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i should be packing but i was looking back on @askguyslikeus cause im a nostalgic sap and,,,,, i didnt even realize my art had grown so much? like its not huge but im still,,, i guess drawing everyday for three months really helps you get a good handle on what ur doing holy shit man


cry out [RIJF'16]

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someone should ask about when they first met and what they thought of each other because i need that cute shit 👌

Good question! I hope someone does ask them!

As of today, the #my edit tag on this blog is filled with 462 posts. During the past 21 months, I’ve posted an average of 0.7 edits/graphics/gifs posts a day. 375 posts (ca. 81%) of those are Haikyuu!! posts. I’ve made freaking 574 Haikyuu!! icons during that time. It feels like I’ve made gifs of every possible scene at least a thousand times already. 

I’ve definitely watched Haikyuu!! at least a thousand times already. I’ve read the manga countless times too. I’ve made headers, wallpapers, icons, gif sets, AU edits, manga colourings.. everything. I did requests. I made around 100 birthday gifts for various people. 

And to be honest, I’m out of ideas. I can’t think of any new cool quote or song lyrics to put on a gif. I can’t think of new patters and styles and whatever for icons. I can’t make new kinds of headers or wallpapers. I can only keep making the plain and boring stuff I’ve been making for nearly two years now. 

I still love Haikyuu!! with all my heart and soul, and it pains me to accept it, but I’m actually so fucking done with making Haikyuu!! edits. Even if I have a slightly okay idea, there’s no motivation. I’ve been mostly forcing myself to keep doing it (especially because of the birthday gifts), but making edits for other anime/manga I love is so much more fun right now. 

Haikyuu!! is always going to be my main and most important fandom. I’m still just as interested in it, and I’ll continue writing my fics and all. There still is some new stuff in my queue right now, and it’s constantly running with self reblogs anyway, so there’ll always be lots of Haikyuu!! content on this blog, but right now I want to focus my creative energy on other things.

So long story short, unless there is new content (new manga chapter, new anime footage) or I suddenly have a brilliant idea, don’t expect new Haikyuu!! graphics and gifs from me for now. I really, really need move on and be the multifandom blog I declared to be a long time ago…

i’m seeing so much negativity in this fandom about season 2 but i’m really enjoying it?? i feel like i’m in the minority here tho?? 


brynn rumfallo improvs at jump