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Unpop. Opinion: the phandom is like, really great??? I mean we have our ups and downs but it’s the best community I’ve ever been apart of tbh

I can only speak for my experience but agreed ?? I’ve been in fandoms that are WAY more toxic than this one and for the most part what I see on my dash is people being supportive of each other and enjoying things together ?? there is a culture of blaming people whenever something goes wrong (like the tour being leaked) and hating on people for speaking out against problems (read: racism) but overall I’ve seen far, far worse.

send in unpopular opinions and i’ll agree/disagree

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(advice emoji) what do i do when im super gay and my crush makes a joke and k wanna laugh but also i have a cough so laughing is a bad idea atm, but also im just rly gay?

Niu: “Easy!! Laugh! They’ll fall in love with your laugh and then they’ll want to take care of you because you’re coughing. Win/win!!”

Phantom: “Go see a doctor. Coughs can usually be cured, you know, that’s got nothing to do with your sexual orientation.”

there are 3 types of musical theatre kids:

  • hamilton fans who then got into heathers, dear evan hansen, newsies, and be more chill
  • hamilton fans who then got into great comet, falsettos, hadestown, and ghost quartet
  • everyone else

anyways who wants to summon jimmy buffet with me