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if you have played fate/grand order, which servants would be partnered with the bungou cast?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Took me this long because when it came down to it, there are many combinations I like. The ones I listed were ones I personally prefer to see happen, but they may not necessarily be the “best” combinations. As such, there was no deep thought for most of these other than “hey these two will be awesome together”. But still, enjoy!

Dazai Osamu and Altria Pendragon (Saber)
Since Asagiri said in one of their early interviews that Dazai and Atsushi could be compared to Merlin and Arthur, it will be interesting to see how Dazai can lead Saber to victory. I think Saber will have trust issues with someone as shady as Dazai, but if they work together they’re sure to go far.

Nakajima Atsushi and Bedivere
While I thought about Berserker of El Dorado since she and Atsushi could pass off as twins, I eventually decided on Bedivere. Bedivere has all the virtues and heroic qualities one could ask for, but compared to the other Knights of the Round Table he’s not up to par when it comes to skills and fighting capabilities. Bedivere is kind, but he harbors a lot of regrets. With someone as empathetic as Atsushi as his master, he might be able to fight without being weighed down by his guilt. Plus CV Miyano Mamoru.

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Terrorladd Friendship #6
  • *Based on their new hairstyles; Craig after he gets his hair dyed sliver, and Brian's mustache*
  • Brian: *stares at Craig*
  • Craig: *stares at Brian*
  • Craig: *Deep inhale* BOI YOU LOOK LIKE AN IRISH HITLER
  • Craig: ...
  • Brian: ...
  • *Stares at each other before laughing and "bro-hugging"*
  • *10 seconds later*
  • Craig: Mine was better.
  • Brian: Bitch you thought.
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I think that some k|antis actually like Sheith but they’re afraid to admit it because they’re waaaay too deep in the toxic ant| community, which would lynch them if they found out they like Sheith. So they just like Sheith posts, their “little dirty secret”, cuz it’s mostly anonymous

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I’ve seen a couple people say that they are scared to come out as sheith fans due to having ant|s following them, so that may be what is happening

This actually is really sad. I know a lot of people will be like “ant|s made their bed” but that whole community is very oppressive and punishing to even their own. Like when gay ppl are born in really anti-gay communities. (Which isn’t to say they’re the same thing, but to point out a similarity) 

I thought at first it would be like “I don’t ship this but I like the narrative/art style” but now thinking that has really bummed me out :( 

If any secret sheith shipper wants to like/rb any of my stuff but they’re afraid of getting anon hate then please feel free to do so, even if you have to tag it brog@nes or any such variant. I only ask that you not spread hate yourself and if you have in the past (Cults are like that) then please apologise to the people you sent it to, for your sake as well as theirs. I hope one day everyone in this fandom can just like the things they want to without being punished for it.


happy halloween 🎃


Twitter dump

1- wanted to draw teen Mic and well… ya know…. 

2-3- When your crush compliments your glasses.

4- Confessions and misunderstandings a.k.a. Aizawa tells Mic how he feels and Mic thinks its too good to be true and it’s just a sick joke.