idk just wanted to do picspam


As she wept, Cinderella’s fairy godmother appeared. “Cinderella, why are you crying?” she asked. “You wish to attend the ball, is that not so?”

“Yes,” cried Cinderella, between sobs.

The fairy godmother smiled and said, “Well, run into the garden and bring me a pumpkin.” Cinderella immediately went to get the finest pumpkin she could find….

Dean: I’m actually on my way to a local community college. I’ve got an appointment with a professor. You know, since I don’t have my trusty sidekick geek boy to do all the research.
Sam: You know, if you’re hinting you need my help, just ask.
Dean: I’m not hinting anything. Actually, uh—I want you to know… I mean, don’t think…
Sam: Yeah. I’m sorry, too.