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cos when long haired shiro is escaping he sees himself on an operating table (idk whether hes actaully witnessing this or having a flashback, its not totally clear bUT) - the galra refer to the procedure as “operation kuron” - “kuron” meaning “clone” in japanese. So the whole ‘shiro has a clone’ thing seems pretty viable. 

so this scene is very much from shiro’s perspective when they put him in whatever liquid this shit is,, presumably to preserve him while they make however the fuck many clones of him.

say they decided to make multiple clones, they’d probs wanna keep him frozen in there with easy access to his dna for cloning and memory transplants & whatnot. 

i reckon that if this is the case that the galra must’ve linked both their minds so that they have the same memories, and wouldve kept s3 shiro unconscious for a while, hence why he doesn’t know why he’s on a galra ship when he wakes up and explains why his hair is so gotdang long. It may also explain shiro’s persistent headaches when he returns,, this could be a side effect of having a chip in his brain or from having memories from his counterpart transferred to his (or maybe just a symptom of being sedated for so long).

it seems awfully convenient that s1-2 shiro had amnesia after escaping so would cover up any doubts about memories of being cloned/escaping etc.

so thats all for now and im sorry this theory probs has hella holes in it and im terrible at trying to intelligently communicate via words BUT AT LEAST ITS PRETTY DAMN CLEAR THAT WHETHER HES A CLONE OR THE OG - S3 SHIRO IS DIFFERENT ONE

Thanks, Cas

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

Requested: yeperoni, on wattpad

Word Count: 2325

Tags: @winter-in-wakanda

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“You ready?” Sam asks, knocking on the bathroom door where you’ve locked yourself away. It’s your birthday, and Sam is taking you out to a fancy dinner for a night of pretending to be normal people who don’t hunt monsters for a living. You went to a good bit of trouble to get dolled up; hair done, heels on. Taking a deep breath and smoothing out your tight black dress, you smile at yourself in the mirror.

“I am. But are you ready to see me?” You tease Sam, and he chuckles.

“Yes, I think I-” Sam’s words cut out as soon as you open the door. His eyes rake up and down, from your heels to your curls and back again.

“Told you to get ready,” you smile, and Sam licks his lips, running his hands over his suit jacket. He clears his throat, finally making eye contact.

“This is going to be fun,” he says mischievously, and you shoot him a questioning look. He quickly shakes it off, clearing his throat again.

“Shall we go?”


“Shoot, that soup looks good too. Sam, what are you ordering? Can we split… hey, are you listening?” You wave a hand in front of your boyfriend’s face from across the table, and you can see his concentration melt away as he stops staring at your water glass and returns to reality. You give him a confused smile, unable to figure out what’s been making him act weird all night.

“Of course I’m listening. I- wait, what was the question?” he asks, and you laugh, shaking your head. Sometimes you think you’re dating the smartest man alive while simultaneously dating the dumbest dork alive.

“Sam, are you sure you’re you alright?” You inquire, setting down your menu and leaning forward on your elbows. He nods quickly, licking his lips and diving into his menu.

“Want to split some soup?” He asks innocently, and you smile broadly. He may be a dork, but boy do you love Sam. You two have the same thoughts at separate times.

“Sam, I tried to ask you that exact question about sixty seconds ago,” you tell him, laughing lightly as a blush creeps up on his cheeks.

“Not how this was supposed to go, Cas,” you hear Sam mutter under his breath, clearly frustrated, and you feel more confused than ever. What the hell?

“Okay, look, I know something is- oh-h, ah, S-Sam,” you suddenly stutter. Your accusation was interrupted by an absolutely bizarre feeling between your legs. You clamp a hand over your mouth, because although it’s not a particularly strong feeling, you can’t imagine what the source is, which freaks you out.

You look up at him, panicked, and feel your heart rate pick up at his expression. He’s smirking triumphantly. Your brows furrow, and you pull away your hand, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is happening. Instead of words, all that escapes is a shaky sigh of pleasure as the feeling gets stronger. Fucking hell, it’s like Sam’s touching you.

“Enjoying yourself, baby?” He taunts, and with that, you know that somehow, he is touching you. Just.. without actually touching you. You glare, mouth sealed shut as you push your thighs together just as tight.

“I wanted to give you something special for your birthday, baby,” Sam says, and you grip onto the tablecloth desperately as the feeling takes over your clit.

“And so Cas lent me some of his grace. Turns out, he knows some fun angel secrets. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? Feeling me touch you with my mind?” he explains, outwardly loving this. You, however, feel like everyone’s staring at you try not to get any wetter than you already are. No way you’re coming in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

“Sam, stop,” you say through gritted teeth, looking around warily. Surprisingly, he does as you say, the sensation disappearing. You feel a little cold and left out in the wake of it, but try not to show your disappointment. This is what you wanted, right?

“Sure thing, baby. So, soup?” He asks cheerily, taking a sip of his water. You want to pull your hair out, but go along with it. Maybe it’s best to just pretend nothing ever happened.



“And can I get you two any desserts?” the perky waiter asks, and you smile at Sam, hoping he’ll let you get some obnoxiously chocolatey dessert. He nods slightly, and you brighten up.

“Yes, we’ll ha-aa- oh, uh,” you’re taken aback by the sudden pleasure between your legs. This time, Sam is going all out, and you swear you can feel his fingers pumping inside you even though you’re staring at them resting on the table in front of you.

“Are you alright?” the waiter questions, looking lost. You glare at Sam, mentally begging him to either let up or cover for you.

“Oh, she’s fine. We’ll have the chocolate mousse, please,” Sam brushes you off, and although the waiter still looks wary, he writes down your order and hurries away nonetheless. Meanwhile, the tension in you is building as Sam changes his speed constantly, switching from faster than you thought possible to tortuously slow.

“Are you alright?” Sam feigns concern, and you swear if you weren’t so desperate to kiss him, you’d murder him. You’re about to verbalize that when, of course, Sam puts pressure on your clit, sticking with the faster pace.

“Ah, fuck, oh, fuck you, Sam,” you whisper, clenching your hands into fists. You want nothing more than to throw your head back and enjoy the feeling, but the chatter all around you reminds you that you’re entirely in the open.

“Fuck me? Well, actually, I was kind of hoping you would do just that,” Sam teases, lowering his voice so no one overhears. You want to scream his name; he’s going so fast and so hard on you that you can barely breathe.

“S-Sam,” you whimper again, looking at him with pleading eyes. You aren’t sure what you’re begging for - an end to the torture or an orgasm - but at this point, you aren’t sure it matters.

“Are you close, baby? Are you about to cum in front of all these rich, elegant people? Are you going to cream in your panties and fancy black dress? Hm?” Sam leans forward, and hearing him whispering dirty words makes you feel even hotter, if that’s possible.

“Sam, oh god yes,” you try to stay quiet, but simply can’t. You lean forward, one forearm resting on the table, head hanging low. Sam is actually going to make you cum in a crowded restaurant.

“One chocolate mousse- uh, hey, are you sure you’re okay?” The waiter approaches, and you snap your head up as Sam once again takes away your pleasure in an instant. Your pussy aches in complaint, but you force a smile as the chocolate mousse is placed in front of you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. Could we get the check now, please?” You say, giving Sam a pointed look. He’s got a mischievous glint in his eye as he pretends to be confused.

“Don’t you want to eat our mousse, baby?” Sam raises his eyebrows, knowing full well you’re throbbing for him.

“We’ll eat it as the check comes,” you promise, and the waiter gives you both another weird look as he turns to get the check as you asked. Once his back is turned, you drop the smile and glare at Sam.

“There’s something fucking wrong with you,” you hiss through gritted teeth, but Sam just grins, picking up his spoon and digging into the dessert.

“Want more, is that it?” Sam taunts around a mouthful of chocolate, and your grip on your spoon tightens so much you feel you might bend the metal.

“I swear to god, if you use that mojo on me one more time while we’re sitting here, you will never again get to have sex with me,” you threaten, dead serious. Sam drains of a little color, nodding in defeat as he eats some more. You sigh, exasperated.

When the waiter finally arrives with your check, you’re more than a little relieved that Sam isn’t messing with you as you talk. You hastily pay, and don’t hesitate a second to get up and start walking out. You weave past other diners and feel as if they all know how on edge you are. Sam follows behind you, trotting along and outwardly showing his rejection. You aren’t sure why exactly he’s being so mopey and dramatic, but you don’t have time to care. You need him alone, now.

The minute you’re in the parking lot, you just about fall to your knees. Sam has started up again, and your knees are going weak, making you wobbly on your heels. Sam strolls up behind you, letting you lean on him for support as you hold in moans. He’s going slow again, nice and easy.

“Sam, oh, fuck, oh, I’m going to kill you, I swear. I said… fuck… no more,” you say, blissed out with your eyes closed and head leaning back. You can feel his breath tickle your neck as he laughs.

“Oh yes, you sound very scary. But your rules were not while we were sitting there. I’m entirely in bounds,” he teases as he nudges you forward. With his help, you stumble your way to the impala, ankles twisting in your heels every other step as Sam keeps the hits coming. He opens the door to the backseat and helps you lie down in it. You grab his jacket lapels in your fists and pull him down on top of you. It’s a bit ridiculous with his height, but that’s not your concern right now.

Still gripping his jacket, you pull Sam’s mouth to yours, kissing him passionately. He laughs a little at first, but melts into it with you, one hand cupping the side of your face as his hair tickles your cheek. Your tongue slides over his, and you’re moaning freely into his mouth as he keeps slowly building up speed.

“I want to really feel you inside me, Sam, no more teasing,” you whisper, and Sam groans. He nods, sitting up and closing the car door behind him. The sensations are subsiding, but you don’t mind, knowing you’re about to get the real thing. Sam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, and you laugh a little.

“You came prepared, didn’t you?” you joke, and Sam laughs with you. Not wasting any time, you undo his pants eagerly. You let him put the condom on as you hike up your dress and shimmy out of your soaked panties. Sam realizes what you’re doing only when you’re nearly done, and pouts.

“Hey, I wanted to do that,” he whines, having finished putting the condom on his hard length. You try not to get distracted by it and roll your eyes at Sam.

“You’ve had more than your fair share of fun with teasing me, Sam. I’m ready,” you tell him, and he smiles, leaning down to kiss you again. He lines up with your entrance, then pauses, looking down.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs upon seeing how wet you are. He got you so close to coming that your arousal is literally dripping, and Sam licks his lips at the sight. You sigh impatiently, not wanting to wait a second longer. So you grab his lower back and push him into you without hesitation. It’s a little sloppy and it startles Sam, but the sweet relief is enough to make you moan nonetheless.

“Woah, eager, are we?” Sam says as he starts to thrust in and out against your slick walls. You hum in pleasure, gripping him tighter and pulling him closer. The fact that you’re both still nearly fully clothed doesn’t phase either of you, hands still roaming.

“Shut up and fuck me,” you instruct, and Sam kisses your ear, making you smile.

“I think we can manage that,” he replies, picking up momentum. Soon enough, he’s slamming into you hard enough to rock the car and you’re both moaning and sweating like crazy. His hair is swinging in your face, and your nails claw at his back through his jacket and shirt.

After a full night of teasing, you reach the edge of your orgasm quicker than ever. You try to tell Sam you’re close, but all that comes out is more moans. He seems to get the idea anyways, reaching a hand down to rub circles on your clit.

“Oh, hell yes,” Sam mutters as you reach your high. Your walls clench around him, your back arches into his chest, and you curl your toes in pleasure. You can hardly breathe, and feel Sam fill up the condom as you come down. He keeps thrusting through both of your orgasms erratically, losing control of his rhythm as he comes.

When you’re both done, both panting heavily, Sam collapses on top of you. You let out an ‘oof’ along with strangled laughter, and Sam giggles. Picking himself up again, he smiles down at you.

“Sorry, baby,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss you. You hold his jaw as you return the sweet kiss, reveling in the afterglow.

“You know that you’re going to pay for what you did tonight, right?” you say between kisses, pulling back and making him pause. Sam closes his eyes, sighs, and nods.

“I know.”

“Don’t look so sad. You’ll love my punishment,” you whisper the last part against his ear, and Sam gets that devilish smirk back on his face. He leans in to kiss you some more, but you stop him again. Hand on his chest, you look up to the sky - well, the car’s ceiling. He follows your gaze, and you smile widely.

“Dear Cas, please accept my many, many, many thanks. Amen.”

Told ya’ll I was gonna do Sailor Mouth so here’s this fucking pile of shit

I actually posted this last night when no one was awake so I just decided to repost it for the sake of it actually getting some notes so….  Yeah I joined the GF/Spongebob bandwagon, because how could I not? Its too glorious to stay  away from. THough I feel like instead of forcing the kids to paint the shack for being little potty mouths, Stan would probably just faint from hearing his darling little innocent nibblings say such dirty ass fucking words (don’t be a potty mouth like Jen everyone, its a bad idea), leaving Ford to awkwardly dole out punishment (even though I’m pretty sure those two say a lot worse than that when the younger twins aren’t around. Anyway, enjoy!



vegeta + pretty scenery is my kink

also i want more awkward contemplative veg from his first initial stay on earth. culture shock veg is the reason i live

scandal - cliques and sex

**i really love my manager, he was the manager at my store about 3 years ago before i transferred, he then left and then came back about a month or so after i transferred. i’ve came to him with so many problems - both work related and personally due to various things such as the death of a family member, mental health and even because i wanted time off to do some silly uni assignment last minute. he let me leave 45 mins early one day because i looked upset - he’s a gem. and its not just me that he does this shit for - its everyone. i get on with him personally as we have similar interests. he’s a pretty good boss most of the time, and he’s never been an asshole to me.**

this is kind of a fuck-managers, fuck co-workers thing but anyway my work has broke into proper scandal recently. 

ANYWAY, its highly likely my boss is fucking one of my co-workers, let’s call her becky so i don’t refer to her as “this girl” 24/7. shes 25, hes 30. 

it’s a huuuge story and we basically need to speak about it all for it to all make sense. (and believe me this is the cut version) 

when my boss become the store manager for the second time, everyone was happy cos he’s amazing but there was a lot of giggling like, “oh becky will be happy, she loves him” blah blah blah all that bullshit. anyway, she had a boyfriend at the time and he was in a pretty serious long term relationship. i never thought anything of it, cos he is a pretty man and he seemed to be her “type”. 

flash forward to about a year later, late 2016, she gets promoted to keyholder. she did a lot of opening shifts - often with my boss. again, i see no problem with this. she’s full time and she gets on with everyone. progression. good for her. 

but this is when shit gets nasty! she becomes friends with these two part time girls - obviously there’s nothing wrong with this but they form a pretty brutal clique. they managed to get shifts together and just sorta stood and spoke for the whole shift, had their lunches together and did no work whilst hating on everyone else for not doing work, idk whatever. they have this whatsapp chat, where they added pretty much every girl apart from me, a girl we will call “sally” (who similarly, fucked our old supervisor but thats a different story and they date now so its not as bad), the xmas temps, the other full time girl and the mature student whose part time. i cared at first but i got over it pretty soon. 

becky became very nasty to sally, basically because sally seen through her shit and called her out for being a bitch. becky managed to turn most of the girls away from sally, apart from those not in the chat and one of the girls in the groupchat (“emily”) who never contributed. sally spoke to my boss about it because she was feeling really shitty, and he just kinda swept it under the carpet - very not a him thing to do. sally couldnt take it and ended up quitting - which is a shame, because sally was probs my closest friend at work.

i spoke to sally about this at a later date when we met up and she said that when she opened with becky and the manager they ignored her and made her do stupid tasks whilst they did really minor jobs together. she said it reminded her of what her and her now boyfriend used to do at work. this opens my eyes a lil, and i noticed anytime i am working with them that they talk a lot, and go on lunch together - my boss normally takes his lunch alone when shes not in and he used to drive home and eat it with his girlfriend - or he’d sit in a cafe.  

jumping a little bit, i was on a shift and was on the phone to a manager of another store, he asked to speak to our manager, and i couldnt find him anywhere. when i finally find him i just hand him the phone, not saying anything because the store was really busy. it sinks in as i walk away from him that i caught him crying. he doesn’t properly bring it up again but he asks me and a few other people “what would you do if you saw me crying” - i feel mega guilty but act as if i honestly didnt see, cause its awkward. idk if i mentioned it before but he has like major depression, possibly bipolar but hasnt confronted his doctor on this (i dunno how many people know this) and like, i think some things get to him. like if him and the area manager disagree, or if him and his girlfriend fell out or if he fucked something simple up. hes quite reserved during the xmas period, and very unlike himself. i mention this to a supervisor im very good friends with a few weeks later and they tells me that hes been having problems with his girlfriend and she got rid of their pet dog, for no apparent reason.

so thats…really shit.

at some point becky and her boyfriend break up, im not sure but i notice after a facebook stalk at the start of 2017. this is around the time my manager starts to act more like himself and work feels more normal.

and this is when shit gets more obvious and more weird. 

there’s a shift im on with the manager, emily and one of the boys we work with. one of our other managers is getting married and my boss recommended him his friend to be the photographer. so we’re all talking about weddings and getting married and children. when we ask our manager about this, he acts flakey and says he doesnt want to get married. its left there but im in with the same people (excluding boss) and becky the next day and the conversation picks up - becky says she really wants to get married but doubts it will happen because she’ll “probably fall in love with someone who doesn’t want to get married”.

my boss starts using his phone on the shopfloor, snapchatting and texting, it gets to the point that our area manager BANS him from using his phone. myself and other staff members notice that he’s snapchatting becky a lot. emily tells us when she went on a night out with “the girls” (from the groupchat) becky wasn’t off her phone, snapchatting him with “the girls” but then hiding her phone and texting him when she thought nobody was looking. obviously, her little clique seen nothing wrong with this, or blindly ignored it but by this point emily was sick of her shit. 

we win a staff night out. long story short, they go off together for ages. 

another time, she goes over to his house (that he shares with his girlfriend) with the shitty excuse that he was gonna fix her laptop, cos “he can fix them”. 

i hear from the same supervisor that told me before about his relationship problems that his girlfriend was looking for jobs in another city without really consulting him. so things are pretty bad. 

emily (bless her) left the groupchat after too many bitching sessions. they start targeting this poor younger gal at work that becky decides to randomly argue with on facebook. they all claim they dislike her because “theres just something about her”. i think the gal knows that becky despises her for no apparent reason and is sick of it so she blocks her. they dont really work together anyway, so idk, its a bit drastic but i suppose its fair. emily defends her and leaves. the next day at work, she shows us the whatsapp chat. 

becky screenshots a conversation between her and boss that has statements like “tbh i only hired her because she was hot” and him making a meme of her. its HORRIBLE. its so out of character and weird. and it seems even more fishy that becky is stirring it by showing a large chunk of the work group. personally i feel like becky knows exactly what shes doing, idk, i feel like shes took advantage of the pretty good nature of our sometimes unstable manager and make him like this. i have no idea, i could be biased cos i really like him - he could be using her as a bit on the side, taking advantage of the fact she always had a crush on him.

someone tells other management about the whatsapp, cause y'no… its sick. and emily shows the other managers the picture, and they call him up on it. he seems to be pretty apologetic about it but idk. becky sends emily passive aggressive texts about the whole thing saying she trusted her and whatever blah blah blah… i dont care. its a lot of shit.

someone at my work calls my manager on the way he is with becky and apparently just breaks down into tears and says he left his girlfriend last night and slept in his car. about a week later, someone else calls him out on it and he says he knows he’s “been a dick” and kinda ignores the confrontation. i think hes back in his house now, no idea about his girlfriend.

beckys girl posse dont know anything about it, or claim not to, not even the two who shes closest to. i go to the same uni as one of them and one day we meet for lunch, it comes into conversation and she says “well its not any of my business” i try and remain neutral and say if they are doing anything its not fair on either of them and she says: “no its not fair on becky if he doesnt want to date her and only wants to fuck her”, goes bright red and changes the subject. 

a few days later, emilys brother who works in a takeaway where becky lives sees both becky and our manager ordering (emilys brother comes into our work a lot - just before the “how did he know who they were” bullshit). he tells emily, and says to her just to say that he saw him, apparently he went bright red about this and quizzed emily on when this was (obv because he knew he was getting caught in this scandal) but she said she wasnt sure. 

so, this week, becky and my manager were caught coming to work together, when they live in complete opposite directions of eachother. i think someones reporting him and i think becky might be transferring to another store.

this is all confusing and a clusterfuck but it feels like something that would happen in a soap opera and its something that i thought i should share.

if there’s any updates on either

- the clique being more bitchy


- manager/becky relations

i’ll keep y'all posted!


Soft soft~

For whatever reason the colored version I made is more embarrassing to post, so I’ll just leave this sketch here and run :,3 I can’t handle my love for these two, like for real, I think they should hug, maybe hold hands.

I’m weak don’t mind me….

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Oh, I wasn't looking for a ficlet, just fandom support because it's ruined my mood the last two days but um: Alex trying to sneak a pet into their apartment (for whatever reason)? Thank you!

yeah idk why people like to shit on kalex so much it makes no sense to me whatsoever. but i also never see any of that, because i dont follow anyone who hates on the ship and I avoid the tags like the plague haha

Here’s the ficlet. Let’s see what i can come up with

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so are you saying that ace+het people still have the issue of dealing with denied housing and jobs because of their sexuality? because your status on how much you have sex shouldn't be an open topic, for one, and not only that they aren't truly being oppressed besides by people they open up about it. i understand they still get shit but they aren't getting oppressed or killed for not being hetronormative with their sex lives.

this is always the go-to, isnt it? god i hate this fucking argument so much because its this disingenuous copypaste that ive heard from every single fucking exclusionist alive. 

first off, to address this “how much you have sex” shit PLEASE GOD *STOP FUCKING SEXUALIZING ACES* ITS *NOT* ABOUT THE SEX THEY ARE OR ARENT HAVING, THATS NOT THE ISSUE! i cannot believe im still seeing this, the idea that by identifying yourself as ace youre somehow “bringing sex into it” rather than specifically embracing your identity and the feelings and issues it brings with it is awful, and reeks of the same shit people did to gay and lesbian folks back in the day by trying to make their identity inherently sexual. its not. its just an identity. please, please god stop.

secondly, you really wanna bring up the idea that…you arent oppressed…unless you bring it up? okay, well, alright, i guess all closeted lgbt+ people arent oppressed. ever. thats your standpoint, right? thats what youre talking about? okay glad we’re all on the same page here now because surely you must realize what a stupid fucking point that was.

now, before i address your main point, which has been regurgitated word-for-fucking-word eight hundred thousand times, im gonna really try and get this across for what is probably the fifth time tonight: *not all oppression is the same.* this idea that there’s this…benchmark of oppression, like “you have to have THIS and THIS and THAT done to you for your identity and it has to be EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for you to be REALLY oppressed, otherwise youre just faking and you dont DESERVE to be a member of the community” is so fucking weird and im not sure how we got here? like i get that we’ve all hurt, and it’s easy to get angry that others who have hurt, but haven’t hurt as _much_(in our minds), are wanting to have access to a safe space as well, but yknow what? itd be super fucked up if black people had told lgbt+ people that because we hadn’t experienced slavery as a group, we weren’t _really_ oppressed, and we shouldnt say that we were or are. like. thatd be really fucked up? and its the same sort of thing, not exactly, but its close. its “you arent having this and this done to you, so you’re not _really_ oppressed, stop saying that you are.” 

finally, lets talk abt this shit, this…housing…jobs…whatever…im falling asleep just barely reciting it…anyway. yknow, i doubt it. i do doubt that theres a whole lot of aspec people out there who are getting denied that kind of thing, it IS easier to hide that youre aspec in those kinds of situations. it’s probably happened, i wouldn’t be surprised, but, no, i don’t think it’s a widespread problem. if i have followers who could provide statistics, thatd be fantastic, currently im fucking exhausted and do not have the strength of will to both argue with these people and go through pages and pages of google to find obscure stats like that. yknow what does happen though? abuse. corrective rape. general mistreatment from both “regular” straight folk and from those within the community - thankfully, most of that latter bit is confined to this hellsite, as exclusionists aren’t beloved by most offline - which i feel are pretty fucking disgusting, and familiar, reactions to someones identity. no, they dont experience every single disgusting thing that happens to me as a trans person, or somebody else as a gay person, but fuck - i dont experience everything that happens to someone else as a gay person. nor does he experience everything that happens to me. i dont experience all disgusting things that happen to aspec people either? just because its different or more contained doesnt mean that its less worthy or some shit? 

idk if that’ll change your mind but i hope youre at least a little less. whatever the fuck you were before sending this. 

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for the past year or so ive been hanging out with like the gay™ kids and shit at school and like whilst they aren't at tumblrina point (they agree with me on trans and kin stuff) they are still pretty PC and uptight and its honestly been so tiring and today i chilled with my old friend group and it was so good, like there was a lot of offensive humour, but none of it was attacking specific people etc and idk it was just so nice to be able to joke about literally anything with no boundaries -💊

its always a relief to say whatever you want with little to no restrictions


rubiam au

•ruby works at a bookstore

•liam works for harry at his car repair shop

•they are coincidentally right across from each other

•whenever ruby is working she always keeps the door/window open so she can hear the music that liam plays when he’s working

•one night after ruby finishes closing up she gets in her car and it doesn’t start

•so she gets out of her car and is super pissed off and she can’t call home cause they’re all asleep or out of town or some dumb shit like that

•and so she just plops down on the curb fixing to cry

•but that’s when liam pops out of the garage and is like hey I can take a look at that for you and he’s like blushing really hard because omg super pretty girls car isn’t starting its my lucky day or something I’m like fuckin bob the builder i can fix that shit

•and so he grabs his tools or whatever (idk man I’m not a mechanic) and while he’s outside working on it he hears the music and he’s like well shit man I didn’t know u could hear this all the way out here sorry it’s probs hella annoying

•and then ruby tells him how she loves this kind of music and how she always leaves the door open so she can hear it while she works and it makes her shifts go by a little bit faster

•and so after he’s done she thanks him and he starts blushing really badly and he awkwardly asks for her number because this boy can’t do anything like a normal human

•and she’s blushing back at him but is smiling super wide because this cute boy who not only fixed her car but fixed it for free is asking for her number

•and she starts smiling even wider when she sees how badly his hands are shaking as he types her number into his phone

•and from then on liam turns his music up a little bit louder when he sees her car in front of the store

•and when she hears it getting louder she stands at the front window and he stands outside the garage to see her and they wave at each other and it becomes like an every day thing

•and he eventually builds up the courage to ask her out and after they start dating they take their lunch breaks together because hey they’re right across the street from each other how convenient

•and liam is always like super grimy and shit (like imagine him when he’s fixing that motorcycle thing in ita) and ruby is always like people probably think i’m dating a street urchin u look like u never shower man

•but she secretly loves it and he knows it

Distance (J.J)

|based on the request: Your writing is just amaze balls 😭😭😭 please could you write me a Johnson imagine where I go and surprise him on tour or whatever after not seeing each other for months???💖|

|2.1k words woo, it’s rlly long and boring tbh, it’s rushed af but idk, fluffy Johnson for you, masterlist is in my description and if you want to request, please do, but I need more requests for the other boys😫😘 AND THANK YOU FOR 700 FOLLOWERS ITS CRAZY HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH|

“And here we have a whining Jack Johnson, sulking over how much he misses his girlfriend.”

“Screw you, Sam.”

“I’m pretty sure you’d rather screw your girlfriend!-”

The 10 second long video comes to an end, leaving me smiling. Sammy is pretty much documenting everything that Jack does and posting it onto his Snapchat story and sending them to me. For the past 120 seconds, it’s just been videos of Jack being comforted by Nate and Sammy mocking Jack and Jack threatening to beat Sams ass.

That’s my boy.

Jack has been everywhere but California in the past month and a half so we haven’t had any physical contact at all. He’s been touring with the boys and doing one off shows and meet and greets and going back home to Omaha to be with his family for a few days every few weeks, but he hasn’t had the chance to come back to LA.

I would normally jump at the chance to go travelling with the boys, some of my best memories have come from the Jack and Jack DigiTour, but I couldn’t this time around.

I recently got a job at a daycare centre to help pay off my student loans and buy me food. I don’t have much vacation time and I didn’t feel confident enough to ask for some time off after I had only been working there for three weeks.

The red barrier across the top of the Snapchat app pops up as I receive another picture from Sammy.

It’s a picture of Jack tucked under Skates arm with his face hidden in his hands. My heart clenched at the sight. I instantly reply back with a selfie of my pouting sadly, captioning it: “My poor baby😫 I’ll call him”

I make sure that the photo actually sent before I exit the app and open my calls list, Jacks contact being on speed dial and at the top of the recents list. I quickly press his name and hold the phone to my ear. He answers after about 3 rings.

“Hey,” He sighs into the phone, making me pout even more. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, J, but what’s wrong? Why are you so glum today?”

“Because I just miss you so much and it’s hitting me really hard today. I haven’t seen you in so long and I’m under so much stress and I don’t feel good about traveling without you.”

“I get it that you’re under pressure to perform well and be a perfect star and that’s putting you under a lot of stress, but you need to try and cheer up, please. I saw a video of last nights performance and I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, what the fuck happened out there?”

He just wasn’t in it, not at all. He was forgetting lyrics, constantly yawning and he never smiled. All of the fans could tell something was wrong, Jack is usually so happy and excited when he’s on stage.

“I feel like I need you here to be able to perform at my absolute best. I haven’t had a proper nights sleep since I’ve been away, I can’t even sleep without you.”

“Baby,” I whine, resting my head against my pillow. “Don’t say that, you’ll make me cry!”

“I can’t help it, I just miss you.” He chuckles through the mic and I can just picture the sad, innocent little smile on his face. “I really wish you were here.”

“I wish I was there too, J.” I sigh, rolling my head back. “When are you coming home?”

“Not for a while… Can you come out for a weekend? Please? I’ll pay for your ticket.”

“I have work babe, I can’t.”

“On a weekend?”

I scrunch my eyes up and purse my lips, “Yeah, one of the moms needs me to look after her kid on Saturday night and she’s paying me quite a lot, I can’t pass up the money.”

I can’t pass up the money because I already brought my ticket for a flight on Sunday morning.

“I’ll give you the money, Y/N! Please, I just really need to be with you… Fuck it. You know what?”

I give him the ultimate rhetorical answer to his question, “What?”

“I’m just gunna leave, I’m gunna come home to you first thing in the morning.” His voice modifies from being soft and sweet to determined and serious in a matter of seconds.

Is he being serious? Does he really think that Gilinsky, Nate and Sam would just let him run off and ditch them when he’s a key performer at an event?

Does he think that I’d let him do that?

Hell no.

“Jack, you’re staying where you are, there is no way I’m letting you leave the boys.” I argue, keeping my voice strong and firm to keep myself from cracking and blurting out my plan.

“I’m leaving to be with you!”

I roll my eyes, “This isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel, J, I’m not going to let you sacrifice your entire career just so you can fly to Los Angeles to be with me for a few hours.”

“But babe-”

“No buts! I’m not letting you leave!”

“You’re so bossy, Y/N, but please, I need to be with you…”

“I love you, but no. And if you dare try to argue with me about it, I will hang up and refuse to speak to you.”

“Y/N, I am coming home-”

“Bye, Jack. Love you.”

And I hung up, ignoring the rest of his calls, texts, Tweets and Snapchats for the rest of the day.


Two days later, I still haven’t spoken to Jack and I’m currently in Oregon, where the guys are performing a show tonight. I told Sam and Skate that I’m coming, who told Gilinsky who didn’t tell Johnson. Obviously. It would delete the purpose of it being a surprise visit if they told him.

I manage to get out of the airport fast and get into a free cab before the rush of people force their way out and into random cars. I give the driver the name of the hotel and relax in the back of the comfortably warm car.

Sam and Gilinsky are going to take Jack out to get some food as soon as I tell them that I’m 5 minutes away from the hotel so when he gets back, he’ll be surprised. Nate is staying back at the hotel so I can easily get into the room without the hassle of the front desk.

To my surprise, there aren’t that many fans outside of the hotel, not like there were when the Jack and Jack tour was going on. There’s a few people scattered around the entrance and sitting on the benches and grass area, just waiting for one of the boys to walk out and greet them.

I pay the driver and pull my hood over my head, I don’t really want to get stopped when I don’t have much time to get in and hidden (in Johnsons bed). I only brought a small carry on bag with me so I’m quick to jump out of the cab and scurry into the warmth of the hotel, where Nate is sat in the lobby waiting for me.

“Yo,” He grins when he sees me, jumping up from the seat and walking towards me. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and gives me a short side hug. “Long time no see.”

“It’s been too long.” I sigh, gently patting his back in the hug. “I missed all of you guys, I can’t even lie.”

“We all missed you too, partially because Johnson was a moping asshole and someone needed to cheer him up.”

“I reckon he’s gunna cry.”

“We already made a bet about it.” Nate laughs, shaking his head with his laugh.

“Why wasn’t I included in that? I would’ve made easy money!” Yeah, betting on my boyfriends emotions because I know him so well - girlfriend of the year.

“We’ll include you next time, Y/N, just hurry your ass up because Sam said they’re around the corner.” Nate literally tugs my shoulder and pulls me forward, towards the thankfully open elevator.

I don’t know if I’m actually going to be able to pull this off, I’ve never surprised anyone before! I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say when Jack walks in, do I just stand there and awkwardly wave or do I attack him with a hug?

There’s so many options but so little time.

As soon as the elevator reaches the floor the room is on, Nate rushes me down the hall to where the Jacks room is, scanning it open with what I assume is Gilinskys key card and literally shoving me inside.

He slams the door open and shoves me in, like I’m a fucking rag doll or something, he just doesn’t seem to care. At least I landed on my feet.

“Go and sit on Johnsons bed and just wait,” I go to ask which bed is my boyfriends, but Nate cuts me off as if he can read my mind. “His is the one closest to the bathroom.”

“Okay, thank you for helping me out with this, it means a lot!” I rush, flashing Nate a big smile before he slams the door shut and rushes down the hall. I guess they’re closer than I thought.

I place my bag on the small couch under the window and take a seat on the bed Nate instructed me to. I lean over and click on the lamp, not really knowing what else to do. But just seconds later, I can hear shuffling footsteps and muffled words from outside the door.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna come back to mine and Skates room? We’re gunna order up some desserts and order a movie.” I hear Sam say, clapping his hands together in a ‘it’s a plan’ sort of clap.

“Nah man, I’m just gunna go call my girlfriend and try to catch some zees.” I hear my boyfriend loud and clear and my heart starts racing. I’ve been longing to hear him in person for so long now.

“Well just come down if you want, we’ll be there.”

“Thanks man, see you later.”

“Tell Y/N that we say hi.” Gilinsky adds, but I can hear the teasing hint in his voice that makes me smile and become all giddy. I feel like I might through up, I’m that excited and nervous right now.

“Um, okay, sure…” Jack mutters in response to his best friend before he goes quiet, he’s probably standing right in front of the door right now.

I hear a small beep and suddenly, the door creeks open. Jack carelessly walks in without even looking up from the floor, running a hand through his hair, tugging at it softly and sighing.

“What’s up, buttercup?” I ask, sitting up straight with my feet against the floor, ready to stand up.

Jack jolts backwards at the sound of my voice, backing himself against the wall with a hand rested over his heart and the other holding his forehead. “Holy shit!”

I raise my eyebrows and laugh a little bit, “You okay?”

He looks at me in shock before looking at the floor, shaking his head in disbelief before looking up at me again. “What the hell- Y/N! What the fuck?!”

“Hi.” I smile, I slowly stand up and walk towards my boyfriend. “Are you okay?” I ask quietly.

“Fuck, baby girl,” Jack throws his arms around my neck and pulling me tight against his chest, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. “I can’t believe you’re here, this is fucking amazing, I missed you so much.” He mumbles into my skin, lightly peppering kisses every time he made a point. “I really fucking love you, oh my God.”

I can’t help the few tears that escape my eyes as I cling onto Jack, wrapping my arms around his middle and squeezing him as hard as I can, without hurting him.

“Thank you so much for coming out, baby, I don’t think you realise how much this means to me.” He muffles his words into my neck, wriggling his hands into the ends of my hair.

“I needed to be with you, J.”

“I fucking love you, Y/N, thank you so fucking much.”

“Don’t thank me, babe.” I smile, shaking my head into his chest. “I came because I love you.”

“You’re seriously helping me by being here, Y/N. I’ll finally be able to sleep and I’ll be able to perform properly because I’ve seen you and the fans will be happy with me again-”

“Hey, Jack?” I mumble, cutting him off from his little speech and pulling my face away from his warm chest. “Could you shut up and kiss me?”

He nods frantically with a loved up smile, looking down at me and grabbing my chin with his fingers. “I love you, beautiful.”

I’ve always hated that “fighting like a married couple” is the like ~marriage stereotype~ or whatever because that’s pretty much enforcing the whole “marriage is terrible and will ruin ur life” shit that boys are taught and runs right along with romanticizing discord in married life like its fun and cute and constant that perpetuates that “u have to get married!!” shit that girls r taught and idk I just really hate it and there’s more to it but j just can’t put it into words very well I just wanted to vent