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just because you meant it as a joke doesn’t mean you didn’t do something wrong. i teach preschool and i can’t believe six year olds understand this concept better than adults. if you say something hurtful, you’re the bully, not the person who gets upset. it might feel icky to realize that you do have bigoted beliefs; but when you blow off apologizing with “people who know me know i don’t mean it,” you’re not helping the people you hurt and you’re not changing the way it sounded. why in the heck is it so hard for grown people to just admit they were wrong and apologize for it.

freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequence and i’ll say it until my blood runs dry. hate speech is also not covered under the first amendment. and again, a concept preschoolers understand: your words are not more important than the safety or comfort of another person. 

yes. legally i can’t stop you from printing and screaming whatever you want. but legally you can’t stop me from being angry and responding to it. and if you expect others to just “not get offended” by what you say, you must also expect others not to take you seriously at all! listen. if you understand i can send a child into the hallway for calling another child names, you can wrap your head around the fact you don’t have the right to do and say whatever you want without somebody reacting. this isnt your world, it’s all of ours, and we’re allowed to ask you to leave the classroom. grow up, realize you actually might have done something bigoted - even by “accident” - and change yourself for the better.

and if you’re the type who just throws a hissy fit every time somebody points out you’re being a bully… congratulations. you’re acting like a four-year-old.


Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS


He trusted you. He was your friend. And you killed him.
You didn’t just betray my trust. You have planned to betray it all that time.
I had to stop it. You had to stop it?

Six Sentence Sunday

“Sherlock, please don’t make me choose,” Molly begged. 

“Molly, it has to be one or the other,” Sherlock insisted a bit desperately. “I understand it might be difficult for you, but I’ve simply got to know!”

She hesitated again before sighing and nodding her head. 

“Oh alright,” she finally agreed wearily, and then after a thoughtful pause she slowly raised her arm to point at what Sherlock held in his right hand while giving her answer.

“Ok, the purple shirt is marginally sexier than the midnight blue one.”


Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?


I did what you told me to. I kept running, I kept moving forward, because I knew that if I stopped to look back, then I would remember that you weren’t behind me anymore. And it’s been so hard. And when Cisco said that he could bring you back, you know, I didn’t know what to think. What if it didn’t work? What if you were dead? I mean, I thought it would be like losing you all over again. I never imagined this, though. I don’t know what I would do if this is all that’s left of you, if this is all that’s left of the amazing man that I know and love.

On Death and Dramatic Declarations: The Star Wars Trope I Hope the Writers Keep Far Away from Reylo

Unpopular opinion:

I hate mid-fight kisses and just-before-death declarations of love.

I love it when characters kiss each other in the tense, quiet moments between battles, when the dust has settled and they feel secure but they don’t know how long the peace will last. I don’t want to hear them make promises if they’re not sure whether they’ll have to keep them. It comes off as cheap to me. Anyone can say anything if they’ll never be held to it. I’d rather them refuse to say they love the other person to spare that person more pain if they die and know the truth in my heart than see them take the selfish, easy route.

It’s like tossing a coin in the air and saying: heads, I’ll love you for the rest of our lives, tails, I’ll love you for a few minutes.

This trope has never struck me as romantic. There’s no true commitment. It’s like gambling with the other person’s heart.

But Star Wars loves to use this trope. The only reason I tolerated it with Han and Leia was because they had their first kiss in the quiet moment before all hell broke loose. And they talked about Leia’s fear that Han is going to leave the first time he has the chance on Bespin. So when Leia made her last-ditch declaration, Han got it. He understood and he already knew. He didn’t actually need to hear her say the words and he actively chose not to return them. He just reassured her that he knew.

With Anidala, I felt the same trope was executed (pun intended) terribly. In the quiet moments by the lake and the fire, Padme turns Anakin away. When the choice is present and she has the opportunity to weigh her decisions, she says no. She chooses to honor other things that are important to her. But when there’s an imminent threat, when she knows they’re both going to be executed, she tells him she loves him because there’s no consequences… they don’t have to deal with the Jedi or the Senate anymore. Except that’s not reality, and it plagues the rest of their relationship when they don’t die as planned.

While I personally dislike this trope, I understand why some people see value in it: mid-fight declarations of love build suspense, force otherwise internal characters to make an external declaration, and make battles high-stakes. For some reason, perhaps the “reverse Anakin” theme that gets applied to Kylo and the fact that so much of the dynamic between Rey and Kylo is hidden under the surface, a lot of people love this trope specifically for Reylo.

But why would you use this trope when you have the theme of two characters who are searching for and finding their belonging in each other? The whole point is not to make superficial promises to a person that has only known loneliness their entire life. Rey in particular would see through this in a heartbeat: words don’t mean anything to her anymore. She’s spent most of her life waiting for the fulfillment of a promise. When I think of a Reylo kiss, I think of something really intimate and private. I think they are extremely unlikely to make any kind of public declaration or openly show physical affection at all in these films, even in IX. I am fairly certain if we get a declaration at all, it will between the two of them and no one else.

In short, when it comes to Reylo, I prefer this:

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To this:

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