idk just had this idea and went with it


genre: fluff
word count: 980
notes: shapeshifter!reader; inspired by x.
synopsis: her main form is a black kitten and jaebum.. just really wants to pet her.

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Stories - dad!Bucky x daughter!Reader

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Words: 1460
Pairing: dad!Bucky x teen!daughter!Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers
Warnings: nightmare? fighting (kinda)
Requested by anon
Hi! Could you write a dad!Bucky x teen Reader? Maybe he has a nightmare and she gets freaked out. Or just a cute snuggly imagine idk
Authors Note: Idk why but i had a really hard time coming up with an idea for this; aka dad bucky is hard. BUT I FINALLY HAD AN IDEA AND since it was kinda a vague request i went with a random idea I had. PLOT: you are the daughter of Bucky Barnes.But once you were born, he retired from the Avengers. Now, he rarely talks about his experience on the team and how he got on it. When something bad happens, it’s up to you to figure out why he’s acting so strange.


“You never talk about what it was like to be an Avenger, dad; you don’t even let me talk to Steve about it,” You sighed as you were trying to get through to your father.

“That’s because my history into becoming an Avenger was not a good one, (Y/N), you know that,” Bucky told you, “Why can’t you just get some sleep tonight?”

“Becuase I’m a rebellious teenager,” You raised an eyebrow, grabbing your phone.

“You have school tomorrow, please put the phone away and get some sleep,” Bucky begged.

“If you tell me about you saving the world and how you got involved in it, then I’ll turn my phone off an hour early for the rest of the week!” You offered, showing him your phone and how you started to scroll through social media.

Bucky’s eyes closed, sometimes he didn’t know what to do with you. “What would your mother think?”

“I don’t know; she died when I was a baby,” You shrugged, “Please, dad?”

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Summary: When Jimin sees the elevator closing on tears streaming down your cheeks and takes you to an empty office to comfort you, you didn’t know things could escalate so quickly…

Genre: smutsmutofficesmutsmut

Request: “@bones-of-needles asked: ‘we work together in the same department but i just got fired because i was poorly evaluated by my selfishly biased boss and we make eye contact as you pass by in the hallway and the elevator doors close on tears running down my face’ au with jimin? ahaha this idea just came to me spontaneously and i thought of you so maybe you could write in your free time? idk i just really love you works <33″

A/N: a smut as an apology for not writing much for the past week lmao. i hope its good. @taehxyung ayyyee look i did this and im not even ashamed lmfao.

[warning: sexual goodness]

You were never fazed by Park Jimin. He was unlike you in every possible way; confident, composed, collected, your boss’s pet. Hell, you would’ve never spoken to him unless you had to. You and Jimin went on with your separate lives the way you always had, like ghosts who haunted the same home but never knew the other existed. It was a curious relationship, or lack thereof, as both of you had been working alongside each other for about an entire year, divided only by the frosted glass partition that stood threateningly between your desks.

You fisted your clammy palms together and took three deep inhales as an attempt to quiet your pounding heart. It rammed itself against your rib cage rhythmically, so loud that you were sure the whole building was immersed in the noise. The papers in your hands wrinkled from the pressure you placed on it, and you hurriedly tried to straighten it out before the person before you exited your boss’s office. As you picked at the corners of the folder hugged to your chest, a flash of flaming red hair materialized behind the glass walls of the room, and Park Jimin glided out leisurely with a composed grin playing at the corners of his lips.

He slid past you without a second glance, only leaving behind a cool breeze and a few notes of his citrusy cologne.

“Y/N?” a deep voice boomed from within the office, and you jogged nervously to the entrance, wobbling on your heels.

“Here.” You slipped into the square room, which reeked of expensive leather and high expectations. Your boss was scribbling on an evaluation sheet, looking quite pleased with what Jimin had just presented him. A gulp broke the silence in the room, and it took you a moment to realize that you had emitted the noise. Your boss peered up at you, and shuffled some papers around, looking for a blank evaluation sheet.

“So, Y/N, what do you have for me this time? Hopefully it’s better than the bullshit you showed me last month. What did you want to do with the commercial again? Oh yeah, make it black and white. Do we all look color blind to you?” he scoffed, and spun his fountain pen between his fingers.

“Here are my progress reports sir. And the new brainstorms are in the back.” you mumbled meekly, fingers already trembling as you relived your awful past experiences in your head.

“Let’s have a look,” he exhaled, and propped a pair of spectacles on the bridge of his nose. You posed rigidly before his wide pine desk, trying your hardest to not fidget and give away your anxiousness. “Hmmm…okay…”

The cacophony of loose pages rustling under his fingers made the hairs on your neck perk up, and you twisted your hands into knots behind your back. The office sunk into a thick silence once again.

“What is this?” your boss glared up at you after a long while.

Uh oh…

“That…uh…is my plan for the new product line. I thought it wo-”

“No! Are you crazy?”

Your eyes increased in size, and you fisted handfuls of fabric from your clothes to keep yourself from quivering. Tears threatened to spill from the corners of your eyes as your boss picked up your business plan between two fingers, eyeing it in a manner as one would a pest, and shredded into bits.

“Y/N, what’s the problem lately? What’s with your completely outrageous ideas? You knew that the business would be too risky to carry out! We would lose tons of revenue, our market would shrink!” Dropping his forehead into his palms, he let out a long, dragged sigh before glancing up at you again. “Do you have anything else for me?”

Your lower lip trembled as you racked your mind but drew up blank. That business plan was all you had been pouring your concentration into, it was your brain child. “No, sir…”

“I’m sorry, but seeing how you’ve been performing for the past few months,” he peered exaggeratedly at the shreds of papers on his desk, “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to let you go.”

Your heart sank like an anchor into your stomach, and the tears that your had tried to desperately to contain overflowed.

“You’re fired.”

You opened your mouth to protest, but your boss had already directed his attention to what seemed like Jimin’s files. A weak exhale escaped instead, and you shuffled back towards the glass doors, head completely blank yet exploding with fury and remorse.

An elated tune flew out of Jimin’s lips in a whistle, echoing off the empty hall ways as he trod to get his second cup of coffee today. It felt pleasant to be able to stretch his legs after a long day. As he strode towards the self-serve coffee machines around the corner of the building, his attention perked up at a sharp ding! accompanied by soft whimpers. He whipped around just in time to witness the elevator doors glide open to accept you into its cold, metallic space and proceed to close. Your cheeks were moist and glistened with tears, which made you run the back your hand roughly against your skin periodically. Jimin was utterly befuddled as of why you, his colleague, were sobbing in an empty elevator as opposed to going back to work. To fulfill his nagging curiosity, he jogged hurriedly towards the shutting door just in time for him to slip his hand within the shrinking slit between the two doors, and the doors opened again to allow his entrance.

You faced the shiny walls of the enclosed space, sniffles shaking your frame. No acknowledgement was made as Jimin stepped in next to you, a single eyebrow arched, intrigued.

“Hey, uh, Y/N? Are you alright?”

You peered sideways at the crimson haired man, the tears distorting your vision and making him appear unfocused. You shook your head, “No, not really.”

He shifted his body to face you, “What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, not really.” you repeated. Tears continued to flow down the streaked skin of your face.

You were genuinely surprised as Jimin stretched out an arm and pressed the button for the upcoming level. Your eyes widened, but Jimin simply shrugged. “I feel like it’d be better if you talked about it. You know, just to get it off your chest.”

“Jimin, I already sai-”


Your sentence was left unspoken as you felt yourself being pulled by the wrist, your inertia giving you a small jolt as you staggered down the vacant halls behind Jimin. The door creaked open with a low whine as he led you inside a large empty office, the fluorescent lights still left on.

“Park Jimin, you’re so ridic-”

A warm finger pressed itself onto your lips as Jimin furrowed his eyebrows at you, “Shhh, just tell me what’s wrong.”

“What has gotten into you? We barely even talk at the office, what makes you think I’ll tell you anything?”

“I’m just a co-worker trying to help you, because something is clearly wrong.” The sincerity in his gaze made your knees weak, and you let a shaky breath escape before speaking.

“I just got fired. I made a business plan for the new product line and our boss didn’t like it…” The words couldn’t prevent themselves from spilling over your lips, and soon you were ranting to Jimin about every detail of the awful event today. He listened attentively, his eyes following the motions of your hands you wiped at your tears. When you were done with your story, you were hiccuping uncontrollably, but you suddenly felt lighter with all the stress and burden gone.

“Do you feel better now?” he asked quietly.

You exhaled slowly, “Yeah, much better. Thanks, it seems that I really needed that after all.”

“No problem,” he smiled, and in that moment you realized that he was actually…incredible attractive. Flaming red hair framed his forehead, parted carefully the middle to reveal his sparkling eyes. They reflected the harsh fluorescent lighting in the room, softening them to small twinkling stars in their glossy surface. You didn’t know what came into you to possess your body, but suddenly you were reaching to loop the black tie wrapped around Jimin’s neck on your finger and yanked him closer.

His eyes widened with bewilderment, but the determination in your eyes set his common sense aflame. He paused for a short moment, then gently pressed his lips against yours. You moved against him nervously, unsure what to make of your current situation. His lips were soft and supple, tasting of coffee and breath mints. The aromas blended in accord and heightened your senses, making you suddenly aware of the pooling warmth between your legs, and the grasping motions of Jimin’s hands on your thighs. He ran his thumb across your cheeks, wiping away the drying tears.

The kisses were sweet and short, but soon couldn’t suffice any longer. You let your mouth agape hungrily, and smiled as Jimin’s tongue invaded the small space. Your tongues danced feverishly, and he maneuvered you towards the large work desk that stood in a corner of the room. Your attached lips made it quite difficult to make your way through the office, but you managed to stumble upon it anyways, your butt hitting the wooden surface as he lifted you up to sit on top.

Jimin’s fingers shimmied down your body as he removed his lips from yours to attack your neck. His hot breath felt divine on your now sweaty skin, nibbling at the various sensitive spots by your ears and collarbones. He was a good multitasker, trained by years of office experience, and it proved itself useful as he unzipped your constricting skirt in one quick flick of his fingers, but mouth still glued on your skin.

You wrapped your legs around his waist easily from your seated position after he slid your bottoms off your body, then your shirt, the rising bump in his crotch accidentally brushing against your clothed core and emitting an ecstatic sigh from your swollen lips. The friction between the soft material of his trousers and your underwear was addicting, causing Jimin to continue the motion as he grinded slightly against you. He tossed his head back at the pleasuring sensation, a guttural grunt sounding at the back of his throat that made you grow even more bothered. Your arms hooked around his neck, fingers groping at his firm shoulder blades as he moved harder.

Your legs began to tremble from the sinful acts, and Jimin sensed your reactions. He abruptly halted the delightful motions, and your eyes fluttered open to shoot him an impatient glare. But calm and composed as always, Jimin gave you a sly smirk as he sank down on his knees, eyes never detaching from your lusty gaze.

He played with the edge of your panties for a few seconds, nails lightly scratching the line where fabric met skin. Then in one swift motion, your underwear was hanging by your heels, the fabric soaked with your juices and desires, and Jimin disappeared between your thighs.

The first flick of his tongue was teasing and immensely frustrating, the slick muscle barely coming in contact with your swollen clit but enough to make you thrust your hips forward for more. A high pitched moan flowed from between your lips, and it made Jimin’s pants push against his growing erection even more painfully. He ran his tongue across your slit a second time, and you leaned back onto your elbows, your head lolling back with enjoyment. He lapped against your folds several times, setting your skin on fire and activating a range in your vocal chords that you didn’t know you possessed.

Jimin pressed his lips on your clit, kissing the sensitive nerve endings and plucking chords in your body. One of your hands flew to Jimin’s hair, lost within the bright strands, and tightening as he moved on to suck the bud. A small whimper sounded in the room, causing him to be even harsher with your body. He plunged his tongue in your warmth, sliding in and out at a feverish rate, tasting you thoroughly. Your moans grew more erratic, and your walls tightened. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Y/N, you have to be quiet.” he warned quietly, the sultry texture of his voice making you want to do nothing less than scream. Jimin reappeared between your legs, his hair tousled by your grip and his white shirt rumpled. He looked heavenly, enough to make you graze your teeth over your lower lip in desire.

He laughed at your hunger a bit, eyes narrowing into curved slits. His hands reached down to his own belt, quickly undoing the buckle as you practically panted in excitement. His shirt and boxers came off next, and he was now standing before you completely exposed. Your eyes grew brighter at the sight. He swooped around you to unclasp your bra, tossing it carelessly on the floor, and grinned at you. His member brushed against your folds, and you shut your eyes at the blissful sensation, a rather loud moan falling out of your mouth. Jimin paused, and clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“Sweetheart, you have to be quiet.” he said again, and bent down to fetch the black tie that he was wearing to ball it up in his fist. “Here, bite down on this.”

The fabric between your teeth smelled exactly like him, of lemons and citrus shampoo. He stepped between your legs again, and teased you slightly before gliding into your warmth. You teeth clenched on the tie to keep from squealing at the pleasure, and Jimin had to gnaw on his own lips to keep quiet. He slid in and out at a rapid pace, knocking into you and forcing your to move back and forth on the desk. You sat up a bit to wrap up your hands around his shoulders, nails clawing into the muscles on his back as he continued to plunge into you. Small gasps escaped his lips with every thrust, sounding like music to your ears. He buried himself in you all the way to the hilt, striking an especially pleasurable spot in you that made your nerves sing in harmony. The fabric in your mouth fell out defeatedly as you moaned aloud.

“Ah- fuck- Jimin!” Your nails dug into his back, leaving small moon shaped prints all over his skin. He felt your walls clench around his length, ready to release the flame that had built up in your abdomen. With one final thrust, he slammed into you, making your toes curl and stars exploded behind your closed eyelids. He moved several more times to help you ride out your climax, as well as coax himself to come to his high. It didn’t take long, with your tight walls contracting against him, to have him throw his head back, an erotic moan bubbling of his lips and endorphins flooding his body.

He pulled out of you, skin glistening with sweat, and looked at you with a playful smirk. You let out a weary laugh, sounding exhausted but content.

“Looks like getting fired isn’t so bad after all.”

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Hey so i wanted to share a random idea i had for a reboot:

So, what if a reboot started off with Clockwork observing Danny in Antartica at the end of Phantom Planet, and he kind of hums to himself and says something along the lines of “He didn’t reach his full potential,” and then he starts messing with his time staff saying something like “We’ll have to make some adjustments,” and/or “Let’s try raising the stakes,” and then the series would start again, but with some really obvious differences.

That was the main idea, but continue reading if you desire-

This doesn’t have to be the case, but I kind of really like the idea of Danny becoming Phantom without his friends there to witness it, and we watch him try to deal by himself for a while. We’d be going a lot more in depth this time about how the changes with the ghost powers affected Danny’s life. Also, I kinda thought it would be cool if Danny and Tucker weren’t friends with Sam yet? So in the beginning there would be a lot more love for Tucker’s character and we’d get to see him being an awesome friend to Danny when he finds out about his ghost powers. And then we’d be introduced to Sam’s character and get to know her as Danny and Tucker do, and she’d be abolishing stereotypes associated with goths and with girls left and right. Maybe Tucker could become friends with Sam first, but it starts out as a rivalry because of the meat/ultra-recyclo-vegetarian thing. Or maybe they become friends through Danny. Idk, I just think it would be a good chance to really explore their characters right from the beginning instead of just establishing character tropes for them.

Anybody else have thoughts for what they want a reboot to be like?

1/10/16: Starting off October spoopyfest with every lombax’s… sort of worst nightmare. Stuck on Aridia with no ammo and a swarm of Sandsharks relentlessly nipping at your ankles dun dun dun

Sandsharks are just walking teeth, now in HD 10/10

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hey, I know it's different from you bc your live on your own but i'm a closeted transguy and i really wanna buy boxers too but like, since i live with my parents, it would be quite difficult since all our laundry goes together you know? is this a problem you'll have when you're with your family for holidays or whatever, or do you have any ideas what I could do? sorry, i'm just really stuck!

One time my mom asked me why I had boxers in my laundry so I told her I’d read a study that you were more likely to get a UTI sleeping in women’s underwear so I went and bought boxers to sleep in. (This one only really works through if you keep women’s underwear cycling through the laundry so Idk if that helps but)

I kind of like the idea of and AU in which Les Mis is actually written by Marius. Like as he got older he just had an increasing amount of Feelings About Things and started obsessively researching his mysterious heroic father-in-law, as well as everybody else connected to him and Cosette.

So he traveled around the country interviewing people, looking through documents, checking locations etc. and finally wrote down his own interpretation of the events based on the things he found out or remembered. And because he’s Marius he couldn’t help but address various other things he’d become interested in (like sewers, argot, etc.) and some things he used to be interested in (Napoleon, Waterloo). He also became much more republican and much more conscious of social problems later in life so the book became increasingly about those things too.

… So I guess everything in Les Mis would be from an older Marius’s point of view in this universe. Honestly I think it might explain a lot.

Just A Joke

“Psych 1 is such a pill.” Dean groaned with an eye roll as he slouched a little under the weight of the book bag on his shoulder. “I wish I could just take like ten classes that are specific to what I wanna do. All this other bullshit is a waste of my money and stress that I don’t fuckin’ need.”

Cas was nodding along to one of his best friends, his eyes carrying his mind off into the distance. The two of them were loitering outside of one of their college buildings. Even though Dean was about to go to his dorm after a class, he waited with Cas before he had his own class. It was nice, Cas realized, that he had a friend who genuinely wanted to be near him. Sure, he had a small tiny baby barely-even-mentionable crush on Dean… but no one had to know that.

“And this chick in that class has been giving me a hard time ‘cause I won’t go out with her.” A scoff left Dean’s lips before he met Cas’ eyes with an amused smirk. “Earth to Cas. Anyone in there?”

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hey I'm the stupid ass anon who fucking snorted bright blue adderall like a newbie bitch before school even thought Satan himself had decided to bless me with a cold anyway some bitch ass fuckboy saw me and after class asked me if I had an STD (how tf is having bright blue snot a sign of an std it's been hours and I'm still questioning his logic) then went around telling people I fucking have blue snot like Shrek 2.0 or some shit idk anymore man

jesus FUCKING christ omg hahahaha this still has me dying. listen, i hope you’re okay and i’m sure nobody believes this stupid ass fuckboy, i mean he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. next time just don’t snort adderall before school when you have a cold, if nothing else this has at least been a learning exeperience lmfao. hope you’re good though bb!!

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can we talk about quickly and smoothly tyler took his pants off (did he rehearse it lol) and than josh got all caught up in his own pants and had to literally kick his way out of them. idk what that could mean (i saw someone saying that how quick and smooth tyler was and how slow josh was, definitely hints at smth, but i have no idea what that could hint at), but i just love how they didn't even hesitate. like, tyler gave a quick kiss to jenna and they went ahead and just took their pants off

boy i haven’t had the occasion to watch the video yet (rip) but kjsgs well i; gU EsSinG it’d have to do wi th So mEThInG SeXuaL (no shit) but i honestly dk what lmao i think josh was probably super nervous and just imagine them whispering and right before they announce the winner josh asks ty “ok do we actually do it” and ty nods and they announce it so tyler just takes his pants off like this and josh is like “o shit ty ok lets do it” so yes i can imagine that i can’t believe they did that theSE NERDs

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Ask meme, 1-800, 1, 2 and 15 please?

1. What inspired you to write the fic this way?

there were already a Ton of chat fics in the hamilton fandom already and I thought they were literally Amazing and I wanted to write something like that, and bc I was already Deeply About the ot4, and they only had 13 fics in their ao3 tag, I Went For It

2. What scene did you first put down?

the very first one tbh?? I had no idea what I was doing or where it would go from there and it wasn’t at All planned out 

15. What did you learn from writing this fic? 

oh idk I learned I’m polyam!! which was v cool,,,but probably not the answer you were lookin for,,,,I learned a lot about support tbh?? just from writing it and portraying their relationship??? I learned about talking to people bc of the way 1-800 made people want to talk to me?? 

sorry this was way longer than it needed to be but !! 

!! ask me questions abt ~~fanfiction~~ !!


organization xiii fest ◦ day ix ◦ nocturne

I could reeeally use a break.

What do people even do with big ass fancy houses. 

I grew up in a trailer park ok, a double wide trailer was about as spacious as there was in my experience and our house only counted in that bracket because we built onto it. I went into an actual double wide trailer and had no idea what to do with the space in people’s houses while i was in there. Then we got a real, actual, has a foundation with no wheels house. it would like probably be a triple wide idk. I still have no idea what to do with the fact we do have space and tbh.. we don’t actually have much space. It just feels like it because we don’t really have a different reference point.

So i then look at these like 4 story houses [a house with more than one story is already tossing my ass out of the water so i’m past the dock onto the shore] with all this fancy shit im just.
How would you even go into all these rooms in a day, or like. a week. 

what would you even do with all that space.

like, i’d end up inviting people to live with me just so i didn’t forget half the house existed jeez

School Mates - Part Two

Request: Could you do a part 2 to the school mates one? Maybe a little smutty? Like they went on a date to the movies or something and things got a little heated and then they rushed home or something? Idk just some ideas! It was so good I want more! (Sorry if you’re busy! Your stuff is great)

Warnings: AU, heated makeout session?????

Notes: I didn’t make it a “little smutty” because honestly, that shit makes me so uncomfortable!! The furthest I’ll probably ever go is heated makeout sessions (even those make me awkward omg)

Part One

Originally posted by sweet--moan-s

Months had passed since you and Peter kissed in the hallway of your school. Your peers were beyond shocked, but at the same time weren’t. You guys were neighbors after all… But no one ever really saw you guys dating. Bad Peter dating Good Y/N? Astonishing. Unnerving to some. But they eventually got over it and let you guys be.

“This is a box plot–Peter, are you listening?” You asked your boyfriend. You were trying to explain to him Statistics at his house. His parents weren’t home, it was just you and him. 

“I’m staring at your lips, but I don’t exactly hear the words.” 

You rolled your eyes at his lazy talk. He was leaning his cheek on his left hand as you two sat at his desk in his messy room. Peter stared at you. He kept his eyes on yours, every so often going to your lips. He lightly licked his own, and you smirked. 

You were going to have some fun with this. You bit your bottom lip, knowing it drove him crazy. You dragged your teeth slowly off the end of your lip. You kept your eyes on the math homework, only seeing Peter out of your peripheral vision. You heard a faint and low growl come from Peter.

“What’s wrong, babe?” You asked innocently. You dropped your pencil on his desk, looking at him.

Then he attacked you. He attacked you in kisses. His hands grabbed your cheeks as he kissed you harshly. His lips pressed hard against yours, his tongue going right inside your mouth. He was standing, slightly hovering over you. Your neck was craned back, your hands holding onto his wrists. He pressed you more and more into the back of his chair.

“Stand… up,” Peter mumbled between kisses. You did as told, slowly standing from the chair.

Peter’s hands left your cheeks, yours leaving his wrists. You snaked your arms around his neck as his hands went wandering. They went up and down your sides, lightly gripping your little love handles that he adored. You groaned at him, hating when he did that, but he only chuckled. In return, you bit his bottom lip, opening your eyes for a quick moment to see his.

“So… hungry today, I see?” You looked at him.

“There’s no denying it,” he said quickly before continuing. 

Once again with the heated kiss that never seemed to end. Your tongues swirled around together, saliva combining. His hands slithered around to your lower back, going lower and lower. His hands groped your ass. That caused you to jump a bit, making a small squeal leave your throat. You lightly bit his tongue to get back at him.

“Don’t be a dick,” you moaned out.

Peter rolled his eyes, finally leaving your lips. His next spot was your neck. He sucked and licked and bit. You squirmed a little at the feeling, but Peter’s arms held you close. He began to pick you up, taking you over to his bed. He sat you down, reattaching his lips to yours once again. He crawled over you, letting you fall backwards, all the way on the bed. Your hands tangled in with his hair, tugging at it.

Your legs also tangled with Peter’s. But you decided to take things in your own hands. You detached your lips from his, kissing his collar bone. Your hands left his hair, snaking down to the hemline of his shirt. You lifted it up, getting it over his head and off. You tossed it aside, only to quickly flip him over. You were now on top, continuing to kiss down him. You kissed down his chest slowly, lingering.“My God, you’re slow,” Peter moaned, his hands gripping your sides again.

“That’s the point, dear,” you giggled.

“Don’t be a tease.”

You stopped then. You stopped right where his pants started, and all you did was stare with a smirk on your lips. Both of you were breathing harder than normal, both keeping stares on each other.

“I’ll be a tease if I want.” Your voice was silky, and that turned Peter even more on. “And I think I’ll just stop right here, right now.”

Peter’s eyes went wide. His chest was rising and falling, elbows now pushing him up so he could see you better. He cocked an eyebrow up at you. “What if I don’t want to stop?”

“But we have homework,” you said in a sarcastic tone. He sent you a playful glare. Both of you laughed a bit, continuing on.

idk I just have this strong strong feeling that kent is actually allergic to cats but he had no idea when he got kit purrson and then when he finally went to the doctor after days of sneezing and coughing and watery eyes and Regret™ he found out he was allergic but he also loves kit purrson too much to admit defeat so he just pops some Allegra every morning and lets her sleep on his chest during the day and on his pillow at night, defiantly blowing his nose all the way