idk just pay me to make things bc i need money

The boys want to buy u food (Rajigaze 3/31)

Uruha (reading mail): “I really don’t like being treated. It may because my father once said to me, ‘who do you think is paying your bills!?’ but I just feel this pressure like if someone is paying for me, I have to do what they tell me. Of course I know it’s not really like that, I’m sure not everyone who gives you money is expecting you to do as they say. But I still feel pressure, and I avoid being treated. If I go out to eat with that weight on me, I can’t even enjoy the food, and it’s really just a waste in so many ways. But I heard that not accepting someone’s offer to treat you could be taken as you trying to distance yourself from them, so I thought maybe it was bad that I was doing that, so, this was many years ago but, I decided to try to let my boyfriend at the time treat me. But sure enough he ended up thinking he could tell me what to do. Maybe he had always been that kind of person and I just didn’t notice, but since becoming a full-time worker, I thought it would be bad as a subordinate not to let my superior treat me, so I let them, but it was obvious that –” huh?

(people are starting to get giggly at this point cause it’s getting so long)

Uruha: “It was obvious that he had other motives. But I w–

(now Uruha is giggling too)

Uruha: “I wonder if as a subordinate and a woman it’s better to just genuinely say ‘thank you!’, and I’m sure the person treating me would feel good about it too–

Ruki: *snoring*

Kai: (giggling) don’t fall asleep!

(everyone starts giggling again)

Uruha: “But it just puts too much pressure on me and I really don’t like it, so I don’t want to accept it. Food that I buy with my own money is less stressful, and it tastes better…Is this my Dark Side?”

(everyone especially Kai lOsEs iT)



Uruha: Man that was hard even tho I was the one reading it I didn’t get it…

Reita: Okay so it’s like because of some trauma she has from her dad she thinks being treated equals you have to do what they say so she doesn’t wanna be treated–

Ruki: *snoring*

(Everyone dies laughing)

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: Okay but where she lost me is like, when she says she can’t enjoy the food, but do you already know if you’re getting treated or not before the end of the meal? …..What y'all think

(Kai and Uruha laugh)

Uruha: What, like, “you pay today”?

Reita: Well like, don’t you usually find out after eating who’s gonna pay?

Aoi: Well, yeah, you’re right

Reita: So wouldn’t she not know she was gonna get treated?

Kai: Yeah, but I think she already has that feeling

Reita: She’s in treat mode!!!!

Kai: Treat mode!!!

Uruha: Hmm…..

Aoi: Well, it’s kinda rude [of Reita] to say it like that.

Reita: Yeah I kinda…thought that too

(Kai dying in background)

Reita: I thought, that’s rude!

(Everyone laughing)

Aoi: I mean, she must have been treated a few times before, right?

Reita: Yes…

Aoi: Let’s just leave it at that.

Reita: I’m sorry!

Aoi: The radio is something we make together, you know. 

Reita: I’m sorry!

(there’s a pause and then Ruki says something but I can’t catch but everyone starts laughing, it’s something like u done fucked up on the last show)

Uruha: So, does this person have a Dark Side?

Aoi: I think she was just surrounded by bad people. The people around her were just that kinda person [who thinks they can tell u what to do bc they pay for u]…like, I don’t feel that, I feel like that’s arrogant

Reita: Right!? Like, I don’t even need u to thank me!!!

Ruki: Ah-! I just remembered something kinda similar…u know like…when you go out to eat with a kohai…you pay right?

Hoes: yeh

Ruki: But they try to pay too, you know? So I was like, show me ur wallet fam…and I looked and there was nothing in it… (why is this man so savage)

Kai: Oh, he just wanted to make the gesture kinda thing?

Uruha: That’s cute though!! …But is it really important that kohais offer to pay anyway..? Should they…? I mean, if a senpai is there…

Aoi: Well, I don’t need them to, but…

Ruki: Idk, in some cases is might come off as rude? [if they don’t offer]

Uruha: Ahh ur right…

Reita: But also I hate going back and forth a bunch of times.

Ruki: Ahh yeh

Reita: Like if I offer to pay just lemme pay

Uruha: Just be like “thx” right?

Aoi: I think it depends on the first time you go out. If the senpai was like, “let’s split the bill,” I’ll keep paying [next time]

Reita: Oooooh

Uruha: Aaaaah

Reita: I see

Uruha: Yeh for sure

Reita: Man it’s hard eh

Uruha: But isn’t it cuter if the kohai’s just like, “thank u!!!!” [just accepts]

Reita: Aww ya, when they depend on u like, “pls cud I have some more food???”

Aoi: Yes well we want them to eat lots until they’re full~!

Reita: Yes~!

(I translated what Rei said as depend on but another meaning of the word he used is when u act like a spoiled baby lmao so I guess he thinks that’s cute)

(LADIES if papa aoi n rei take u out to eat ask them to order lots of food for u and then let them pay)


• “you’re dumb”
• “thanks, i know im handsome”
• “what-”
• all the members cannot stand you but then again when they’re stressed they just call you guys over and it just fixes up their moods
• mark hates both of you
• no exception
• y'all are annoying
• “aYOMURK.”
• taeyong cannot stop sighing around the two of you
• you know why.
• i know you know why.
• “your crush is coming!”
• “be natural- BOOMING SYSTEM UH UH”
• donghyuck thinks memes are dumb
• until he finds one that he thinks is funny.
• then it’s the golden meme and he’s sending it to you every 5 minutes.
• “i love you”
• “thanks, i love me too”
• you guys play really stupid games with really intense punishments.
• like, rock paper scissors where the loser GETS THEIR ASS BEAT.
• no one likes you guys but then again everybody likes you guys and it’s honestly like, same.
• OK but why do you guys seem like the type of couple who’d do the-
• “finish the heart”
• //sends a pic of middle finger
• it really catches him off guard when you call him haechan
• who is haechan.
• you guys literally, SING YOUR LUNGS OUT, TO FIRETRUCK. LIKE. FROM THE “GET IT LIFTED” TO THE “SOBANGCHA” part like it gets so intense
• you guys are both literally the smallest little babies OK LIKE DO NOT EVEN DENY. Y'ALL AREN’T EVEN LEGAL YET.
• not innocent tho
• what is innocence? :“)
• little tiny pecks on the cheek and the lips when no one’s looking bc no one needs tO KnOW.
• you ask donghyuck to sing you to sleep.
• he always replies the same way
• “oh my god shut up and go to sleep im growing and i don’t NEED YOU KEEPING ME UP BYE.”
• but rare days where he just feels a lil, just a tiny bit, clingy, he sings to you.
• but no he doesn’t sing romantic songs or lullabies
• he sings “booming system uh uh, ty track”
• cue taeyong yelling at both of you because you guys are laughing so hard and he’s just, doNE.
• you take his sweaters and hoodies
• he doesn’t even care
• you’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know that it’s his.
• donghyuck doesn’t act like it bc HE’S SUCH A SLY LIL DJDJ#&/*
• jeno always tells you how much donghyuck likes you but you just shrug it off and you’re like “idk, i like him a lot, though.”
• he really likes you honestly.
• you guys don’t talk about life till 5 am
• you guys talk about mermaids and whether or not they may or may not exist. till 3 am. bc you guys are growing. don’t you dare skip out on sleep, bad kids.
• you guys watch conspiracy theories ALL THE TIME.
• pretty sure harambe was a social experiment made by aliens living in a different dimension where the earth was taken over and created into a monarchy by the aliens to see how humans in a parallel universe would react to such an event.
• yeah. you guys are weird.
• ok so a really long time ago when you guys were both like, grade schoolers.
• well one day. donghyuck was sitting out on the bench because he sprained his ankle and no one sat down with him and he was just kicking sand with his feet.
• you walked over to him and smiled “hi.”
• “what do U want?” boy was he in a bad mood that he couldn’t play tag with everyone else.
• “i want to play with you!”
• “don’t you see that i can’t play?”
• “i can sit down and talk to you!”
• and that you did.
• donghyuck, the sarcastic, logistical, baby boy who loved running and laughing, was sitting down and talking to you and enjoyed it.
• “when i grow up, i want to sing on a big stage!”
• you smiled and nodded “im sure you can do it.”
• esp jaemin
• jaemin did not even care about donghyuck. he flat out told you that donghyuck liked you but you didn’t believe him.
• and yuta
• yuta has no filter when it comes to hyuck.
• donghyuck denied it
• until one day you two were sitting down enjoying your ice cream on a bench near the lake when were like “donghyuck, damn it-”
• and just, went for it and kissed him
• a gently one
• and donghyuck dropped his ice cream and then you pulled back and started blushing and let out a small “JSFJFJGJG WHY DID I JUST DO THAT UM-”
• but donghyuck then gave you a small peck on your lips to “calm u down” but it didn’t work it kinda made you freak out even more
• like. not in kisses, not in hugs, in actual money.
• he took back the $2.34 he spent on that ice cream cone.
• classic donghyuck for ya
• you guys do a lot of walking together
• you guys walk to school together
• walk to restaurants
• walk to stores
• walk to nearby lakes and parks
• waLks.
• he tries to teach you how to dance and sing
• tries
• what is reading the book before the movie
• what is not collecting every piece of merchandise of your boyfriend
• what is a proper meal and not fast food
• what even is donghyuck.


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Hc for overprotective Jungkook because his boyfriend Jimin is such an angel <3

//at school everyone knows jimin is the one you have to go to if you want help with your homework.

//jimin is indeed an angel. he doesn’t seem to mind when people approach him asking for help. he smiles kindly, allows them to sit beside him and explains things casually.

//the problem with jimin is that he doesn’t know how to say no, or differentiate between someone who truly needs help and someone who is taking advantage of his kindness. so when people cross the line and ask him to do their homework with some shitty excuse he seems to not have it on him to say no.

//and then it’s where jungkook comes around. people know that if you mess with jimin you are about to pay the consequences by jungkook’s hand.

//whenever jimin is sitting with someone to help with homework jungkook sits there with them. he usually glares at the strange but just listens as jimin explains things. he doesn’t mind not having jimin’s attention, after all he looks the cutest when concentrated with his glasses sliding down the slope of his nose, but he hates when others take advantage of his caring boyfriend.

//if jungkook senses the other isn’t listening or allowing jimin do the whole work he steps up, says something to make the other feel uncomfortable until they feel the need to flee, leaving behind a pouty jimin (bc “i didn’t finish my explanation”) and a satisfied jungkook (bc “they can go fuck themselves, hyung”)

//those who were at first forcing jimin to do their homework now run away at the sight of him. not because jimin would refuse, but because jungkook is right behind him shooting draggers at them (maybe jungkook also threatened and told them to just….fuck off)

//there are times that people ask jimin for money to buy food at the canteen. jimin isn’t rich, but the others always promise to give the money back and jimin gives in because if he were the one to need the money during a period of staravion he would love to have someone kind to help.

//the problem is no one ever returns the money….or they didn’t. when jungkook discovered it he went to those opportunists to ask for jimin’s money, and you can’t say no to a glaring jungkook (for real, don’t or you gonna have nightrmares until you die)

//jungkook drives jimin home every day on his shitty second-hand car. when his hand isn’t on the steering wheel or the gear stick it’s on jimin’s thigh or tangled with jimin’s fingers. jungkook always feels the need to have jimin close.

//”you know, you don’t have to glare at everyone who approaches me”
“i know…but everyone tries to take advantage of you and i feel the need to protect you.”
“are you my knight on shinning armor, gguk?”
“uh….yeah, i guess…?”
“i love you so much, you dummy”
“i love you too…”

au where jack plays football and bitty’s still a hockey player

in the form of my chat with @brandnewfashion bc honestly i’m way too lazy to reformat this.

(interspersed with random mentions of cornbread and the preds v pens game)


anyway so

i was thinking last night before i fall asleep

as i often do

au where jack plays football and bitty plays hockey




jack decided to go for football bc he wanted to get away from the whole hockey prodigy thing

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Could you possibly elaborate on the whole "Farkle discovering the patriarchy" situation? Thank you ever so much.

omfg okay do I need to put a warning for ~biological feminine situations~ or can people be mature? They can? Rad.

I’m setting this in 10th grade but before Farkle and Riley start dating.

  • Okay so it’s a normal Saturday night, Farkle’s home alone and is just chilling on his laptop. It’s like…Maybe 8:30
  • He was alone on a Saturday because The Flannels were on some away game or something and Riley and Maya had the Matthews’ apartment to themselves allll weekend and made a big deal about having a Girls Weekend
  • So suddenly he gets a text from Riley right
  • “How much do you love us??”
  • So he just sighs and responds “What are you gonna make me do now?” because the girls only use that line when they want something lol
  • “MASSIVE EMERGENCY. CODE RED. My whole family is gone.”
  • “Yeah, I know, that’s why you’re having a girls night???”
  • “Literally what are you talking about?”
  • “Code Red??? Periods, dumbass. We have been caught off guard and are now trapped and dying. Can you run to the drugstore for us?”
  • “NO???”
  • “Maya says to tell you that if you don’t save us she’ll come to your house and free bleed on everything you love.”
  • “If she can get to my house she can get to a CVS???”
  • “FARKLE.”
  • “RILEY.”
  • “You were so much more chivalrous in middle school.”
  • “12 year old me would’ve fainted in the tampon isle and you know it.”
  • “Farkle I cannot just bleed all over my house all weekend. Be the hero I know you are.”
  • “Ugh”
  • “We’ll let you sleepover and stay for girls weekend??? We have the ability to order you a pizza with banana peppers and extra garlic right now.”
  • “If you’re trying to bribe me right now then I better be receiving a DAMN GOOD mani-pedi in the morning.”
  • “Of course! So you’ll do it???”
  • “I’m literally already halfway to the drugstore calm down woman I left the second you said Code Red😂😂😂😂“
  • “Wait what??? Then why were you pretending you weren’t gonna help???”
  • “Because now I’m getting pizza and a mani-pedi??😂“
  • “…I hate you but Maya seems to be more grudgingly impressed.”
  • “I tend to have that effect on a lot of people.”
  • “Asshole.”
  • “She says to the boy who’s supposedly saving her life. Okay, are there like specifics I need to look for here or…?”
  • So she gives him the specifics bc Maya likes tampons but Riley feels safer in pads because everyone is different~
  • Okay so Farkle gets to the store and he’s looking for the isle right
  • And he finds it and
  • “wtf Riley why are these boxes like 10 bucks each???”
  • “Oh don’t worry Farkle we’ll pay you back when you get here!!”
  • “No??? You will not??? Omfg do you actually have to spend $10 dollars every month on pressed cotton or whatever it is???”
  • “Actually I usually go through two packs each month so $20. But I can just get the other pack later it’s fine.”
  • “…Farkle darling calm down.”
  • “I am calm but???? This is so dumb????”
  • “Listen I fully agree with that sentiment but if you could hurry up a little that’d be great??”
  • Except now our young Minkus is looking around the rest of the ~Lady Aisle~
  • And he’s seeing all the razors and shampoo and conditioner and shave gel and deodorant and everything else and he’s like…wtf
  • “Riley was is EVERYTHING so overpriced in this aisle????”
  • “Because it’s the women’s aisle???? Our lives are overpriced????”
  • “But???? WHY????”
  • “Bruh did you really not know about this???”
  • “Is this a common thing holy shit??”
  • “Why?”
  • “Possibly???? I don’t know????”
  • “Why am I only noticing this weird pricing now tho???”
  • “You’re a white boy who’s part of the 1% sweetie the patriarchy exists for you.”
  • “oh????”
  • “But no babe it’s always been like this???”
  • “Like?? Everything is cheaper in the men’s aisle how does that make sense to anyone??”
  • “IT DOESN’T”
  • “THEN WHY????”
  • “SEXISM.”
  • “Those tampons you’re buying are taxed too”
  • “HOW????”
  • “They’re viewed as a luxury product or something idk man.”
  • “WHY THEN”
  • And then Riley is just telling him all this shitty stuff and Farkle is just standing in this aisle in a drug store getting his ass educated and he’s getting more and more frustrated and pissed off omfg
  • Like people walking down the aisle are lowkey getting afraid they just see this 15 year old boy texting furiously fast with a huge scowl on his face and sometimes his eyebrows will shoot up in surprise only to quickly knit themselves back together in anger
  • Riley’s listing everything she and Maya can think of he’s standing there for like 10 minutes omfg
  • “How much underwear can you get with $50???”
  • “Like???? A lot???? Packs of 5 only cost like 3 bucks????”
  • “I went to Arie the other day with a $50 gift card and I was able to purchase exactly 1 bra and 2 pairs of underwear.”
  • “W H A T.”
  • “EXACTLY.”
  • Maya and Riley are just. screaming back at home bc finally someone is getting this
  • But eventually it gets to a point where they gotta be “Kay Farkle we sent you out 20 minutes ago we REALLY need the stuff now”
  • “Honey I know and when you get here we can scream about it in person and then Maya and I can give you all different examples of patriarchal capitalism and the 3 of us can spend the night in blissful righteous fury like we were always meant to I promise but please calm down enough to buy the goods??”  
  • “What else can there be besides what you’ve spent the last 10 minutes ranting to me about holy shit???”
  • “Like…They make girls pants with fake pockets so they can sell us handbags.”
  • “…FUCK.”
  • “Maya and I can think of more examples while you’re on your way here okay pumpkin? Will that make you feel better?”
  • “What would make me feel better is knowing my two best friends don’t have to overpay because of their gender???”
  • “Well, hate to break it to you honey, but that’s been going on for a while. For literally all women. I’m sure the pay gap doesn’t help the situation either.”
  • “PAY GAP???”
  • “Oh HONEY.”
  • And now Riley’s just sending a barrage of texts like “Farkly take a deep breathe”, “Sweetheart just hurry up okay” stuff like that but he’s not even opening them this is the first time he has like 6 ignored texts from Riley Matthews but now he’s busy
  • He gets what he came here for- and grabs two extra boxes so he could save them a later trip like Riley mentioned- and now he’s rushing around the store right
  • He gets like 3 cartons of ice cream omfg cookie dough and mint chocolate chip and vanilla. He grabs a box of tissues and a DVD of ‘The Proposal’ on sale
  • He gets a big bag of m&m’s, a huge Hershey’s Special Dark bar, and a couple packs of those over priced Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate chip cookies omfg
  • He also gets some motrin and a 2 liter bottle of that super sugary blue raspberry soda that looks like it’s 98% percent chemicals and is the girls’ guilty pleasure
  • Slams it all down at the register and it’s a girl ringing him up, she looks like she’s maybe 20, she just sees all this and sees the anger in Farkle’s eye’s and smiles sadly and nods at him omfg
  • He nods back as he takes his bags and she fucking salutes him as he walks out of the store
  • Okay so the girls are in the apartment desperately texting Farkle because the food they ordered just got here and they can’t keep it up with the toilet paper stuffing much longer they have to change that shit every few minutes
  • Suddenly Riley gets a text from Farkle and she’s hoping it’s gonna say ‘buzz me up’ but instead:
  • So they’re screaming in panic because their pet dork was in trouble and they can’t help???
  • “F U C K”
  • “I KNOW”
  • He’s rushing to the apartment and sure he’s shaken up but he’s laughing. Riley’s staring at his messages with her mouth hanging open in shock and Maya’s on the floor laughing omfg
  • Riley turns to Maya and starts to say “He’s gotta be joking about this, right?” when immediately Farkle kicks the door open
  • His jacket is ripped and his hairs messed up. His nose is bleeding looks broken and there are a few small cuts the look like they definitely could’ve come from a knife omfg
  • But he puffs out his fucking chest and tosses all the bags onto the couch and just yells “I. P R O V I D E.”
  • The girls are shrieking with hysterics omfg
  • Once they get situated so they’re no longer free bleeding they try to clean Farkle up a little bit and Maya makes a crack like “This is what happens when you become aware of the patriarchy” omg
  • They’re also extremely grateful for everything he went out of his way to buy and are trying to pay him back and he’s not hearing it omfg
  • “Farkle this bill goes over 100 dollars we’re paying you back” “If you try I’d just use the money to buy you more shit okay leave it alone.”
  • They finally give up lol
  • They can’t get his nose to stop bleeding tho and suddenly Riley gasps in realization and throws a fucking tampon at him
  • He groans but finds it actually works quite well
  • Maya took a picture of him and he flipped off the camera lol
  • Okay so Riley’s like ‘scream about patriarchal capitalism now or later?’  and they look at the giant mountain of food they have- the girls ordered two pizzas, cheesy bread, and garlic knots, plus everything Farkle had brought lol.
  • Farkle just sighs and says “Pass me the Goddamn cheesy bread and get Ryan Reynolds beautiful face on the television pronto, it’s been a long fucking night.”
  • “Sweetheart it’s been, like, 40 minutes…”
  • “Long. Fucking. Night.”
  • So they settle in for a night trying to relax while watching romcoms and eating way more than they should lol
  • Maya gets all the screenshots of Riley’s convo with Farkle and jokingly posts them, and the picture of him she took, online and titles it ‘Farkle Minkus Discovers The Patriarchy And Immediately Gets Mugged’ lmao
  • She puts her phone away for the rest of the night and doesn’t think about it again as she and her two best friends cuddle with each other and try to eat themselves to death
  • So the next morning Riley and Maya are doing all their Girls Day activities they already planned- spa, movies, mani-pedis, they were trying to be super cliché you know- except now they have Farkle with them lol
  • They don’t mind having him there at all and as worked up as he got last night, some relaxation could potentially save his life rn
  • So like halfway throughout the day, they’ve stopped at a Starbucks before heading to the movies, Maya realizes she hasn’t checked her phone all day
  • So she pulls it out and
  • She has so many notifications??? wth
  • She checks what going on and realizes with a gasp. Holy shit. The post with all the screenshots went viral.
  • She didn’t even tell Riley and Farkle she posted them in the first place omfg she’s trying to explain this to them
  • It’s literally already become a meme. People are using the picture of beaten up, middle finger throwing, scowling Farkle with a tampon sticking out of his nose as a reaction meme h o l y s h i t
  • Some people are just quoting some of the things he said for meme joke purposes
  • The three of them are just quietly screaming in Starbucks omfg
  • It progressively gets bigger omfg
  • Like some news outlets are talking that it shed a great light on sexism and shit
  • And how teenage boys/some men in general can be oblivious to things like this until it literally slaps them in the face
  • Also everyone just found his reaction very amusing and a little sweet lol
  • So yeah like it eventually dies down but it was definitely a thing for a while omfg
  • All his selfies on Instagram were suddenly full of comments “HE PROVIIIIDES” lol
  • When Farkle grows up and gets into politics he bans the tax on feminine products lmao
  • So yeah that’s the time Farkle got his ass educated, got mugged, and then the OT3 accidently started a meme
  • My beautiful children

Ok y'all so this happened literally probably 2 hours ago so I’m still fucking shook but omg I have to share this. So today started out as just a regular day at the mall with my lifting partner. I knew I wanted some concealer and a beauty blender and I had that in mind but we hit up American Eagle on a whim. It was my first time trying a hook and trying AE but I walked out with the 2 of the cutest pink shirts and a navy jacket and I was feeling prettyyy fuckin good about myself, feelin verryyyy confident at this point. I felt so proud I walked right into Sephora with no worries. I grabbed what I wanted, tested some shit out ( I tested the YSL Touché Eclat concealer btw and holy shit, dark circles? Gone. Lack of sleep? Erased. That shit was the BOMB) Anyways I head to the back where the haircare stuff is bc no one was there and begin to conceal. I put in a lip gloss and I try to put in my beauty blender but it gets fucking STUCK in the opening of my bag. But I guess the haircare isle wasn’t as empty as I thought bc right as I’m pushing the beauty blender in my bag an SA fucking swoops in around the corner at like 1000 mph asking “Can I help you with anything!” And in a split second her eyes dart down to my hand pushing the beauty blender in my bag and she almost freezes,her smile fades and she looks back up at me. I kid you not guys my heart fucking DROPPED. I immediately thought “FUCK FUCK FUCK ABORT MISSION ABORT!!”“ I say no thank you but she still stares at me but eventually leaves. My heart starts racing and I can feel myself turning red as I look at dry shampoo to try to play it off. But from the corner of my eye I see her fucking just standing there, staring dead at me. She comes up and is like “yeah I love this dry shampoo it’s really great.” And she goes on about it and we kinda talk about dry shampoos but the vibe was so fucking weird the whole time. I was pretending like I was interested but you could cut the tension with a knife, I could clearly tell she was onto me. I ask if there’s any like samples of the dry shampoo and says she could check and really quickly and half assed “checks” for it. (She didn’t really check, I know she didn’t want to leave me alone) and she comes back and says the words of death “would you like a bag for your items.” I say sure and she gives me one and I ditch that area fast as fuck I’m tryna get outta thereeee. But was I’m making my way around I hear her talking to another SA and I see them communicating from my peripheral vision and by then I knew I was fucked bc all the SA’s knew what was up at that point. Now I’m starting to feel helpless like a fucking cornered animal bc now I’m surrounded by SA’s who know I was caught red handed. I could literally FEEL all their eyes on me. Then the manager comes up and is like “Can I help you with anything?!” Mind you her eyes are darting down from my bag and back up to me. Looking back on it it’s pretty funny how hard she tried to remain eye contact and fake smile when all she wanted to do was look in my bag😂 I couldn’t even muster up a smile back I felt so cornered and uncomfortable. So I give my bag to an SA who I could tell wasn’t suspicious of me, she was chill, and I get like a cheap little sample of the lip injection lip gloss and pay for it at the register. I know you don’t have to buy little things to seem less suspicious when you lift but I was caught red fucking handed and I felt like I had no choice :/ thank fucking god I brought money and my Sephora insider card bc it made me look like I was actually planning to spend money there. And right as I’m paying guess who I see staring dead at me from a cross the counter?? The same fucking blonde SA that caught me in the first place. Fuck you bitch🖕🏼🖕🏼I know you’re just trying to do your job, but could you do it a little worse IM TRYING TO FUCKING ROB YOUU! Lmfao so yeah, I leave the Sephora feeling embarrassed af. I tell my partner what happened and she asked if I wanted to go to lush then bc I was planning to go but at that point my mood was already crushed. And yeah guys that’s the story… I’m NEVER fucking hitting up that Sephora again….ever. My confidence in Sephora has dropped dramatically after today but I still want their shit!!! Ahh I really wanted that concealer!! 😤 Maybe I’ll try the online fraud method?? Idk. But yeah I’m watching crime shows and eating vegan brownies to comfort my self now lol. I need it after that blow to my confidence. Hope you enjoyed my story y'all. If you take anything from this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware of you surroundings before you conceal. Turns out my blind spot wasn’t such a blind spot after all bc I didn’t scope the area well enough and there happened to be an SA right around the corner. Learn from my mistakes! Sending my positive lifting vibes your way! Stay safe and much love XoXo 💕

professionalpenthief  asked:

where did ginaxrosa shipping start? and why? (not that i am against it but i just... never considered!?! it)

gina x rosa shipping started because Gina is the driving force behind 80% of Rosa’s laughs and 98% of Rosa’s smiles.

And when Rosa smiles because of Gina-related reasons, there’s a softer touch to those smiles, and they’re I-can’t-help-but-smile smiles.

Gina can get Rosa to laugh her head off. Big, genuine laughs that make Rosa’s head tilt up. Like when Gina tossed a stapler at Charles (2x22 cold open)

Gina and Rosa are different people but have things in common that draw them to each other. Like how they’re both people you don’t want to cross. Gina and Rosa are scary and you don’t want to mess with them. Gina uses her words and spirit, Rosa gives you one look and you know she could beat you up and you’ll thank her.

This scariness that Rosa and Gina have are what makes them so evenly matched. They won’t back down from a fight, ever, but weirdly you see them letting each other get away with stuff that they’d castrate someone else for.

For example, remember when Rosa almost murdered Hitchcock and Scully because they stole her moose tracks ice cream????

Guess what happened in thanksgiving episode 1x10. It’s not blatantly obvious, but Gina’s holding (and assumably, drinking) coffee from a cup clearly labeled ‘ROSA’. And Rosa does nothing.

Gina and Rosa are also shown to have a special, deeper kind of bond that we see through several (albeit occasionally subtle) instances.

Whenever Gina’s being Gina- see 1x16 and 2x07, Rosa’s being made to babysit and stop her from freaking people out/stealing/talking to people at parties. This could mean one or even both of two things:

1) Only Rosa can handle Gina because everyone else is too weak to go against her- ergo they are evenly matched

2) People know that Rosa’s the person Gina will most likely listen to- alluding to their deeper connection and understanding of each other

Another show of Gina and Rosa’s deeper connection is how they’re often on the same side. They like to judge, make fun of, and bully people together. They also seem to enjoy standing/sitting next to each other, (sometimes way too close more than they need to be eg. charges and specs 1x22) both of them crossing their arms (mirroring each other, which is like a couple thing/i’m-attracted-to-you thing)

They’ve also teamed up to solve Holt’s island riddle together and protested against turkey murder together. They also locked amy in the boot of a car- and walked off together laughing

They also really care about each other, for example when Rosa was being all guilty knowing she was prob going to have to shoot Charles down in 1x13 and hiding Gina NOTICED that Rosa was hiding away and even asked her why with a pretty confused/concerned looking face. Also, when Rosa got sick Gina prepared a pretty elaborate care package for her so she would get well (and please Gina who you tryna play here acting like Terry paid u/if he really did pay u pls putting the care package together prob took more money than the $20 you claimed Terry gave you)

AND THEN Rosa proceeded to smile so widely all touched by what Gina did for her!!!

And Gina put Rosa in her WILL if that doesn’t say “you’re important to me” idk what is. And the fact that those two jaguars making love is prob a representation of them is something else altogether

Rosa cares about Gina too, duh. But Rosa’s care comes more in the form of protectiveness, like when she placed her arm behind Gina ensuring she got out of the room safely before Rosa when the turkey got loose and tried to attack them. Rosa also put in a lot of security measures in place when Gina got robbed (although amy was involved too and Holt told them Gina was scared, but lbr Rosa’s protect-gina instincts got turned on full blast when she found out Gina was scared did you hear the conviction in her voice when she said “we are (going to keep you safe)”????)

Speaking of the turkey, Gina and Rosa get each other. When they protested against the turkey murder and Rosa saw Gina about to flip everyone off she joined right in. They know each other pretty well too. Gina knows Rosa’s likes (old movies, someone called 'the vulture’, etc.) and dislikes, and she can very accurately interpret what a Rosa action means. (Like when Rosa said 'bye’ to Marcus)

Also, Gina and Rosa seem to show interest in each other.

Like when Gina accidentally texted “sup Rosa” to Amy and that was in 2009 when she first joined the nine nine as civilian administrator so obviously Gina was trying to hit on Rosa and has prob been flirting with Rosa for eight years.

Part of their interest in each other includes attraction of course. In the episode where they let Gina interrogate a perp, Rosa looks overly interested in watching Gina forcefully question the perp and even when captain Holt wants to stop Gina Rosa doesn’t want it to stop. Also when Rosa unveils her sword in 3x23 as torture equipment Gina looks very turned on no offense

Also Gina is very obviously jealous of Adrian. She only started acting hostile towards him after Rosa started dating him, and please be reminded that this is the same Gina that didn’t even put her phone down when Adrian held a knife to Jake, her childhood bestie and oldest friend’s throat.

But Adrian dates Rosa and suddenly it’s “screw you adrian you’re not allowed to stay at Charles’s house” and “oh yeah ur right Adrian listen to the universe you should totally not marry Rosa!!” And the day before/on the day he was supposed to marry Rosa Gina doesn’t even let Adrian have candy wow Rude

After Rosa’s bachelorette party, Gina elopes with some cashier (prob a lady) and it’s likely that she was trying to escape from reality bc running away with someone you just met (although Gina was drunk) is not something you do if you’re super happy your friend is engaged, no matter how drunk you are, and no matter how Gina you are

Finally: Babylon

Dude if “has secret bathroom they don’t tell anyone about that they work super hard on to make nice” doesn’t scream “domESTIC” to you then idk what to say mate

(Also Rosa bringing Gina to Babylon for the first time bc Gina got sick is another example of how Rosa cares about Gina!!!)

Besides the implications of sharing a secret private place, Gina has a very violent reaction when Rosa wants to tell Boyle about Babylon (and Rosa asking Gina about it beforehand is like- wife asking wife for permission to bring friend over to house), and wants to keep it a private thing between the both of them

“Babylon’s our secret place! It’s the best thing in my life.” -if this doesn’t touch u even a little idk what will

I get why some people might not ship gina x rosa just by watching the show. Some of this stuff is put across in pretty subtle ways, and the things they say/know about each other aren’t always treated as a big deal by the show/are throwaway lines. Some things you see between Gina and Rosa like the coffee thing and the putting hand on back thing is something you can only catch by pausing the episode at the right time. Also many Rosa laughs/smiles in response to something Gina does or says is usually in the background, and you may not catch it if you aren’t paying attention to the squad’s reactions to each other

Are we grasping for straws when we ship gina x rosa? No we r not they r perfect but also the show needs to give us more gina x rosa because this is a ship that has so much potential

Chelsea Peretti and Stephanie Beatriz seem to be putting in effort to make gina x rosa work with their acting so not shipping it = ur not appreciating Stephanie taking the effort to smile so tenderly at stuff Chelsea says as Gina

AND Jake/Amy are a pretty stable couple now, so it’s definitely in your interest to start devoting your heart to gina x rosa too!! Why let one ship slay you when you can let two ships slay you

TL;DR- Gina and Rosa would make the perfect power couple that rules over the Nine-Nine which can nicely balance out cinnamon roll couple Jake and Amy! Sign up to be a gina x rosa shipper today!! All we want in exchange is your soul!!

Yesterday I must’ve seen something about one more super successful Patreon and became salty, or, idk, I’ve no idea what triggered me so much, but I really was all red and hot with rage. :’D So I went and snapped a fucking photo of our half empty fridge. This rage (and following jumpy mood bc I was nervous about people’s reaction) made my blood pressure shoot up, I couldn’t fall asleep for good 4 hours after that, and even after catching some Zzz’s I still don’t feel well physically, but if it was a necessary sacrifice in order to make that post, let it be.

I’m sorry that I had to reveal the ugly truth and tell details about my everyday life in order to prove why exactly Patreon is so important to me.

People’s reaction varied, I don’t pay too much attention to the exact follower number, but I could swear there was a few unfollowers. Well.. Let the life judge them. *unkind smile* At least I didn’t get any hate messages, I was ready (and armed) even for that. If I must, I will not sugarcoat the facts and tell how exactly my life is, if it’s required for people to finally pay attention.

Maybe it’s easy to get tricked by all the colorful and cute drawings and derpy posts, one may think I’m okay because I don’t talk about my troubles. *big nod at Aketan* It must be easy to disregard a patreon sign on every drawing of mine, posts about monthly rewards, polls, whatsoever. Maybe I really had to show you WHY EXACTLY I need patrons. I told it numerous times, but nothing was as effective as yesterday’s post.

People live with families, have parents and friends to back them up, can work full-time after all. My ass isn’t covered by anyone except my patrons. I live on my own (with an artist buddy on the same conditions) and my income directly depends on how much I draw monthly. I may have several illnesses that I don’t know about because visiting a doctor in my country does more bad than good. It’s a separate topic. Anywho, I have a weak, unstable body, so I can’t work like a horse. I’m doing my best to keep your dashboards alive and filled with cute drawings, despite everything.

I figured out that people acquired a habit of ignoring posts containing “patreon”, “help”, etc. So I kinda had to go full ham in order to draw attention. Sorry if it’s too much, this post is a roundup and is the last one.

Now to the good news!

On top of that, I received several donations via Paypal. I feel.. Words can’t express it! It’s like you gave up on completing a task that proved being impossible for you, and on the last try.. Bam.. It all goes smooth.. You finally did it.

It’s not covering my entire rent bill, but is already a huge help. It shows that you guys care, and have my back. Thank you so much for that. I’m deeply moved because I also received a lot of kind messages, caring, encouraging, and just distracting with pleasant talks. That’s exactly what I needed yesterday.

I’ll reblog the main patreon post and the fridge post once again on monday, to make sure that no one missed it. But I’m already feeling much better and safer in terms on money. Hopefully we can reach the next few goals, then I won’t have to worry about money ever again. This was a heavy burden that laid on my shoulders for months now, I was anxious and felt a giant pressure. Not the perfect working conditions for an artist, right. I’ve had an artblock for so long now that I don’t remember how it was before. But I’ve gathered my last energy to push through it, and am determined to change things for better. This’s only possible with your help.

ninczeniks  asked:


Okay 1st of all I am super duper sorry this took literally forever to get out to you Allie!!!!! Okay so I’m finnally just finishing this off i have been working on this forever and it has NOT been helping that it keeps getting deleted. But here’s sum headcanons frien!!!! :D

  • Okay so I was thinking and I had this rlly amazing idea that Hearth is an author
  • Okay like srsly that boy can write
  • So idk if any of y’all had experience with this, but I find that it’s actually a LOT easier to write in cafes like Starbucks and stuff
  • Idk the whole atmosphere kinda just sets the mood
  • And there are a lot less distractions
  • Plus u can get all the hot beverages u like so…..
  • So ye as u kinda guessed Hearth goes into a small run down coffee shop every day after work (lol I was just thinking he probably works at a school or something maybe as something small or something like a janitor or one of the ppl that serve the kids lunch and most ppl don’t pay attention to him but the highlight of his day is seeing Magnus, Sam, and Alex at the school and talking to them (fight me on this)) and he just sits and writes in the little coffee shop. If he has enough money, he’ll get a small coffee or something but really he’s just there bc it’s the only place that get’s him into the creative mood
  • Now let’s get to the good stuff
  • So Blitzen’s family (actually mostly just him and his mom Freya) owns the coffee shop and stuff
  • Blitzen usually isn’t there much bc he has another part time job at a vintage clothing store or something idk
  • But ye so one day Hearth is at the coffee shop and literally before he even walked into the door he was writing bc my gods an idea has been itching at him all day as soon as he left he started writing and he was pretty much just writing in his notebook as he walked down to the cafe (it rlly close to the school and the cafe is close to his house)
  • Soooo y’know he’s walking into the cafe and his head is bent low over his notebook that’s pretty much falling apart
  • And like, if u aren’t paying attention u kinda can run into ppl
  • So he’s writing
  • And he runs full into another man who is shorter than him
  • Now his hands are frantically moving in an apology and both of them dropped a ton of papers and Hearth is desperately trying to clean them up
  • Now Blitzen doesn’t know sign language, keep in mind
  • So he’s trying to talk to Hearth but Hearth doesn’t say anything and he has no idea why he won’t say anything
  • Hearth gives him back his papers and tries to rush away but more embarrassingly um…. his already loose scarf catches on Blitz’s satchel
  • Oh gods he’s blushing SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD
  • So ye um he hurriedly grabs his stuff and leaves Blitz and Blitz goes to his job away from the cafe trying not to think about how handsome the tall stranger was
  • (Hearth is also having these thoughts but he doesn’t have time to think about them BC HE NEEDS TO WRITE LIKE RIGHT NOW OKAY)
  • Okay so Hearth opens the notebook
  • And he isn’t met with writing
  • Or black and white
  • Nope
  • He is met with a ton of bright colours
  • there is literally no lines on the page at all
  • Bc it isn’t his notebook with his story
  • Its a book full of fashion designs
  • SO um ya I mean, Hearth finds himself falling in love with the designs but he doesn’t know how he will get his notebook back so he’s kinda like “oh schnitzel” and knows that the handsome stranger has his book
  • Meanwhile, Blitz doesn’t notice until he gets back to the coffee shop that evening and opens his book to color the dress he was designing
  • Now ofc he confused but he starts reading
  • And like y’know how u can kinda tell what a person is like through writing???? Like I mean i guess y’all can tell im super uber weird from what I write and ye you kinda get a feel of what the person is and who they are
  • So like not only does Blitz fall in love with the characters and the writing style but he falls in love with the person behind the words and frick he’s in love with a random person that he doesn’t even know who it is
  • Oops
  • Now the next day Blitz stays at the coffee shop all day to see if anyone is looking for the book
  • And he knows that they probably have his book bc they both look the same
  • And when he thinks about it more he realizes it’s probably Hearth who has it
  • And then he dies bc wow Heart is hot as hell
  • His mom thinks that something is wrong with him
  • But he’s just a lovesick puppy
  • And then finnally after work Hearth comes into the coffee shop and him and Blitz lock eyes
  • Blitz immediately walks up to him and holds out the notebook
  • “I think we grabbed the wrong one,” he says with a laugh
  • Hearth grabs the book, blushing and gives Blitz his
  • Then Blitz asks if he wants to talk or something but ofc Hearth doesn’t hear him
  • And Blitz is trying to get his attention and then grabs his arm
  • Hearth looks up blushing rlly hard
  • Hearth reads his lips and knows he’s saying “You want me to get you a coffee?” Hearth nods his head
  • Blitz makes them both sum coffee and they both sit at the back of the room
  • Blitz starts talking about how much he loves what Hearth wrote and Hearth can read his lips (kinda. they’re moving a little too fast) and he blushes rlly hard. Then, he grabs his notebook and flips to a blank page.
  • He writes, “Thank you. YOu have no idea how much that means to me,” he shows it to Blitz, who smiles, but looks a little confused. Hearth catches it
  • Sorry. This is the only way I can communicate,” he writes. Blitz smiles and grabs his own notebook.
  • That’s fine.” Hearth smiles
  • THey continue talking like that till the cafe closes
  • And the next day
  • and the next
  • and the next
  • he goes home one day like rlly lovestruck
  • then he has a brilliant idea
  • guess what this amazing person does :))))
  • and there’s one specific phrase he’s trying to learn ;) ;) ;)
  • So fast forward to the next day
  • They sit at their usual table with their usual coffee and such
  • They start to write back and forth like they usually do
  • then
  • Blitz signs something to Hearth
  • Will you go out with me?”
  • Hearth is so excited he almost cries
  • bc to think that someone would go out of their way like that to do that for him
  • gods just help my poor son
  • Ofc he says yes
  • tbh even if he didn’t like Blitz he probably would’ve said yes just bc Blitz went out of his way to do that for him
  • And oh gods the smile that cracks on Blitz’s face is enough to light a thousand cities

And now onto an actual angel, one half of the Busan line, our dear Park Jimin aka chim aka I was watching a Jimin focus yesterday and it was honestly amazing to him go into Jimin mode bc like off stage he’s chim he’s adorable he’s squishy he’s naturally precious but then on stage it’s just like um excuse me what is this I didn’t sign up for this like weren’t you just giggling 0.2 seconds ago this isn’t okay with me at all

  • For the full backstory, you can read Jin’s part but I will provide a summary of it here so you don’t have to
  • Jimin is part of a group called bts that protects the town
  • They keep it crime-free, they keep other groups from coming in and possibly destroying their town
  • For a price, they add extra protection to any company that’s willing to pay up
  • Sometimes those companies get greedy and decide not to pay which is when they have to send the boys in
  • Jin, Yoongi and Hobi are the speakers
  • Each one brings a different element
  • Jin is the calm assessment, to see who’ll be sent in next, Yoongi is the intimidation for the stubborn CEOs that aren’t there to negotiate and Hobi’s the one who befriends the actual boss and gets them to willingly pay
  • Namjoon is the leader, the brains behind the entire operation
  • But now onto Jimin
  • Looks first bc I love
  • Orange hair all the way
  • Don’t get me wrong here, black and red and brown hair make appearances and they all look fine as fuck on him (I mean black hair jimin is just top quality any Jimin is top quality let’s be real here)
  • But the orange hair comes back the most frequently
  • It’s always always always ruffled up
  • Mainly bc he runs his fingers through it a lot bc his fringe is long and gets in his eyes but he’s too lazy to get a haircut bc “they always cut it too short make me look like I’m 12”
  • Okay but have you ever seen chim in black jeans bc I have and it is such a beautiful sight
  • Mafia!chim is always in black leather jackets, either a white or black shirt and then some tight black jeans and maybe some boots bc ni ce
  • His tattoo is in Chinese
  • If I’m not mistaken,  one of Jimin’s “tattoos” from the Mama performance (we all know the exact video I’m talking about) was in Chinese
  • Can we just take a second to appreciate how good that tattoo looked on him bc I feel like that isn’t talked about enough it needs to be brought back up
  • Idk why but the look of the Chinese characters on his body was just so nice so for that reason, he’d go with Chinese for his tattoo
  • Like he would hold all of the different options up to his collarbone and just see which one fit the best and once he held up the Chinese one he was sold like yep this is the one
  • Side note I didn’t intend for this to happen but it did, both halves of Yoonmin got the Chinese version that’s all just wanted to point it out bc Yoonmin tr a sh
  • He is a fighter
  • Chim is a total cutie he’s precious he’s got that giggle that makes you just wanna squeeze his cheeks but he’s also strong as fuck
  • He is a dancer after all and his legs are v v strong (the t hi ghs are golden) and so are his arms and just his entire body is just nice
  • I feel like if he wanted to, he could easily take someone down
  • The fighters thankfully aren’t used very often so they normally get to chill
  • The boys send the fighters out whenever there’s trouble
  • Someone commits a crime?? Fighters
  • New group trying to come into their town?? Fighters
  • A company sends one of their boys back injured?? Fighters!!!
  • Although it’s rare, some companies are just not willing to pay their debt and allow their security to take whoever they’d sent in out back
  • The boys aren’t very happy when that happens bc to them, if you fuck with one of them, you fuck with all of them and that is really not something you want to do at all
  • They are all v v nice people who wouldn’t hurt a fly unless you fuck with one of their boys
  • Then the fighters come in and fuck everything up like oh is this your desk well now it’s upside down and now we’re gonna have a talk
  • You two are in a relationship
  • You work at a store close to his apartment
  • You two meet one night and sparks just kinda fly
  • You were often flirty with each other but it isn’t until Tae comes in with him that anything actually happens
  • He sees the lil flirting happening and the way Jimin’s smile is 10 times wider than usual and the way your fingers linger over his when you hand him change back
  • “Hey why don’t you two just go out?? I don’t get it why flirt for like a year and not do anything about it??”
  • Jimin’s just o.o
  • “Taehyung go wait in the car, no don’t worry I’ll buy you your chocolate bar just go !!”
  • Once chim hears you laughing he turns :D bc he’s just relieved you aren’t uncomfortable around him now
  • You two end up agreeing to get dinner the next day and it takes off from there
  • It takes you a while to find out about what he does for a living
  • It isn’t until you’re walking to your car that you see him pinning a man against a wall, his fist raised
  • The sight is enough to make you run straight to your car but chim overhears it and is quick to chase after you
  • It takes you a while to let him explain it to you but eventually you let him tell you about how that man was planning to rob the store, how he’d already robbed a different one
  • He has documents to prove it, he has the tattoo that’s infamously connected to their group so it’s not really that difficult to believe him
  • Plus Jimin is a lot of things, an angel, a ray of sunshine, a beautiful person inside and out but a liar he is not
  • Once you realize his job is actually to help protect the town and that he wasn’t just beating up some random dude, you just hug him bc you’re so relieved
  • Mafia!Jimin is just a total sweetheart who wants to keep everyone safe that’s it he doesn’t even care about the money or any of that and he just wants to protect you and keep you happy no matter what
My response to the post on “30 questions to test your personality”

If you could have one breakfast for tomorrow knowing it’s the last day you will live, what would that be?

uh, maybe pancakes (but not american) and eggs? with apple juice and tea

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you like as a dinner guest?

assuming i can only pick one person, i’d probably say someone like emma watson or amandla stenberg

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

um, yes. I hate talking on the phone, and i wont do it unless i have to, and unless it’s my bff i will rehearse what im gonna say. idk why, i guess it’s an aspect of my anxiety and fear of losing control over the conversation? 

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else about your life, what would you want to know?

i’d want to know if im gonna stop feeling like im wasting my life

If you knew in one year you would die suddenly, what would you change about the way you are living your life now?

I’d rather not know, i dont think i would be able to handle the knowledge, and i might even plan another date to die on just bc i would want to not be powerless? i’d probably travel and go to concerts with my friends, and family. also i’d stop caring abt other peoples opinions and i would stop attending college bc who has the time?

Do you think your name affects your personality or choice of career?

um, i think  it might affect the way others see u? Like i know my Iranian uncle has had some issues with his last name in airports and stuff? I also think you can have a privileged name, and if u dont have that you’re probably forced to care about stuff like social justice a lot more bc you might be a victim of some form of oppression. 

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

idk? a lot older than i am. 

If happiness was the national currency, what job would make you rich?

Being an author of books with diversity

Do you push buttons more than once and do you believe that makes it work faster?

I do sometimes, but i don’t believe it’ll make anything go faster

Would you want to be friends with yourself?

dang im trying to be it’s really hard. but i would like to meet my clone/doppelganger bc i feel like there’s a lot of stuff that i want to talk about but not with anyone else 

If you won a million dollars (or some large sum of money) would you quit your job?

if it was enough money to keep me going for the rest of my life yes, i would. I’d start studying a lot of the things i actually care about and travel where i wanted to and i’d go to concerts no matter where on earth they took place

Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?

yeah, but not like mysteriously an time-loop-y

Are you really wasting time if you’re enjoying it?

im definitely wasting time 

Would you rather lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you’ve taken?

oh my god. i guess the pictures? i dont take a lot of pictures, and i have some stuff im really incredibly fond off. 

Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a long-term memory?

horrible short term, which is what i already have. I wouldnt be able to handle not knowing stuff long term. like i treasure my memories a lot

Would you rather go back to age five with everything you’ve learned or live now with everything you’ll learn in the future?

im not sure. i dont like being self aware.. on one hand what if I caused a butterfly effect but on the other hand would I never be able to learn anything new again?????

Are humans better at construction or destruction?

i think we’re all sorta fascinated by destruction. When u learn to get the same thrill from creation is when you’ve found a good headspace

What is a year of life worth? What about a day?

how do you messeaure a year? listen im rent trash. It’s all about love, and that includes self-love. If u dont have love (not necessarily happiness, but love), then nothing is really worth anything. 

Are emotions necessary for human survival

from my own experience, no. you can function perfectly fine when you dont feel anything ever, emotions just makes living so much more purposeful. 

What is the TLDR version of your life?

a mess trying sort out their brain

What should they teach in high school but don’t?

how to adult. finding a place to live, how to pay rent/find good internet/your options besides going to university. 

What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

idk if im gonna have one, i want to be buried in one of those urns that grows into trees, so hopefully i’ll be in a forrest. i havent really thought abt a hypothetical gravestone tbh

If you had thirty seconds to send a message to the entire world, what would you say?

we have to be better than we are right now - please try to remember that everyone is human, and deserve support, respect and basic human rights, even if and when it impacts those more privileged. 

If you could ask a single person a question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would it be?

listen i dont know  either one of those  but  do want to know if aliens exists. 

What is honor and does it matter?

idk, i think honor can often lead to stubbornness 

Do you see yourself as the hero or the villain in your story?

Is being open-minded a virtue if it allows destructive ideas to spread through society?

hmmm i think u just need to be open minded in the form of being accepting of others, and trying to show respect in your interactions and disagreements 

What questions would you ask your future self?

Was it all worth it? Did you have a good life? got any tips on how to make us happy?


Signs watching the presidential debate

Aries: Isn’t - literally just looking up memes ABOUT the debate

Taurus: *passionately supports bernie to the bitter end*

Gemini: hahaha idk they both fake as fuck america’s screwed

Cancer: “….did trump even answer the questions or did he just-”

Leo: is the one MAKING the memes about the debate

Virgo: “I’m literally only watching this bc my teacher said she’d give me extra credit if i could write a half-page summary on this”

Libra: “mexico’s ass isn’t paying for a damn wall fuq u mean trump”

Scorpio: “the way trump answered his questions are the way i answer online writing assignments when they’re due in like 2 minutes”

Sagittarius: “Where were all u bernie fans when he needed you most”

Capricorn: “Ok but if i bribed the government with enough money maybe we can make obama president for life ??????”

Aquarius: “this is why we can’t have nice things”

Pisces: *laughs, but starts crying after realizing that one of these two candidates would become the next leader of america*

Sugakookie Mafia!AU

Sugakookie mafia!au where Jungkook is an innocent college kid who somehow (through Taehyung and Jimin obviously) manages to get mixed up in some gangsta crime mess and falls in love with a smol but deadly man. 🔫 💰  💳 😎

(1.1k fluff under the cut, this isn’t really a fic? it kinda is? idk, a series of snippets and headcanons)

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For the supercorp headcannon let's get on with the angst: who has more nightmares? Who usually comforts who? How the Danvers and the Kents take a Luthor?

omg i am so excited i have so much angst in my soul and so much angst for these two lil nerds

  • SO i would say kara probably has more nightmares but lena generally has more intense ones??  
    • this isnt to say that kara’s are not fucking intense and terrible and usually involve, you know, the destruction of her planet, culture, family, etc, but she’s had them for what’s going on 10+ years and while she used to wake up screaming in the beginning (which, tbh, is a big reason why alex became so incredibly protective over her, even when she resented her existence, bc she was this little girl that was so far from a home that didnt even exist anymore and she was crying and scared and alex is a giant softie so of course she got up and got into kara’s bed, curled around her and stayed awake, vigilant until kara was asleep again, anyway that was off topic i just have a LOT of emotions about the danvers sisters)
      • but like its been years and so she’s sort of used to them??  and unless it’s particularly bad, she usually just wakes up a little shaken or sad but its manageable
        • that said, lena’s particularly attuned to kara bc kara often wont verbalize whats eating away at her??  she’s so used to putting on a brave face and closing off whatever anger or sadness or doubt she has and she wont saying anything so lena’s learned to catch onto the minutiae, the tiny shift of expression, the deep sadness in those blue eyes before its shoved back.  so she usually wakes up with kara, and even though she’s not always one hundred percent coherent she’s usually with it enough to figure out whats happening and pull kara against her, ground her, land a sleepy kiss to her cheek or temple
    • lena on the other hand, has not had 10+ years to adjust and the nightmares are a pretty recent development, often centered around thinking she’s got lex back on her side again only to have him kill her, or her have to kill him, or the worst yet, developed only after learning about supergirl, being somehow manipulated into killing kara herself (those are…..the Worst tbh).  she usually wakes up crying, though there have been a couple times when she’ll wake screaming and she’s so used to self soothing, to just shaking and rocking until she’s calm enough to get up and make herself some tea and down some ambien, its honestly a little bit of a shock the first time kara is around for one of these nights and she’s so worried about lena, sitting up in a blink of an eye and sort of–she doesn’t want to make it worse by holding her if she doesnt want to be touched and lena’s not really??  talking???  and kara doesnt know what to do, doesnt know how to make this better for her and she feels so incredibly helpless
      • in the end, she sort of just stays with her, just so she’s not alone until lena sort of collapses against her, crying so hard that she’s shaking and kara takes that as her cue so she wraps her arms around her and channels a lil alex and stays awake until lena’s calm, until she’s asleep again and then she stays awake past that, not sure what to do if it happens again
        • they talk about it the next morning, after lena’s cancelled her meetings and stumbles out looking like death and kara’s still got a worried look on her face even as she sets down a smiley face pancake in front of lena when she sits at the kitchen island
          • like……dont look at me bc im totally NOT crying over the thought of lena looking incredibly small, the smallest she’s ever seemed to kara, and her trying to explain what happened, trying to explain that they just happen sometimes and that kara shouldnt worry and kara like aggressively worrying and just asking what she can do to make it better when lena wakes up like that
  • a lot of the time its lena comforting kara, like she has a lot going on you know?  like she’s desperately trying to balance being supergirl with maintaining some semblance of a normal life and on top of that she’s constantly reminded of the fact that she is the only living being that still remembers krypton, that carries the history, the traditions, the culture, the language with her because while kal-el knows a bit here and there, he never lived it, never went to the festivals, never watched it die and there is no one that can relate to that, that can relate to the very specific pain of being 13 and watching everyone and everything you love die AND THEN not even being able to carry out the last thing your mother ever told you to do like kara carries so much guilt and she rarely vocalizes it and even then its never exactly about it, always by proxy, some sideways way of approaching it
    • she normally breaks down in front of alex, her go-to, her rock, but then alex is happy for once and kara can’t–kara won’t take that away from her, refuses to weigh her down with this when she knows she’s the reason it took this long for alex to look so free so she buries it deep and this goes on for months and then she has this one awful day where snapper is on her case about something that isn’t even in her control and she was looking forward to her date with lena that night when, of course, supergirl duty called and she cancelled and the alien’s just a fuckin jerk ok, just a jerk that liked to blow shit up and kara’s tired, she is, she just wants to feel okay for a little and she’s reached a point where she’s not sure if that means she wants to be kara zor-el or kara danvers but splitting the difference is hurting more and more each day and she just wants to feel okay
      • she flies to lena’s after the debrief at deo hq.  it’s nearly one and most of the lights are off when kara lands on the balcony but she also knows that lena’s first meeting isnt until the afternoon tomorrow and she also knows that she doesn’t think she can handle going back to her empty loft tonight
        • she also knows that when she doesnt stay the night, lena sleeps with her phone on the bed and lena actually picks up on the first ring which means she’s either still up working or has just finished and kara can barely tell her im on the balcony, it’s chilly, please come let me in and then she’s crying and lena doesn’t hang up, kara thinks, but then she’s at the top of the stairs, jogs down them and unlocks and slides the glass door open and then kara’s falling into her arms and lena holds her for a moment before she’s guiding her up the stairs and leaving her at the foot of her bed while she stacks her papers haphazardly and dumps them onto her dresser and later kara will think that that’s probably the biggest sign that lena cares for kara as much as kara cares for her, but then lena’s pulling back the covers and following kara when she climbs in, pulling her back against her chest and just letting her cry it out
          • i’m tired, she whispers later.  i’m just so tired.
          • then sleep, love, lena murmurs back.  i’m right here.
            • kara wakes up sometime long past when she should have.  lena’s still there, holding her, and she murmurs when kara starts to sit up i called snapper and told him that i’d offered you an exclusive on the new tablet we’re putting out, she yawns.  and that you’d be sitting in on meetings for the next week.
              • lena
              • you need a break
                • which, well, true
    • and this isnt to say that kara doesnt spend just as much time taking care of lena, but the way lena views it, she has a therapist that she pays good money to listen to her and, like, she can actually talk about things without any sort of cover story in a way that kara can’t outside a select group of people and lena is honestly just glad that she’s part of that select group and maybe that means she announces a couple of pieces of tech a little earlier than initially intended, it still fucks with apple pretty well
  • HOO BOY OH MAN OH GOD OKAY so the danvers handle it with relative grace, they really do; alex gives lena the shovel talk and, quite honestly, so does eliza, but kara’s happy and safe and that is their first and foremost worry, really, so when it becomes clear that lena is just as committed to that ideal, just as willing to prioritize kara’s well being, it’s easy enough to accept her.  it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the whole my parents never loved me! card to play, something that immediately wins over eliza ‘i’ve never met an orphan that i didnt want to mother’ danvers and lena and alex sort of bond haphazardly over That Lesbian Lifestyle and their shared drive to keep kara safe and happy
    • so while they’re wary for a bit and thoroughly vet lena, she’s eventually just kara’s girlfriend lena, rather than Lena Luthor, Sister to Lex Luthor, Daughter to Lionel and Lillian Luthor, which is???  honestly all lena’s wanted?????
    • THE KENTS ON THE OTHER HAND so honestly idk what history supergirl is working with for clark like are his parents even alive???  who knows but im going with no bc ive only ever seen man of steel and have never watched smallville and also dont care that much.  ANYWAY kara literally does not tell kal-el for the LONGEST time because she knows exactly how he’ll react and she’s not interested in having him talk down to her when she is, in fact, older than him and more than capable of making her own decisions and judging people based on merit, rather than surname.  but like…..he’s superman.  he finds out eventually.  probably by winn accidentally letting it slip (he then sends off abt fifteen thousand panicked texts to kara, all starting with IM SO SORRY HE’S JUST GOT THAT FACE AND I GOT DISTRACTED or something like it)
      • and then kara’s getting a pissed kal-el storming into catco and, well, he’s not yelling but he might as well be and kara’s eyes just about roll out of her head and she drags him up to the roof, where at least they won’t have an audience wondering why clark kent gives a shit about kara’s relationship and then kal-el’s yelling about The Luthor Family is Bad News Kara and kara’s like listen i Don’t Care (i mean, obviously she does; she knows what lex did and what that in turn did to kal-el but at the same time, he is perpetuating the same bullshit judge a book by its cover that kara has fought so hard against and he’s not even bothering to listen to her, just sort of assuming that that she will listen to him and break up with her girlfriend that she likes like a Lot, maybe even loves, and so honestly Fuck You Buddy) and it boils down to if you’re not willing to respect my ability to make autonomous decisions, then you can leave and kal-el’s like FINE and kara’s like FINE and he flies away and kara’s so angry and hurt that she spends the rest of the day in the deo training room (kryptonite off) punching everything she can
        • it is not fine at all bc while he’s got an entirely different experience from kara when it comes to krypton, he’s also the only tie she has left to her home, her family and it breaks her into too many pieces to count that he’s entirely unwilling to even consider judging lena for her own actions, or even to consider the fact that this is kara and she trusts lena with her life, her secret, and that should count for something.  lena’s particularly quiet during this time, turning it over in her head again and again, knowing exactly the weight that kara’s cousin carries for her, exactly how terrible this is for her, how it’s lena’s fault that kal-el’s not talking to kara
        • its a Bad Time, because then lena’s pulling away, putting distance where kara doesn’t want it out of guilt, but kara’s too upset to think anything but the worst and it culminates in what is actually their first fight (bc while they’ve had disagreements, disagreements have never ended with kara storming out in tears)
          • kara shows up at alex’s crying and alex’s first instinct is to murder lena luthor, her second is to hide the body, her third (and strongest) is to draw her sister into her arms and let her cry on her shoulder because everything’s just gone to shit and i dont know what to do alex, i dont know and alex’s heart is breaking and she stays with kara through the night and only leaves once her sister falls asleep, and only then to go to lena’s apartment and flashes her fbi forgery to be let up without question and then she’s banging on lena’s door shouting WHY IS KARA CRYING ON MY COUCH LUTHOR and lena answers the door looking wrecked, all red eyes and puffy face and its so obvious that she’s just as upset and alex, who will deny it vehemently if asked, has already developed a soft spot for her sister’s girlfriend, and it probably helps that lena’s first words to her are is kara alright?
          • so alex softens a little, enough to think rationally, to remember that lena is, by all evidence, absolutely whipped when it comes to kara and would never do anything to hurt her, so she asks what happened and lena looks like she doesn’t want to answer but this is alex, Super Intimidating DEO Agent And Also Sister To Supergirl/Kara Danvers and lena’s Lena Luthor, Billionaire and Survivor of Multiple Assassination Attempts, but she’s also incredibly sad and worried and scared that she’s ruined what was possibly the only good thing aside from her company so she tells alex everything and then alex is S E E T H I N G like what the fuck kent and she leaves lena, promising that talking to kara would be a good idea and calls kal-el and tells him he’s needed at the deo, to meet her in the training room
            • she greets him with a slap to the back of his head when he walks in like what the actual fuck kent, i get that you dont trust luthors, but you should trust kara of all people and his bullshit excuse gets lost somewhere in alex’s Big Sister yelling, like do you not understand how fucked up it is that you cut off the only person in the world that has any idea of what you go through just because you dont like who she’s dating and lena is not her brother, she’s not her mother or father either, she is her own person and i’m not sure if you remember, but your father in law built a death machine with the only purpose of using it to kill kara if he ever chose to, not sure if you remember that he tortured her aunt without need, not sure if you remember the hell he put kara through and you dont see her judging lois for that or cutting you off because of it and the mighty superman is reduced to a shaken ball of nerves by the end of it, suddenly realizing how shitty he was being
            • he gets to kara’s apartment just as lena does and then it’s as awkward and uncomfortable as it possibly could be and kara opens the door to find them locked in a staring match and then lena’s looking at kara and kara’s looking at lena and kal-el has to clear his throat to get them to even remember he’s there and even then just barely and he sort of mumbles out something about him being wrong, lena obviously cares about you and you care about her and im just going to butt my butt out now (at least that’s what kara garners from his stumbling attempts at an apology)
            • its never an easy topic, but its not like the kents and the danvers spend thanksgiving together or anything and it puts a strain on kara and kal-el’s relationship moving forward, something that trips lena up sometimes, makes her uncertain and worried and guilty and they struggle with that for quite some time, because lena knows that kara’s lost and doesn’t want her losing this, losing him too, just because of her; at the same time, kara’s reached a point of knowing that she’s damned either way, but even if its uncomfortable, she’s happy and lena’s happy and their friends are happy for them and that’s what matters

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since you are a big fan of he tian and red head could you tell me your opinion on their relationship and how it will turn out. i like the way you think so i wanted to hear your opinion on them. i hope i'm not bothering. thanks in advance

I’m the He Tian and Red head number #1 shipper tbh, jk. And of course you won’t bother. I’m always ready to share my thoughts about 19 days. :D

So going straight to the point I think He Tian and Red Head relationship kinda falls in the love hate relationship trope. Tbh I’d also put them in the enemies to lovers trope. I mean based on their first meetings Red obviously can’t stand He Tian and he seems easily irritated by him. He Tian not so much tho. Anyway the first time I thought they could be a thing and lowkey start to ship them was after this chapter: 

This was the first time the author focus an almost entire chapter in two other characters who are not Jian Yi or Zheng Xi. This makes you think. In this chapter Red tries to avoid He Tian at all costs and He Tian looks at him very attently. Then the fangirls came to the picture and we get this hilarious scene. This seems a typical scene you see in every shoujo manga. Idk but it was the first time I got a click about them.

Later already after Red and Zheng Xi’s fight we have an actual entire chapter focused on He Tian and Red:

This chapter starts with an very melancholic He Tian alone in his very big house and ends up with him meeting and bringing Red with him in a very comic way. Idk but this chapter always makes me think Red will make changes in He Tian’s lonely life. Vice versa too ofc.

I don’t know if anyone thought about this before but this one scene in this chapter always clicks me. We see again a very melancholic He Tian looking at the rainy sky and what he does right after? He calls Red to bring him an umbrella. Hmm.

As I said very above Red can’t stand He Tian’s behaviour and he just says what he thinks about He Tian. He says he is a fake person. He Tian knows this is true and says that Red after all has something he admires. He Tian seems very interested in this side of Red. I mean Red is a very agressive and rebellious guy but still he always speaks what he thinks. He doesnt hide his feelings. He Tian probably likes this very much. Ofc Red still picks a fight with him:

He Tian is stronger. Very much stronger. Red loses even without trying.

He Tian in the end picks Red and tells him he will cook something for him again. We saw couple of chapters before He Tian complaining about not eating anything for months and asking Red to cook for him. He Tian here reveals that last time Red was able to run away, lmao. Tbh all this makes me wonder what type of relationship He Tian has with his family. I mean he lives alone in a very big house and he seems to be very rich but still he has no one to help him with chorus or making meals for him to eat. He’s just 15 yeard old. There must be something going on with him and his family. Anyway this was another chapter solely focused in both of them. Take whatever you want from it but the author isn’t randomly writting about two other boys for nothing.

Couple of chapters later we have another chapter solely focused on them. In this chapter He Tian brings Red to his house. Red is very surprised about how big He Tian’s house is and by the fact he lives alone by himself. He Tian seems to not want to talk much about the matter so he tells Red to cook for him right away. Red ofc is never easy and tells him he will only cook if he pays to him. He Tian seems to agree.

He Tian’s here looks very calm. He even compliments Red’s food. He starts asking questions about Red’s family. He seems very interested in Red but the latter also doesn’t seem eager to share his personal life with He Tian. He also seems to have some issues with his family. Coincidence? I think not. Tbh all main characters seems to have family problems except Zheng Xi. Hell we know more about Red’s character than we know about Zheng Xi’s. But that’s not important right now. This chapter again ends in a comic note.

Some chapters later He Tian helps Jian Yi in his little revenge. Tbh I don’t think he joined in bc of the revenge per say but bc he wants to tease Red all by himself. He seems totally focused on him and in a very suggestive way, mind you. One thing is obvious is that He Tian always acts very suggesting with Red. I mean:

Here he is looking down at Red lips.

The look he gaves him here plus the way he *ahem* opens his legs is very suggesting.

He also acts very clingy on him now. Red head in other hand always tries to push him away. lol

Also this one scene:

He Tian’s asks Red if he needs help to get up and as expected Red tells him to fuck off. He Tian says he is annoyed by seeing him laying there in the floor. He seems seriously annoyed. Red even asks why would that annoy him. Like He Tian bitch pls. Why are you annoyed? 

Chapters later we know a little more about Red’s character. We know that Red’s father is in jail and he desperately needs money. I’m pretty sure He Tian heard about everything and not by coincidence in the very next chapter He Tian asks Red a favor and tells him he will give him money. Hmm. This chapter was very refreshing tbh. They are starting to act more playful with each other than like “enemies” who hates each other. Red still can’t stand He Tian’s tho. But I wonder if something is starting to change. I mean:

He blushes very hard to the thought of liking He Tian’s.

He Tian here says something along the lines “I sure didn’t want you to like me more and more” after Red tells he hates him. This couldn’t be more obvious. I mean the exact opposite will happen. Red will start to like He Tian more and more. I firmly believe He Tian will reciprocate those feelings. Imo this moment was a vey big hint for this pairing.

Generally speaking about this pairing. Red really can’t stand He Tian bc he hates how fake he acts with his fangirls and with Jian Yi. Red is everything but fake so he doesn’t like that. He Tian knows very well this and he likes that about Red. He genuinely seems to be interested in Red bc of that and Red can’t help but be curious about He Tian’s too. They are bonded to fall in love in my opinion.


This is the funniest thing ever to happen with Red. The moment he was going to open the note He Tian asked him to pass he suddenly appears. Red’s actions are very cute and again he seems to be always curious about He Tian’s doing. Hmm also this is the first time we see Red saying He Tian’s name. We will probably know Red’s name sooner or later too. LOL btw Red always appears when He Tian appears and vice versa. I wonder…

Sorry for the mess anon and also I’m very sorry for the late answer but I couldn’t reply before bc I knew it’d be this big and I wasn’t available. 

💧 dan’s younow january 12, 2016 💧

read on google docs with links

-he’s wearing a really bright red jumper
-like its so bright it fully scared me when he showed up
-he was gonna get a haircut today but his hairdresser was sick
-he thinks he looks like an omelette somebody dropped on the floor
-it’s a christmas jumper youtube sent him
-today was like a Pajama Day
-tabinof on the bed
-he rearranged the whole lounge for his video
-he got reported for nudity
-he will put his clams back in his top
-thank you to all of the people who sent the memes
-he spent a whole day looking at submissions
-his submit box is still open
-he got over 11k memes
-hope u liked the video
-he just accidentally pointed at the haru pillow instead of tabinof of the bed
-he did actually make his bed this time
-there are dead bodies in the boxes behind him
-he filmed in the lounge because that’s where he was going to film his christmas video but ofc plans changed
-he loves pomegranates
-but sometimes the texture is bad
-you need to know when to use them
-he’s been playing heart of thorns
-new meme: reflection of dan’s face on the plaque in his new video
-yt red talk
-golden globes were funny
-isn’t lady gaga amazing
-she’s really great
-he should’ve just broadcasted on #spon today
-he defended j-law’s actions in the interview with the phone guy
-she was just joking
-why does it matter
-season 2 of sword art online wasn’t that good
-david bowie talk
-rip :(
-his new video made him think about how much has happened in the past year
-he didn’t get to show as much appreciation of his Memes last year
-dan was really nervous at darren brown because of audience participation
-he was freaking out for like the first 45 min
-don’t spoil darren brown’s show or darren brown will probably kill you
-he was sat on his belt bc his pants were falling down and it hurt
-“i can pull my ass up”
-kanye talk
-he saw an old play about the dissolution of a marriage because children drowning
-they went to an italian restaurant before and dan had a cheese binge
-“your dimple is my spirit animal” “that’s problematic”
-he forgot to put The Outfit in his video
-there’s gonna be a Something (tour dvd related)
-he bought a transparent raincoat because he was feeling tumblry
-he got some candles for christmas
-he got matches as well and they’re very aesthetically pleasing
-he’s wearing the raincoat now
-he would do a let’s play
-in theory it’s a good idea
-the star wars soundtrack is amazing
-he had a Little Cry to it
-phil is ruining his spotify
-he needs to fix his tumblr theme
-he should just find a new one
-phil’s favorite whitney houston song is “i just wanna dance with somebody”
-he’s playing rock band 4 now
-he got 100% expert vocals on uptown funk and drag me down
-“what makes phil smile” “pictures of sarah michelle gellar probably”
-dil needs a lot of things but he has no money
-he’s like Responsibility Simulator
-he’d love to come to brazil someday
-so many people have added him as a friend on xbox one that he can’t have any more friends
-dan always wins scrabble
-board game talk
-you know it
-he doesn’t know what whitney houston’s favorite meme is is that even allowed
-movie award show season is his favorite time of the year
-he still doesn’t know the second half of ingenue on the piano
-he FINALLY booked someone to fix the piano
-he’s hyped for civil war (the captain america movie)
-no spoilerinos for him
-there’s drawers underneath his bed
-he’s hungry
-all he’s thinking about is food
-it’s cold
-he probably couldn’t become ambidextrous at this point
-all he’s done today is finish his video and complain about being cold
-he might do a video like phil’s
-he doesn’t know yet though because the dvd might be boring
-who knows
-he watched the most amazing episode of the x-files and they went into a video game
-he recommends the x-files
-someones dog just ate metal and dan is telling them to pay attention to the dog instead of him
-Do You Want Him To Do Party Poppers Or Something. Is He Not Entertaining Enough.
-he’s not falling off his chair today
-how have we been together for like an hour and how has it been a week since last tuesday
-go watch his new video
-they’re doing something on thursday it’s not that exciting but he doesn’t know if he can reveal it
-but it involves getting filmed loads
-he doesn’t know what the hell’s happening w/ his esports documentary
-he’s having a laugh breakdown idk if he’s ok
-he wants to go on a picnic he hasn’t gone on one in so long
-he wants to do hanami
-picnics are the cutest thing in the entire world
-new years resolution: have a picnic at some point
-he jus nodded for like a minute
-he’s gonna go now
-see ya next time
-goodbye, internet friends

Carnival Games- Sammy Wilkinson Imagine

; requested: HI, i love your fanfics. They are truly amazing!! I was wondering if you could maybe write one where Y/N meets sammy and then idk things happen and they fall in love BUT IDK WHAT HAPPENS OK YOU ARE THE WRITER MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL OUT OF IT BC YOU CAN!! Srsly love your stories

I know they don’t “fall in love” and everything, but i think it’s cute, and i wanted to do something a little different from what i’ve seen on here before! Hope you all enjoy! 

Feedback is appreciated, and requests are open! ;

“Nash, how much longer until they get here?” I asked him, getting slightly impatient. I was visiting Nash in LA for about 3 weeks, and tonight I was meeting his friends that were constantly in his snapchat story, and we were going to the local fair. Nash knew how much I loved fairs, so being in a place where I would be comfortable would make it less nerve racking to meet all of them. I was pulled out of my thoughts by the ringing doorbell. Nash jumped up and ran to answer the door.

“What up, guys?!” I heard him greet the people at the door, followed by many handshakes and slaps on the back as they hugged. The front door shut, and soon their footsteps were making their way closer to me. I sat up straighter on the couch, brushing my hair down.

“Guys, this is the girl I’ve been telling you about, Y/N” He introduced me to them as I stood up, making my way over to where they were standing. They all hugged me as they introduced themselves; there was Matthew, who I had met previously, but in addition to him there was Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Nate Maloley, Kenny Holland, and last but not least, Sammy Wilkinson. It was a lot of names thrown at me, and I could only hope that by the end of the night I would be able to put names with faces.

“So, who’s ready to go?” Nash asked, clapping his hands together.

“Finally!” I exclaimed, louder than anticipated. I clapped my hand over my mouth, surprised by my own sudden outburst.

“Well, I think we all know Y/N.” Jack G chuckled, causing the rest of the boys to let out a laugh. My face flushed a bright red and I looked down at my shoes.

“Aww, don’t be embarrassed. You’re too cute to be embarrassed” Matt said, putting his arm over my shoulder. “Shall we go, then?” He asked, mainly to me. I nodded and walked out the door. We had to take 2 separate cars since there were so many of us, so I jumped into the passenger seat of Nash’s car. With us was Sammy, Nate, and Kenny; the others were in Matt’s car, along with Hayes.

We soon pulled up to the fair, and my eyes instantly lit up looking at all the rides and cheesy games that were damn near impossible to win. I hopped out of the car and stood in awe, trying to figure out what I would do first as the rest of the boys rushed past me.

“It’s nice to know I’m not the only one crazy about fairs” I turned around to see who said the comment, and came face to face with Sammy.

“You like fairs too?” I asked him, slightly surprised. He didn’t seem like the type to; he seems more like the type to think fairs were childish and boring.

“Don’t tell the guys, but I love coming to fairs. There’s just something about them that makes me so happy” He said, a small smile coming on his face.

“Don’t worry, you’re secret is safe with me” I said, winking at him and returning his smile. He chuckled and stepped towards to me.

“So, what are we gonna do first?” He asked me, looking around at all of our options.

“Well first, I think we need to commemorate our love of fairs with a good old fashioned funnel cake” I said, grinning widely before running off to the funnel cake stand. I heard him laugh behind me before running after me. I was already ordering two funnel cakes for us by the time he caught up to me.

“That’ll be 8 dollars, hun” the lady behind the window told me. I reached into my pocket to pull out my money, but was brushed past by Sammy handing her a 10.

“You didn’t have to pay” I said quietly, tucking my money back into my pocket.

“Well now we can’t exactly have a pretty lady paying for herself, can we?” He said, smirking at me. The blush returned to my face, and I grabbed my funnel cake from the lady, thanking her. I walked away and started towards the games. Sammy was soon by my side, and we ate in a comfortable silence.

“You know, I love fair games, but I hate them at the same time” I said, stopping in front of the water gun game.

“Why’s that?” He asked me, and he seemed genuinely interested.

“Because, it’s damn near impossible to win, but every time you lose, you wanna play again…”

“Because you think that next time will be the time you actually win” He finished my sentence, smiling at me. “Come on, let’s play” He said, raising his eyebrows and sitting down in front of one of the water guns. I took a seat next to him, setting my funnel cake down next to me. We both put our hands on our guns, ready to aim for the circle that would cause our race car to move forward on the straight track.

“Ready, set, go!” The carnie exclaimed, and soon our water guns were turned on. I squealed and took aim, not even paying attention to who was winning. About a minute later the bell went off, indicating someone had won.

“And the winner is number 18!” the guy exclaimed, pointing at Sammy. I laughed at the irony of the situation, and congratulated Sammy.

“What do you want?” He said, turning to me.

“Oh, you don’t have to let me choose, you’re the one who won!” I said, picking my funnel cake back up.

“Come on, Y/N. I won it for you” He said, his cheeks reddening. I smiled at him before looking at my prizes.

“Hmmm I’ll take that one!” I said, pointing to a cute little stuffed tiger in the corner. The carnie guy took it off the hook and handed it to me; I was surprised by how soft it was.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking” Sammy said, standing up and holding out his hand for me to take. I laced my fingers through his, and we started walking again.

“Alright, now here’s my game” Sammy said, stepping up to the “Test your Strength” hammer game. I giggled at him pushing up his sleeves and stretching his arms, getting ready to play. He picked up the hammer, bringing it up past his hand and swinging it down, striking the platform. The ball moved up the indicator, stopping about half a foot away from the bell. Sammy sighed, repeating his actions. He got a little closer, but still didn’t hit the bell.

“You got it, Sammy!” I said, cheering him on. He looked over at me, his smile growing bigger. One last time, he brought the hammer over his head and swung down with all his might. The ball moved up, up, and up, and the Ding! It hit the bell. I jumped up and down, squealing in excitement over the fact that he actually managed to hit the bell. He pumped his arms up in victory, turning to the guy running the game. They discussed what prizes Sammy could choose from, and he walked over to the giant stuffed bear, picking it up and walking over to me. He set it in front of me and grinned.

“For you” He said sheepishly. I giggled and hugged the bear, which was half my height.

“Thanks Sammy. I love it” I said, letting go of the bear and giving Sammy a hug.

“Whoa man, did you win that?” we heard from behind us. We pulled away and looked, and saw the rest of the guys walking towards us.

“Yeah, I won it for Y/N” Sammy explained, keeping an arm loosely around my waist.

“So what, was this like a first date for you guys?” Kenny asked, motioning between the two of us.

“Unofficially, yeah. But I’m taking her out on our first official date this Friday” Sammy said, looking down at me, his blonde hair falling in front of his face.

“You are?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited. He smiled at me and squeezed my side, pulling me closer.

“Yeah, I am. So be ready by 7:30”


  • ‘I was third wheeling with my best friend and his/her bf/gf at the amusement park when I got stuck sitting on a two seated roller coaster with some stranger and something happened so now we are stuck almost at the top and I hate heights but at least they are really hot’ au
  • 'we got partnered up to take care of a fake!baby for health class for a month and I have been taking it home to take care of it bc you don’t want too but I’ve had enough im about to sledge hammer the child anD YOU SO YOU BETTER STEP THE FUCK UP AND FUCKING HELP ME TAKE CARE OF THIS PLASTIC CHILD OR SO HELP ME’ au
  • 'we are on a field trip with our class hiking and you got distracted by something and I HAD to stay back to get you bc buddy system and fuck where did everyone just go we’re lost shit and theres no signal up here we’re screwed and im going to die bc of your dumb ass fuck the buddy system and yOU (no but really i wouldn’t mind you are seriously hot if we make it out alive call me)’ au
  • 'its 2 am, I have been traveling for 48 hours straight from plane to plane and you won’t stop irritating me stop doing that thING I WANT TO SLEEP GOD DAMN IT AND THIS PLANE ISN’T LANDING FOR ANOTHER 12 HOURS IM NOT DEALING WITH THIS FOR THAT LONG EVEN IF YOU ARE CUTE AS HELL’ au
  • 'I came home from the dog park with the wrong fucking dog they looked exactly alike and had the same color collar fuck diD I JUST DOG NAP SOMEONES DOG AND DID SOMEONE DOG NAP MINE (ok not that mad bc I called you from the number on the collar and we met up giving eachother our dogs sorry for the mix up and shit you are attractive)’ au
  • 'you left your facebook up in the apple store and I took a stupid picture of me posting it with a status bc you forgot to log out hA but also you are hot and I added myself as a friend hope you don’t mind’ au
  • 'my cat got stuck in a tree so I climbed to get him out but then the big branch that helped me up broke and now Im stuck up here with no way to get down with my cat and you’re a really hot firefighter this is really fucking embarrassing pls help get us down before i die of humiliation’ au
  • 'im trying to fish for the first time on my own and im failing miserably at it and I hate you for catching 8 fish in the last 15 minutes fuck you and also how the hell are you doing that teach me’ au
  • 'we’re at a kissing booth and I need to do this for charity and you have come back here 5 times already having paid like 30 dollars just for a kiss from me ask me out already so you don’t need an excuse or need to empty your wallet to fucking kiss me’ au
  • 'we were jogging in the park beside one another and it suddenly got competitive and we ended up racing but you/or I tripped over something aND HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT IS THAT A FUCKING DEAD BODY’ au
  • 'found a kitty in a box and it was too cute to leave and I came home to our dorm, I know you’re allergic to cats and we’re not allowed to have animals in here but can we keep her???? please just until we find a new home looK AT THIS CUTE LITTLE FACE’ au
  • 'looking for a certain book in the library and this part is dark and sketchy and I feel like im in a horror movie and holy shit you scared the hell out of me so I ended up knocking over a row of books which caused a domino effect so now 3 rows and if they catch us they’ll make us pay for damages and im a broke college student rUN AWAY’ au
  • 'I was working out at the gym and the girls locker room is under construction and I don’t have time to go home and shower bc I have class so I used the boys locker room since no one was around bUT THEN YOU WALKED IN AND NOW SHITS AWKWARD HELLO WE ARE BOTH NAKED AND IDK WHAT TO DO’ au
  • 'I was staying after school at the library for a project when I heard music from the music room and I peaked in and shit you are really musically talented don’t stop I want to hear more’ au
  • 'im at the mall as an elf for santas helper and I look like an idiot but I need the extra money and shit what the hell is my (hot) nemeses doing here and nO THEY SEE ME AND ARE COMING THIS WAY FUCK MY LIFE’ au