idk its just words that came to my brain

i’m doing this for you

i honestly don’t work that hard, but when i do, i work for you

i visit new places and try new things and get passionate just for you

i put myself out on the line, only to get burned, just for your dumbass

your curiosity takes me to the weirdest places, it exposes me to the strangest things, and by now, i should have learned, but here i am, doing this again

my comfort zone, once a matchbox, now a vast forest, is miles and miles larger thanks to you

i’m all too new to this, but so are you, and we’re figuring things out together

everything i do, i do for you

everything i do, i do for me

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering if you answer all asks about episodes from memory or do you look them up based on the question? Do you usually know what episode it is and just need to look up the exact title?

it’s half “i’ve watched this episode so many times it’s burned into my brain and can answer questions about it in my sleep” and half “i literally just googled phrases from the question and an answer came up, why are you waiting a week to get an answer from me when google is Right There”