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I bring a message: “Since you have cast off the world of the Lord, He has cast you aside as King." He grants you no more favors. He protects what you love no longer. God wishes a man after His own heart – while you have none. He will find another.



a new obsession

its messy and not anatomically accurate and really really rushed but frozen genderbends 

her favorite color was forest green. i know it was because she had always wished that was the color of her eyes. she told me that ever since she was young, she’d say “brown eyes are too boring.” nothing about her was boring though. she made brown eyes exciting. she wasn’t like any other girl. she radiated this light so beautiful and glowing that it was hard not to smile just by looking at her. she was truly a once and a lifetime find. and that’s why ever since she left i haven’t been the same

Thoughts on: Plastic Beach by Gorillaz

1. Orchestral Intro - There could not be a more fitting intro to this album. From the distant boat noises, to the epic string section, to the gentle wave sounds, this is a perfect beginning to a concept album. The theme and mood of the record is immediately set and anyone who listens is instantly interested in where this is going. Even on it’s own this little interlude is truly something beautiful. 5/5

2. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach - What an intriguing song. The beat is so cool. It’s a unique blend of funk and an almost tropical vibe. Snoop Dogg is a bizarre and absolutely perfect choice for the vocals here. His deadpan delivery and absurd lyrics somehow work incredibly well. 4.5/5

3. White Flag - First of all, the intro of this song is so dope. It’s so cinematic and interesting and just peaceful. And then the bulk of the song comes in. The verses here are just great. The bass lines are funky and I’ll be honest I just have no fucking complaints. 4.5/5

4. Rhinestone Eyes - I have never loved this song. I find the synth sounds during the chorus annoying and the lyrics here feel too ambiguous to be effective. However the central melody is fantastic, Damon’s distorted vocals sound great, and the song matches the theme of the album. Idk really. 2.8/5 

5. Stylo - Has anyone ever heard this song and not found it dope? I mean it’s just great. It’s a stylish, unique, funky, and bizarrely gorgeous electronic ballad. The vocal performances compliment each other in such a captivating and natural way that it’s hard to believe any person had the idea to arrange it this way. It’s one of those songs that is just too cool and impressive to not influence a litany of musicians. 5/5  

6. Superfast Jellyfish - Man honestly what the fuck do I even say about this bullshit ass goofy motherfuckin piece of shit track. I mean what is this? It sounds like a commercial jingle or some other experimental bullshit that i’m not heady enough to understand. But it’s so fucking interesting and catchy and perfectly placed within the context of the album. God FUCKING damn it I just want to hate this song. 3.6/5

7. Empire Ants - I think of LCD Soundsystem’s Dance Yrself Clean. I think of Little Dragon’s incredible vocal delivery. I think of the intoxicating nature of Gorillaz bass lines. I think of Damon Albarn’s introspective and nostalgic lyricism. I think of the ocean. I think of sailing with my Dad. I think of a girl I used to know. And shit what a funky little drop. 5/5

8. Glitter Freeze - Kind of catchy. Kind of annoying. Feels a bit like filler. 2.3/5

9. Some Kind Of Nature - I’m afraid that if I keep giving songs a 5/5 that the whole 5/5 thing will lose some of it’s weight. But fuck you this is another incredible track. Lou Reed’s dry vocals and the poppy synth filled backing instrumentation mix together to produce something great. It’s hard not to fall in love with this song. 5/5

10. On Melancholy Hill - 

“Well, you can’t get what you want but you can get me
So let’s set out to sea, love
‘Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me” 

Incredibly simple. Not all that innovative. But this is something special. We all know it. 5/5

11. Broken - This is by no means a bad song. It’s just not particularly memorable.  2.6/5

12. Sweepstakes - I have never felt like I got this song. There really isn’t much I can compare it to. It’s not immediately captivating. The lyrics and flows are a bit disjointed and dysfunctional but become interesting by the end. I enjoy the building instrumentation. 3.4/5

13. Plastic Beach - Strangely epic and catchy song. Starts with a bizarre cinematic introduction and then gets funky as shit. I’m into it. 3.9/5

14. To Binge - Really something beautiful. Did not expect to hear this type of a duet on a Gorillaz record. Damon and Little Dragon exchange heartbroken verses beautifully. Gorgeous song. My favorite lyrics on the album. 4.8/5

15. Cloud Of Unknowing - I really appreciate what thing song is trying to do. It’s a perfectly in theme mellow little ballad that helps wrap up the end of the album nicely. I just have always felt like Bobby Womack’s vocal delivery is kinda… idk… its just kinda fuckin lame. It sounds to me like an attempt at being soulful but only sounding shallow. 3.1/5

16. Pirate Jet - The perfect, and I mean perfect, ending to this album. Goofy, corny, bizarre, funky, nostalgic, happy but almost sad, and catchy, it’s the only way this record could have concluded. 

“Still connected to the moment it began” 4.8/5

As A Whole

To appreciate the genius of Plastic Beach, you have to understand a couple of things going in. First of all, this is the corniest album you will ever hear. It over indulges in ocean and beach sound effects, it utilizes absurd characters to drive home heavy handed concepts, and it relentlessly uses surrealism to convey abstract concepts to the point where no lyrics can be taken literally. But, shockingly, it works. Damon Albarn and company are able to accomplish this through use of immersion. When you put this record on you are immediately transported to a world where things are so surreal and absurd that it all seems normal. It’s the beauty of Magical Mystery Tour in a modern electronic, hip hop, and funk record. The songs all match a theme so perfectly that it simply seems as if we are hearing recordings from Plastic Beach itself. The magic of Gorillaz is their ability to create entire worlds within an album. Plastic Beach is a vivid and beautiful place, and I know that just from hearing the record.