idk keel is that url


NEXT WEEK: Me and Kathy and Ag go to summerfest to see Grouplovw and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (who are my second favorite band and been on my to-see list since I was a fetus oh m y gOD) THEN I come home and the next night I’m seeing Kimya Dawson aka my life role model/favorite person I’ve never met
JULY: Keel is coming here and we are gonna band and theN we’re roadtripping out to Seattle and Portland and SanFran and then staying in Pasadena and that takes up like 2 weeks idk 3 including when keel’s here
THEN the day after me and Kathy get back we are seeing Vampire Weekend ahhhHHHH THEN I HAVE TO WORK FULL TIME IN AUGUST but its ok because I’m doing it to pay back my parents for my ticket to Paris where im going in September HhahahAAAAA