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some of us are never gonna meet michael, so let’s cry about it together. (sorry for this shit edit) 

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» im talking like best friends
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» i’ll only be picking one of each girl, because huge group chats scare me tbh
» so that means 1 ashton stan, 1 michael stan, 1 calum stan and 1 luke stan
» but if i don’t get a girl for every boy, then i’ll just pick another
» i’ll pick whenever i get a good amount of submissions (one to two weeks)

increase your chances

» i will be tracking #nmmsquad
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listen, I know some people talk shit about Jamie McKelvie’s art for Young Avengers volume 2 for various reasons, but at least he was able to draw David Alleyne looking like a twenty-something-ish age guy in the comic. 

So many times in comics all the white/light characters will look pretty good and then the black teenager suddenly looks like he’s like 50 years old because they are too heavily shadowed/shaded/lined and it just looks bad. 

How many times did Eli Bradley look like he was twice the age of his teammates in the previous volume? How many times did David look old as hell in his previous runs of comics?? like idk why so many comic artists/colorists can’t seem to make younger characters who are darker skinned actually look their age??? idk its a huuuuge pet peeve of mine literally every time idk