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doodle from couple days ago when I was going through an existential crisis because of math…

Thor is literally me… I asked my brother how to do calculus four days ago… I obviously did not understand anything he said (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

how to math (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


“They have paid, with their lives. The Destroyer did its work, the Casket is safe, all is well.”

“All is well?”

One thing I don’t like or understand is how some people don’t seem to really GRASP how much Loki knows about Thor. How much he would never truly underestimate Thor, despite how he calls him oaf and likes to insult Thor’s intelligence, he does not mean it deep down. He is lying because he’s highly insecure. That’s right, not even Loki believes that. If he did, then he wouldn’t even consider Thor a threat, but nope, he knows Thor is his biggest opposition. No matter what Loki does to Thor, he still has known him and been ‘in his shadow’ and has been watching Thor fight for centuries upon centuries.

And you notice that any time Loki tries to “kill” Thor (and I’m not even sure he’s actually ever tried), he’s never surprised when Thor comes back. Literally not surprised in the slightest because he knows what Thor can take. And Thor does hate that Loki would even pretend at testing those boundaries, even if it’s just to delay him, but then he still comes back to to Loki and tries again to reach him and ugh I love how well they know each other, and how they know every single line to not cross with each other but then they cross it anyways (and then half the time Thor is only crossing Loki’s lines bc Loki’s lines are unreasonable).

Like, they know each other perfectly and flawlessly and that’s why they oppose each other so well. This is also why it’s so strange to see any Loki fan actually think of Thor as stupid or incompetent in any way because if you could manage to talk to Loki 100% honestly about it he would disagree with you. He would bend the info and he’d try to explain it away maybe but ultimately he would disagree.