: yes
  • Charming: is Belle... evil?
  • Rumple: what? Of course not. Why would you think that?
  • Emma: because you put her into the box made to contain really evil things
  • Rumple: well yes but
  • Rumple: I didn't have any other box
  • Rumple: and I couldn't very well use a handbasket because that's for going TO hell, not back out...
  • Charming:
  • Charming: why did you have to put her in a box at all?
  • Rumple: because we were in the Underworld?
  • Rumple: and she's under a sleeping curse?
  • Rumple: and I had to get her out?
  • Rumple: it was a whole thing
  • Rumple: and like how else was I supposed to get her to move, I mean it's not like she could walk
  • Charming: you've got arms, don't you?
  • Rumple: yeah, so?
  • Charming:
  • Charming: okay Casanova... let me explain to you a thing known as bridal carry...

The fact that it’s possible that Elder Maxson does not always kill Paladin Danse (or force you to kill him) at the end of blind betrayal is honestly baffling to me. Here you have an extremist whose goal is literally to destroy the institute and all their synths but he leaves this one. Why? Because he values you?

If this experience taught him anyting it should be that anyone he trusts could be a synth. The Sole’s instistence on sparing Danse should be a sign that they’re a synth sympathizer. They don’t line up with the Brotherhood’s ideals. Maybe this person that just popped out of nowhere claiming to be from a random vault is a synth too. 

At least if he does end up sparing Danse.. He shouldn’t let YOU come back. He shouldn’t promote you. It makes no GODDAMN sense. YOU LITERALLY DIDN’T EVEN DO WHAT HE TOLD YOU TO. Idk man that decision could have been a really difficult one to make if there were actual consequences… It should have been the Brotherhood or Danse’s life.. no way you should be able to have both…

TBH I think my favorite thing about @furaitsu is how dedicated??? They are like Furu is so!!! Precious & honest & super ass humble? They’ll deny till they’re blue in the god dang face but when Furu says they read every single message I 100% don’t doubt? Which I mean lots of artist who get TONS of messages say that (which is like a 100000% ok like its A LOT & TBH I wldnt like damn) but just!!! Furu is so precious & deserves a lot & I hope they’re feelin better