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kiho drabble

based on this moodboard
pairing: kihyun x wonho
summary: in which wonho is a notorious bad boy and kihyun is the neighbourhood music teacher

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me: 2017 is going to be the year of girl groups!! note that!!

jyp: after screwing over the wonder girls multiple times they’re disbanding and miss a? idk her

sm: fx? we’re an entertainment company, not a math class lmao

mbk: we treated t-ara like shit for years and did the bare minimum when it came to their bullying scandal although we clearly had the evidence to protect them. oh what’s that? the scandal is finally cleared and the girls feel comfortable enough to leave? well we’re just gonna LIE ON THEM AND RUIN THEIR IMAGE FUCK YOU

chrome ent: crayon pop is on “hiatus” but that’s just an excuse to keep you attached to them while they never promote again

star empire: 9muses? they’re around here…somewhere idk

cj e&m: spica is dead but we’re just telling the girls it’s a hiatus lmao

starship: we screwed over sistar too until their fans publically confronted us and dragged us and instead of treating them better guess what? dead.

anonymous asked:

Hey I asked for fic recs early and you said to be more specific. So Darry or Wolfstar recs. any kind that has either

of course i’m gonna go with remus/sirius bc well im remussirius trash extraordinaire also i don’t trust my taste in drarry bc i havent read drarry fics in years lbr. im sorry this took so long. i kept saving this in my drafts to add more and more each time i open it bc im trash and it took all the self control to just stop and publish it so here ya go 50 remus/sirius fics 

bold - fandom classics
italicized - since these come from these different sites with different ratings, i’ll just italicize all the ones rated mature, explicit, or nc-17 

  1. people have told me i’m the worst remus/sirius shipper bc i haven’t read this classic so imma just leave it here on the off chance you haven’t either idk the word count or how to rate this whoops
  2. lots of fumbling and sirius thinking remus is perfect and kissing scars and staying in bed and i am exhausted with these two im gonna cry (2.4k+ words)
  3. sirius is teddy’s preschool teacher and remus becomes a whole lot more motivated to bring his kid to school (it’s an au where teddy and harry are the same age)  (13.5k+)
  4. boarding school in the 70s au (tw: vivid mentions of rape) (36k+)
  5. first war and lie low at lupin’s era wherein they never said i love you (6.5k+)
  6. all rec lists need a coffee shop au (5k+)
  7. ballet au gosh i am soooo (8.2k+) 
  8. artist/model au. one of my favorites it ruined me i am ruined (55.5k+)
  9. very angsty holiday au (12k+)
  10. truth or dare game that spun out of control (hogwarts era) and the sequel (alternates between first war and book era) idk the word count bc they have to be downloaded now bc they were taken down and the second has lotsa remadora but it’s good remadora and honestly these are must reads
  11. au where remus and sirius took harry and went into hiding after james and lily got killed. just fuck me up. (2.3k+)
  12. muggle au and sirius is engaged and he meets remus and there’s lotsa angst and me crying tbh (10.5k+)
  13. hogwarts era and sirius and remus are angst machines who keep fighting/bickering as as alternative to admitting they wanna fall in love and fuck and grow old together tbh (4.6k+)
  14. photographer sirius and jazz musician remus it’s so beautiful (13k+)
  15. my favorite uni au tbh (105k+)
  16. post azkaban era i am so wrecked (10.4k+)
  17. i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics (4k+)
  18. the usual ‘it was just supposed to be sex’ kind of thing that starts firewhiskey. of course. (the word count isn’t stated but it’s very long. like 24 chapters)
  19. remus being a smug know it all bc he’s an expert on sirius (1.2k+)
  20. get together fic after james and lily’s wedding (10.9k+)
  21. remus and sirius through Mr. Lupin’s eyes (2k+)
  22. sirius whining in his diary about remus ffs what a nerd (1.4k+)
  23. remus attempting to visit sirius in azkaban i died (2k+)
  24. they meet at a nightclub and do the sex and that’s the end of that (it’s totally not) (also auror sirius and tutor remus) (31.2k+)
  25. sirius and remus throughout the years (602)
  26. hogwarts era smut but also lots of cuddling and warmth and trying not to fall in love gOD THIS IS THE DEATH OF ME (1.3k+)
  27. rockstar/journalist au i love journalist remus so much  (36.2k+)
  28. another rockstar/journalist au bECAUSE HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JOURNALIST REMUS? (98.4k+)
  29. mistletoe fic it’s so adorable im a mess (3.4k+)
  30. sirius teaching remus how to dance aka kill me (1.6k+)
  31. this is about remussirius and jily. the first and last kisses of both couples. this fucked me up tbh but the jily ones are sadder (2.6k+)
  32. muggle au they meet on the train (6k+)
  33. in which they are platonic. i swear. 100% bros watching porn. (5.4k+)
  34. office au (11.6k+)
  35. uni au with footballer sirius and photographer remus (2.9k+)
  36. ok i haven’t read this in three years and 14 year old me might have had horrible taste but from what i remember, this is the first fic that ruined me ever. half porn and half super heavy stuff that will leave you sobbing and aching. occasional fluff i guess. hogwarts era (122k)
  37. all i remember about this is that it’s amazing and james pov i love it
  38. i’ll say it again: i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics BUT this one is my favorite and i’ve read it so many times (4k+)
  39. the marauders sharing a flat. it’s amazing, really 
  40. first war remus and sirius who have been broken up for a year (22.3k+)
  41. neighbor au (6.2k+)
  42. nerds freaking out about having to share a bed (3k)
  43. first war angst and smut (6.2k+)
  44. awkward sexual tension hogwarts era (13.k+)
  45. ootp era. bathtub sex and them being all disgustingly in love i’m a wreck (2.6k+)
  46. hogwarts era and literally nothing but sirius pining so hard and lotsa porn what’s not to love
  47. IT’S SO FLUFFY im gonna cry bye (5k+)
  48. sirius is a party planner for a bachelorette party and catches the eye of the stripper okAY THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT’S ALL PORN BUT IT’S HEAVY STUFF AND THE TEDDY LUPIN FEELINGS i hate everything (34.9k+)
  49. another angsty first war fic (10k+)
  50. my absolute favorite fic of all time. nothing can compare (92.8k+ so far. it’s a WIP)

She’s about as apologetic as she looks

I’m leaving :(

hullo its me mo, and i just wanted to tell you that im leaving the phandom (maybe temporarily but idk ,,, probably not). I’ve been thinking about this for a while and now I think it’s the right time to leave. I may come back occasionally and reblog stuff and just to check on you guys, but im gonna leave. I haven’t felt right….in the phandom for a long time? idk i just dont feel like I belong here. I’m still gonna watch dnp and i still love them and it actually has nothing to do with them…its just the phandom isnt the place for me i guess! I have over 5k followers and i love all of you so much for sticking with me and following my shitty blog and being so supportive of all my weird ass text posts.It’s gonna be so hard to leave you all but I’ll still try to check my messages so i can still chat with you guys if you need me, but i wont be very active on this blog anymore. However, if you still wanna see me, i think im gonna still use my aes blog @beespov and my shitpost blog @wheremyegg! I’ll miss all of you so much :( dont 4get abt me :( 

leonard snart cares so much about jax omg

okay like seriously you guys i can’t believe i have to make this post but like i’m gonna

so here are some cold hard facts

-in the pilot (ep1), leonard is the one who makes jax stay behind on the ship; “i said i’d take care of you” already in big-brother mode honey? really?

-in blood ties (ep3), leonard tells jax about his father, with barely any prompting. he is honest, and there is nothing that he gains from telling jax that his father was an abusive piece of shit. n o t h i n g. all he gets? jax probably realizing that there’s more to leonard than meets the eye. maybe a bit of sympathy. 

-in white knights (ep4), jax gets injured. leonard is on the bridge with raymond, and the second jax limps onto the bridge with blood on his shirt, leonard’s entire demeanor changes. his face falls, his posture changes to be more attentive and less *sultry lurking*. he looks PISSED. he looks like “who the fuck hurt jax i’m gonna murder them immediately.” then he leaves the bridge. why? did he accidentally show a feeling? idk man you tell me i’m not a mind-reader here.

-in night of the hawk (ep8), first of all, look at leonard’s face when they realize jax was turned into the monster thingy HE IS IN PAIN OKAY THAT IS LIKE THE SAME LOOK HE JUST GAVE MICK WHEN HE ABANDONED HIM?? LIKE?? HOW CAN YOU LOOK AT THAT AND THINK LEONARD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT JAX?? 

“Jax, don’t make me do this!” okay like damn leonard have MORE FEELINGS about this situation okay thanks

jax claws at leonard and instead of leonard retaliating, he shoots at the pipe and runs away okay cool

they run into jax again, jax swipes at him again, and he L E A P S back and like holds up his hand? like calming? like i know jax just knocked your gun out but like it’s a calming stance not a fighting stance honey you know jax has no idea who you and stein are right now b u t there’s probably something more effective you could’ve done but he doesn’t want to hurt jax seriouslyyyy

leonard lurking over jax in the med-bay looking so concerned like damn 

“let’s not get sentimental. another minute and things may have gone very differently” okay honey sure you were going to just switch it up that quickly after being on the defensive for the entire time and just try to kick his ass uh-huh i absolutely believe you

“after last night i know enough about monsters to know that you’re not one” “stop i’m getting misty-eyed” LEONARD YOU ARE THE KING OF DEFLECTIONS OH MY GOD the body language here, he’s curled up into himself, and jax apologizes and he struts forward, back to appearing confident and in control

-in magnificent eight (ep11), when jax gets taken by the stillwater gang, the first person to comment is leonard “NOT WITHOUT JAX” snart

“the town is still in danger” “SO IS THE KID” okay but leonard doesn’t care about jax not even a little bit okay sure

-in river of time (ep14), leonard is just. so pissed. at rip. about jax getting his ass kicked by the time drive and those side effects and HE LITERALLY PACES IN THE MED BAY AND THEN HE SAYS “you deserve better” 



-in conclusion, leonard snart thinks of jax as a little brother, cares about him so very, very much, and would probably die for him or at least murder a whole bunch of people for him