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*Adele voice* Hello... its me...If its not much asking 64 + with triplet!Kylo telling Ben and Matt about his girlfriend's for 10 years (lets say they dated since they were 14 or something) pregnancy. Like, no reader included. Because he barely keeps contact with Han and Leia and doesn't know how to tell them he is going to be a father. Or even more angst ™ he overheard Han saying Kylo shouldn't have children because he isn't mentally stable at some point in the past. Idk, sad and floff. Pls🌸?

*Lionel Richie voice* Hello, is it mee you’re looking for?

Haha, I love this idea so much and thought about it while I was at work so here’s this as a result! It turned out a little longer than usual (its basically a mini fic) but it was worth it. Hope you like it hun :)

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “You’re having twins?!”

The memory played in his head repeatedly, as if his subconcious wanted to chastise him in the moment.

Kylo’s shoulders dropped from their stance as he heard that all too familiar gruff voice on the other side of the wall. He was supposed to be leaving for the gym before meeting up with his new girlfriend (Y/N), but after hearing his name he had to listen in. A mistake he already regretted.

“Han, you don’t need to be so rough on him.”

“Well how the hell else is he going to learn? God help the woman that ends up with him, if anyone does.”

“Han, don’t say that. I would only ever hope he finds someone, and gives us grandkids.”

Han scoffed, “The last thing he should do in his life is become a father Leia. There’s not enough stability there.”

His nostrils flared, the words seeming as though they were only spoken yesterday. The wound still felt fresh, in addition to the others he had acquired from what he overheard and witnessed. Now, the words from the past weighed far more heavily on his shoulders as well as his heart.

Seated before him on the couch were his brothers, Matt and Ben, their brows furrowed and attention fully focused on him. It had been months since they had seen him, the last time ending in a heated dispute. Now they were hastily reunited in Matt’s apartment, tense yet relieved to all be together again. Matt cleared his throat as he adjusted the glasses sitting upon the bridge of his nose.

“So what’s this uh, meeting about?”

Kylo twiddled with his thumbs, “I wanted to see you guys again.”

Matt gave him a small smile, happy to hear his typically brooding brother express any form of emotion. 

Ben huffed faintly, “As true as that may be, there’s more to this.”

Kylo looked up at Ben in surprise. Much like Kylo, Ben was blunt, though not in the same fashion.


“I know you better than that. You wanted to see us again, but you have other things concering you too.”

Kylo’s lip curled up for a faint moment at that. With a deep breath he ran his hand through his ebony locks, trying to assure he spoke clearly.

“You got me.”

Ben smirked slightly, “Triplet telepathy.”

“Ok. So I came to see you…and I came to tell you the news.”

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College!AU Joshua
  • major: history
  • minor: religion 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: student council vice president, plays guitar for the college choir 
  • is the definition of a Model Student 
  • like to the point where the university used photos of him on their pamphlet for freshman orientation. literally like freshmen get it and the first thing they see is joshua smiling holding up a ‘History of the Roman Empire’ textbook
  • joshua regrets agreeing to do the shoot though because jun and hoshi have yet to let him live it down (they once covered his entire dorm room in the pamphlets it took joshua three whole days to get all of them down)
  • his gpa is 4.0 and he’s basically guaranteed to graduate summa cum laude (with highest honor) and he’s already getting emails from prestigious schools that are interested in having him come to then to get his phd and basically joshua is living the Good Life in terms of his future
  • and not only is he book smart, he’s also an angel that donates his time to volunteering to play guitar for free with the college choir on sundays at local churches and giving kids tennis lessons at a nearby orphanage and he’s just a blessing 
  • all of his friends are always in awe of him because like how does he do it,,,, how is he so,,,,, intelligent,,,,,and handsome,,,,,,and then also kind from the bottom of his heart??
  • like sometimes seungcheol is like “joshua, tell me the truth - you’re a robot.” and joshua’s like “seungcheol that’s literally impossible.” and dk makes like robot noises and seungcheol is like “joshua tell us come on tell us the government built you-” and joshua rolls his eyes like please
  • but yeah he’s just an all around genius who’s good at a sport and also sweet to the bone and everyone idolizes him and thinks he’s amazing
  • except
  • for
  • you
  • see joshua’s the vice president of student council and you’re the student affairs organizers and this is the year that the president, who is graduating, is going to pick the new president 
  • and ofc usually vice president steps up to the position but no - you’re going to change that. 
  • see the only reason you didn’t get to be vice president is because you transferred and the almighty joshua hong was already in that spot but you worked your way to one of the top spots next to the president and yOU beT yOUR bUTT haS Got A CHanCe especially considering the fact that you’re the reason every student event the council has planned so far has been a major success and treasurer wonwoo basically loves you because the council budget??? itS LIT (thanks to the entrance fees you made sure got paid for said events)
  • the president even complimented your monthly speed-friendship event, which is basically speed-dating ….. but for making new college friends
  • and joshua, as clean cut and all smiles and rainbows as he seems, knows you’re gunning for the same spot as him
  • and when no one’s looking you two are practically at each other’s neck in sarcastic comments and threats 
  • like he’s always making offhanded criticisms about your events and you’re always bringing up his mistakes in the memo briefs to the council or in the way his stupid glasses get askewed on his nose
  • and to everyone you seem like good friends because in council photos you’re standing beside each other smiling 
  • but then the minute you two get to be alone, it’s just jabs at each other like where he’s like “oh, another talent show? hope it’s not as boring as the last one.” and you’re like “aren’t you wearing that tie because the president wore it yesterday, you shouldn’t - it’s really not your color.”
  • you’re the only person on campus who sees joshua’s smile fade and his eyes turn sharp
  • and you know that he feels entitled to that position because of his dumb gpa and you just ///clenched fist all the time
  • because joshua has beat you in just about everything but this time you’re not going to let him
  • and it’s all going to be decided by the end of the year surprise graduation party the council is planning for the president and since you’re the student activities organizer, you’re the head of it but ever since you started getting ready joshua has refused to butt out
  • like you’ll be talking about budget with wonwoo and he’ll come in and make comments about how you don’t need to buy this or how useless it is to get that and you’re like “don’t you have other work to do like idk kiss ass to the president???” and josh is like “wow you’re so funny, it’s gonna be even funnier when the president ends up not liking the party.”
  • and you and joshua are just both on fire glaring at each other and wonwoo’s like ooooooookkkkkkaaayyyyy ill be going now
  • and literally joshua does not let you live and it frustrates you but you’re also like im going to make this party epic, he’s going to eat his words
  • and like the afternoon of the party you’re watching the volunteers decorate the council’s club room and you’re really happy and suddenly you see joshua and you think oh god
  • but then you see that he’s helping someone hang up the banner and you know,,,,,he seems like he isn’t doing something to ruin it and like for a second you look at him and notice that he’s actually really handsome when his glasses are off and he’s concentrated on something
  • but you’re like what no snap out of it, he’s evil and you concentrate on something else
  • and the night of the president’s celebration, you’re really glad that you went with like an upbeat party concept because the music is loud and everyones dancing closely and like you pull at your own clothes because they’re a bit tight because you’re like “as soon as the president names me the next president, im gonna get wild” 
  • and as you look around to find the president you see him but beside him is joshua and ok like
  • he’s your rival but you admit that he looks really nice wearing casual slacks and a button down that’s been opened at the top just a bit and like he doesn’t look so uptight and so you walk over
  • and the president’s like “this is great, im glad you didn’t make it all emotional with a speech and sad music” and you’re like whaaat ofc it’s 2016 we don’t need speeches (you crumple the speech you had in your hand lmfao)
  • and joshua’s like “it’s an ok party, i agree.” and you like snort like “it’s ok to you because you’re probably only used to parties with like what?? tea and old ladies??” and joshua’s like “excuse me” and you’re like “a goody two-shoes like you wouldn’t know how to have fun.”
  • and the president is like ??? are you two ok because he’s never seen you guys go at it but for some reason, maybe because you put a lot of effort into this, joshua’s comment really pisses you off and you grab his wrist and you’re like come with me
  • and you lead him out of the room and into the hallway and you’re like “why are you saying that in front of the president?” and joshua’s like “because - because-” and you’re like ???? why is it because i did another good job and you’re mad??? and he’s like no … i just im used to arguing with you- and you’re like
  • “ive been trying so hard to get on his good side because it’s the one thing i might achieve that you haven’t taken away from me, seriously, could you please for once just let it go and not try to put me down??” and joshua’s giving you this confused look and he’s like “put you down?? you always start with me first??”
  • and you guys apparently decide that right now right here is where you just let out all your emotions and you’re like joshua you’re perfect at everything just let me have this and he’s like no i can’t i want to be president and you’re like WhY YOU Have so many other responsibilities like let me do this
  • and you’re getting closer to him as you argue and he’s leaning down to you and like it’s heated like usual and there’s this anger but then you can literally feel his breath on your skin and you’re like 
  • “seriously joshua why do you take everything from me?” and he’s like “why do you love annoying me?” and you’re like “you’RE THE ONE that always makes stupid comments about my work-” and joshua throws his hands up like “yeah because have you ever seen how cute you get??” and you’re like what and he’s like what
  • and you’re like cute? i ? get? and joshua’s like
  • “what i mean is your reaction is funny - yeah funny it’s too funny to pass up on and like you poke at me too-” and you’re like “joshua hong. you’re my rival, but do you like me?”
  • and joshua opens his mouth but no words come out and you’re like ,,,,,,,,O H  m y g o d
  • and joshua is like ….. “you like me too, c’mon no one bothers each other so much like we do if they don’t have….mutual feelings right….”
  • and you can see him nervous in front of you for the first time with his eyes darting back and forth and you’re like 
  • well. like you think back on how much time you spent envying him for being so capable of everything and then you look at him and oh god damn it you have actually always found him,,,,,appealing 
  • you just thought it was all jealousy and used it as motivation to want to win but now that he’s here in front of you, sweaty palms and shyly looking down, he’s not your rival he’s your ?@??@@?/ crush //?!?!?
  • and you’re like “i-i-”
  • but you don’t say it, instead you lean in and confirm it by kissing him and you pull back like holy moly i did that and joshua’s like yeah. you …. did that
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,i liked it and he’s like oh thank god i liked it too
  • and it goes from snarky rivals to shy college kids in love and it’s like neither of you can believe this is happening and you’re both like “we’re crazy.”
  • but then you remember that RIGHt thE PresiDENT is mAKINg his CHOice tonight and you both run back inside and there’s the president and he’s like already talking over the room and he’s like 
  • “that’s why im giving my seat to…..wonwoo the treasurer!”
  • you and joshua are like WHAT and wonwoo is like oh god no no not this and he’s being pulled up to the president and you look at joshua and you’re like
  • “i might yell so…..” and joshua takes your hand and is like “me too, let’s go make out somewhere and let the stress out.”
  • and that’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship
  • where instead of wanting to win over joshua, you support him as he’s obviously on his way to being someone amazing and joshua supports you
  • and like when you come into the room holding hands and being cuddly and cute wonwoo is like ????? dont they hate each other and everyone’s like wHat no they’re not capable of hating each other they’re both so sweet and wonwoo’s like yall don’t know the dark truths ive witnessed
  • but you and joshua are literally like the sweet couple now like you learn that joshua is such a worry wart about everything he’s always like are you eating?? are you cold??? did you study??? and it’s cute like before you wanted to see each other fail but now it’s all about helping each other out
  • you go with joshua to see him play with the choir and he’s so good and you feel proud of him and it’s a new feeling but you like it and you cheer him on and when you’re walking back to the dorms joshua asks shyly if you’d like him to maybe play something just for you sometime and ofc you say yes
  • you’re both busy with a lot of work but you always call each other over the phone if you can’t see each other because joshua says hearing your voice really heals him
  • sometimes you’ll jokingly like tease him like you did before and he’ll be like “i know you’re playing, but seriously i hope we’re never like that to each other again,,,,,”
  • wonwoo doesn’t become president because he politely refuses and says either you or joshua should do it but for some reason neither of you agrees and when asked why you like lean against joshua’s arm and you’re like “we realized neither of us wanted to be in the spotlight, we just wanted to win…….and we did”
  • the winning means finding your mutual love for each other like what a win true love is the real prize u guys this is the moral
  • when joshua tells you about the offers he received from schools you’re like omg you’re going to be an amazing author or scholar one day and joshua scrunches up his nose and he’s like “i just want to be a simple teacher and have a normal life”
  • joshua wears a lot of like cardigans and like what you call ‘grandpa clothes’ but they’re all big and comfy so you steal them from him and joshua’s always like ,,,,, “is that mine?” and points to something you’re wearing and you’re like wHAAAA,,,,,yes
  • he thinks it’s super cute but all he can do is bite his lip and look down shyly
  • you guys studying together in the library because you’re the brain power couple and everyone is coming to you for help but when it’s quiet and you two are sitting across the table you hook your legs together and smile to each other hehe
  • when he’s super tired from everything happening he loves laying his head in your lap while you read aloud to him and play with his hair and it just relaxes him when everything seems so hard
  • you find out secret nerd joshua who stays up on weekends till 4 am watching anime on his laptop while also skyping you or something and he gets all childish and giddy about his favorite characters and you’re like how is this the same boy who has like 5 offers from the top continuing colleges in the country???
  • seungcheol asks joshua if he’s a robot once in front of you and you’re like @ seungcheol like are you a parrot, for asking the same question over and over again? and joshua’s like this is when i love your snarky side coming back and seungcheol is floored and dk is laughing his butt off
  • before you and joshua were cold to each other but now he’s basically a soft mushy mess for you and it’s cute you see him blush so much and you’re like i never want him to stop he looks so damN cute you like squish his cheeks in your hands and joshua’s like ,,,,stopppp,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,,you’re so cute and he’s like don’t tease me and you’re like but it’s truE 
  • you’re like joshua when did you first start liking me and joshua’s like ,,, remember the first time we meet and you told me to ‘watch out’ because you were going to come and beat me
  • and you’re like omf ….i said that
  • and joshua laughs and he’s like no ones ever so confidently challenged me at anything, it was kind of a good feeling to have a real rival
  • and you’re like oh my god you liked me because i tried to fight you and he’s like kinda,,,,,,,but now we dont ever have to fight because we love each other
  • and you’re like yeah but what about - tICKLE fiGHts and you  go for his sides and joshua’s like kbadgfbgeirg N Ooooooo and it’s cute he like holds you close to stop you from tickling him and aww you’re like two cute kids
  • the past president of the student council somewhere: hmmm wonder if joshua + you are dating now, i always thought they had a thing for each other LOl

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For @glyndwrr who sent me this: ok hi, idk if these count as loose or like full prompts or what, but I am a SLUT for proposal fics, but, but, also another thing that I rarely ever see is like. One character thinks the other character is cheating on them or breaking up with them and it causes angst, but they’re not! it was all miscommunication! like, where they’re like ok this is it. the end. they don’t love me anymore and I have no self worth. and the other ones like, no! no i love you! ? do they hate me? idk?? ok sorry bye

Here you go, love! I combined the two prompts in one fic. Hope you like it! I’m not so sure about this, tbh. AO3

There are some mentions of past abuse and Adam Parrish generally being way too fucking hard on himself.

I’m still filled with wonder (you could fool me easily)

The light shining through the thin, white curtains in front of the cracked-open window in the master bedroom at the Barns, falls onto the bed and wakes Adam up. He slowly blinks the sleep out of his eyes and inhales the scent of the light breeze entering and of early mornings, summer, contentment. Next to him, Ronan is lying on his stomach, arms stuffed under the pillow. His face is turned towards Adam. His mouth is slightly open, his long lashes cast shadows across his cheekbones. Ronan doesn’t always look at ease while sleeping, but this is one of the times he does. He looks like it’s the first decent sleep he’s had for a while and Adam tries to push down the overwhelming feeling when he realizes it might very well be because of him.

Adam Parrish is home for the summer after his third year away at college. He’s in love and happy.

He arrived yesterday, his bag is still in the corner, unpacked. Adam dropped it there with the knowledge that he has almost three whole months to put away his stuff if he wants to, but yesterday was not the time. It was the time, however, of hugging Opal, carrying out a blanket and lying down on it with his whimsical family and eat the hotdogs Ronan had made for dinner.

(‘I sure missed your homemade food’, he’d drily remarked upon seeing what Ronan had prepared for his first night back at the Barns.

‘Shut up, asshole. You know you did.’ And God, if it wasn’t the food, he had missed Ronan’s particular kind of pet names, the fuck you’s that sound more like I love you’s.)

It was also the time for kissing, lots of kissing and well, a little more than kissing. After having put Opal to bed and having read her a story like she always requested when he was there, Adam let Ronan take him apart with his hands, his mouth until it felt like he was crumbling, until Ronan had run out of curse words to mix with Adam’s name, until all the air had returned to Adam’s lungs; the kind of oxygen only Ronan can give him.

They’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms, I love you and I missed you mumbled right before the world fell away and made place for his dreams.

Now, he watches Ronan’s back lift in time with his breathing. His tattoo is illuminated too and the stark black creates an almost otherworldly contrast. Adam scoots closer after checking the clock and seeing the red 05:34 flickering. His internal clock is still adjusted to college, but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to it.

Ronan cracks his eyes open when Adam lays closer to him. He gives Adam a lazy smile and turns around so Adam can rest his head on his chest and he can circle his arms around the rest of him.

They get another three and a half hours of sleep.

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Pregnancy Troubles

Request:Hey!! Could you do a Steve/Avenger Reader one where she is pregnant with steve’s baby. Only wanda & nat knows and reader is afraid of telling steve. However, she gets steve’s super strength & appetite due to the baby and kinda breaks/bends door handles, shatters mugs etc and keeps on eating and eating? (Smth hilarious) The team takes note and confronts her. And she eventually tells steve and the team (include bucky & pietro pls!). And then they all celebrate. Lots of fluff and cute moments pls!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word count: 2,403

A/N: Thanks to whoever sent this request, cuz it was super fun to write. Btw, I’m just wondering: Do you guys prefer longer or shorter imagines. I personally love reading longer imagines, so I strive to make mine longer, but idk about you guys. Anyway, hope you like it.

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Pregnancy Troubles

Nat was the first to find out.

You stared down at the pregnancy test, terrified. The two stripes that looked back at you were so foreign, you felt like you were watching some sort of rom-com where the girl finds out the random guy she had hooked up with the night before had gotten her pregnant. But this wasn’t a rom-com. And Steve wasn’t just a random guy you had hooked up with.  He was your boyfriend and the love of your life.

No matter how much you loved him, you didn’t know how sure you felt about telling him you were carrying a child- his child, to be more specific. You didn’t even know how you felt about it yourself.

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Yoongi Ghost AU

I’M so sorry for this late update but my laptop was kind of a b**ch and tumblr did’t allow me to do anything on here yesterday -_-

idk what i did to the end i was so tired at that time lmao 

Genre: fluff/angst?
warnings: none

You were working as a photographer for a well known company.

You loved your job and dreamed about becoming a photographer ever since you were a kid.

“Y/N your photos of the new article were really good!” Your boss praised you.

“Thank you very much. This means a lot to me” you smiled proudly.

You sat there and watched him looking trough the paged of the new magazine you and your colleagues had finished last week.

The man put the paper back on his table.

“You know that was not the only reason I have called you over”

You nodded.

Nervous sweat was running down your back.

Even if he always tells you that you do a good job, you always think that there will be something he won’t be satisfied with.

“An agency called ‘Myth’ also saw your latest pictures and were fascinated by them, they want to collaborate with you for an article about a house they were writing about”

“Oh really? Wow…th-that is great” you smiled.

Your boss smiled and told you about their latest project.

It was about a forsaken building that was told to be haunted.

The agency wanted to report about it and tell its story.

“I hope you are not scared of ghosts” he joked.

“I’m not scared of something that does not exist”

You made your way to the ‘Myth’ building to accept your work with them.

“We are glad to hear that you are working with us for this extraordinary article for our magazine” a man explained and shook your hand.

“Thank you for your offer! I’m happy that you liked my pictures”

“Of course, you are really talented! Oh and by the way my name is Namjoon and my team and I will come with you to the location”

“That sounds like fun”

Namjoon and his team took you to the right location and you were amazed of the view.

This was the job you waited for.

“Pretty, right?” Namjoon crossed his arms and looked at the old, dark building.

It had a huge garden some dry pants still sticking out of the ground with a dark gray fence around it.

The dark red facade was completely destroyed and white curtains were behind the shattered windows.

It was pure art to you.

“Can I also go in there?”

The man looked surprised at you.

“I didn’t know that you would be that brave, but it would be great if you would also take some shoots from inside the house.”

You nodded and started to take pictures of the building.

You thanked god for the nice weather, it gave you the perfect lighting and made look every shot perfect.

“ I’ll go in now” You said as you put your camera around your neck.

“Take care!” Namjoon said and looked back on the computer to look at your finished pictures.

“Won’t you come with me?”

“M-me? Oh, no I have to….do some things you know.” He said.

“Scare baby” You joked and made your way inside it.

You carefully opened the old squeaking door and looked around.

Everything was covered in dust and spider webs.

You put your camera in front of your face and made some pictures with it.

“This will look good” you said as you looked at the photos.

You looked around again and spotted some stairs.

You made a few photos of it and then decided to climb them up to the next floor.

The first room you found was looking like a bedroom.

While making some shots of the room you spotted a book that looked like a diary.

As you opened it, a page fell out of it.

A blue butterfly was drawn on it.

“To my beloved parents, I will always protect every single thing for you” You read as you opened it.

“Interesting” you said as you made a picture of it.

Out of nowhere, the windows to the balcony opened and the curtains fluttered trough the wind causing you to jump.

“Oh god that was just the wind” you said and made your way outside to the balcony.

You also made some shots of the view of the garden, until Namjoon called you to come back down.

“And how was it in there? Scary huh?” he asked as you were in the car, on your way back to the agency building.

“No not at all! It was really breath taking beautiful”

“Look at her, not being scared at all” he chuckled “I could need someone in my team like you” he said.

“Ah well sorry, I’ll stay in my old job” you smiled politely.

All of you got out and since it was getting dark you made your way home.

But you didn’t rest.

No, you were working on the pictures you made today.

You printed them out and went to the kitchen to eat and let the photos dry.

Excited about how the finished pictures look like, you took all of them and sat down on your bed to look at them one by one.

A satisfied smile placed on your face as you looked at your well done work.

But that smile slowly disappeared as you looked at one of the photos.

There was something in the picture that made you worry.

Rushing to your desk and switching on your table light to take a better look at it.

“That is not possible”

The picture showed the garden you made a photo of from the balcony.

But that was not it.

There was a boy with light hair and white cloths, looking straight up at your camera.

Your hands started shaking and let the paper fall on your table.

You tried to take a breath and to calm yourself down.

“Ghosts do not exist” You whispered almost inaudible.

Taking all your might together you carefully looked at other shots.

“What even-”

The boy was showing again as you took a random picture of the staff.

He was standing behind Namjoon, looking again at you.

You crumpled the two pictures and threw them in your bin.


A unfamiliar voice called your name.


You started to breathe heavily.

“Help me Y/N”

You screamed.

Cold sweat was running down your body as you woke up from your nightmare.

Back at work you went straight to Namjoon’s office.

“Good morning” he smiled, showing of his dimples.

“I’m out”

Confused over what you just said he stood up from his seat.


“I’m out!” You said a bit louder and was about to leave.

“Wait, wait, wait! What do you mean ‘I’m out’? You can’t just leave like this” he grabbed your arm.

“I-I just can’t work anymore for your project.”

“Y/N, what happend?” Worry was written on his eyes.

You sighed and turned to face him.

“That boy…he is everywhere”

“What boy?”

“On the pictures is a boy shown all in white”

“Do you mean…a ghost is on your photos of the house you made yesterday?” He lowers his voice.

You nodded.

“Oh my god” he turned around and scratched his head.

“You know what? That is actually a really good thing.” Namjoon looked again at you with a different expression.

“..what do you mean?” You asked confused by his change.

“That ghost boy would be a hot topic in our article!”

“So you want me to give you those ghost pictures?”

“Yes, that would be great. And no one would have such a bomb article like we will” he said excited.

“Well, but I threw them away! I even had a nightmare last night!”

The male sighed and bit his lower lip.

“Well seems like you need to take new once” he spoke.

“What?! You must be kidding me?! I won’t go to this haunted place anymore!”

“Are you scared now? Yesterday you seemed so fearless.”

“Well that was when I didn’t know that there will be a boy posing for my camera!”

Namjoon chuckled and shook his head.

“You are so funny~ But you do know that you have signed a contract with me so you can’t just leave and not finish our project”


“If it is easier for you, I’ll go with you to take some shots”

“No it is not easier for me to just go there again to say hello to a ghost again!”

“Then let’s not waste time” he said while taking on his jacket and left the room.

You angrily followed him.

“Have you even heard what I said?!”

The building seemed to be scarier than the last time you were here.

You took a deep breath and positioned your camera in front of your face.

Being done with the shooting you wanted to go back to the office but Namjoon wanted you to also take some form the inside.

“I swear I won’t go in there again, not even for money”

“Fine then let’s go together. I really need those pics, even if I die there.” He looked scared at the entrance of the dark old house.

You opened the door and it squeaked like last time.

You shivered at the contact of a cold breeze hitting your skin.

You looked at the cracked window, thinking it must be the wind from outside.

“Y/N” You heard a deep voice whisper you name.

Shocked you stopped what you were doing and slowly lowered you camera.

“Namjoon did you call me?” You asked and turned around to him but he was nowhere to see.

You rushed out of the building and saw him standing there talking on his phone.

“Are you kidding me?” You angrily ran to him.

He ended the call and looked like he wanted to tell you what was wrong.

“You just left me in there alone!”

“I had to pick up this call”

“I think you just ran away”


“Yeah you!”

“Ok fine I did! But I was really talking on the phone” he showed you the last call he had.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes.

“Y/N, Help me”

You turned to look back at the house as you heard that voice again.

It sounded like the voice in your dream.

“Now are you done?” He asked while putting his things in his bag.

“I-It is calling me” you stuttered. “Can’t you hear it?”


You flinched as s cold wind was touching your skin again.

But it was not windy today.

“We should leave” he said and made his way back to the car.

You were laying on bed, awake, thinking about the ghost boy.

Why does he keep on calling your name?

Why does he need your help?

You sat up grabbed the pictures from today again.

He was nowhere to see.

“I shouldn’t have thrown away the photos from yesterday” you sighed heavily.

Suddenly you heard something falling down on your desk.

It made you curios and so you got up and checked it.

First you thought that one of your books feel from the shelf above but then you saw something that made your jaw drop.

It was the diary that you have found in the house!

With shaking hands you opened it and looked through it.

After hours of reading it you found out that the boys name was Yoongi.

The house was built by his parents and they have lived in there all together long time ago.

Yoongi’s parents died in an accident when they were on their way back home from a trip in Japan.

Since then Yoongi was living alone in the huge house until a man came and gave him money to sell him the house.

The last thing that was written in the diary is that he will come back to his old parents house and will protect it forever.

So that’s why he is in there.

But why wasn’t he showing up today as you took your pictures?

You turned to the last page and saw the photos that you had thrown away in it.

“So Y/N we are done with our project” Namjoon said and put a piece of paper in front of you.

You took a look at it and leaned back again in your seat.

“No we are not” you said and had a grin on your face.

“What do you mean?” he sat down in front of you with a confused look.

Without a word you took the pictures of the ghost out on his table.

“I taught you threw them away?”

“Well, Yoongi got them back”


“The ghost boy”

“The what?!” He gave you a wired expression.

You told Namjoon about the ghost boys story.

“He is one nice ghost” you chuckled.

“And how do you know about that?”


“My pictures!” you said excited but also scared at the fact that the ghost put them in there for you.

You looked down on the page and ‘You are welcome’ was written on it.

You were confused and could swear that there was nothing written there before.

Suddenly you hear a giggle coming from nowhere.

“Oh my god” you embrace the book.


“Y-Yoongi?” you said out loud hoping that it was just an imagination.

“Yes that is my name”

“Oh my god! You answered me!?” you looked around, not knowing what to do.

“Oh well, I can call you name so why wouldn’t I answer?”

That is one sassy ghost.

“Oh…uhm..y-yeah” you didn’t know what to do since you never had talked to a ghost.
“Why are you here?” you asked. “I mean, where are you?”

“BOO!” he appeared in front of you from nowhere.

“Oh shit!” you whispered.

“You where supposed to scream” he crossed his arms.

You where still looking at him in shook, not saying a word.

“Uhm? Hello?” he waved.

“Can I touch you?” you asked.

“Touch me where?” he rose an eyebrow.

“On your face?”

“Oh” he stood straight and nodded.

You slowly moved your hand and poked his cheek.

“Oh my gooood!” You yelled and looked at your index finger.

“Y/N stop it. I need your help” he said all serious.

“What? Oh yeah uhm..why do you need my help? You could have asked, I don’t know, Namjoon or someone else”

“Namjoon? That guy only knows how to break his pen.”

“How do you know that?” You asked.

“I’m a ghost” he said sarcastically. “I choose you, because I could see from your heart and soul that you are a nice and kind person” he explained.

“Y-You did?”

“Well…actually I think that you are cute and so I taught why not you. And so I wanted to be noticed by you and posed in front of you camera” he shrugged and smiled.

You felt your cheeks getting hot as you watch him cutely grinning at you.

Well, I mean have you ever been called cute by a ghost?

“Ok now straight to the point! So I need you to get those jerks away from my house so they won’t destroy it”

“Wait, they want to destoy it?”

“Yes, so could you please help me so I don’t need to search for another home”


End of flashback


“So we need to stop that company from destroying the house?” Namjoon said.

“Yes, I already wrote an e-mail to the mayor and one of your colleagues gave me the copy of the article so I could sent it to him and it helped.”

“They will leave it?”

“Yup” you smiled “And Yoongi can live there in peace again” you watched behind Namjoon and looked at Yoongi playing around with the cable of the radio on the windowsill.

“What is that” he looked confused.




One month later


“Yoongi don’t you want to clean up a bit? I can never sit anywhere when I visit you” you nagged.

“Stop being my mum and give me that cookie you promised me”

You glared at him and reached him the round chocolate biscuit.

“You are such a kid” you giggled as he ate it.

“I think that 164 is a mature age”

“Stop being sassy or you won’t get your present I got you for your birthday”

“You remembered it?” he smiled surprisingly.

With a grin you put out an Ipod.

“What is that?” he asked as he looked at it.

“An Ipod! Well, it was mine but I don’t need it anymore, so I taught you can have some fun with it and you won’t be that bored without me” you smiled.

“What can I do with this?”

You giggled and showed him how it works.

“OHHH!” Yoongi was excited as the music started to play.

“This is really great!” he said happily.

“No shit Sherlock” you laughed.

“Who is that?”

“I’ll get you the book of him” you said and looked at the other things you gave him.

(I couldn’t stop myself I’m sorry)

PeterParkerXReader~ Introverted Part 1

summary~ you were probably the most shy person on earth. And being shy & smart weren’t always good quality’s to have as it made you an easy target for being bullied at school. Sure the rest of the Avengers were practically your family so you were more comfortable with them, but around new people, you were a mess. Not to mention the mean girls at school. But when Peter comes,there might be a chance for you to break out of your shell.

superpower~ element manipulation

warnings~ long,cursing,weird but cute,funny,& idk anymore just enjoy 

Originally posted by day-glow-odyssey

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anonymous asked:

Okay so you kinda broke me with the whole courferre divorce thing (like a lot)... And idk if you do these sort of asks, but please can you write something where its a few years later and eventually everything gets sorted out? Thank you x

oh god sorry it took me so long to answer ♥ hahaha
i mean… i tried, but idk if it’s good ?? like, it was supposed to be small, but i kind of lost control !!!!!!! (it turned out to be a 1.825 words text !!!! so I’m putting it under “read more”) (i hope it manages to mend your heart back together ♥) (also Alex is now a girl)

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always-so-happy  asked:

Hii. I got this in my head for a while. Kaner was seen in 19 blackhawk hoodie in public but they are not like out or anything and reporters get curious. Just some fluff please ? :) love ya!!!

Hey, thanks for submitting an idea! Sorry I took so long. Hope you like it! 

Beep, beep, beep

Kaner groans into his pillow. 

Beep, beep, beep

“Ugh, Jonny, turn that shit off,” he moans, bleary-eyed and barely awake. He swats aimlessly at the bedside table. 

Eventually, after destroying like half then nightstand, Jonny manages to silence his alarm clock. It’s ass o’clock in the morning. They’ve both got to be on a flight to Nashville in T-4 hours for the All Star Game. Kaner’s got to go home and, like, pack. Shit, why didn’t he think of this earlier? 

It’s just, last night was so cozy. He and Jon, curled up together in the corner of the couch, watching the Kardashians do their thing. Sure, Jon made fun of them like every two seconds, but Kaner could tell he was amused. They’d traded soft kisses, and Jonny had even let him have a bowl of ice cream in bed. 

Look, Kaner’s not a softy. Well, he is a softy. But not that much of a softy, okay? It’s just, he and Jon rarely get those nights with no stress, no pre-game day jitters, no practice to wake up for. It’d been so nice, Kaner still feels warm all over, his skin basically buzzing with happiness. 

But now he’s gotta get his ass home. He’s gotta throw together a bag for the weekend—what the fuck is he even supposed to bring, other than those hideous jerseys? Hair gel, he muses. His iPad. Maybe he could quickly download the latest episode of KUWTK? 

“Kaner,” he hears Jonny’s soft, morning grumble beside him. 

“Yeah,” Kaner says back, shifting to his side so he can have front row access to Tazer’s grouchy, why the fuck am I alive right now face. “Good morning, babe.” 

Jonny frowns at that. But like, please, like he doesn’t love it when Kaner calls him babe. “You gotta go…Go get your shit…Our flight’s leaving soon.” 

Kaner just has to look at him for a second. There’s nothing quite like soft, irritated at the world, grumbly, just woke up Jonathan Toews, Kaner thinks. He thinks there’s nothing better in the universe, actually. And like, honestly, how did he get so fucking lucky? He gets to wake up next to this pissed off mess every morning.

He gets to kiss him through their morning breath, trade sloppy hand jobs in the shower as they try to wake themselves up. Jonny makes him breakfast everyday. Like, sure, it’s healthy as fuck, and the spinach to cheese ratio in the, of course, egg-white omelets is way off, but they’re made with, like, love. Then Jonny rewards him with a slap on the ass, and Kaner is ready to start the day.  

And he’d never have it any other way. 

He eventually makes it out of bed, but not before giving Jonny some impromptu but very welcomed morning head. Kaner grabs a random assortment of clothes from Jonny’s closet that will most likely cover up all the important things. Look, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. 

“Pick me up at like 10:30, okay, babe?” Kaner says, giving Jon a swift kiss goodbye. 

“Yeah, whatever, lazy ass,” Jon replies tiredly, but he’s smiling like a satisfied idiot, like he just said something really funny, and god, Kaner loves him so much. 

Kaner’s pocket is buzzing like crazy, and seriously, what is going on? He’s never been that popular, so he’s starting to think someone must have died, but then Jonny’s texted him 4.5 billion times, and oh shit

In retrospect, he really should’ve known better than wearing a Jonathan Toews sweatshirt—in public. I mean, he wasn’t born yesterday. 

kaner, fix this use twitter idk, is one of the millions of Jonny’s texts. 

say some bullshit about how u know toews is more fashionable. idk why ppl are so freaked out. also do u want egg mcmuffins for the plane, let me know. 

actually mcdonalds ran out what the fuck. 

Kaner’s smirking at his screen. Of course Jonny would have a McDonalds crisis concerning Egg McMuffins. Of fucking course. 

ok its fine, i went to another 1 

btw r u dead?????

better???? He texts Jonny after, sending him a screenshot of the tweet as well because Jonny is old and stubborn and does not care for social media. “It’s spoiling the minds of our generation,” he says. 

ya ok. i mean ppl def think we’re fucking now tho, he replies promptly. 

Kaner wonders to himself for a moment as he shoves various items of clothing—no Toews apparel, thank you—into his suitcase, then types back, would that b so bad? 

Jonny leaves him hanging for a bit. Or like, two minutes, but Kaner considers jumping out the window all the same. 

no. i mean. we’ll see won’t we? pick u up in 15. 

Kay, Kaner texts back. i love you 

i love you too kaner 


Title: Whatsapp

Author: Naty (Pichitinha)

Category: Percabeth, Post war, Post HoO, Fluffy, Pointless, 1580 words, all text messages.

Warning: It’s ridiculous???

Rating: PG.

Chapters: One-shot.

Complete: Yes.

Summary: Annabeth is out with some friends to try to find a good dress for a party, and Percy is left alone for the day in their little appartment. These are the whatsapps exchanged during that day.

Note: Ok, so this is just a ridiculous piece of nothing that popped into my head just yesterday and I HAD to write. So basically I’ve been meaning to write a Percabeth message conversation only for a week, and then yesterday I was reading Hannah’s fics with the prompt meme, and I thought, why don’t I write a fanfic using all the prompts? And so I did. It’s ridiculous, pontless, some parts may even be senseless, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oh, PS, let’s pretend that cellphones are ok or that someone developed one that demigods can use or something like that. OH! PS number two: it doesn’t look like they’re texts because nothing is abreviated, but I’m brazilian, so I decided to go for the whole word instead of using things I’m not used to. Forgive me. Bold is PercyItalic is Annabeth.

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You get into a fight with His EX ~ Sammy Wilk Imagine

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Can you do an imagine where I’m dating sam and his ex girlfriend always picks on me so I ended up getting in a fight and sam gets all concerned -sorry if it’s kinda weird

Here you go Sorry it’s late I had other request to do first and I was busy But better late then never right. I hope this is what you meant and that you like it anyways . Thank you !!

Let Me know what you think it would mean a lot to me !!

P.S. It’s not weird LOL 

Masterlist  Ask me things/Request    Imagines  


I was on instagram when I noticed someone tagged me in a photo I instantly thought it was one of Sam’s Fan’s, So I went to look at it and it clearly wasn’t It was his ex and she posted a picture of me and Sammy and said “Sammy What are you doing with this ugly troll “ she Tagged both me and Sammy .

(Disclaimer Nothing against the Fan I just Liked the picture, She’s actually really pretty )

This is the 5th time that she has posted a picture of me and called me a troll But i try and not let it get to Me,But it does bother me because Sometime I look at her and than look at me and think “Why did he leave her for me” I still wonder that. I knew Sam would see the picture since she tagged him in it But he wouldn’t bring it up, I needed to ignore this whole thing and continue packing For Digi Tour . and  the best thing yet R/G/N (random girl name ) Is going to be there but shes not in my section so I don’t think I’ll run into her I hope I don’t .

{P.S I’ve never  been to DIGI so Idk How it works }

Sam Is Finally home so I rushed down stairs to give him a Hug I haven’t seen him all day since he’s been busy Making sure everything is Ready for Digi,”Hey Baby” I said running into his long arms that wrapped around my small waste “Hey How was your Day ?” He asked placing the food he brought home for dinner on our kitchen Island . “it was okay, I packed our things and that’s about it but what did you get for dinner ?””Oh chipotle”

“Have you seen R/G/N’s insta post ?” i asked taking a bite of my burrito 

“Yeah I did Y/N and  i reported it and I’m sure the fans did to  don’t listen to her, who am I eating a burrito with right now ? “ he asked putting his burrito down and putting his elbows on the table. “Me “”Exactly you know why?’”actually i don’t” I replied getting kind of annoyed ‘because I know you won’t judge me on how bad my farts are later “ Sam said Making me laugh like there was no tomorrow. “I love you “ i said giving him a kiss .

~ Day  of Digi ( Outfit ) ~ 

So me and Sammy Left for Digi Yesterday and we are getting Ready to go to the event And I Can’t wait i love meeting Sammy’s Fans That are supportive of us Being together. It’s Now lunch and It’s been a really fun time, But  I suddenly hear a Laugh That I can’t forget I look over to my right to look at Sammy Who is talking to Nate . But I look over to My Left and there she is The witch herself R/G/N, I try not to pay her any attention and Hope she doesn’t Notice me, i really don’t feel Like Fighting with anyone . I continue eating My lunch and Then The Time comes Sammy Has to go on Stage Leaving Me in the Back alone with R/G/N well there were other people there but I don’t know any of them, I’m trying to Conversat With a girl I just Met she’s a Girlfriend of someone here to. 

“Oh My Gawd Y/N Is that you ? I couldn’t notice you actually look good today “ R/G/N said doing motions with her hands .

“Hi R/G/N ! What Bring’s you here ?””oh you know I’m kind of famous with the social media now so just enjoying time with the fans “ She said taking a seat next to me.  I quickly moved closer to the girl next to me.

“oh are you Scared, I mean I know it can be intimidating that i’m prettier than you but i don’t bite “ fake Biting the air

“okay Listen R/G/N, I am sick and tired of you talking to me the way you do and treating me the way you do just Because Sammy Broke up with you and is Dating me now, So stop !! “ i shouted getting out of my seat standing right in front of her .

“Oh So that’s what you think !!, I’m Not jealous of you and Sammy I could Care less ok Sammy was just my Fuckboy “ She said now getting out of her seat, i could tell she was upset just by her face and she was lying about Sammy, When Sammy and i just started talking she would not stop nagging him.

“I Don’t like the way you speak to me and Sammy on social media and the way you act like your prettier than me, Okay you might be pretty but there must be something wrong there because Sammy Left you and your psycho you still Call Him and act like he’s you boyfriend, well I’ve got news for you He’s not your’s he’s mine “  I said getting in her Face I could feel Eyes staring But i was to focused on R/G/N to look .

I felt a sudden Burn on my face is happened so quick ”bitch just slapped me “ i thought to myself. I Instantly went and punched her with my right Hand, When I felt strong arms around my waste and pull me away. I wasn’t done yet I wanted to finish her after everything she said about me and Sammy, I finally looked at her and she was sitting there on the ground helpless . “Y/N are you okay ?, did you get hurt ?, are you bleeding ?’ Sammy asked feeling all over my body, the questions continued “ Sam I’m fine may face just burn’s a little “ I said feeling it to see if it was swollen, Thank god it wasn’t “Here you go babe” He said handing me some ice .

I took a seat next to Sam and told him the whole story beginning to end. he couldn’t believe i actually fought her “I got to admit you looked Hot “ Sam said biting his lip and placing a gentle kiss on my lips . “what Happened ?” Nate said running in super Late “Y/N got in a fight “ Sammy said overly excited that i fought his Ex . “ I always miss the good stuff ! “ Nate said throwing his snap back on the floor. Me and Sammy both laughed “seriously are you ok ?” Sammy asked for the 1,000th time again “yes I’m fine “ I said rubbing his hand to reassure him .


I hope you enjoyed and that you liked it .

I <3 You !! 

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if I could please request a fluffy scenario where oikawa, Akaashi and bokuto attempt to woo their shy crush/reader? You're an awesome writer!!

*happy noises* ahhhhh thank you!! :)

(Okay this is a little weird-looking but both Akaashi and Bokuto’s scenarios take place in the same timeline, but they’re also separate at the same time? Both of them are addressed with “you” as the crush but on their end they’re referring to two different people. Idk it’s been a crazy weekend and I’m starting to wonder if I’m making any sense.)


It started out like a cheesy teen rom-com: Oikawa Tooru, the volleyball captain and king lady’s man of Aoba Johsai, falls in love with the cute, shy girl in his class. For all the fangirls that he has around, Oikawa can be quite the romantic when he wants to be, and when he falls for someone, he falls hard. You were everything that he wanted in a person and more: smart, absolutely adorable, funny, and kind-hearted. He liked you so much that his friends knew everything about you before they even met you.

“Yes, you love (name), we know, you love (name) so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love (name), we KNOW, you love (name) you love Asahi ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE (NAME). WE GET IT,” Hanamaki shouted in one breath in the middle of lunch. Oikawa just pouted and rolled his eyes.

“You know, Oikawa,” Iwaizumi started. “I think we all expected you to make a move already. What are you waiting on?”

Oikawa shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna mess it up.”

Across the table, Matsukawa started making kissing noises. “Oh? What are you so worried about? It’s easy, just talk to her. Just do it.”

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams, Oikawa! Yesterday, you said today, so just-”

“Okay, Okay Makki. No more memes. I get it. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

The next day Oikawa finally decided to take the next step and ask you out. He came into class before you did and slipped a handwritten note on your desk. He watched the door and waited until you walked in so he could see your reaction. The note was cheesy and romantic, and he was sure it would woo you in. He watched as you opened it, read it a couple times, and covered your blush with both hands. Once you collected yourself, you looked back at him who responded with a wink.

You’d be sure to give him an answer his offer later.


Akaashi hasn’t stopped thinking about you since that day you helped him find a book in the library. Thinking about you, the adorable braid in your hair, and the comforting voice that you spoke to him with, are sure to get him easily flustered (and that’s saying something), especially when one of his friends brings you up around him. Unfortunately for the love-struck boy, that friend happens to go by the name of Bokuto Koutarou.

“Did you guys see that cutie second-year that works in the library after school?” he said out loud during a break, with every intention of Akaashi hearing. “I bet she’s a natural heartbreaker, huh?”

“Oh yeah, a real cutie!” Konoha cuts in, joining the game. “I bet there’s a certain someone who really likes her. What do you think, Akaashi?”

Akaashi had his back turned to them to hide the red-hot blush on his face. “I… I think so too. I bet he’s a real l-lucky guy.”

Bokuto ran behind the setter and scooped him up in a hug from behind. “Yes you are, Akaashi!”

Akaashi sighed and squirmed out of his embrace. “Bokuto-san, please stop. How would I even know she would want to date me? We ran into each other and she was kind enough to help me. If I ask her out, it’ll look like I’m looking for a reward and I can’t pressure her like that.”

Bokuto just gave him a disappointed look. “Keiji. Please. If she says no, so what? At least you tried. And I’ll help.”

“Bokuto-san, that won’t be necess -”

So the next day, Bokuto was pulling Akaashi to the library before practice. Somehow Akaashi got dragged into Bokuto’s plan and he was determined to make it work. “Okay, Akaashi. Just like we rehearsed, alright? Go!” Akaashi was pushed in your direction and had to avoid bumping into you, which caught your attention from a book you were stacking. He rubbed the back of his neck and without saying a word, he shoved an origami rose with his message on it, then scurried off shyly. You read his note and looked back at him, who was peeking around a bookshelf. You smiled and walked up to him before he could run away again, and nodded while you took his hand in yours.

“I would like that, thank you Akaashi-san,” you responded, agreeing to his dinner date. You went back to your job and left the two boys in their spot, quiet and screaming internally.

“I knew you could do it, Akaashi!” Bokuto praised quietly (or, as quietly as he could so he wouldn’t get kicked out of the library again). “You got a date this Friday! And I’m gonna help you plan it.”

Poor Akaashi, caught up in another one of Bokuto’s schemes. But hey, at least this one worked.


Unlike Akaashi, Bokuto was open and proud of the feelings that he caught for you… in theory. In practice, he was just as nervous and shy as Akaashi was when it actually came to asking you out. Being his math TA definitely didn’t help him out at all. He was worried about his outgoing personality scaring you away and didn’t want to do anything that would make him regret his method of asking you out. But when he was with his friends, he bragged, of course, and boy did he brag.

“Guys, (name)-chan’s hair was so pretty in our study session today! I swear, I’m going to make her my girl someday, just you watch!”

Komi snickered. “Really? How? Are you ever going to swallow your pride and do it, our brave captain?”

Bokuto pouted and nearly went into his emo mode right there.

“What he means,” Konoha says, covering Komi’s mouth, “is that you should really talk to her about this. You’ll never know until you try. Remember when you told that to Akaashi?”

Bokuto quickly recovered from pre-emo mode but his mood seemed to stay down. “I do, but… what if she doesn’t want to be with someone like me? She’s adorable, shy, and perfect and I’m… everything she’s not, but you get my point. She’d never say yes to me.”

“That’s what I said, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi started, reminding him of what he did to him last month in the library. “Honestly, you just need to give yourself more credit. If you haven’t tried, you’ll never know what could happen.”

That immediately perked up his mood. “Akaashi, you’re the best!”

“But we said -”

“Komi, let him have this.”

A couple days passed before your next study session which gave Bokuto plenty of time to think about how he could ask you out. Of course, you were used to his usual personality and childlike nature but this time he vowed to keep it under control. It would be simple: no folded paper flowers, no grand proposal. Just him and you, sitting in the study room so he wouldn’t feel like he’d be putting you on the spot. It was quiet, almost too quiet for you to hear – his little confession that seemed to come out of nowhere – and he had to repeat it. When you caught on to what he said, you blushed and covered your face with your hands.

Bokuto gasped. “Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry, you don’t to say -”

“- yes.”

“… hm?”

You took away your hands and looked at him with rosy cheeks. “Yes, I’ll go out with you, Bokuto-san.”

It was Bokuto’s turn to be surprised, but once it set in for him, he couldn’t have been happier.


The door handle shook violently- so violently that his fist missed the entire handle and rammed his body into the side of the car on accident, setting off the alarm. Of course, it wasn’t the car shaking, it was his own hands- sweaty and vibrating with nerves. He looked anxiously up and down the street to make sure no one saw his incident or thought he was a mass theft, breaking into some poor soul’s car.
He shook his head once to clear his vision and gained his balance, reaching out to grasp the ever so fleeting handle and furiously rip it open. He could feel the embarrassed flush creep up in his cheeks and he knew he was bound to work up a sweat in the button up he had forced himself to wear, so he turned the AC knob to full blast and fastened his seatbelt.

Hanging his head, he remembered that he hadn’t gotten flowers. Whatever, flowers were cheesy and he was smooth.
Smooth enough to body slam himself into a parked car.
He glanced down at a jean-clad leg and followed a trail of a white, paint-looking substance down to his ankle. How the hell did he manage to get toothpaste on the back of his leg?! He licked his first four fingers and rubbed it off angrily, earning a spot of black darker than the rest of his jeans.
His eyes went wide, realizing how long he had been sitting in the unmoving car and fumbled to find his keys and shove them in the ignition. Throwing back the gear shift, he pulled out of the parking lot at his apartment complex and onto the freeway.

What if she thought his car was stupid? Shouldn’t he have enough money to buy a car that he didn’t have to hunch into to prevent his head hitting the roof? Did he ever buy that air freshener? Nope. Shit. He had a pile of shoes in the back seat for a month, he’d just moved them yesterday. Great, crappy car that smells like a foot. Did he remember to pluck his eyebrows? He heard his mom’s voice in the back of his head ringing, “they’re sisters, not twins.” What if she doesn’t like walking that much? Was he willing to use that much gas?

He flicked on the car’s sound system and turned the volume as high up as it would go, probably about to burst a subwoofer. His Blink cd had lived in his car since he ended his Good Charlotte phase. The end of Dammit faded out and on came First Date. Of course. He was literally living the song out. They could’ve used his life as the music video. He liked the 70s hair and mustaches better though.

Before he knew it, he was screaming out the lyrics with his windows down, subconsciously pulling up to her place. He parked on the street and drum solo’d with the entire first half of the song, turning off the car and stepping outside of it at the second verse. He inhaled deeply and smoothed down his shirt and checked the rest of his jeans for signs of toothpaste. His legs wouldn’t move. Yes they would, they just didn’t want to. He knocked on the wooden door, carefully avoiding the intricate wreath and glass panelling toward the middle.

He kept count of the seconds that passed by while he waited for a sign of life at the house. Was this even hers? Did someone else live with her? Oh God, what if her dad was there?! He was dead, he knew it for sure. He should’ve gotten the flowers.

The door slowly creaked open and out she stepped- geez, she was beautiful. Too pretty for him. She was probably just going on this date with him to be nice. Her heart was so kind…why did he ever think she would like him in the first place? Oh well, he’d just have to get this one night over with and it would be ok.

Words fought his tongue as he tried to greet her, but all the came out was a weird, gaseous smile and an “uh…” that seemed to never end. She, however, grinned and said, “Hi,” in her sweet voice that reminded him of honey. Wow, honey was delicious. He wondered if they’d have honey at the restaurant.

“Is this the date? Standing outside my front door? Because I can dig it, but I thought we were going downtown..” she said slyly, attempting to choke back a giggle.
He blinked several times, gaining back his train of thought.
“Oh, crap, yeah let’s go!” He practically spat. Spinning on his heels, he strode quickly but paused halfway, remembering that she wasn’t just one of his buddies. He let her catch up to him and remembered something else.
“You’re, uh…you’re like, gorgeous,” he said almost in a whisper. She looked up at him and laughed, nudging him with an elbow.
“Thanks,” she whispered back, hiding the massive grin on her face by watching her feet hit the ground.
He yanked open the passenger car door and she climbed in.
Bringing the car to life, he had forgotten to turn the volume down to earth- Tom Delonge’s voice blared in the car, causing them both to jump and several curses to spew out from under his breath.
She just sat there laughing and singing along with the song.
His heart lightened some as he witnessed her familiarity. Leaving the volume a little bit louder than normal, he threw the car into gear and felt her hand slide over his, intertwining their fingers.
Grins flooding their faces, they sped down the freeway, shouting lyrics, sharing air guitars and shredding drum solos.

(this was inspired by this post by peachylewi ❤️)

The Garden of the Gods - Demigod!Michael AU

Day 6: Halloween AU Countdown

(A/N: Hey guys, just to clear a few things up before you read, Thanatos is the Greek god of death, and Antheia of flowers. Go check out Rhine’s story from yesterday if you haven’t yet, it’s cute as shit. Annnd enjoy!)

He was the son of death. More merciless than his father, more unforgiving than tartarus. His name was Michalis. And he only ever saw her to collect the poppy.

She had no name. She was the daughter of the garden. The child of Antheia who spent her days tending to The Garden of the Gods. This was her duty. Grow the lilies for Hera, the roses for Aphrodite, the laurel for Apollo, the magnolias, and begonias, and bluebells, and the daisies – grow the poppies for Thanatos.

Michalis worked for his father, as the girl in the garden did her mother. Though he was not death, and could not take his father’s position, he was the second best thing. A bringer of death and guide of the dead, he offered a poppy to all he brought to Hades.

This is where they meet. In the Garden of the Gods, Michalis would wait by the gates for the girl in the garden. Though most Gods could walk the garden freely, like his father, Michalis could not. In a garden where life must bloom, death could not walk amongst the garden alone. Only Antheia and her daughter could keep could keep the flowers alive in the face of death.

The girl in the garden, every day at noon would stop tending the daisies, and make way to the gates. They rarely said anything, but she would always grab his hand and walk into the garden. Beyond the foxglove and the lavender, at the most southern point of the garden were where the poppies lay. Only here would she release his hand. He would walk amongst the flowers. Run the tips of his fingers among every poppy he needed, and almost at once, they would wilt into nothingness. Only in death could the poppy be his.

She could never watch. Though she knew it was necessary, and that the flowers were not hers, it pained her to see them go. She grew them, and he destroyed them.

This is why they could never be together. The idea of the girl in the garden, and the boy who brought death was unheard of. What good could they possibly bring to the world? What good could they possibly bring each other?

And though they never seemed to age, years went by. Years of life, and death, and long walks where they would hold hands. And in a way, they became friends. They spoke more often, and though Michalis, like his father, seemed cold and unfeeling, she knew he wasn’t. The day she cried, when the death of her poppies became too much, he was the one to wipe away her tears. In the back of the garden, hidden away, that became the first day where life and death felt for one another.

And suddenly it didn’t matter if they were good for each other. They didn’t care. They were unsure of what they felt, but they knew it was something. It was in the way they looked at each other, and how he told her of the remorse he felt, and how she wished he would always stay longer. Their secrets, and their hopes belonged to each other. Their love was quiet, but their love was more beautiful than any cherry blossom the garden had ever seen.

The day that it happened had begun as any other day. She walked to the gates to meet him, through the garden, and to the poppies. But unlike the normal crown of violets she wore, today they were lilacs. Only after the poppies were wilted, and he had walked back to her side did he notice.

He looked at the flower crown, and then back at her, before raising his eyebrow. But the girl in the garden was quiet. She had nothing to say, so she just looked into his eyes, and quietly removed the crown from her head. And gently, so very gently, she placed the crown on his head.

And Michalis flinched, as if expecting them to disintegrate at first touch, but somehow, they didn’t. They remained lilacs – beautiful, and alive, and all his. Her gift to him. Her love, displayed perfectly on his head, and so he asked her something he hoped finally she would answer, “What’s your name?”

And for the first time, of the many times he asked, she decided to answer, “I don’t have one.”

All he could do was stare at her, and after a moment ask, “May I give you one?”

She could only nod, before he replied, “I will call you Morare. My Morare.”

His Morare. His lover of death.

So.... I met GOT7???

I wanted to wait until today to make this post just so that I could try and process everything that happened yesterday :’) So as most of you know I went to the GOT7 fanmeet yesterday in Toronto and seriously had the best day of my life!!! I met up with my favorite internet friend ever @jiminsbean ♥♥♥ and im so sad to be leaving her today :’( we got split up during the concert because we had seats in different sections; I was in a wheelchair, so I bought a ticket with wheelchair accessibility (I was seated in the very back left corner of the orchestra level). I bought a hi-touch ticket, and had been hearing from volunteers all day that GOT7 would come to me for it, as the previous night a woman with photo op had VIXX come to her. By that point i was freaking out like???? They are going to come to me???? So I ended up waiting through all of hi-touch and all of photo op, as I assume they didn’t want people still in the auditorium when they came off stage. I started FREAKING OUT when I saw them pointing up to me then start to run off stage. Jinyoung literally booked it up the stairs, so I talked to him first. I waved at him and said hi as he came up to me, then we shook hands and he said something like, “So yeah that’s that.” And i was like???? ok???? HAHA so the rest of them were still walking up, and Junior was behind my right shoulder (seriously right in my face I WAS DYING HE IS SO HANDSOME) and asked how the stage was and I told him that they looked amazing out there. Yugyeom at that point was really close (can i just point out how tall that boy is, holy tree) and I like grabbed his hand and held it or something haha? and he was looking at me all worried and asking “ok? ok?” (I assume he was referring to my knee brace) And i reassured him that i was really fine (because i was??? i was surrounded by seven hot men??? LSHDHSJA) BamBam was next up the stairs and I greeted him the same, I think I shook his hand and maybe he asked if I was ok?? This is where I started getting REALLY overwhelmed because they were all just coming at once at this point, but I remember waving at and greeting Mark (cries) and Jackson but not JB or Youngjae as they came up the stairs. They all started crowding around me (and Jackson somehow ended up sitting right next to me? Idk) He looked me like dead in the eyes (HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE) and asked if I had eaten (I hadn’t, I ate like 12 hours before that lol), so I told him no and he looked at me like he was upset and touched my leg. Then he was like, “We should take a picture.” I wasn’t expecting a picture (because I only paid for hi-touch lol) but I was like!!!! Ok sure haha!!! And they were trying to find someone with a camera/phone and Jackson asked me if I had my phone and I said yeah and started to pull it out of my pocket and Mark was like “No, she has her phone, she has her phone” and then i looked at him omg he is so beautiful okay :’) So i was trying to unlock it and as I’m going to open the camera app but Jackson took my phone out of my hand and was asking if we should take a selfie. Another one of the boys was like “Oh, selfie?” And Jackson was turning my camera to the front camera, but one of the other boys said “No, no, group photo” So Jackson handed my phone over to one of the crew members that came up with them and he took a picture of all of us:’) I honestly couldn’t believe any of it was happening and it all happened so fast, but once the pictures were taken, they started getting up and I was thanking all of them for coming up to me because it meant so much to me and they didn’t have to do that! I tried to thank all of them but I remember just bowing my head at JB lol that is EMBARRASSING like i didn’t even say anything to him haha… but they all told me to get better and thanked me for coming (they were seriously all so sweet) and BamBam hugged me as they left. That’s about all I remember :’) In short, it was so amazing and I am so grateful that they were willing to do that for me (but an ever bigger thanks to TKC for having them do that, and I can’t thank the volunteers enough for setting that up and helping me so much! 

(Photos under the cut)

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school, joshua, you’re a trainee and he’s an english teacher, love story

You followed the principal to the teachers’ office, walking past students that were all looking at you with smiles and sometimes whispered a few words on your looks. You stepped in to the room after her, realizing that you were the only girl, excluding the principal, in the room. There 13 men, all of them sitting at their desks, that all got up to greet their boss.

“Hello, I have a trainee with me that is qualified in English. I exchanged a few words with Mr. Hong, you know that she is your trainee now, right?” She looked towards the desk with a plate engraved with the words ‘Hong Joshua’. The teacher looked at her and nodded. “I came here so you could all be welcoming about our dear trainee’s beginning and that she will soon be out on the working, starting her job as an English teacher.”

She looks at you with a warm smile. “Ah, yes! Hello, my name is __________, I’m training to become an English teacher!”

“We prepared a desk for you, right next to Mr. Hong’s. I hope you get the chance to become what you wanted.” She patted your shoulder then left you with the other employees.

They all walked up to you with charming smiles, introducing themselves and explaining how the school works. You wondered how lucky the students were to have such beautiful yet amazing teachers, they were all sweet, you wanted to become a student again. You took your place next to your now teacher, if you can think of Mr. Hong as the person that will teach you the way to becoming a teacher.

“Um, hi, my name is Joshua Hong, you don’t need to call me Mr. Hong.” He explainable in a soft voice that sent shivers down your spine. “So, well, here’s my schedule, we’ll be going to all these classes.”

He handed you a binder that was filled with paper. You flipped through them, slowly reading each students’ face and their information, such as their name, birthday, age. You checked the schedule, realizing how hectic it was. You saw him get up from his seat, without wanting to be unorganized on your first day, you grabbed your bag and took the binder with you, following him to the class.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me.” He said, walking up the stairs.

You approved of his words, walking past many male students that couldn’t keep their eyes off you. When  you got to class, gasps and weird expressions showed up on the students’ face. You swallowed your nervousness away, putting up a smile for them.

“Okay class, so today.” He coughed. “Hm, introduce yourself.”

“Hi, my name is __________ and I’m training to become an English teacher. I am sorry if I’m not as skilled as your teacher, but I hope that you will appreciate having me in your class!”

“Can we call you by your real name or do we have to say Mrs. ___?” One of the boys asked.

“She’s not your sister, you have to use the honorifics.” Joshua advised.

“Miss, do you have a boyfriend? Are you in a relationship?” The guy from the back asked.

“Mr. Hong! Are you dating her?!” One of the girls said with a hint of envy in her voice.

The two of you blushed, looking at each other like a secret was spilled but there was no secret. Yes, he is handsome and has a nice voice. He was sweet, calm, an adorable man and he works with kids! You tried to stop yourself from thinking of him as a dad, but it was hard.

Wait, how can I get distracted on my first trainee day?! Pay attention, _______!

After a short discussion about the two of you with the students, you started checking on the homework first. A few glares from there and here, a few sweet smiles from that guy and the other. The lesson then started with correcting the homework, a few things about grammar then a dictation that did just to see how good you were.

From time to time, you would look over the students to see how far they got in their sentences, and maybe just look a little bit at Joshua. You would sometimes catch him looking at you, which made him look away as fast as possible. The class went by pretty well, you collected the test and went back to the office, ready to correct the papers.

“Woah, why are you making her hold so many papers?! Let me help.” The math teacher Junhui proposed as he took your things.

“Are you hitting on her?! She just came today, give her sometime to adjust first!” The teacher that gave dancing lessons, Soonyoung, commented.

“What, no, I’m just helping her get her things to her desk.”

“You never did that to me, though.”  One of them with the plate ‘Lee Seokmin’ answered.

“Oh just let me! Plus Joshua is giving her too much work on her first day!” He laid your things on your table then smiled at you before going to his seat.

“Do you think it’s too much? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overwork you-” Joshua started.

You smiled at him. “No, it’s fine. I’m actually excited. I want to start feeling like I’ve worked here since forever.” 

“You’ll start getting tired of the students, I’m telling you. So much whining on the homework. Then they blame us when they fail.” History teacher Seungkwan sighed as he turned on his wheelchair.

“But the girls sure give us a lot of gifts, yet they have many young men in their class.” Deep voice teacher (omg his job isn’t to teach them how to have a deep voice ok idk what he’s teaching) Wonwoo added as he undid the knot of the chocolate box.

“Shouldn’t you share with your best friend?” The tallest man said as he smiled to his co-worker.

You started getting used to the school, the atmosphere, the students, the staff, the halls, everything. You got along with many students, some of them had difficulties in English but it was easy to get their grades up. You always spent your lunch time with the other teachers, sometimes the music teacher Jihoon would hold a little show for you with Vernon, the science teacher and one of the really energetic teachers, Chan. You found out that Joshua had this talent of playing the guitar and tends to play it anywhere. Literally.

Joshua and you started hanging out outside of work. You got along really well, you even spent most of your time at each others house or at a cafe to just chat and do your work.

Joshua: Are you ready yet?! It’s -2 degrees, I’m freezing!!
______: Sorry I just finished brushing my teeth I need to change!!

You hurried into a sweater, a pair of jeans and your socks, then grabbed your coat, bag and hurried to your door. You slipped your boots on, flicked your lights off and exited your apartment, making sure you secured it before running down to the sidewalk, where your trainer was waiting for you.

“When did you wake up?! I’m going to die soon if I don’t warm up soon!” He complained as he sped walk his way to school.

“Ah, Josh, can we go get a coffee first? I didn’t eat my breakfast.” You exclaimed as you smelled the sweet smell of pastries from the shop.

He turned to you, almost slipping on the ice. You let out a laugh as he nodded, blush sticking on his pale skin. You got in to the coffee shop together, ordering your warm beverages and breakfast to go. It didn’t take long to get to your assigned room, leaving your food on your places at the office.

“Miss _____! I made these strawberry tarts yesterday, just for you!”

“Don’t lie, your mom made them because she wanted to ‘make a sweet snack for my little Jungminnie’s girlfriend!’, your sister told me everything.” The student with the name tag Hoonji.

The boy sent a glare to his friend that started laughing as he got to his seat. You smiled at your student and thanked him as you tried to ignore the comment about you ‘being’ his girlfriend. You bit into it and smiled at the sweet taste as you turned to Joshua.

“Do you want a bite?”

“Can I?” He asked as he got his lips closer to the pastry.

“Oh my god! Are they dating?! Jungmin, your girlfriend is cheating on you!” The students started laughing and gasping at the scene.

“Maybe later.” Joshua grinned with intense blush on his face.

“I heard girls screaming their pain out in the A4 classroom. Apparently the two of you are dating?” The gym teacher Seungcheol asked.

“W-what?! No we’re not! She just wanted to share her food with me and uh, they got it all wrong!” Joshua suddenly shouted.

“Ah yeah, true! Here, taste it.” You hand him the sweet.

“N-no, it’s okay! I’m okay!” He said shyly as he opened his binder.

“Why, aren’t you hungry? Try it, it’s really good!” You felt shy for forcing someone you probably liked with food that you liked. You weren’t the kind to share good food, but for some reason you made an exception for him.

“Can I eat it? I’m so hungry.” Minghao asked as he walked over to you.

“Yeah sur-”

You felt pressure coming from your hands, then the food suddenly had a lighter weight. You eyed Joshua that started chewing on the tart. “Eat your food, I don’t want a starving trainee.”

“Do you want a starving co-worker, then?!” Minghao asked.

“You can have my muffin.” You smiled at him as you handed him the muffin you bought from the shop.

“Are you serious? I didn’t wait thirty minutes for you outside your house then go buy breakfast with you that you won’t even eat after!” Joshua blurted out under his breath a bit too loudly.

“Wait, you waited for her outside her house?! In this kind of weather?! I never saw this side of you, Joshua.” Jeonghan said with a teasing smile.

“There’s something going on, we have to get to the bottom of it.” Vernon added as he looked at the other workers.

You started blushing at their words. You put Joshua in your sight, looking at him write down things quickly as he tried to get away from the boys’ upcoming conversation with the two of you about your relationship. You actually kind of liked him, but refused to admit your feelings. You were leaving soon, to actually get on the working field.

A few parties were thrown with some of your classes. The students gave you cards and flowers, hoping you would get to work at their school. You also had to attend a celebration made from the boys since they wanted to wish you good luck when you’ll finally start working. School ended a few hours ago, they all left home to their wives and children while you were packing your things from your desk with Joshua’s help.

“So… I guess you’re officially leaving us.” He sighed with a pout.

You nodded slowly, unable to accept the fact that you would be leaving them behind. “Do you…. Have any last wishes that I could grant before we part ways?”

You smiled. “Yes! Play a song for me, sing for me.”

He smiled back as he sat down on a sofa, pulling his guitar out from its case. His fingers run through the strings, a soft melody coming out of it. He started strumming then humming before starting to sing. You bobbed your head to the music, enjoying seeing him smile at you as sweet words came out of his mouth.

“I love you.” He sang as his fingers played one last note.

Was that a confession? No, it was probably just the lyrics.

You clapped at his performance, complimenting him on his talent. A few minutes later, you took your boxes and bag out of the room as you walked back to your apartment with him. He followed you up the stairs, waiting for you to unlock the door before he could settle your boxes in your living room.

“Well, I guess this is good bye.”

You nodded. “Yeah… I’m going to miss you.”

“Drop by sometime, okay? And text me whenever you want to.” He said shyly.

“I will, don’t worry.”

He made his way to the door before stopping mid-way to look at you.

“Did you understand the lyrics of the song?” He asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Do I need to repeat myself?”

You raised an eyebrow. “Repeat what?”

“That I love you.”

Not today.

Molly is always cheerful, always optimistic, always helpful. But some days that is harder than on others.The anniversary of her father’s death is one of those days. But she will be damned if she let it show.

This is for asphodelheart although it’s not really fluff, but I hope it’s comforting in some way.

As she saw the two familiar outlines through the morgue’s glass door Molly stopped for a second taking a deep breath.

You can do this.

Putting on her brightest smile she pushed through the doors making Sherlock and John turn around.

“Hello, sorry, I’m late. It’s just, I had to take Toby to the vet. He’s got some kind of minor infection. They wanted to keep him over night though,” she told them walking over to her desk quickly glad to be facing away from them for a bit.

Too much information. Nobody cares.

“Oh, is it serious?” John asked carefully.

“Oh no, no, it’s routine, he’s gonna be alright,” she quickly answered with a wave of her hand putting on her lab coat and joining them at the steel table in the middle of the room.

“So what do we have here?”

The examination of the body was down in no time. It wasn’t really the cause of death that was the mystery to solve in this case, it was more the location and circumstances the man had been found in.

“Okay, so I guess that’s all we can get from the corpse then?” John asked looking at Sherlock expectantly.

“Mh, yes,” Sherlock agreed, “it seems like there is nothing more to find here.”

Letting out a breathe she didn’t know she had been holding, Molly smiled at them both adding hastily “Well, I don’t want to keep you. I bet Greg is already expecting you back at Scotland Yard.”

“Yes, thank you, Molly,” John said smiling back at her rubbing his hands together. “Have a nice day.”

Tossing her gloves into the bin Molly picked up the notepad lying next to the body going over the report once again.

Edward Wiler, born 1947… Oh.

As she stopped in her tracks abruptly she noticed that Sherlock hadn’t moved yet. He was still standing next to the table his face concentrated, deep in thought. When she caught his gaze, his eyes seemed to narrow a bit further, but maybe she was just imagining things.

“I should… get this report filed,” she stammered averting her eyes quickly.

Stay calm.

“Sherlock? Are you coming?” John asked holding the door open waiting for his friend.

“Mh? Yes,” Sherlock answered snapping out of his thoughts and walking towards the door as well.

“Bye, Molly,” John said with a little wave.

“Bye,” she replied once again smiling broadly.

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I’m really excited katie let me take her photo while she watered some plants/was a plant the other day! look at how great she is. 

name: katie 

pronouns: she/her

age:  23

how do your fashion/aesthetic choices shape the way you interact with your queer identity? what about your  gender identity? 

hmmm….i feel very alienated from a queer identity right now! but i also have a lot of affinity still for queer fashion and especially the overlap between queer and teen fashion—very into studs, crystals, triangles, etc. i’m increasingly wary of queer value production + aesthetic choices that just keep perpetuating hierarchies of class and bodies—and especially the ways in which queer aesthetics marginalize & invisibilize trans women//transfeminine people! i’ve been trying harder to dress in ways that express my inner witch//severe//kind of jock self and also focus less on whether i’ll get compliments at a dance party or portray a certain, specific kind of femininity.

one thing i do still think about a lot is my shoulders! especially in the summer, thats the part of my body that makes me feel the weirdest//most discordant, and i treasure tank tops/other tops that i feel good about. 

(ok i lied earlier, i totally dress for compliments sometimes because it’s very validating) 

what about words that resonate with the way you feel about how you dress yourself or present in the world? what about words that resonate with your gender identity? is there overlap?  



joth (jock + goth)

knotweed (i’m really glad i got my picture taken w this plant because she is a major inspiration 2 me, re: powerful medicine, tallness, healing wounds, and resilience)

punk(???? maybe????)

i think all of those except punk are very resonant with both my presentation and gender identity—-a kind of severe, reclusive, feminity embodied in craft//skills and also hatred.

what’s the one item of clothing in your wardrobe that you couldn’t go without? 

right now it’s the top im wearing in these photos—-i’ve been wearing it every day b/c it is rlly versatile. yesterday i wore it running errands, gardening, for the photoshoot, & on a date! I love a top button and it’s one of the few that doesn’t choke me. i’m branching out into more not-black-on-black-on-black outfits for spring!

this winter, it was the black on black varsity jacket where i studded the collar and sewed a giant lace doilley on the back—it made me feel hella tough and it had great pockets.

do you notice people reacting differently when you dress different ways? what does that look like? how do you keep yourself safe while continuing to represent your fabulous true self? 

i used to think it varied more with how i dress, but the last bunch of times i went to airports it was hella weird every time! I think even my cis-boy disguise is really androgynous and queer, plus my hair is really long and weird. I notice a big difference when it’s summer and cars have their windows rolled down, and when i wear dresses? 

i guess i avoid bars//college parties//and olympia is a pretty chill town? idk i generally move through the world in a bubble/with a halo

how do you feel about butch/femme masc/femme dichotomies within queer cultures? Are they helpful? harmful? both? 

i’m kind of bored by them? as long as transmisogyny structures + informs queer culture, there’s not a lot of room for girls like me—-either invisible while dressing “butch” or failing at being “femme”. just generally, i think those dichotomies don;t feel exciting and they tend to valorise white, skinny, cis bodies? which obviously privileges me to a certain extent as a thin white girl. i dunno, i’d rather move on to new concepts.

tell me a little about the outfit you chose to be photographed in!  

i was taking an anxious nap after driving home from seattle, n when i woke up i didn’t wanna risk putting together a new, untested outfit. this one is something i started wearing all the time and it makes me feel good! the top is from goodwill, the cutoffs were gloria vanderbilt “mom jeans” ((i have four pairs of them! they’re hella comfy + often at goodwill or the free store because they were the kmart brand))—i love high waisted shorts. These shorts have a purple tag and i used to wear them a lot to wash dishes. the boots are canvas Docs and i think docs are kinda weird because they are so expensive and not super well made and theyr such a queer status symbol in a way, but! they’re also pretty comfy and look tough while going with lots of outfits. i got these at a thrift store in richmond va, and they are falling the fuck apart! i have to undo the top three eyelets of laces everytime i put them on and it’s a nice calming ritual. the earring has a mermaid on it and my mom got them for me and i sent the other one to a boy i like after my other piercing stopped existing. the necklace is an amethyst my sweetie gave me that i’ve been wearing every day this year on some embroidery thread. the brad is the only one i have that i like and it came from another sweetie who left it and a bunch of underwear with another sweetie of theirs to drop off to me at work—-p. humiliating all around but also a great example of material allyship and also like “polyamory”.

max called this outfit twee (i think i was wearing a cardigan too at the time) which is fine i guess.

it’s also my “getting shit done” outfit and i’ve worn it to type up queer rock camp stuff a few times recently

anything else you want to add?

im really stoked about this project! thanks for taking my picture +++ thanks for reading this word-spew. and a serious amount of gratitude for everyone who has kind things to say about my fashions + who helps me acquire them, yall really make it possible for me to exist!

Bad Girl Gone Good

                                           Bad Girl Gone Good

                                               (Sam x Reader)

anonymous asked:

Would you do a samxreader story. Where the reader doesn’t have anyone. And so she gets into drugs. And she is a hunter. And she is falling apart. And Sam and Dean find her some how and take care of her. She’s really shy at first but eventually opens up to them falling for sam. Idk if that’s good or I’ve never requested something before.

A/N: So um, this is like long almost 3000 words. I considered putting it as two or three stories. But figured stuff it. Enjoy. I hope you like it. xxx

Another day, another kill. I walked into the house, my machete raised. There was a nest of vamps in this town, my plan was to take them down. Get rid of them and go back to my life. Not that it was much of a life but it was better there than here. I hated living in my head, focusing on reality.

I entered the room and found four vamps, I groaned I had staked it out yesterday, I could have sworn that there was only two. Oh well, stress relief right? I hit the first one, spinning and effortlessly taking the head off another. It was then I got hit, the vamp sent me flying. I lost my machete and landed with a thump and groan as I hit the stairwell. I got back up and kicked the vamp square in the chest. He hit me again, sending me back into the stairwell. I looked up to see him closing in. Then his head gone, he fell to the ground. I looked at the man behind him, he was tall with long hair.

‘You ok?’ he asked, I glared at him.

‘I’m fine. You didn’t need to step it. I had it.’ He looked taken back and surprised.

‘Sorry it-‘ I walked past him into the lounge room, picking up my machete and attacked another vamp. Killing it, watching as a second hunter took out the fourth one. I turned to leave when the taller of the two stopped me.

‘Do I know you?’ I looked at him and shrugged.

‘Doubt it.’ I walked towards the entry and back to my car.

He came up behind me

‘Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N.’ I froze, no one called me that. No one knew my name.

‘Sorry but you have the wrong person.’ I muttered. Climbing into my car. I took off, back to my motel room. Collapsing as I shut the door. There was no one left in this life that knew me. Once I calmed down slightly I moved over to the bed and did what I did every night, got high and drunk. Forgot the world, did what it took to feel better.


I couldn’t believe it, Y/N. I hadn’t seen her since we were little. I reckon she was about 5 when I last saw her. We used to help look after her when our parents went off on hunts together.

‘You really think that was her?’ Dean asked. I nodded there was no doubt. ‘I thought she had died.’ He muttered climbing into the impala.  

‘Really, I haven’t heard from her since that huge argument Dad and her parents had.’

‘Her parents were killed about 10 years ago now. I thought she was with them.’

‘That would have made her 15.’ Sam said sadly ‘I wonder what happened to her after that? They had no family left?’


I heard a knock on the door. Struggling to move I decided to leave it.

‘Y/N?’ It was the man from earlier, I wish I could remember him. He looked familiar. Probably just another jackass I have hustled in the past.

‘Y/N?’ another voice came. I tried opening the door but was too spaced out. I heard the door being unlocked and grabbed for my gun.

‘What the hell?’ The tall said when he saw me.

‘Son of a bitch.’ The slightly shorter one commented. I aimed my gun but they managed to take it away.

‘Who the hell are you?’ I managed.

‘Sam and Dean Winchester. You are Y/N Y/L/N aren’t you?’

‘I haven’t been that in a long time.’ I sat down the room spinning.

‘Are you high?’ Dean asked, I gave him the finger.

‘Leave.’ I watched Sam’s face fall.

‘Oh Y/N what happened to you?’ he whispered sadly. I laid back and closed my eyes.

I don’t remember much until the next day when I sobered up. I went to get up and shower, but Sam stopped me.

‘How you feeling?’

‘Why are you still here?’ I asked, ignoring his question. I looked to the table and noticed my stash gone. ‘Where’s my gear?’


‘Are you friggen kidding me? Do you know how much that cost?’ I screamed.

‘Not as much as your life.’ He said sadly.

‘I want you gone.’ I stormed into the bathroom, coming out 20 minutes later to find both brothers.

‘Go away.’ I snapped, gathering my things.

‘There is not a chance in hell that is happening. Jesus Y/N we thought you were dead.’ Dean commented.

‘One could only be so lucky.’ I muttered. ‘I don’t even know who the hell you are, I think it’s best you piss off don’t you?’

‘You don’t remember us?’ Sam said ‘Me?’ I looked at him

‘You used to stay with us when you were little while I parents hunted together.’ Dean said

‘We were best friends.’ Sam said quietly, sounding hurt.

‘I don’t have friends.’ I told them, continuing to grab my gear.

‘You have us.’ Sam said quietly. I grabbed my duffels and looked around at the boys.

‘Gun?’ Dean shook his head. ‘Keys?’

‘You ain’t driving anywhere until you all the drugs are out your system.’ He told me.

‘Hasn’t killed me yet, doubt it will now.’ The boys looked at me. ‘Look I have no idea who you are. But you have no right to walk in here and tell me what to do. Now give me my damn keys and let me go.’

‘Where?’ Sam asked, I shrugged.

‘Meet a friend.’

‘Get more drugs?’

‘Why the hell does it matter?’ I cried ‘Give me my damn keys.’ Dean still refused so I stormed out. Screw it I will hot wire the damn car. I yanked the door open, thankful I hadn’t locked it. Throwing my gear in the back. I felt Deans hand on my arm, pulling me so I turned to face him.

‘You were like a sister to us. We don’t have much family left, we are not loosing you too, not like this.’

‘Well if you get lost like I suggested you will never know will you. You thought I was dead once. Go back to that happy place.’ I snarled, trying to pull my arm free.

‘Y/N please, come with us to our place. We can talk and if you still want to leave fine. Just talk to us, explain what happened. Maybe we can help.’ Sam begged

‘I’m past help Sam.’ I sighed. He face crumbled at my words. Dean grabbed the bags out of the car. They weren’t giving me a choice. I remembered who they were and that didn’t help things.

‘Sam can drive your car back to Kansas if you want.’ I shook my head.

‘I borrowed it.’ I sighed. The boys left it behind, and we drove to Kansas. The boys kept trying to talk but I kept quiet. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I was mad that they were alive, mad that they hadn’t kept in touch, mad that they were there. I remembered them. I remembered everything about them. They way that they cared for me, the way they swore to keep me safe when I was scared. The way they promised to be there no matter what. And yet they broke all those promises.

Once at the bunker they showed me around, it was impressive. Very cold an uninviting to a normal person, but for a hunter it was a haven. They boys showed me a spare room and told me it was mine, I could stay as long as I wanted as long as there was no drugs. Drug free zone apparently. This wasn’t going to last long. But at least I could still drink. I locked myself in my room for the first day. It wasn’t until the next night that I ventured out, I had not long showered and pulled on my leggings and a sweater. I headed out to the library it was about 1am. I expected it to be empty but found Sam instead.

‘Hey.’ He said softly, I gave him a small smile. ‘Want something to eat?’ he asked, I shook my head. ‘Wanna go watch tv re runs on Netflix?’ he offered. I smiled.

‘I reckon they have Dr Quinn on there.’ he offered, I laughed.

‘I haven’t watched that since my parents left that night.’ I said sadly.

‘So you do remember?’ he asked, surprised and happy.

‘I remember a lot of things Sam. I remember the promises you and Dean made, the same ones you broke. I remember calling your mobiles only to find the numbers changed. I remember searching for you when my parents died and not finding you. I remember needing you and you weren’t there. No one was.’ I said sadly. I watched as sadness washed over him. He got up and pulled me into his arms, hugging me.

‘I am so sorry. I really am. We tried to keep in touch but Dad wouldn’t let us. As we got older your number changed too.’ He kissed my head and held me as I cried. We went and sat in the viewing room, Sam questioning me about my life. I told him the truth. I didn’t want to but it just came out. It always did, growing up Sam was my safe place. He was the one who took me to my first day at school. Held my hand as I walked in. He let me climb into his bed when I was scared. 10 years on this hasn’t changed. I feel as much at home now as I did then. Except some things were different. He wasn’t the 9 year old boy anymore. He was 29, tall and hot. We talked about a few things.

‘What happened after your parents died?’

‘I carried on hunting.’

‘Please tell me it wasn’t alone Lolly.’ He asked using the nickname he and Dean gave me as a kid. Apparently it is cos I was sweet.

‘Jesus Sam, I haven’t heard that in 20 years.’ I laughed. ‘Yes alone Sam, I had no one else. There was no way I was going to the authorities and into a home. Could you imagine being a hunter in the foster system?’ I asked,

‘Why didn’t you go to Bobby?’ he asked

‘I couldn’t remember where he was, my parents wiped all traces of you guys.’

‘Yeah our Dad did the same thing.’

It was a couple of hours later, when I realised the time. I knew I should go to bed but I was enjoying my time with Sam. I hadn’t felt this happy or relaxed without assistance in years. Sam reached over and took my hand squeezing it. It felt good, better than that. He smiled at me that heart warming, bright-eyed Sam smile. The one that made me feel special. Now though it was more than that. My heart sped up and my face blushed. I bit my lip and smiled back.

‘That is much better than the Y/N I ran into earlier.’ He commented. I looked at my hands. ‘Why drugs?’ he asked softly. I felt the tears in my eyes, ashamed, I felt like I had let them down.

‘It deadens the mind, removes he crap the bad memories even if only temporarily. It makes me feel better.’

‘It could have killed you.’

‘So could hunting, so could a one night stand if with the wrong person, taking the corner in the wet. Sam I have nothing left in my life, nothing to fight for. I’m not going to go kill myself, don’t get me wrong. But I am not going to hold back on something because it might kill me.’

‘You have us Y/N. Me. Always have, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. I wish was. But I am here now. You have us now and you have me. Fight for us, don’t leave me any earlier than you have to.’ He pleaded. I sighed, letting my head rest back on the lounge.

I didn’t even realise that I had fallen asleep. Next thing I knew I was waking up on the sofa in Sam’s arms. Feeling safe and warm, feeling loved. I laid listening to his heart for a few minutes before getting up.

‘Morning.’ He said softly

‘Sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep.’ He smiled

‘It’s ok Lolly. I don’t mind.’ He smiled, we went into the kitchen and got breakfast and coffee.

‘Morning Y/N.’ Dan said walking in. ‘Good to see you out and about.’ I smiled at him.

‘So what’s everyone’s plans? Movie marathon? Research? Run? Supply run?’ Dean added the last one looking in the fridge.

I stayed with the boys for another couple of weeks and it wasn’t easy. The withdrawals got to me. Thankfully I wasn’t that hooked that I couldn’t completely function. Being here felt good, 20 years on and things hadn’t changed. The boys still teased each other, and me. In his eyes I was still Dean’s baby sister. I tried drinking the withdrawals away, he blew hell out of me for getting that drunk. I wasn’t allowed to hunt until I was sober and clean. Oh and I could prove myself to him. I didn’t mind in some ways.  When my brain was functioning and the headache eased I sat in the library and read. Sam often sat with me. I watched as he kept glancing at me smiling.


‘You always did love fairy tales.’ He smiled as I read a book on fairy tales and legends. Things between us slowly changed. We weren’t dating but it became more than friends or the sibling relationship I had with Dean. He would often find a way to make sure he had contact of some sort with me, a hand on the back, foot touching under the table. It was subtle but there. I didn’t stop it. It was reassuring. During the worst times he often climbed into bed with me and held me through it. I felt myself falling for him. It scared me. I didn’t want to loose him, I didn’t want to ruin things. I needed him in my life, so I kept quiet about them.

After a while I decided it might be easier to move on, find another place. I felt like I was cramping the boys style and the whole third wheel. And it was getting harder to keep my feelings hidden from Sam. Harder not to kiss him when he’s close or lean in him if he’s behind me. I was struggling. Feeling like I had changed one addiction for another. I was laying on my bed searching through the rentals. I didn’t hear Sam in the doorway.

‘You’re leaving?’ he asked, making me jump. He sounded weird. Sad, angry, hurt, betrayed. ‘Why?’

‘Because this isn’t my place, I feel like I am intruding. Plus you know there’s only so much of the annoying little sister a bloke can take, I don’t want to see you two reach that limit.’ I smiled.

‘It is your place too now. You are part of this family. It’s your room, your bunker. You aren’t annoying. You never have been, I doubt you ever could.’ I sat up so he could sit down, ‘I don’t want you to go. I doubt Dean does either. I know you don’t want to be on your own again.’ He added, smiling. I returned it. He took my hand, rubbing his thumb along my knuckles. ‘I don’t want to loose you again Lolly. I just got you back.’

‘I feel like I am cramping your style. Dean still goes out, stays out.’ I smirked at his ways. ‘You don’t Sam.’

‘That’s cos I’d rather be here.’ He explained, slightly embarrassed.

‘I don’t need babysitting. I’m not going back down that path’

‘I didn’t mean it like that. I…’ he stopped. I looked at him confused. He sighed, and looked at me. Right into my eyes, I swear he was watching my soul seeing  the most deepest parts of me.

‘What?’ he took a breath his hand shifting so it was on my face, his thumb rubbing my cheekbone. He then lent in, stopping just before our lips touched, his eyes searched mine, I smiled and he made contact kissing me. It was soft and gentle, loving. Home. Everything he had been my whole life. After a while he pulled back and reached behind me pressing several buttons on my laptop. I turned to see him shutting down the windows for the rental sites.

‘You belong here Lolly. Stay.’ He kissed me again. For the first time in 20 years I was home.