idk it's been awhile

okay i literally made this blog a few days ago so that i could start writing fanfiction and not have to post it on my main blog lol cuz i’ve been thinking for awhile now that i might actually be bi? and I’m not sure what to do with that. like. idk man. it’s one of those things where i’ve never been involved with a girl before so i’m not totally sure, but i’m like weirdly invested in gay ships? like korrasami, and clexa literally changed my fucking life, and then root/shaw and now sanvers. i’m more invested in sanvers now than i have been with a hetero ship in a very long time. honestly i don’t know what to think. maybe I’m just overthinking things, but at the same time like, i notice women. i mean, i used to think it was just like oh wow she’s so pretty, but i was thinking it was in a jealous manner? but now, idk what to think. i’m just confused honestly. if anyone has any thoughts on this please feel free cuz i don’t really feel comfortable talking to anyone about this in real life.

  • Nico: Mama, We Are Home! I Bought him ice cream.
  • Mama yazawa: welcome back how is cotaros leg?
  • Nico: fine, the doctor said its just a sprain.
  • Grandma yazawa: you came back with ice cream? You should have came back with a-
  • *door bell ring/ opens door*
  • Mama yazawa: Hello, can I help you?
  • Maki: hi, I'm looking for a yazawa Nico.
  • Nico: Maki?
  • Maki: uh, you- Cotaro left his car at the hospital.
  • Nico: would you like to stay for dinner?
  • Grandma: *notices maki's attire* WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER?!
summer where did you go

where did you go with your sticky sweet sunshine and your damp hands and your quiet cerulean nights. my sister and my best friend left for college a few days ago and yet it still feels like summer somehow with the air conditioning hums and muted city atmosphere. summer i’ve said my goodbyes to some old fears. summer i refuse to recognize the new ones. summer i tried to reclaim myself but i’m just not entirely sure of much. summer i still remember the paper thin pink skies and that ten minute tuesday hailstorm. remember sitting cross-legged at every restaurant? remember trying to be fancy with a bottle of $7 sparkling water? i don’t think it’s emptiness. i remember gold gold gold by the intersection where you said i’ll come with you and now it’s september and we’re all a bit older but it doesn’t matter


……its been awhile since ive brought together my shitposts from on here into a big video on my yt so um…here’s another video with most of my recent shitposts put together from my blog idk 

there will be sand in the cracks inbetween our hands held tight, held close to our chests on quiet nights. we will sleep on the shore, her hair tickling my cheek, a slight breeze but the warmth of her heart beating gives me strength. the beaches will breathe for us as we sleep, and we will dream. the mermaids from the deep sea will call to us, warn us, protect us from the dangers of their ocean home. we will all be good friends. we will look for shells in every crevice and collect them all until we can spell our names out of the seaweed. there is nothing artificial here, no chlorine, everything is natural here. she will whisper sweet nothings in my ear and we will build castles and we will fall in love. we will fall in love again every night, she and i, me and her and the sea.
—  oceanic slumber

imagine receiving a tiny parcel and when you open it, pocket-sized jimin pops up with a huge grin and shouts “happy birthday!! would you like my spECIAL FANTASTIC HUG?”

It’s silly

But I’m very disappointed that while Monty’s mom was alive she never sternly called him “Montgomery Green”