idk its kinda shitty

Yes, it is very quick, no it’s no that good, but damn it I love all 3 of them and just had to draw them! At least to get it out of my system!

Autumn 2018 can’t come quickly enough (even though we still have to say goodbye to Capaldi and that will be awfully sad… But knowing there’s this TARDIS team behind makes it better)


A/N: Hey Guys! So I’ve been trying to write something for a little while now, and this just kinda came out tonight… so I guess this is my first attempt at angst?? Let me know what you think! and.. enjoy, I guess?

also @zipline-mendez asked me for some angst the other day so I thought I’d give it a shot.. hopefully it’s not too shitty lol

Summary: I think the title kinda sums it up aha

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Stenbrough First Date Headcanons

-Bill practiced how he was gonna ask Stan out in the mirror for weeks so it would come out perfectly

-he stuttered almost as much as he did right after Georgie’s death

-Stan found it adorable and (obviously) said YES

-they went to a local diner and sat in a corner booth away from prying eyes

-Derry in the eighties wasn’t very accepting of same sex couples, but the pair wasn’t gonna let that ruin their night

-Bill got a burger and fries while Stan got chicken fingers and onion rings

-they each got a milkshake (Stan got strawberry and Bill got chocolate)

-Stan dripped a bit onto his white polo shirt

-in a haste to give Stan some napkins, Bill wound up knocking over and spilling his shake all over himself

-he was all embarrased but Stan laughed at it like it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen

-after dinner Bill brought Stan home on the back of Silver

-he got chocolate all over his bike seat from where it spilled on his jeans

-Bill walked Stan to the door like the little gentleman he is

-the whole night ended with an awkward and messy kiss pressed to Stan’s cheek

-that night they both fell asleep smiling while thinking about the other boy

This is my first post so I hope you like it, feel free to request Headcanons, a oneshot or just to send me a question, I’d be happy to answer!

Simon Imagine - Protect

REQUESTED:  “Can you write a Simon image where he’s super protective over the reader when they’re out at a party?”

“Holy shit you look good.” 

I smiled as a pair of arms snaked around my waist. 

“Thank you. Shall we go?”

“You know,” he kept a hand on each hip, pulling me closer towards him. “I think I’d rather stay in.”

I rolled my eyes as I pecked his lips before turning to grab my bag. 

“Not tonight, Simon. It’s Cal’s 25th - this is a big deal!”

Simon pouted at me, his hands moving back to my waist, stroking up and down the velvet of my dress. I pressed a hand to his cheek. 

“Don’t pout at me. We won’t be long, okay.”

“Ugh, okay.” He groaned as I dragged him outside and into the taxi.

The minute we arrived at the tower his arm was around my waist. Even as Callum opened the door, enveloping me into a warm embrace, Simon’s hand lingered uncomfortably. I gave him a questioning look, to which he simply shrugged.

“I’m gonna go and get a drink,” I informed Simon and he nodded reluctantly. As I made my way to the drinks table I clashed into someone.

“Oh! Hi!”

“Hey, Y/n, sorry about that! Wow you look good.”

I blushed at the compliment as Freezy rested a hand on my arm.

“Thank you, Callum.”

“It’s no problem love. So how are things? It’s been a while!”

We made warm small talk as I grabbed a plastic cup, filling it to the brim. I informed Callum of my new job, how I would be moving to London for university. He responded, telling me how his girlfriend was doing a degree in London and how expensive it had been. I smiled in appreciation of his presence.

“So speaking of relationships, you still with Simon? How’s that going?”

“Yeah I-”

“It’s great thanks.”

The liqueur in my cup spilt onto the floor as I jumped at Simon’s interruption. His voice was monotone as he again wrapped his arm around me, his fingers stroking along my shoulder blade. Callum gave Simon a bemused look before holding up his hands and backing away, responding clearly to a comment Simon had silently given behind me. I turned around.

“Simon! That was rude!”

“I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.”

“Looking at me? Simon we were literally talking about his own girlfriend!”

“Y/n that doesn’t mean fuck all. I know him better than you do.”

“You’re being crazy.”

“You make me crazy.”

I bit back a proud smile and forced a sarcastic look as I refilled my cup. Simon stood close behind me, watching me do so. 

“Are you just gonna follow me all night?” 


We made our way to the dance floor and joined the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. As I got drunker, I became braver, engaging in a lot of silly and borderline provocative dancing with Freya and Sarah. I felt Simon’s eyes on me the entire time, which only fueled my enjoyment. I watched his face become progressively more frustrated and I simply ignored it, wanting to tease. Before I knew it he was grabbing my hand and pulling me out onto the balcony.

“Simon! I was having fun!”

“Y/n, you’re taking the piss.”

“By having fun?”

“By teasing me!”

He put a hand by either side of me, pushing me up against the railing and breathing into my neck. I felt his groin against mine and I silently squirmed. 

“Sorry, Simon.”

“Oh you will be.”

PLS READ ok so idk if this was kinda shitty/borderline abusive? its v hard to write a protective scenario without it becoming controlling. so idk tell me what u think also sorry it was short!!


why is this such a hard concept for me to grasp

dedicated to everyone who’s ever said anything similar to the blue text to me
(fun fact: i have to bite back tears every time this happens)

wow look i’ve made another camp camp oc how weird hahah please don’t hate me

more stuff abt him:

  • he doesn’t have a name please help
  • he has like 2 powers/abilities/whatever and one of them is that he can control his hair so he doesn’t really walk or grab stuff w his hands at all
  • he has this nice wooden wand and he can kinda make some spells w it but he always hides it in his hat
  • he’s rude and aggressive to hide that he’s actually sad and gets scared easily
  • even if he’s uuh depressed he’s an egocentric piece of shit (( and doesn’t really realize it at all ?? ))
  • he does also hate fran (( mmy other cc oc )) bc that kid creeps him out
  • his voice is rly nice 

so this is my no-name kid

(( sorry for the bad uuh handwriting i tried my best ))

While James is in Beacon he spends the night at Qrow’s after one of their booty calls, because he can’t be bothered to get up and get dressed and walk aaaall the way to his temporary room. The day had been fairly taxing for James and he’s exhausted. 

Qrow doesn’t think anything of it though and gets him some pills for his headache and curls up next to him because his post-coital cuddles are the best, dammit.

They wake up not to the gentle chippings of the birds or anything peaceful like that, but to Qrow’s youngest niece.

“Uncle Qrow, are you there?”

The Two in bed share a look akin to that of a Faunus in headlights. Qrow had completely forgotten that he promised his nieces they’d spend the day together.

“Uh yeah I’m just- in my room.”

The only reply is the sound of Ruby’s footsteps running down the hallway and in a state of panic Qrow throws the blankets up over James’ head. The door to his bedroom flies open not two seconds after that and Ruby’s grin practically lights up the room.

“It’s one in the afternoon silly, what are you still doing in bed?” She then takes a few steps back, and having helped raise the kid from birth, Qrow could instantly tell what she was about to do.

“Ruby waitwaitwaIT-”

She pays no mind to his protests and takes a running leap at the bed-

Landing directly on James Ironwood, not only Headmaster of Atlas Academy, but also General of the Altesian military.

And that’s how his niece’s found out about their ”thing.”

They were never gonna let him live it down.

i always find it funny - and this has happened a couple times over the years - where i’ll meet someone and they’re absolutely like,,, in shock and awe cause they never thought theyd get to speak with me

and then they become friends with me

and then realise im a piece of shit and leave


If you’re never sorry
Then you can’t be forgiven
If you’re not forgiven
Then you can’t be forgotten
If you’re not forgotten
Then you can live forever

Regina Spektor, “Pound of Flesh”

He was one of the unforgotten ones, not remembered – unforgotten. One of those wisps of epiphany, those sudden sadnesses that manifested in some poor soul. He drifted, and jostled past the more animate, more real beings. The transition between him and “it” had been gradual, lost somewhere between celestial dust bunnies, past lives, and packets of hair dye. Faces and memories pushed – jabbed - collided - past each other until he forgot who he was.

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No, you just don’t get it. You took my breath away and left a galaxy spinning inside me and i haven’t stopped thinking about you since. I want you to know that i look for you every day in the comfort of a cup of coffee, the pages of my favourite book, the best parts of the songs that rip my heart to shreds, unanswered calls,  i look for you in everyone i meet.
You see, if i could only find the words to tell you how much i adore you. And i love you. I love you. I love you, but i never know when to say it.
See, i want to tell you everything, why i fell in love with you when i swore to myself i would never let someone close to me. Why your eyes look like a home.
I want to know about the deepest parts of your soul, the parts that you’re convinced no one could ever love.
—  11:01 pm //  i hope you won’t regret me