idk just wanted some more of them i guess

Look, I don’t even care about the ja/shi bullshit (like I think it took precious time away from developing and showing other things but whatever!!) but that episode was horrible. It was like Genndy just had a list of things to tick off for the final episode. Everything was so rushed, like Jack saying “I love you” to Ashi to “cure” her evil or w/e was so cliche and then suddenly Ashi realizes she has Aku’s powers and teleports him into the past. And then Jack kills Aku, they have a wedding, Ashi tragically ceases to exist, cue some introspective sad scene where Jack realizes he’s happy bc ladybug or whatever.

Like!!! What the hell was the point of developing all those characters in the future if they were all just going to be forgotten about? What was the point of anything? I really thought (considering all the teleporters were gone) that Jack would kill Aku of the future? That Jack would move beyond his past and realize that it’s over and it can’t be saved? That Jack would learn to love this new world because he has all these friends and people he’s saved? 

idk!!! It all just felt so pointless and underwhelming, and if they had wanted to go with the actual “back to the past” route, they should have focused more on Jack himself and how the events affected him instead of shoving ja/shi down our throats for no reason except to make us cry I guess? (which doesn’t even work, bc??? what, aside from some random scene of them kissing made me feel like they had a relationship?) What was the point of introducing Ashi, anyway???????

I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but I thought we all like Samurai Jack as kids because it was slow and interesting and didn’t resort to cliches for major things. This last episode was just a bunch of cliches and it didn’t even give any time to give weight to those cliches anyway. :/

Lunch Date With Yoongi

A/N: I’m going to attempt to do a thing hope you don’t mind weeeee

Originally posted by jeonsshi

  • lunch dates with yoongi and you wouldn’t be planned.
  • like the two of you would just be sitting on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and legs intertwined, watching tv or just on your phones
  • then your stomach would just start growling
  • he hears and he starts to chuckle
  • you play along, pouting and groaning
  • “i’m so hungryyyyyy!” “Yoongi feed meeee!”
  • “feed yourself i’m busy”
  • “no you’re nottt, you’re just on your phone!”
  • “exactly”
  • you sit and pout some more, trying to think of what you could eat
  • then, a light bulb would go off in your head
  • “you wanna go out to eat?”
  • he doesn’t look up from his phone but he stopped scrolling, so you knew he was considering what you said
  • “maybe…will you drive?”
  • “if you pay”
  • “deal”
  • you jump off the couch and onto your feet
  • “Yayyyy!”
  • he just rolls his eyes
  • but you knew he was also looking forward to it
  • so after chauffeuring yoongi to the restaurant, the two of you would sit down
  • same side of the table, cause you’re both lowkey clingy like that
  • like, yoongi would never admit it, and he’s always saying how “annoying” you are
  • but you know deep down he loves every bit of it
  • he’s the type of bf to always have his hand on your knee, or always has to be holding your hand, or even just sitting super close to you and pressing up against you to the point that he might as well be sitting on your lap
  • but every time you point it out and say how cute it is, he just glares at you
  • “you’re annoying”
  • “you love meee”
  • “no”
  • yet, he never lets go of your hand, or never takes his hand off your knee so??????
  • anyways, the two of you are sitting by eachother, sharing a menu and trying to decide what to order
  • you look over your options, and everything looks so good to you because of how hungry you are
  • “oh, I want that! And that! Oh that looks so good, can we also get that?”
  • “let’s start with one thing each, then we’ll order more”
  • “but im hungryyyy”
  • “stop eating with your eyes”
  • you pout, cause you know he’s right.
  • “fine”
  • he’d nod, keeping his eyes on the menu.
  • so y’all order your food (btw you’d be the one to order, while yoongi nods in approval and simply orders his drink)
  • but you two order your food, and while you’re both waiting, you two would do lowkey super cheesy stuff
  • like you two would play little table games
  • or dare each other to eat a handful of salt
  • or take a shot of hot sauce
  • stupid but cute shit like that
  • if not that, you two would just talk about random stuff
  • “did you do the laundry?”
  • “i thought it was your turn to do it?”
  • “no, It’s my turn to fold this week”
  • “well, shit”
  • yoongi also doesn’t like to admit how much he admires you
  • like you know it, you know he’s lowkey your biggest fan
  • but he doesn’t ever really say it
  • so, one of the things yoongi loves to do, is take candid pics of you.
  • like his phone is filled with them
  • he’ll take one literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • so he’d take a candid of you at the table
  • and then immediately set it as his lockscreen
  • not his wallpaper though, cause that’s a pic of the both of you
  • “did you just take a picture of me?”
  • “no”
  • “yoongi, i see it on your screen”
  • “that’s not you”
  • “what- YOONGI YES IT IS”
  • “no”
  • then you’d start teasing him
  • and say how cute he is
  • “aww yoongi, you’re so sweeettt”
  • “stop”
  • “you’re such a good boyfriendddd”
  • “I know I am, but stop”
  • but you’d ignore him, and just snuggle up to him while he sits there unamused
  • but you know he’s smiling
  • then after a while, your food would arrive
  • you two would eat, mostly in silence cause y’all are hungry
  • one of you might mutter something about how good it is while your mouths are full of food
  • “it’s suh guhd”
  • “huhm?”
  • “i seh it’s suh guhd”
  • “wuh?”
  • then you’d swallow your food, “I said it’s so good”
  • “ohhmmm” he’d say, nodding with food still shoved in his mouth
  • when you’d finish eating, the two of you would skip out on dessert
  • cause 
  • you know
  • dessert’s at home AMIRITE? *WINK WONK*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • and by that I mean you two would go home 
  • change into your super baggy pajama clothes
  • grab that giant tub of ice cream in the freezer
  • two spoons
  • and plop yourselves back onto the couch.
  • after that, the two of you would most likely fall asleep on the couch together from food comas
  • overall you two would just be domestic af
  • but you love it 
  • you love everything about your guys’ relationship
  • the sarcasm, the teasing, and the super lovey dovey shit you two lowkey adore
  • you know, it may not be the most ideal kind of relationship for some people
  • but for you two, its perfect
  • and you guys wouldn’t have it any other way

Thank you guys for reading! I wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon and try this kind of, style, of writing I guess? Idk I just would see other writers doing scenarios and writing them out this way and I thought it was so cool and casual and stuff. Idk, I just wanted to try it out.  Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of writing? Or maybe you absolutely hated it and never want me to write like this again cause I suck? Whatever it is just let me know, lol! Hope you enjoyed! ♡

-Kat ღ

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i just had a thought while watching the festa. people sleep on jin and suga's friendship a lot. like, idk if this makes sense, but i really enjoy their dynamic. they obviously seem very close and caring of each other, but their personalities just balance and suit one another so well, you wouldnt expect people like them to get along so great. its just cool to watch them interact and have fun, and i hope to see more of it in the future (sorry if this is really long lol)

I totally agree with you!! Tbh I was one fo those “sleepers” but watching the festa and them having so mucch fun together had me wanting more of them two!! their personalities are so opposite that they work well together! idk like opposite poles attract i guess anyways i liked this ask really! so here’s some sin for y’all

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How do you stay sane as a Blackhawks fan when everyone's so fucking rude and mean all the time?

hey anon, i just wanted to start off by saying that i wasn’t ignoring this question, i just wanted to think of something coherent enough to explain and had a pretty busy day. 

so, i guess a lot of people hate them for their logo/nhl’s favoritism/certain players and their not so great pasts/idk what else is there. this puts the hawks fans on defensive and when literally an entire fandom hates on you, you sort of become even more defensive which can come off as rude often times. i’m not trying to excuse hawk fans, there are some that i really wish did not represent the fandom (and not just on tumblr, the hawk fans outside of tumblr can be pretty nasty too). my point is, i feel like the blackhawks part of the fandom have become so alienated that it’s hard to associate with anyone else in the fandom. it sucks, imo, cause yes i will admit that the hawks have many faults (so do other teams tho) but they also have some great ppl that get hated on despite them not doing anything. like seabs and duncs. they’re my fav D pair, and maybe before everything crashed and burned in the past 2 (3?) years, everyone loved them and they weren’t categorized in the must hate list on tumblr. hossa and hammer and crow and darling and tazer, even the baby rookies like vinnie and hartzy. it sucks and it makes me sad, they’re some of my favs but i never can talk about the hawks without feeling like i’m offending someone. 

i started off my entire hockey love with the hawks, and ya they’re not my team anymore, but i still like them and some of the players. when i came into the fandom, i was only involved with kazer/hawk blogs so i never saw the immense hate and constant badgering, but i think asg17 was the first time i realized, shit, everyone really hates the hawks. and i think that came more from the fact that i started following blogs for different teams. it made me sad to see some of my favs being so hated on, but i can’t deny the reasons ppl hate some of the guys. it’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. some of the players have really done shitty things that make me uncomfortable and i don’t blame anyone for having a negative reaction to it, and the team as a whole. but it’s not fair to be so rude and disrespectful and expect the hawks fans to be nice in return, but that’s how this fandom works. it’s a vicious cycle and it starts up whenever big events take place. the playoffs being one of them.

this was so far from coherent, i’m sorry, but what i want to finish with is: just follow blogs that like the hawks. there’s some really nice ppl that still love the players and the team and even when everyone’s hating, they’ll be rooting for them, and making edits,gifs, ect. it’s hard to avoid all hate though, because inevitably, some of it might make it’s way to ur dash but don’t let it bring you down. i stopped letting it bother me. to a degree, i was internalizing the entire fandom’s hate at one point, and it was really depressing and weird. then i realized, i don’t have to think like them to like other teams outside of the hawks. i’ll tolerate their opinions as long as they respect mines. a lot of the times, i won’t follow ppl so i can avoid seeing their opinions but i might check out their blog for content and stuff. that way, i won’t have to deal with the extra hawks hate. 

don’t stop loving something that makes you happy, anon. as long as you’re not hurting anyone, i think it’s ok to love what you love. let the hate roll off your back, take it from a dceu fan that lives in an mcu world. just enjoy what you love and try to avoid the negativity. 

okay after almost 2 weeks of not identifying as anything lmao i came to some conclusions:

  1. I’m actually genderfluid, I go from sth resembling a demigirl I guess to very very agender and when I’m agender I’m really uncomfy with “girly” stuff and that’s why I thought I was a guy
  2. I’m still gonna use they/them pronouns but I’m also working on finding a set of neopronouns that feel right for me idk why I just want to shbfhsdj
  3. I really want to go on t and have top surgery to look more “androgynous” and bc I have shit ton of voice and top dysphoria but idk if it’s every gonna happen bc I’m broke as f and I live in uh poland
  4. when it comes to my sexuality I think the best term is still a lesbian and I only thought I was bi bc of Lots and Lots of comp het

so yeah basically nothing changed other than I id as genderfluid now

please like or reply if you read this it’s very important to me

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17 and 20 for the OC asks?? I love your designs so much! 😍😍💕 Ty!

thank you! and sorry for answering so late ive been out all day ;;

17. Which character is the easiest to draw/write?


idk why because i didnt even like to draw him until like a year ago, only god knows…also i find him easier to write or w/e, my ideas are more clear when i have to put him in “x” or “y” situations and idk its not hard to figure out what to do with him unlike some other of my ocs (i know that sounds weird but hope you get what im trying to say) 

20. Do you ever plan to do anything (comic, animation, etc) with your characters? Or are you just happy to have them?

i guess??? ive been wanting to do something with a few of them for a long time but idk if i can start something because im not rly good at telling stories or developing characters….and thats probably an excuse i tend to put all the time because well duh im going to learn eventually but mostly im just afraid and lazy


Where them piercings at tho?!😲🤷‍♀️

EEEEEEEEEERMMMMMMMM….I’ve been thinking for a while to get a new set of piercings yes, more than one.. I wanted something different in my body,  😊🙌🏻 can you guess where they’re at… 🤔 HAHA If you guessed correctly then you’re totally right 👌🏻😎 buuuut I’m just going to leave it for the rest of you to keep on guessing, is not hard tho…maybe it is? Idk 👀🤔  ANYWAYS, they came pretty good and I’m happy with them 🙊 Deuces👽

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Do you know off any stim accounts on Instagram run by people who have like ADHD or are autistic, or just aren't neurotypical? I just got Instagram and I want to follow some stim accounts, but I'm uncomfortable following ones run by neurotypicals I guess? Idk if that's weird but

Gosh, I’m not on instagram much, so I’m not very familiar with instagram stim accounts at all! I recognize a few usernames of the more popular slime accounts, but besides that I don’t really know anything about them, so idk which of them (if any) are ND!

Does anyone else more familiar with instagram slime/stim accounts know of any who are ND? I’m sure there are a bunch out there!

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Uhh I actually can't watch or better listen to the BTS BBQ Chicken Commercial, that ASMR cringe-fest.. its just too much xD (btw Im not the anon that asked!) and if Im hear already, what kinks do you have? ^^

but don’t forget  smart uniform add and that dance, I can’t watch that, it’s  just too cringey 🤦 why did they do that to them… kinks huh? don’t want to expose myself tho 👀

Anonymous said: least favourite ship?

none! I only have the ones I pay attention to the most

Anonymous said: Do u know if any of the boys is virgin? cause i Just read that RM said that he’s not a virgin anymore and like i just assume that it was obvious .but idk since their culture is different and more conservative maybe some of them still are? (i ❤ u btw

I really don’t know, who can know honestly haha but my guess no? After all they are all grown up man now, but who knows. aa love you too!❤️️❤️️

Anonymous said: If you would have the chance to marry only ONE of your bias who would u choose?

why are you doing this to me…..aah it would be jimin (I’m sorry yoongs 😢) maybe I love him just a littleeeee bit more ;;;;

Anonymous said: Would u do a top 7 of your fav bts songs?

uh I’ll try list only seven 

1. bs&t
2. save me
3. butterfly
4. cypher pt.3
5. house of cards
6. let me know
7. not today

honesty hour 👀 anon or not I have to answer

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Since I started following you, I've kinda realised the Holtzbert ship is sort of, stale? And like, the more you talk about everyone cutting out Patty and Abby from material the more I notice it and I just ???? like I shipped it (still do a little I guess idk) but realising people were putting them on a pedestal really soured it for me? (I hope this all makes sense, I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to how problematic the ship/shippers can be)

Oh my gosh.. this is… wow. :O

Thank you??? I guess. Thank you for following me and sticking around and actually reading my posts and reblogs ranting and bashing (cause yep there’s some bashing) of one of your ships, because I know that can be a bummer. But I think it’s really super cool that you’ve been reading and listening, and that it’s starting to make you think critically of this fandom is… wow!  That’s just fantastic.

And now I have to apologize because I’m about to use this ask as a platform to keep talking. I’M SO SORRY ANON. FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THE REST OF THIS BECAUSE IT’S NOT DIRECTED AT YOU.

There is nothing inherently wrong about shipping Erin with Holtz. In fact, given this movie is just four kick-ass women who are all well-rounded characters and not made for the male gaze at all – someone out there should definitely be shipping Erin with Holtz. Many someones even.

But under no circumstances should they be The Ship. They should not be Fandom’s Designated Pairing, and the margins between their fanworks and the others ships should not be as dumbfoundedly massive as it is. There is no canon or valid reason for it.

The femslash fandom is trained to look for scraps; I understand this. And this movie is not explicitly queer because Sony is a bunch of crunched up stale tic-tacs you find mashed into the bottom of your purse or your car’s cupholder. I get that too.

But you know what this movie is also not full of? Scraps. It is not a movie you have to dig for scraps in. They frickin handed us as much queerness as they could possibly shove past Sony’s nose and then they gave us everything they couldn’t in the deleted/alternate scenes. Okay? You do not have to dig for scraps in this movie.

And yet that’s what the holtzbert fandom keeps doing. It is utterly astounding to me how deep they go digging to find evidence and support for their ship when you have things like Holtzmann kissing Patty’s hand or Erin and Abby straight up having a deleted scene titled The Breakup. THAT IS LEGIT SHIT THAT HAPPENED IN CANON FOOTAGE. Holtz slinging her arm around Abby; checking on Abby when she got all upset at Erin (alt Aldridge Mansion scene); her crumpled face when the portal closed behind Abby. Abby’s super soft (and hella romantic) ‘yeah’ after Erin commented on how smart Holtzmann is. Patty and Erin always hugging and touching and ducking behind each other when ghosts or equipment tests go wrong. LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THAT ALTERNATE PORTAL SCENE OH MY GOD. Gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. True story.

Yet, in all of that, there’s still one thing that’s not really present in the movie: Erin showing interest in Holtzmann. Nowhere, apart from a couple of comments about how smart Holtz is, does Erin ever show any kind of romantic interest in Holtzmann. There’s jealousy and sadness over Abby & Holtz’s relationship. There’s some respect and awe that she can bring all of hers and Abby’s theories to life in the equipment. And then there’s also a good amount of terror and irritation because Holtz is a) a mad scientist and b) won’t stop fucking pranking her.

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Would y'all be interested in some x reader fics??????? Obviously it’d be James x reader or Aleks x reader. Or should I just stick to NovaHD??????????
I’ve written x reader fics before but w wrestlers so like it wouldn’t be foreign to me. I kinda want to but like… idk how well they’d do and I don’t wanna get discouraged bc ppl aren’t reading them.

I’m just fine sticking w NovaHD but y'all lemme know I guess.

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Did you just waste 10 minutes hand drawing on your OWN selfies? Because yikes dude, that's a sad and wasted effort LOL

um !!! i’m super sorry if my selfies irritated u? i tag them all w/ “my face” but if u need a more specific tag so u can blacklist it then let me know!!
i’m not?? … i’m not totally sure how u want me to resolve this though?

i mean i … yeah ur right i guess? yeah i spent some time uh… yeah? i mean yeah ur totally right, i spent a good 20 minutes trying different designs and stuff and then finalising it… so yeah i mean that is pretty sad? but like do … do you want me to delete the photos or???

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idk if you wanted a response to some of your posts or not; but I'm in the same boat. I just,, don't want my friends around?? like I love them I guess but I just,, have started to get mad at every little thing they do or say and talking to them feels like a chore at this point. I think I'd be so much better off not talking to them anymore at all. idk if that's how you feel but I just needed to get that off of my chest to someone

yea i get what you mean, i just feel like i’ve kinda out grown them i guess . .. idk i feel like that’s an awful thing to say about your friends but uh h yea. . it’s more stress than enjoyment for me at this point,

Woozi Fic 22

HI! so first off my amazing and awesome friend bae1a4-are-delicious posted a woozi fic that connected to some of my other ones so yes its fantastic and you should go check it out here because she’s so wonderful and i love her writing :D so here we go hope you guys like it XD

“NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” Woozi screams arching his back and throwing his head off the side of his top bunk. His fingers pull through his hair in frustration. “JUST NO IDEAS! NOTHING!”

You can’t help but chuckle as you look up at him. “Aww, baby, you’re just in a rut. You’ll think of something great, don’t worry.”

Dangling himself over the railing, he continues to scream, “UGGGGHHHH!”

Vernon, who’s sitting with Hoshi on the bed right next to you two, looks over. “(Y/N), can you please control your boyfriend?”

“UGGHH!” Woozi yells again, ignoring him.

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Hey, just for giggles: If RTTE did have a dragons-only episode and they had voices, and you could pick ANYONE as their VAs, who would you pick? I kinda have Barf and Belch as Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, discussing art and philosophy and literature. XD

*cries in the joy of your idea* I need Barf and Belch as Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. In fact, I need it so much I almost want to make a fan video, take audio clips of Ian and Patrick talking, and dub it over existing RTTE clips.

For other voice actors… I must admit I am terrible terrible terrible with knowing my celebrities and making fancasts, and everyone else probably has much better ideas. XD Nothing can top your idea, that’s for sure! But here are some of the names that popped into my head I guess? Idk I’m not sold on any of them, so I’d love to hear what other people who know actors better come up with! Give us all the giggles.

Stormfly: Tress MacNeille. She can do anything and she’d be able to put in a combination of sweet Stormfly and sassier, more humorous moments.

Hookfang: Martin Freeman. I don’t know. I just want Martin somewhere haha. And I figured that his swearing would be an entertaining combination with Hookfang. Just imagine what sorts of loving, sarcastic things Hookfang would say about his stupid f***ing dragon rider.

Alternately, Richard Ayoade could be hugely entertaining, too. I think his voice would work great for Hookfang, and I’m just imagining all the things he’d say in “dialogue” with Snotlout.

Toothless: This is hard. This is so hard. I can’t imagine Toothless’ voice as any voice actor whatsoever. I really can’t and I almost don’t want to give him a voice for that reason alone. But David Tennant had so much fun doing the audiobooks for Cressida Cowell, and while I wouldn’t think his book!Toothless’ voice would be appropriate here, I’m sure he’d come up with something new and great for RTTE. 

There’s also, admittedly, a tiny part of me that’d crack up if Toothless had Jeremy Shada’s voice crack. But I know I wouldn’t like it if I actually heard it. But it’d entertain me for a little bit so yeah.

Skullcrusher: Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s done one fearsome dragon… why not another?


Sorry for two images, I’m having trouble thinking of which to upload :P So if you guys have any suggestions which to use for dA, Transparent or not, lemme know o3o. ((I wanted to show you guys these first before I opted them on dA, since you all knew about the sketch first ^-^ ))

This is somewhat some vent art- though it’s more of a continuation of what I did here! You guys wanted to see me finish it, so I did .w.

Remember, this was an experiment, so I have no idea what I just did, I used about 35 layers and it took me a few hours e>e aaaand it’s past midnight .w.”
Though, this was sort of me trying to guess how digipainting works?

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I was sorted into Ravenclaw but I'm horrible with riddles!! is that normal/okay?

I think a lot of people worry about this because they don’t actually think through what is being asked of them, they just hear the word ‘riddle’ and freak out, so let’s try and look at this objectively

When someone asks me if I want to hear a riddle, I expect them to give me a puzzle that relies on some form of wordplay or something along those lines right? Basically the same format as a joke but instead of just saying ‘idk’ and then being told the punchline, you’re meant to try and figure it out, fail, and then be told the punchline

What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks? What is so delicate that even saying its name will break it? The more I dry the wetter I get, what am I? This is what I typically think of as a riddle and I’m guessing you’re the same which is why you’re worried

But let’s look at the format of these. They all have a definite answer, similar to a punchline, and they’re basically just sneaky forms of word play

However, although we only know 2 of the ravenclaw riddles, they differ a lot in their structure: 

‘Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?’

‘Where do vanished objects go?”

I don’t know about you but I’d say those are more like philosophical questions than riddle. Do they have a definite correct answer that you need to figure out? No. Do you need to be good at puns and word play to be let in? No. These questions focus far more on your way of thinking than on the answer you reach

The point of ravenclaw isn’t to tell people that they’re stupid if they’re not academically smart, or to ridicule people who struggle with logic puzzles. The point of ravenclaw is to encourage you to develop your own thoughts and opinions and to use your mind to overcome any challenges you may face. It teaches you ingenuity, thoughtfulness, and originality 

Ravenclaw is far more about what you learn from the process than it is about the end result, and that’s what makes our house so special 

no, but the whole “more push-ups than you” thing really works on people. like I did it to my friend when he pissed me off the other day - whatever he said he did in the gym that day, I one up’d him saying “oh that’s nice. I did a set more though”. in the end he was raging mad, asking me how I managed to do all that when I never exercise (and he does it daily), and I was like “Idk, I just really got into this whole gym thing this past week. I guess some people just have it in them. natural gift”. it pissed him off soooooooo much because he has been super active and fit for years and I am a literal potato, but somehow he believed me??? he even wanted to challenge me to a push-up contest the following day but I told him to take it easy because he will hurt himself if he overdoes it and now he wont answer me back :’)

some of the most comforting things people can say to me:

“Take your time.”
“I got you.”
“No worries.”
“I’m here.”
“It’s okay if you don’t want to.”
“You don’t have to be okay.”
“It’s okay to cry.”
“I’m listening.”