idk it's bad right

hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so


Imagine Reid telling you that he’s worried about how bad things are getting in your home.

[gif of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds anxiously fiddling with his hands while he looks at someone, and then up, about to speak.]

friendly reminder that your gender identity is completely independent of how you decide to present yourself and that being a femme transboy or butch transgirl doesn’t make you any less trans

it’s all about what you are comfortable with, your happiness is the most important thing and transitioning is already hard enough without feeling guilty for dressing a certain way


Yes I scribbled all of the Spriggan 12 chibi style, because I wanted to and also was bored
While I evaded the skull face with Bradman, Serena was the hardest to draw because my pc and tablet united i trying to kill me(and even I have limited patience)
Also Wahl turned out to be easier to draw tha expected because he is wearing a god damn jumpsuit or something


human nature || yokohama, ‘87

I really really hate men as a group a lot right now to the point I feel suicidal over it

I’m so tired of misogyny. I’m so tired of people denying its existence. I’m beyond tired of being forced to do so much emotional labor while my male coworkers get away with shit I could easily be fired for. I’ve never seen a customer get mad at a male coworker because of how he acted, even if the coworker was rude (and this is from 5 years’ worth of customer service). For other stuff, but not merely a lack of emotional labor. It seems rather expected that males will be less “perky.”

I’ve seen it happen literally countless times with female coworkers and myself. We word something wrong. We aren’t as perfectly “helpful” as we might have been. Worst of all, we stop smiling for any amount of time. It might not even be discernable, customers can decide we’re rude for no reason at all. One of my male coworkers, I’ve never seen him put on the customer service act, ever. He doesn’t smile or affect a friendly voice. But no one’s ever complained about that as far as I know. They complain when he enforces rules they don’t like, but even then it’s not about his “rudeness.” I’ve never heard anyone even call him rude. (Racist, but that’s another story.)

But I doubt anyone else would acknowledge this bias. There are a couple of women (literally two out of over a hundred employees) who get away with not putting on an act. One has worked for the company for almost thirty years, longer than any manager and probably most of corporate. So I guess they value her enough to let her lack of cheeriness slide. The other works non customer service positions exclusively.

And my boyfriend, one of my male coworkers, is no help. He brags about his refusal to be nice to rude people. He gloats about how he stared someone down, or snapped back at someone treating him as subhuman. If I did that, I would get at least written up, if not suspended or fired. But he was promoted to supervisor while I work my ass off and will never even get a raise.


i hurt my pinky finger on my drawing hand pretty badly earlier today and now its wrapped in like 3 layers of gauze and its got a metal brace on it and i was wondering if i could even draw with all this attached to my finger so i decided to give that comic a shot

this was way harder than it shouldve been and i even simplified it as much as i possibly could from the initial idea. but tbh i was expecting this to come out a lot worse than it did haha

oh well the brace should come off probably in a couple of days and that will make drawing a lot easier but i have to go take that nap so i can be ready to drive all night to get home for the winter break



“Fucking unbelievable.”

“You’ve said that more than five times today, Baz,” Simon answered him, “It’s not that bad.”

Baz simply huffed and kept writing the orders. This was unbelievable, they were making them work even under the warning of a storm coming their way. What kind of monster do that? Who do they think they are?, “I should sue them. I will sue them.”

“And how exactly will you do that?” asked Simon while he poured milk into a cup.

“Did you already forget why am I in this shitty job?”

“Oh, right” Simon smiled, “You want to become a lawyer” he thought that Baz was going to be a great lawyer one day. Give a lot of juries severe headaches. “Everything will be fine, okay? We’re in this together.”

Baz felt his stomach jump at the last phrase. He looked out the window and saw the tree’s branches moving in the wind, people running around with umbrellas under the light but non-stopping rain. The storm wasn’t the problem, he liked rain, liked to stay in his house reading a book or watching a movie while the rain poured outside. What he didn´t like was having to stay in a coffee shop until late in the night because his boss said so.

Yeah, he’s definitely going to sue.

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good news: yixing gets to “high-five” kyungsoo again

bad news: he must face the consequences of his actions

23/7/17: I’ve not felt this alone in a very long time…Oh the joys of years of self inflicted isolation.


“Figured you guys need some grub … hospital food is the worst. And the portions? Very small.”

That Which Fades 

Chapter 8 - Interlude: The Marshal
Cor Leonis / Titus Drautos |General Glauca
Aaaand we might of got our E rating on this one

(trying something new with posting these chapters because tumblr keeps eating my links)

K so I’m watching sense8 for the first time and I’m on episode two and I hear “Agent Stiles” and I’m fully expecting Dylan O'Brien to come out and start talking