idk man

artemis crock be that girlfriend that jumps in front of zatanna on the battlefield to take arrows or bullets or whatever and shield her from them, even though she could easily just say a deflection spell and she’d be perfectly fine 

like she knows zatanna is a fricking powerhouse but she’ll still be there trying to protect her

and zatanna would get pissed because artemis would then be covered in unnecessary cuts and gashes and she’d have to sit there afterward healing each and every scratch and dragging her gf for risking her life for her. artemis would tell her, she’d risk her life everytime because

artemis 👏 be 👏 that 👏 protective 👏 yet 👏 sappy  👏 gf

Day 27

 One thing you would change about the series?

Honestly, I would love it if it had never been specified that Minkowski had a husband. If they had kept it at “married” and only known Minkowski’s spouse as “Koudelka”, their last name. I like how ambiguous Wolf 359 is about stuff, so everyone’s head canons work. It would be nice if it could be more open about Minkowski’s sexual orientation too.

Also bring back the plant monster.

Last night I had the weirdest dream

I dreamt that I went to school cosplaying Enoshima Junko. As I arrived at my school, paramedics were escorting some injured person out on a stretcher. It was Ronald McDonald. I cried and yelled, “Who did this to my hero?!” After speaking my respects for the man, I proceeded to my locker. The hall floors were covered in Ronald McDonald’s blood. Apparently he had his ass beat and someone had robbed my school. The situation was confirmed on the announcements and we all had a moment of silence for Ronald McDonald. The teachers decided not to teach that day because they assumed everyone would be too depressed to focus. In my dream, the students were sitting on the floor in the halls next to puddles of blood not giving a fuck and I was the only one crying over Ronald McDonald. I don’t know if it’s normal for a 17 year old boy to have such strange and vivid dreams but it happened.

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)