idk its been sitting here so why not post it

It is one in the damn morning and I’m sitting here writing a tomedd/eddtom fanfiction.


But in all seriousness there’s need to be more fanfic of this paring. There’s mostly tordtom( I mean don’t get me wrong those fics are awesome af) but there ain’t enough love for tomedd/eddtom!!

planethelium requested davejane with a howl’s moving castle theme like eons ago holy shit this has been sitting in my computer for so long??? it’s been done this whole time too, idk why I’ve had cold feet with posting it but yes I found it and here it is I hope you enjoy ;o;

This week has been all over the place, and whilst Amelia has tried her hardest to stay on the straight and narrow– okay she hasn’t really tried at all – but the blonde has ended up at one of the secluded pubs in Seattle. Sitting in a booth far away from anyone else, she has a glass of wine in front of her that she’s just staring at. So far no one has spoken to her, and that’s probably for the best– Amelia doesn’t know how she’ll react to people right now, she’s not exactly stable. Then again she’s never been stable, and she’s not exactly feeling her best either. She looks great on the outside, a face full of make up, and nice clothes. Yet underneath all the faces she feels like crying into her second glass of wine.  She’s unaware of the people around her, and she’s sure that she probably knows someone here, but for now she was content to sit by herself.