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french vocabulary - nighttime & getting ready for bed

🌆sunset (m) - coucher de soleil
🌃night(time) (f) - nuit

🌙moon (f) - lune
🌟star (f) - étoile (pl. les étoiles)
💫shooting star (f) - étoile filante
✨a starry night (f) - une nuit étoilée
🌌constellation (f) - constellation

🛏bed (m) - un lit
🛌sheet (m) - un drap (pl. les draps)
⛺️blanket (f) - couverture
👕pajamas (m) - pyjama/s
🐻teddy bear (m) - nounours

👄toothbrush (f) - brosse à dents (to brush your teeth - de te brosser les dents)
💋toothpaste (m) - dentifrice
✅dental floss (m) - fil dentaire
🚿 shower (f) - douche (to shower - de se doucher; to take a shower - de prendre une douche)
🛀🏽to take a bath - de prendre un bain

😚to say goodnight - de dire bonne nuit / bonsoir
😴to sleep - dormir (to fall asleep - s'endormir)
😌to dream - rêver
💤to snore - ronfler

⭐️dream (m) - rêve (pl. les rêves)
🎵lullaby (f) - berceuse
🕚bedtime (f) - (l'heure de) coucher
📖bedtime story (f) - histoire

🌉good night! - bonne nuit !
😘sweet dreams! - fais de beaux rêves !


✧   A playlist for stars and chill   ✧

orbit; jonghyun ✧ signal; f(x) ✧ aurora; jonghyun ✧ romance in seoul; neon bunny ✧ when i’m alone; f(x) ✧ neon; jonghyun ✧odd eye; shinee ✧ 4 walls; f(x) ✧ don’t stop; shinee ✧ automatic; red velvet ✧ i wish; luna ✧ dream; suzy & baekhyun ✧ kiss my lips; boa ✧ no matter what; boa & beenzino  ✧ cosmic; bada & ryeowook ✧ play me; taemin ✧ night; taeyeon ✧ starry night; onew & lee jin-ah  ✧


1. make sure to laugh at mark’s jokes

2. youngjae may be the sunshine here but he’s the maknae slayer

3. never look for other members on a member’s solo v-app broadcast

4. make sure to put emoji if you’re going to leave a message to jackson’s sns

5. be always prepared to fight im jaebum

6. if you’re going to give one member food, make sure to give park jinyoung too

7. if you think kim yugyeom is too gorg, you can always blame his growth hormones

8. park jinyoung & kim yugyeom aka tom & jerry

9. just let mark tuan eat his damn food

10. coco is some kind of heavenly gift to markjae

11. organic only

12. don’t ever mention nora to jb or he might just cry

13. they are too much to handle but they are worth it

14. markbam aka chopstick unit aka tom & jerry 2.0

15. they have real bromance with day6

16. you will see im jaebum in day6′s v-app from time to time

17. bambam is might be big

18. dabbing might be some kind of lucky charm to them so expect inappropriate dabbings

19. mark tuan is either 0 or 100..

20. they unbelievably look good in orange

21. youngjae is already beautiful as he is and don’t you dare forget that

22. you will never really stop thinking about them

23. even when you’re sad

24. and especially when you’re hungry


It’s called ‘lacking inspiration to update my blog‘ syndrome but it’s also known as ‘lazy piece of shit’ syndrome

oh yeah, it’s real


“I was worried about my reputation at first. I remember I sent Eleanor’s mum a few text messages saying, ‘Please don’t judge me thinking I’m like the stereotypical boyband type who is going to go around and sleep with everything that moves’. I was trying to convince her I’m quite a good lad but I didn’t really need to. Her family are really cool actually and very understanding of the situation.”

Percy’s Powers Headcanon
  • He learns how to move with the water. After Jason told him about how wind spirits become part of the wind, Percy becomes obsessed with learning how to become one with the water. 
  • When he does it’s a bit scary, he gets a wild look in his eyes. The green becomes dark and a smile promising horrible things comes over his face.
  • It makes moving from camp to camp a lot easier.
  • None of the Romans were warned and so he appeared in a swirl of mist from the Little Tiber the sentries shot at him, but he reversed the process so the arrows went through him.
  • There was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in which he smiled ruefully at his invincibility, but seeing the Roman’s apprehension he laughed it off. 
  • His enemies developed a fear of water; afraid of Percy appearing with his Stygian trident, tied with the power of Hades and Poseidon, in one hand and Riptide in the other.

hey i decided to try out that flag/icon thing. lemme know what you think!

gay, bisexual, pansexual

asexual, transgender, genderfluid

nonbinary, intersex, agender

idk what this is but it’s okay??



I made another goddess! This one’s name is Zaphine, who is the goddess of the moon and sleep. The white in the background is meant to symbolize a first quarter moon.

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