idk its relevant i think

tbh geoff trying to get ryan involved and chewing out the guys when ryans clearly upset abt something is? so good? like he doesnt even know what up but immediately starts asking him what hes doing and stuff. “i wanna know which one of your hurt ryans feelings” “why do you care?” *indignant* “i care about ryan” like excuse me. i just think thats real good

lil-cubone asked: vision or star-lord

Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.


““I had a taste for you, once.” His head snapped up. He hadn’t expected that. Saints, it was satisfying.”


I found a patchwork skirt and Very Long Scarf at the bins! >:)

“You’ve changed,” he tells me abruptly.

“So?” I feel myself getting defensive.

“No, no,” he says, throwing his hands up. "You’re trying. Making an effort to live.

It’s good to see.“

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14 // lily rose.

what I think is interesting is that within the past two episodes we’ve been introduced to another side of each core member of the Pines family

in a tale of two stans we see Mabel worrying about the relationship between the Stans and the relationship between her brother, revealing that her optimism often masks a lot of fear and anxiety

in not what he seems we see Stan begging the kids and Soos to trust him for his brother’s sake, and in a tale of two stans Stan’s backstory is told, revealing that his confidence hides a lot of guilt and desperation

in not what he seems we see Dipper screaming at Stan for lying and Mabel for trusting Stan’s word before his, revealing that his usual level head masks a lot of hurt and anger

and what’s great is that they’re not new sides to these characters like they’ve always been there, we’ve seen them in glimpses throughout the show like when Stan’s rubbing a thumb across his bro’s glasses, when Mabel’s trying to convince Dipper he's good without the journal, when Dipper for a split second wants to let Bill wreck Stan’s mind when he thinks Stan hates him…

I guess its just interesting that we’ve now seen them all stripped of their usual facades down to some of their most barest emotions

I think as far as Jack’s denial of dating goes it should probably be taken into account that Shitty took him by surprised. He all but ambushed him. Of course Shitty meant no harm, he just wanted to know what his friend was keeping from him.  I think it’s been established all ready that Jack and social environments don’t necessarily go along 100% smoothly, and then add to the fact that this situation involved being put on the spot about a sticky secret that he likely wants to tell his friends but he doesn’t completely know how without it getting out of hand (The whole less who knows better kind of idea) he likely panicked. Was what he said the best thing in the world. God no. Did the end of that update hurt the feels entirely, hell yes. But… I am sure (or at least I hope its not just me) we can all think of a situation where we were asked something we weren’t expected and something kind of stupid came out.