idk man decisions

Agh I need to work on my other blog for a little while. I’ve had a sudden influx of followers and I’m neglecting them. Time to post shit. blahhh

Idk what to watch while I’m doing my blog thing

Lost Girl? The final god damn episode of Nikita that I refuse to watch because that would mean the show is really over? The Fosters?

ahhhhh decisions

What do all those shows have in common? Hottiessssssssss

oooooh and Ksenia Solo Plays Kenzi in LG and Irena in Nikita. #funfact


tagged by this loser 

one song: Forever Blue by Kina Grannis

two movies: The Pagemaster and Looney Tunes: Back in Action (i always watch these two when i’m sick and i’m sick rn oh well)

three shows: currently Key and Peele, Teen Wolf and Nikita

four people: Koharu Sugawara, Hannah Hart, Rashida Jones, Hilary Knight (and Amy Acker and the entire sense8 cast oops)

five foods: lasagna, meat, peanutbutter sandwich, meat, and meat

six people to tag: aliciaabennett skyekrew alyciadebman thebrokenvalkyrie mosbyy and phoenix 

deadrises ur so dumb ily thanks for tagging me bruh

pinupiisms replied to your post:pinupiisms replied to your posti have a thing to…

nah bruh its fine it actually reminded me to do it because i actually…. had an idea pop into my head…. OOPS. also i dont mind what do u prefer i can work with either just gimme specifics so i dont fuck smth up :’)