idk just wanted some more of them i guess

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

some kinda modern-magic-timey-wimey setting for these dudes? Idk, I made them because I wanted to make ocs with my sister and then we’d just draw them doing random shit but that fell through ;-; so I was alone in making them instead sigh~~~

I have a mild obsession with fantasy shit and demons, which is more or less the motivation for these I guess…I was kinda thinking along the lines of them being in a big exorcist group/business/company/what have you, the lower levels doing basic shit and purifying corrupted spirits and then the higher ups doing the important and more dangerous jobs, taking down big monsters, guns and swords, the whole shebang. Humans and magical creature bros are intermingled and stuff, ’s long as nonhumans got their paperwork and passport and shit lol, cuz people are still kinda iffy about their nonhuman friendos.

paladin is a smol pink child who’s at the bottom of the food chain in the biz, a purifier whose shit at his job, majority of the time his magic fizzles out and other times he ends up healing or giving corrupted spirits a boost, so he’s kinda the laughingstock; especially since he comes from a long line of badass exorcists, so most people blame nepotism for the reason he hasn’t been kicked out yet. He’s a big worrywart that often is on the receiving end of corrupted spirits trying to eat him, before he’s saved by whichever coworker is around; and they’re usually not that dangerous, kinda just a inky, blobby snake-like shadow thingy with teeth, but he just…sucks man, like you’re probably in the wrong occupation dude.

swol demon chick is a blatant offender of trespassing without her papers, like, ma'am I understand hell sucks but if you’d just get your paperwork filled we wouldn’t have to keep sending you back and your avoidance in it is mildly suspicious. She likes meat, eating, meat, sleeping, meat, and lazing around watching reality tv and reading manga. A simple demon of simple interests. She stumbles upon paladin in a bit of a bind, in his typical situation about to be devoured by some corrupted spirit so she saves his butt- reaches out, snags hold of the pesky blob and just swallows the thing whole. Gross, but effective and less hassle than purifying the stupid thing, who even cares. He’s freaked out, she’s got a bad taste in her mouth, blah blah she makes him buy her lunch to make up for her heroism; eventually he finds out she doesn’t have her papers and so tattles to his higher ups because apparently they’re exorcists that moonlight as the men in black and track down trespassers. She’s a regular there though, like the 5th time she’s been caught and they’re kinda tired of her shit so it’s like, lady, this is it, we can either just ban you and next time this happens you’re gonna be taken out/jailed/whatever meh or we’ll make a deal. Yadda yadda they kill two birds with one stone and pair up their two biggest annoyances, she works for them she can stay, and she’s now paladin’s brand spanking new partner, let her deal with saving the pink damsel in distress, now if only she’d stop eating the spirits because she’s too busy to wait for him to attempt to purify them, they’d be Gucci. And then she takes that as an excuse to constantly break into his apartment he shares with his sis; he comes home and she’s just there in front of the tv and sis-chan is serving her dinner and it’s all “…am I in the right house” but she’s just now there to stay freeloading off them because “if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in this situation, I could’ve gotten away with it…probably”. Drools a lot, over food or in her sleep lol, it’s like having a big fluffy dog around.

The unnamed sis isn’t an exorcist, but is a low key seer; can’t tell a lot about the future, just little stuff Iike “it’s gonna rain tomorrow” or “you’re gonna find a dollar tomorrow”. Works in a magical supply shop, gardens, likes splashing in puddles when it rains. Loves butterflies, probably a butterfly whisperer because they’re always around, is also smol, cute and bad with directions; takes care of the household chores usually since she’s home more often and…yeah that’s all I got

ice queen is on the opposite end of paladin, top of the food chain and one of their best. Doesn’t talk much, never seems to show any expression other than neutrality or disdain, and doesn’t like being bothered. Always working or training, boxes and stuff, possibly uses a bigass buster sword for a weapon or maybe just some gauntlets and her muscley thighs lol. Paladin pines over her, lots of peeps do cuz she gorg, but she doesn’t really pay attention or acknowledge it. Doesn’t know he exists beyond knowing he’s the guy always messing up. If she does indulge in pastimes, she’s partial to reading poetry and sketching. Likes flowers, but doesn’t have the time to grow her own so sometimes visits parks and public gardens. Somehow always looked out together, makeup and hair in place and what is her secret cuz it’s not fair.

bleh, idk, it’s kinda ramblings of half formulated ideas from ocs I just made goofing around thinking me and my sis would make some random pairings of lol, somebody make them a sig other or a friendo and draw them with me, rip.

eh, so yeah the end of shitty shit

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No response needed I just really want to share. I'm super excited about Jaha's story with Bill Cadogan and trying to find a bunker or some where to live in because the more I think about the night blood solution I realize that they still need some where to live. I mean look at Luna when she showed up at Arkadia. She was still affected by the radiation, so I'm guessing enough exposure could still kill them even with night blood. Plus who knows what will happen to the environment around them. Idk






and now for something different

Title: i can’t come up with titles when it’s almost 4 am 
Words: 845
Notes: some Eli/Rin sisterly bonding!!! takes place sometime around S1 i guess idk. Eli being a big sis to Rin is so important to me ok

Come to think of it, Eli hasn’t really spent any time with Rin one-on-one. The thought only occurs once an awkward silence begins to settle over them, though it’s probably awkward only for Eli. She pretends to check her phone as she sneaks glances at Rin.

Rin… is quiet, strangely enough. She’s hugging her knees to her chest and humming one of their latest songs under her breath. It’s just the two of them sitting side by side on the roof now that practice is over and everyone else went to take care of other things.

“Eli-chan, what do I do?”

The question comes too suddenly and cool, collected Eli opens and closes her mouth like a fish. “Uh?”

Oh, that sounded so smart. What kind of example is she setting for her junior, honestly?

Thankfully Rin either doesn’t catch it or doesn’t care about Eli looking like a confused fish, so she asks again. “What does Rin do, nya?”

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no, but the whole “more push-ups than you” thing really works on people. like I did it to my friend when he pissed me off the other day - whatever he said he did in the gym that day, I one up’d him saying “oh that’s nice. I did a set more though”. in the end he was raging mad, asking me how I managed to do all that when I never exercise (and he does it daily), and I was like “Idk, I just really got into this whole gym thing this past week. I guess some people just have it in them. natural gift”. it pissed him off soooooooo much because he has been super active and fit for years and I am a literal potato, but somehow he believed me??? he even wanted to challenge me to a push-up contest the following day but I told him to take it easy because he will hurt himself if he overdoes it and now he wont answer me back :’)