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just because you meant it as a joke doesn’t mean you didn’t do something wrong. i teach preschool and i can’t believe six year olds understand this concept better than adults. if you say something hurtful, you’re the bully, not the person who gets upset. it might feel icky to realize that you do have bigoted beliefs; but when you blow off apologizing with “people who know me know i don’t mean it,” you’re not helping the people you hurt and you’re not changing the way it sounded. why in the heck is it so hard for grown people to just admit they were wrong and apologize for it.

freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequence and i’ll say it until my blood runs dry. hate speech is also not covered under the first amendment. and again, a concept preschoolers understand: your words are not more important than the safety or comfort of another person. 

yes. legally i can’t stop you from printing and screaming whatever you want. but legally you can’t stop me from being angry and responding to it. and if you expect others to just “not get offended” by what you say, you must also expect others not to take you seriously at all! listen. if you understand i can send a child into the hallway for calling another child names, you can wrap your head around the fact you don’t have the right to do and say whatever you want without somebody reacting. this isnt your world, it’s all of ours, and we’re allowed to ask you to leave the classroom. grow up, realize you actually might have done something bigoted - even by “accident” - and change yourself for the better.

and if you’re the type who just throws a hissy fit every time somebody points out you’re being a bully… congratulations. you’re acting like a four-year-old.


The One.


Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS


He trusted you. He was your friend. And you killed him.
You didn’t just betray my trust. You have planned to betray it all that time.
I had to stop it. You had to stop it?

does any1 else do that thing were ur just like pacing around ur room and u feel giddy and are just thinking about something you rEALLY love and u cant sit still literally are full of so much emotion for this thing that u feel like ur gonna burst

Six Sentence Sunday

“Sherlock, please don’t make me choose,” Molly begged. 

“Molly, it has to be one or the other,” Sherlock insisted a bit desperately. “I understand it might be difficult for you, but I’ve simply got to know!”

She hesitated again before sighing and nodding her head. 

“Oh alright,” she finally agreed wearily, and then after a thoughtful pause she slowly raised her arm to point at what Sherlock held in his right hand while giving her answer.

“Ok, the purple shirt is marginally sexier than the midnight blue one.”

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if you had to describe the contrast between jungkook and jimin in terms of clothing, how would you do it? (without white shirt and timbs for jk and fluffy sweaters for jm hihi)

hmmmm,  jimin has changed a lot when it comes to clothing. during their debut days he used snapbacks and basketball shorts a lot and now he’s more….sophisticated? elegant? now he uses tight jeans/dark pants, slacks, dressing shoes, button up shirts… it’s like he has taken a liking to dress up a little bit more. 


Jungkook, though, has kinda remained the same. he’s been seen wearing dress-up clothes too, but most of the time he’s wearing beanies, baggy pants and over-sized tees. he has that aura of bad boy, kinda?? idk, he’s more casual with his style.

x x

this is taking in what i see from the pics at the airports or when they go at music stations. idk, if i’m honest with you i like the contrast between them (specially at the latest v app broadcast)




Oh look, a soma drawing that’s transparent, wooooo-

No but seriously this took me like two hours and editing the speedpaint took another hour so I’ve spent like three hours on this and-

I’m dead. But it was worth it.


Headcanon that the ghost DNA that got stuck in both Vlad’s and Danny’s DNA were actual ghosts
Like, eventually Danny starts hearing a strange voice in the back of his head, or maybe he’s been hearing it all along and it pushes him to do Good Things bc it was a very good ghost
But Vlad’s was horribly evil, maybe even killed the kid that got mixed into Danny’s DNA and talked young Vlad into being evil when he was lying in the hospital bed for so long, telling him things to warp his mind and world view
Idk its an interesting thought for me


You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.


Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

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Only child viktor nikiforov freaks the first time he sees yuuri and mari sibling fighting, and fears a family falling out

The door slams.

Yuuri sits on his bed and rubs at his temple, and Victor just watches, unused to seeing his fiancé angry like this. He gets frustrated often, and anxious, sure–but angry? He hardly ever gets angry. And Mari, Mari had been even worse, her voice had been raised and her face flushed…

“Is everything okay?” he asks, keeping his voice gentle.

“Fine,” Yuuri snaps back, not looking up at him.

Victor’s feet grow heavier underneath him. Had they really just…? Had they really just fought and left without making it up to one another? Victor hadn’t been able to understand the quick slings of Japanese phrases, but he’d gotten the gist of the argument, which had something to do with the operation the hot springs.

“Sorry,” Yuuri adds, shaking his head. “Sorry, it’s… Everything’s fine.”

He flinches remembering the shrill sound of Mari’s voice.

For a second, he’s a teenager again–and Mari’s voice changes into Lilia’s, Yuuri sitting on the bed turns into Yakov sinking into the bench at the rink. He shivers.

Victor remembers this, and sits beside Yuuri on the bed. “Go and talk to her.”

Yuuri looks at him, shakes his head slowly. His words don’t contain the same bite from before, but they’re still terse. “Why should I be the one to–”


There’s a change in Yuuri’s features, then, a shifting of emotions. His eyebrows narrow. “Victor, are you…? You know that Mari and I have gotten into fights before, right?”

Victor takes Yuuri’s hand and his fingers instinctively move to play with the ring on it, spinning it absent-mindedly. “Fights as bad as that?”

“Worse,” he answers, and smiles, as though remembering something. “But it’s always about little things. And when we look back on it, we both recognize that it was silly. Don’t worry. We’re fine.” He tucks some of Victor’s hair behind his ear. His voice lowers. “You never had a sibling to fight with, I guess.”

Victor shrugs. “I saw Lilia and Yakov fight.”

“Oh, Victor, that’s…” He purses his lips. “I’m sorry. I’ll go talk to her right now. Don’t worry about it.”

Before he can get up, Victor hugs him hard. “I don’t ever want to fight with you.”

“But it’s normal,” Yuuri promises. “It’s healthy. Like with me and Mari, it’s all situational–we both love each other deep down. Fighting doesn’t change how you feel about another person. I’d love you before a fight, during a fight, after a fight. That can never change.”

He lets those words sink in as he buries his face in Yuuri’s shoulder. “I love you no matter what, too.”