idk it would be ok to do like a selfie one in a while right

the fate of the furious thoughts *spoilers*

-Fuck okay so I saw the movie last night and fuck i didn’t think i’d be hype but it felt so right watching it!!!
-this is definitely scattered and poorly articulated compared to my review of ff7 but ill write a proper one in due time. I fucking miss paul
-ive seen every fuckin movie of this franchise in theaters n im only 23 ah these are my thoughts as i was watching it. I was lowkey keeping notes lmao
-beautiful setting and colors wow as always!!!
-FUCK as if charlize therons character wasnt annoying enough the fuckin bitch had to have dreads!!! Deadass bye
-GEEKED at roman coming in at 11 for most wanted criminals
-Roman lmfao he literally cracks me up so fucking much i love tyrese
-the Rock as a soccer daddy ifucking love it his daughter is so cute ugh
-DECKARD SHAW IS SUCH A DADDY oh my i love jason statham and his banter w the rock lmao
-digging all the gratuitous fight scenes and humor and explosions
-what are you gonna Email her? Lmfao roman is too much hahahah
-calling roman Slick lmao
-hobbs and shaw are both daddies fuck they can get it
-scott Eastwood FUCK ME UP i love how theyre giving him so much shit ahaha hes so fine though gotdamn
-The kisss!!! Fuck this dumb ass hacker Bitch
With ugly dreads
-Brian would know what to do… OMG SHOOK im crying i miss paul walker so much my mans
-omfg hes a fucking dad. Papa!!! HE HAS A KID W ELENA IM SHOOK AGAIN
-middle name marcos first name is for his father to name him!!! Bitch!! 😭😭I bet he calls the bb brian!! Just cus thats how dom and vin both would be. I’m crying
-god lmao hobbs’ Fuckin names for shaw and his damn one liners i can’t… callin him princess LOL
-themost recent movies have so much more comedic elements and honestly i live for it my theater was crackin up constantly in between all that anxiety if whats happening next!!!
-shaw in suits fuck me up statham is so fine
-ugh in ny!!! The music is always so lit!!! THE TOYSHOP DAYUM!!! Those sexy cars and sexy ass scott eastwood fuck
-are you Blanta? Lmao roman and that fuckin neon orange lambo
-oo shit doms got a plan yas!!! Helen mirren omfg!!! British woman so I assume this is mama shaw
-ok this banter now is just straight up Flirting between shaw and hobbs like theyd be so good together lmao
-ugh this Destruction i cant… imagine if that shit was real so many ppl would be dead god
-ugh charlize is a little cunt
-gotta admit tho putting those cars jn Auto drive was pretty freaking dope but crazy and the pileup. Shits wild if that could happen irl we’re fucked
-did i mention Eastwood is fucking sexy
-Lil nobody lost his lil mind hahaha
-Why didnt they just crash into him fuckkkk like instead of just tugging on his car from dif directions like ya dont hurt him but still
-baby callin dom dada im cryjbg holy fuck this mf just shot mama OMG RIP ELENA IM PIST
-god charlize tryig to psycho analyze shit and just constantly spewing bs makes me wanna hjr her
-Tej n roman babter is my fav
-ah eastwood baby is on board fuck me. All Bets r off–Hahaha the fuckin orange car
-Roman" this aint for me man" hahaha he’s so fuckin funny they really made his character a bitchass i love it
-2 hacker bitches up against eachother lmao ramsey is gorge
-roman Reading russian HAGAHA such a goof
-LETTYs SUCH A BAD BITCH sent that fucker right into those blades.
-Spinning in his lambo on ice and everyone just fucking with him hahaha
-WHAT IS GOIN ONHAHAHA as hes sliding with the fuckin door
-FIGHTing W BB OMFG DADDY YES, “its gonna be a lot of fun” i love him so much take me
-Ur not gna wanna see this… *sniffs* is that u or him? HAHAHA i love him
-hobbs to roman: Yr u always yelli g hahaha this shit is so funny while even in the middle of action scenes
-Thats my girl!! Letty made it… ugh dom im just
-U lost the minute u interrupted honeymoon fuck ya bitch dont mess w familia
-“This is for my son” FUCK yasss
-The cars protecting dom im crying more
-Told u this would b fun hgh DADDY shaw pls
-gotta get MY YUNG SELFIE LEVELS up I CANT Hahaha fucking roman
-ELENA UGH im sad
-INTRODUCing letty to the baby im dead
-I LOVE THESE MOVIES SO MUCH I WILL BE 80 and still watching these movies as long as they keep putting them out omfg i just love them all i miss paul walker and brian and jordana brewster but this was a really good addition it did not disappoint even tho i hate the title lmao
-i appreciate u if u read this whole thing lets b friends

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RFA * V* Saeran overhearing their female s/o on the phone telling another boy she loves them but it's actually just one of the s/o's family members ?

hey it’s been like five years but I finally wrote it and I’m sorry I had no idea what to do for Baehee >.<

I love how they get progressively long as you go have fun reading


·         You’re playing LOLOL together when suddenly you get a phone call, and pause the game while you answer

·         Yoosung’s doing some quick character customization while your conversation goes on, but he’s getting the feeling that you’re talking to another man

·         And someone close to your age, at that

·         He’s been working hard at controlling his jealousy, but it’s so difficult, especially now that you’re speaking such gentle words, your pretty eyes soft and twinkling

·         Who is it you’re talking to that would warrant such an expression? Such words that spoke of warmth and tender love?

·         Yeah so it was impossible for Yoosung to keep his switch off

·         Can you stab someone through the phone? How can I perform simple voodoo? became his newest google searches

·         “Take care of yourself, I’ll come see you soon, I love you!” you hang up with a wistful sigh.

·         “The old geezer went and fell down the stairs…again…honestly he needs to be more careful.”

·         “Old…geezer?” Yoosung asks tentatively, slowly putting his phone down

·         “Yeah, my grandfather went and broke up hip by tripping on a step. Luckily he didn’t fall a whole flight, but still, at his age….”

·         Yoosung discreetly closes his ‘Voodoo for Beginners’ tab and coughs lightly

·         “Right well, let’s continue our match, shall we? I’ll crush you! Ha-ha, I’m kidding?”

·         The battle begins once more, you having already forgotten about the phone call, but somewhere in Yoosung’s mind, he’s thinking about the web page he’d closed

·         Maybe it would be useful to look through

·         For future references…


·         Y’all are rehearsing some lines

·         or taking selfies

·         or working out

·         or trying to summon Satan idk but your phone rings and you excuse yourself from your current activity  to answer it

·         lmao though imagine you actually summon Satan and he’s trying to take your soul or smthing but then you’re like ok hold up my dude I got a phone call the delivery guy might have gotten lost and Satan is just left standing there like ??? do I get food too or

·         anyways hi hello it’s your /actual/ father calling about the family reunion on Saturday

·         Zen’s sneaking glances your way because what’s with this sweet tone of yours

·         is i T A mE m Be R of Th eOpPOSi t E SE x????????

·         basically he’s trying to listen to the voice on the other end of the line but being sneaky about it

·         we all know that ‘subtlety’ is not part of Hyun Ryu’s vocabulary, let alone life skills

·         so he’s basally draped himself over you  like some sort of fallen tree trunk

·         im good at analogies alright

·         you’re trying to focus on the call but at the same time Zen what the flippity fuck are you doing you’re making me have to pee

·         he’s already suspicious but when you hang up with a cheery “love ya daddy!” Zen malfunctions and doesn’t know whether to cry or yell

·         “Who was that why do you love that person was it a guy wh-”

·         “Zen, chill that was my dad.”

·         :0

·         :000000

·         you can see him dying a bit inside because  oh no I got jealous over her F A THER??????

·         but then Zen is Suddenly Inspired 

·         “Hey,” he whispers in a sultry voice, his lips pressed against your ear, “how about you call me daddy too?”


·         contrary to popular belief, Jumin is actually cool with you talking to other dudes

·         as long as it’s strictly professional, that is

·         he’s never heard you talk to your family before, so he isn’t aware just how close you all are

·         the both of you are attending a meeting, and during the coffee break you receive a call

·         ‘Jongin’ is the caller’s name, which Jumin manages to catch a glimpse of flashing across your phone’s screen before you deftly answer the call

·         “Yeah? Hello!” you say,  before excusing yourself from the room

·         Jumin is left wondering whether he should follow you or just ignore it

·         but there’s just something about the delicate shift in your tone that puts him ill at ease

·         because you should only be speaking to him that way

·         side note I reallllllly want to see some yandere Jumin but not like weird prison guard Jumin but actual Yoosung level yandere

·         alas, the meeting starts again, yet you don’t return to the room

·         he hears you giggle occasionally from the hallway, but tries not to focus on it too much because the meeting is about the future of C&R’s cat projects and therefore of uttermost importance

·         needless to say, his mind is quite preoccupied

·         one of the chairmen asks him “What do you believe would be the total production cost for this particular plan?” 

·         Jumin answers with a distracted “Oh, no I rather do like red wine with my pasta.”

·         basically he’s really not himself what’s gotten into him he’s usually an unstoppable force in meetings but now???

-         the meeting is adjourned, and he rushes out the door

·         as soon as he spots you in he hallway, he’s marching straight towards you, reaching for your arm right when you say “Okay bye! I’ll see you tomorrow, love you!”

·         “What’s this about loving who now?” Jumin hisses, his hand closing lightly, but firmly, around your wrist

·         “It’s me telling a family member that I care about them?” you say, confused as to why he’s reacting in such a way

·         “You - what? family member?”

·         Yeah, that was my uncle. We usually go shopping together every few weeks, and we’re due to go again tomorrow.”

·         Jumin’s emotions quiet down in an instant, however his heart is still running rampant like a wild beast in his chest

·         he slides his fingers down to envelop your hand, and gently rests his forehead atop yours

·         “Please, my love, don’t scare my like that again, you are my one, my everything…”

·         you’re getting ready to whisper your own cheesy loving sentence, but he continues

·         “Also you should bring your uncle shopping in this building. We have over 200 different stores, and maybe he would be willing to lead our cat campaign-”

·         you poke his stomach

·         “You are not bringing my uncle into this cat thing…but if you want, you can tag along and come shopping with us.”

·         he agrees, which is a bad idea

·         cuz you and your uncle tag team him

·         and he ends up wearing some sort of cat/maid outfit that shows skin in just the right places

·         yeah but it’s a good buy

·         Jumin actually wears it around the penthouse

·         Driver Kim once saw him in it 

·         “The young master has rather particular interests….”

·         lowkey approves and wants one himself


·         mmmmmmkay well honestly he’s heard you say “I love you” to several people already, but he doesn’t get jealous because you’re always showering him with your affection

·         but he’s had one of his bad days, old emotions and thoughts and insecurities are already chasing each other in his mind

·         so it isn’t helping him much when he can just tell you’re talking to another boy

·         terrible thoughts swarm his head, and he cannot stop fretting about all the bad things that could possibly be happening

·         What if he hadn’t been looking enough into things?  What if he’s being played? Are you going around behind his back? Betraying him?

·         but for every one of these thoughts, he  lashes out at himself, thinking things along the lines of don’t I trust her? Do I really think she’s that bad a person? She’s given me all this love, would she really just abandom me like that?

·         Or maybe now I’m reading too much into things?

·         “Alright, bye Kyungsoo, I love you!”

·         He winces, not wanting to face you, afraid that the bile in his throat will lead him to say harsh things

·         “What’s wrong, Saeyoung?”

·         “Who…” he croaks, a faint pain etched across his face, “Who were you talking to?”

·         “Oh that? It was my brother!”

·         “You…your…ah.”

·         “Is something the matter?”

·         “No, I’m just a huge idiot is all.”

·         “Now tell me something I don’t know,” you say with a sly smile, wrapping your arms around his waist, “you might be the world’s biggest idiot, but at the very least, you’re my idiot.”

·         Saeyoung instinctively returns the embrace, holding you tight against his chest. “Likewise.”


·         oh my hea RT lmao what heart haha I just roasted myself

·         y’all are just chillin’, looking through his pictures when you get a phone call

·         V is fine with you talking on the phone right beside him, so you answer right there

·         Heck, you could even be riding the shit out of him and he’d still be chill with you calling your friend

·         MC orders pizza while getting laid lolololol

·         He gets momentarily nervous, though, when he hears a deeper voice on the other end of the line

·         But V, he tells himself, don’t discriminate maybe it’s a girl with a deeper voice you never know

·         “Who is that?” V mouths, just to be safe

·         Oh, he’s just –” you start to say before you get cut off by the person you’re talking to

·         a b OY?!

·         “Okay! I love you!” you say before hanging up

·         V’s all ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽

·         it takes him a moment to calm down, at which point he’s convinced himself that you’re moving on, which is fine, because he’s not good enough for you he wasn’t good enough for Rika you’ll be happier without him you–

·         “V you’re turning blue I don’t think you’re breathing.”

·         He inhales sharply and looks at you with tears in his eyes

·         it makes sense, he concludes, trying to hold back the waterworks

·         “You should have told me sooner,” he says softly

·         “Told you what?”

·         “That you’ve…found someone else.”

·         seriously V I thought jumped to conclusions too fast but you really take the cake

·         you just stare at him, then look at the phone in your hand, then back at V

·         whoops

·         “Sweetheart no that was my cousin!”

·         V just blanches

·         I am horrible how dare I get jealous so easily and I thought she was in love with another family member what am I –

·         “V if you stop breathing like that you’ll actually die.”

·         without a word, V reaches over to you and pulls you into his chest

·         there’s a strange elation sensation inside his body, and he realizes that he had unconsciously been so stressed, a knot of worry had formed in the pit of his stomach

·         his worry is replaced by a realization

·         the realization that

·         he’s not okay with you leaving him after all


·         He ain’t taking none of that shit

·         the moment he hears you say “Hi!” in such a sweet voice because MC you’re only supposed to talk like that with me h o w da re you, he practically launches himself at your phone and does a wicked somersault landing

·         Where did he go?

·         Surely not inside the kitchen cabinets

·         oh

·         but there he is

·         crouching between cereal boxes and jars of tomato sauce, just emanating dark waves of furious doom

·         They’re so tangible for a second you worry they might stain the walls

·         “She’s mine,” he hisses into the receiver, “and I’m not gonna let you lay a single hand on her.”

·         “Well…” the voice answers, “that’s fine and all but I’m her brother so we do occasionally hug sometimes.”

·         Saeran had already prepared a nasty comeback, but he wasn’t expecting the call to be from your family

·         “Ah uh, okay bye,” he grunts instead  in an awkward manner, before promptly hanging up

·         “Um…Saeran…I kinda really needed to talk to him though…”

·         He whips his gaze towards you

·         “The….” he chokes, his eyes wide 

·         “Huh???”

·         “The what???? Hug?????” he finally whispers, seeming if not a bit panicked by the thought such a thing existing

·         you stare at each other blankly for a brief minute before you double up in laughter because

·         a) he looks like a startled, edgy cat b) he’s in your fucking kitchen cabinets and c) the what??? hug??? was something you never thought would come out of his mouth

·         but he gets so sour about you laughing at him that he refuses to leave his perch for the next two hours

·         #spends the whole time thinking about you hugging him

·         *cue the blushies*

·         wants to try this ‘hugging’ ordeal

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Can you please do the RFA+Minor trio (platonically) with a highschool MC who keeps showing up in the chats during class time?

hey hey this is me, amanda, writing on my phone because i am too lazy to write on my laptop lolol



• you were in the middle of your chemistry class when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket
• you weren’t really doing anything in class so eh what the heck
• you fished it out and saw that Yoosung was spamming the chatroom with complaints about his classes
• you replied: “lol i feel you Yoosung i hate school.”
• the chat room when silent for a while
• when all of a sudden
• “Yoosung is calling…”
• you answered, momentarily forgetting that you were in class
• ok Yoosung stop shouting i can hear you clearly
• you were about to answer when your teacher approached your desk with a glare on their face
• you shrunk in your seat as you said you had to go and handed your phone to your teacher’s outstretched hand


• yes Zen has posted a selfie in the chatroom
• and you, a fan of Zen, HAD to see it
• he mentioned earlier that he was going to post one around 1:00pm
• it didn’t mattered that you were in the middle of your improv class
• as soon as it turned 1:00, you had your phone OUT
• you tapped the chatroom and saw the selfie and died????
• Zen was happy that you complimented him but????
• “MC aren’t you in school? what are you doing here? is it like a free period for sophomores or?”
• you couldn’t lie to Zen and you told him you were in class but you absolutely HAD to see his selfie
• Zen FREAKED and demanded you to get off your phone so you wouldn’t get in trouble
• “but Zen your selfie”
• “MC get off your phone smh”


• “um MC?”
• “yeah Jaehee?”
• “it’s… it’s 12pm.”
• “lol it is”
• “aren’t you in school?”
• “juniors get to leave early around 12”
• “oh really?”
• “lol nah i’m in physics right now”
• “ok but i want to talk to you i hate this class”
• “…”
• “i’m glad you want to talk with me but i’m not going to let you get you in trouble!”
• “awhh jaehee so sweet”
• “mc go to class right now oh my god”


• “heya heya what’s up mista trust fund kid~”
• you were in the middle of geometry and you were so freaking bored
• and Jumin was in the chatroom!
• but the trust fund kid was also in a meeting and was unconsciously in the chatroom
• so was he confused to see you?
• yes yes he was
• “MC what are you doing in here? What am I doing in here?”
• “lol i dont know i’m bored”
• “But aren’t you in school?”
• “lol yee”
• say what
• Jumin was NOT having it
• “That’s very disrespectful to the teacher to be on your phone. It shows that you don’t care about their lessons when they are trying your hardest. And as a freshman in highschool, you should try your hardest, since this will reflect the rest of your—”
• “MC has left the chatroom.”


• Seven was finished with his work for the day and was incredibly bored
• but everyone was doing their own thing!
• he wanted to mess with you but figured you were in school
• but he knew since you were a SUCKER for memes and that you didn’t care about school anymore because you were a senior that you would immediately join the chatroom if he sent one
• so
• “heya MC wanna see a meme?”
• you replied in 0.01 seconds
• so the Defender of Justice sent you a shit ton of memes!!
• which made you laugh out loud accidentally in class
• and get in trouble by your calculus teacher
• seven died of laughter
• “don’t hate the memer MC! hate the meme!”


• V, who was in the middle of is breakfast, glanced at his phone and saw that you were in the chatroom
• even though he barely goes in, you seemed as if you were in distress so he answered: “MC? what’s the matter?”
• you WERE in distress because??? world history was so hard???
• you complained to V about your dilemma which made him chuckle
• “MC aren’t you a sophomore? aren’t you supposed to know this?”
• *facepalm*
• “MC just look it up, i’m sure it’s not that hard and aren’t you in school right now? why are you here?”
• you were in a snappy mood and V wasn’t making the situation better
• “isn’t it obvious? I NEED HELP”
• “mc ask for help… from your teacher…”


• it’s the first period of the day and you already wanted to die
• your algebra 2 teacher was giving you shit
• so you decided to bitch out in the chatroom
• and Saeran just happened to be there lol
• “yall my mf teacher is about to catch these hands i’m sick of her”
• Saeran raises his eyebrows at your complaining and replied back: “mc wtf are you doing here pay attention in class”
• you rolled your eyes and type back: “i fuckin hate school why am i here come pick me up Saeran”
• Saeran scoffed and replied: “i can’t just go and get you MC you have school and it’s only 9am”
• but you persuaded him into picking you up while saying that you guys could hit up an ice cream shop
• “fine i’ll go get you but you’re payingfor my ice cream”


• “MC what the fuck are you doing in here”
• you were headed to your biology class and decided to visit the chatroom out of boredom
• “what does it look like i’m doing lol i’m texting you”
• Vanderwood was confused. “wtf shouldn’t you be in school”
• “shouldn’t you be married by now?”
• “your stupid little—”
• “Zen has entered the chatroom.”
• oh no
• you laughed: “aye hey Zen”

Jimin As Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by bwipsul

Oh boy let’s go right in the heart of the feels

-When you first meet him he’s probably really shy because let’s be honest this mochi is adorable

-He sees you and it’s either intense eye contact or he keeps giggling and looking away smooooth

-Hold up though

-Once y'all are friends he can be caring and a solid rock to lean on anytime to be honest
-But the flirting and the teasing ohmygosh

-Loves skinship too and his hugs are probably the softest thing in the world since he literally is the fluffiest mochi ever ohmygoshmyheartiwantahug

-Of course he is perfect best friend material. Keeps secrets. Is willing to drop everything and come to soothe you. Just his laugh will help you tbh but when that fails he brings ice cream and movies

-Literally he will hit you when he laughs too and it’s kinda sorta annoying but also the thing that makes you laugh too


-One of two ways. Accidentally like he thinks you’re asleep and you’re cuddled next to him and he says it but then you’re like “uh Jimin I’m awake” then he’s a blushing mess. 

OR. He takes you to the dance studio saying it’s urgent and he has little notes along the way and flowers at the end and he asks to for a dance and confesses in your ear holy crap I die (tbh I only see him accidentally doing it lolol)


-We all know nobody can let this squish go. He is too precious for the world and even on tour I see him finding time to text you or call and all that stuff that makes my heart flutter flutter

-Clingy. Clingyclingyclingy. Also very protective. He can go from squish to jealous in .5 seconds. If he sees you let’s say arguing with Jungkook over a game and Jungkook thinks it’s ok to tickle you to win. His eyes would immediately darken with rage. He will probably take it calmly by getting in the middle and tickling you instead. But you can tell he’s jealous by his tight grip the next time you talk to Jungkook. So all in all he’s protective af


-Probably the cutest thing ever. Probably just a peck cus some y'all nasty and want tongue and no take it slow. One night you’re cuddling and you probably squish his cheeks and he does the same to yours and you are giggling then he just grins and pecks your lips. His giggle gives me life sorry side note. Tbh his lips are probably so soft omfg like pillows and you immediately stop giggling before he kisses your cheek sweetly. The feels wow I am a sad single human being

-Neck Kisses. Holy wow. So much neck kisses. He usually nuzzles into your neck too. He just loves your neck idk why. Sometimes his hair tickles and you try to push him away but he tightens his grip on you in which he would giggle I’m sorry what is with me and his giggle. So soft wow he would love pecking your neck. Along with hickies but shshshshshshshh

-Dates are probably to the mall and parks or at home or the dance studio. All the simple stuff where it can just be you two talking ya know. 

-Him teaching you a dance. You guys having a slow dance. Dancing with him. Swaying in the kitchen. I could see him backhugging you then swaying while nuzzling into your neck wowowowow

-Backhugs. That’s it.

-Him laying on your stomach or chest cus let’s be honest he probably loves your chest

- He loves loves loves loves when you play with his hair. He always runs his hand through his own but when you do it it’s like puppy mode is on and he sighs softly and often falls asleep while you do it

-Baking. Making pancakes in the morning. Cliché flour fights. Maybe you burn down the kitchen maybe not.

-Boyfriend material af™

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

-Competition to see who sends the ugliest selfies is a daily thing tbh and you’ll get a memekook bombarding his picture
-Morning voice hoooooooomygosh I cri

-Late night talks and you guys talk about your dreams and what you guys will be like in the future. If you have anything you’re sad about a vice versa he will gladly listen and listen to you fully

-He always calls you jagiya and so sweetly too like you can hear him across the house slash dorm just doing his cute waddle to you saying “jagiyaaaaaaa” so soft and wow my heart

-You always being in best friend mode when he feels bad and insecure. You immediately smack some sense not literally into his brain. Like no you are a pure angel Park Jimin your voice, your personality, body, face, dance, everything.

-All over he is such a sweet boyfriend and so caring. You don’t mind it being silent but you have him by your side so you are at peace. Best friends when you need to be but y'all in love.

WOW~ this has been in my drafts for SOSOSOS long but here it is I feel these are repetitive but ya know we know our boys pretty well

Special Instructions (5/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E
Word Count: ~3200
Chapters: One Two Three Four

I love y’all and hope this little tidbit of humor and sexual tension cheers you up if you’re feeling down ~ ❤️🍕 

reader requested tags: @ilovemesomekillianjones @lenfaz @like-waves-on-the-beach @emmaswanchoosesyou @blessed-but-distressed @tiganasummertree


Special instructions: tell me jokes, joke man

Things were going great with Killian despite the fact that they communicated almost solely through text message. She’d spent nearly the entire first week of November out of state chasing a particularly sneaky skip and she was pretty sure the number of texts between them had fallen into the thousands by now.

They talked a little about their lives, just little tidbits about their likes and dislikes and the gossip from their respective friend groups. Emma liked crime shows; the less scientifically accurate, the better. Killian was into sitcoms. They both enjoyed reading but where Emma loved horror and suspense, mainly every book Stephen King had ever written, Killian was actually into sensual romance novels. (He’d only been slightly embarrassed to admit it.)

David and Mary Margaret were trying to get pregnant, and Belle and Killian’s older brother Liam were pregnant; they’d practically just found out that she was 10 weeks along and Killian was psyched at the prospect of becoming an uncle. Ruby was getting over her recent heartbreak by beginning an interesting three-way relationship with a martial artist and a dog groomer, both women, both ridiculously head over heels for her. Killian’s buddy Will was inheriting a bar from his recently deceased boss. Regina and Robin were planning the most extravagant wedding ever, and by that she meant that Regina was planning the most extravagant wedding ever and Robin was passively agreeing with all her decisions. And Killian’s best friend Ariel’s Etsy shop was booming; apparently handmade mermaid tails and shell bras were in surprisingly high demand.

They learned quite a bit about each other. Their friendship was blooming…

But mostly they flirted.

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find boyfriend jungkook (here) & boyfriend jimin (here

  • taehyung’s confession comes off as casual as the way friends tell each other that they love their other friends and so when taehyung goes “hey i really like you!” and you’re like “i like you too!” he’ll sort of scoot closer to you and be like “that’s great - we should date.”
  • and it’ll shock you for sure because you’ll think oh he’s playing around again.,,,,right?? but taehyung’s smiling at you with clear, honest eyes and you’ll be like “don’t joke around….” and he’ll touch your cheek and be like “i promise im not.” and that smile turns into a serious expression and you’re like well……..1) this is the most serious you’ve ever seen this kid 2) he looks very….enticing….when he’s being serious 3) but three that’s not the point he just asked you out???? what do you say????
  • and when you manage to murmur out a ‘o…okay….’ taehyungs shining smile comes back and he maybe bites his lip when you’re not looking to stop himself from shouting with happiness
  • afterwords he strolls into the dorm just oozing confidence and jungkooks like ‘did you get rejected hyung?’ and taehyung snorts like “in YOUR dreams im kim taehyung, i don’t get rejected.” and jungkook rolls his eyes but jimin practically jumps on taehyung with happiness because oh my god his best friend just got a significant other and jimin wants to plan everything out for taehyung but taehyung’s just like ??? calm down jimin they only said yes today put the wedding planner book away
  • and taehyung as much as he doesn’t seem nervous and he’s his same old dorky self on the first date - believe me, he’s a wreck of emotions on the inside and for the first time he’s sweating bullets just by being in the same proximity as you but he doesn’t show it of course he’s as goofy and as adventurous as usual and so when he goes “im taking you rock climbing in the mountains, i hope you wore good shoes!” when you meet up with him you almost  faint and he’s like jOKEs i got tickets to the aquarium 
  • and you two walk around, gaze at all the cool animals, take photos of taehyung imitating puffer fish and penguins and crabs and when he tries to get you to pet a stingray with him you threaten to feed him to the sharks 
  • while you’re distracted in the giftshop by something, taehyung secretly buys you a cute jellyfish plushie because he remembers that you mentioned that they were really pretty and when you two are outside and walking to get some lunch somewhere, he asks you to turn around and you do and you see him holding the jellyfish up to cover his face and he moves there tentacles around and makes funny noises and you giggle because this is the taehyung you love the best and you two spend like an hour talking about what to name the jellyfish (you end up combining your two names and sticking with that, how adorable)
  • and taehyung strikes me as a very energetic, outdoorsy kind of person so the rest of your dates are always something that gets you two out of the house; amusement parks, dog cafes, cool exhibitions, museums, new restaurants, and even volunteering
  • like can you imagine you and taehyung at an animal shelter surrounded by puppies and kittens looking for love and just jumping around you two and taehyung just looking like he’s so in his element, like he’s so at peace that you’re convinced that these animals who’ve been through the worse are actually helping this boy finally have a break from the stress of being an idol
  • also can you imagine the two of you + puppies + little kiDS who wanna adopt the puppies and taehyung just carrying a toddler in one hand and a cute puppy in the other like imagine it your hearts breaking right???
  • and let’s say you’re getting off of your little volunteer job and taehyung is chuckling plucking dog hair off your sweater and then all of a sudden he kisses your forehead and you’re like oh!!! and then…he’s kissing your cheeks and then…..your nose……and then……..the side of your lips …..and then……your lips
  • and it’s your first kiss and it feels like the kind of first kiss kim taehyung would give and when he pulls back you kind of can’t help but smile and then tuck your head in his chest and he laughs because you’re adorable and you two are just standing there in a halo of pureness and love and its so fricking cute THERE ISNT ANOTHER WORD ITS jusT CUTE
  • for that moment on skinship is just natural for you two because the synergy between you is just ecstatic like it could be as something as small as linking pinkies to something as much as laying down beside each other with your legs entwined and your arms around taehyung’s neck and it doesn’t matter because your bodies are touching and you feel so safe in his arms and he feels like there isn’t anyone else in the world that he’d want to have right there with him it’s perfect
  • and like taehyung is by no means shy so if you’re ok with it, the skinship moves fast like he loves hugging you from behind and resting his chin in your hair, he loves it when you do it to him too like when you give him a surprise hug while he’s stretching or when he’s just done practicing because like i said your touch is just rejuvenating to him it’s magical 
  • but he also has this habit of ruffling your hair and messing it all up and when you’re trying to fix it he’s like “no it’ cute messy~” so he keeps running his finger through it and you’re like taehyung!!!! and he’s like “what?? you look so cute when it’s in your face and all that!!!” and you’re like “let me mess up your hair!!” and he’s like “if you can…..CATCh mE” and then he’s running around the BigHit building with you behind him and jin is like aH true love , young love and yoongi is like ten bucks taehyung runs into a door or something
  • most importantly of course is the discourse on kissing kim taehyung and ok he loves to tease and you learn this early on when you’re trying to be all romantic and sweet and lean up to kiss his lips and taehyung purposely tilts his head back so you end up kissing like his throat or chin and you’re like kim taehyung please and he’s like fine fine ill kiss you and you close your eyes and you’re ready but then all you feel is his lips against your forehead or your cheek and you’re pouting like taehyung no kiss me for real and he does,,,,but not after covering the rest of your face or even your fingers and palm and up you arm and you get restless but it’s also so soft that you let him off the hook
  • because like when he really does kiss you seriously with all his passion and emotion, taehyung holds your face with his hands and he just keeps going till your lips both swell and you’re gasping for air but you’re so close that everything  around you has just melted and it’s just it’s wow 
  • taehyung also just seems like the kind of person who loves like being feed like it’s just something you two have grown to do like if you have a bag of chips and you’re walking somewhere you just eat a chip, then get one and hold it up and taehyung bites it and it’s so natural like you don’t even have to look at each other but like he knows when you’re about to give him something like u guys were at the movies and you’d just drop food into his mouth and jungkook was like you two are gross and even jin who’s usually 1000000% ready for the cheesy romance was like ‘you two better wash your hands after this movie or so help me god’ but like idk you guys munching on the same kebob or something is cute ok anyway
  • taehyung also makes you do the apple hair with him sometimes and he actually really likes having his hair touched and played with so sometimes you like give him little pigtails or braid as much as you can and he walks into practice with half his head in mini little braids and yoongi just give him the look and taehyung’s like “fashion hyung, you wouldn’t get it.”
  • jungkook takes a photo of it and sends it to you like ‘this is a masterpiece, thank you so much for this art’ and you’re like ‘in another life i was a hairstylists, you want me to do your hair too?’ and jungkooks like ‘new number who dis’
  • also imagine the texts you’d get from taehyung throughout the day like it starts off with sleepy selfies of him with bedhead and like his glasses on crooked and he’s like ‘off to practice’ and then like in the middle of the day you get like a photo of someones damn scalp and it’s like ‘look at yoongi hyungs baldspot’ and then when it’s closer to the night it’s just random blurry photos of taehyung running and stuff like ‘omw to the 7/11 for some glazed doughnuts don’t tell bang pd’
  • and like namjoon, jin, and yoongi are actually thankful you’re there to uphold taehyung because there aren’t many people who really understand what he’s trying to convey and they take what he does and twist into jokes and a lot of the time he’s being serious and you know and you listen and you treat him with respect that really makes him even more confident and to the older members that really means alot because it helps him grow musically as well
  • hoseok is just your personal cheerleader he wants you and taehyung to make it to the end and he’s so enthusiastic about how well you two fit together and he’s one of the people that truly sees that energy that holds you and taehyung together and he’s just like taehyung i think they’re the one for you my bro
  • jimin and jungkook are taehyung’s best friends and from day one jimin is your best friend too, jungkook takes some time to warm up but in the end you’re there for taehyung and you protect him the same way jungkook wants to do as well and that’s what’s important
  • the four of you always end up following taehyung into new places and immersing yourselves in his creativity and taehyung’s a glowing positive presence that’s curious about everything and he always wants to go down a new street or eat a new dish and the four of you have fun doing all that but jimin knows when to pull jungkook back by the ear and let you and taehyung have your moments alone
  • and they’re moments where you discover how much taehyung really knows about the world, how much he reads and studies and how pure hearted his intentions are when he stops to feed stray cats or tries to comfort a crying child with funny faces
  • and like ive said taehyung loves things that are different, your couple item probably isn’t a bag or shirt he got you two matching anklets or some cool souvenir from overseas that he got when he was on tour because taehyung isn’t about the ordinary, he’s about the new
  • taehyung likes to doodle on things and sometimes that can be the paper corners of your notebooks or of your napkins or even on the skin of your arm and when he’s not there beside you you look at the small little drawings and they make you smile
  • he’d probably wake you up at like 5 am so you two could run down to the sea and watch the sun rise and you’d be like don’t you have practice??? did you sleep?? and he’d just pull you into his side and be like nah i didn’t but look what i got to experience with you instead
  • and ok taehyung would totally try to make you let him change up some of your clothes like he’d be like give me your t-shirt let me cut it up a little and you’re like taehyung,,,,,, and he’s like come on it’ll be cute and you’re like boy if you come anywhere closer to me with those scissors 
  • jungkook in the back probably like: “don’t trust him. he’ll make a hole somewhere provocative.” jkjkjk
  • taehyung probably wouldn’t even have to leave the dorm to make you guys have a good time he’d be like “let’s play hide and seek” and he’d like do the thing where he doesn’t even hide he just quietly follows you around until you’ve searched everywhere and you finally hear his footsteps and you take off the blindfold like have you just been walking right next to me and he’s like hehe yeah and you’re like you’re dead kim taehyung and you tickle him and he’s in an uproar of chuckles you two are adorable 
  • taehyung would let you wear his shirts like the really big roomy ones he has and like also those really comfy zip up sweaters like if you’re ever just cold he’s like put on one of my sweaters and come here so i can hold u in my arms
  • taehyung pointing out cute cats on TV like “we should get one like that when we’re older and like married or something”
  • you and taehyung having an ugly face battle when you’re bored
  • you, jimin, jungkook, hoseok and taehyung having an ugly face battle when you’re over at the practice room
  • jin announcing that the ugliest face has got to go to namjoon even though he wasn’t even participating and taehyung laughs so hard he hits his head or something and for the next thirty minutes his heads in your lap and he’s whining and you’re like there there you’re not dying and taehyungs like ‘this head is worth so much, thankfully it wasn’t bruised’ and you dead want to shove him off for being so dumb but it’s charming somehow hehe
  • taehyung works really hard whenever there’s another comeback coming up and people would think he’s just always a silly guy who plays around but when it comes to BTS he’s never playing around and you know he stays up for hours on end with hoseok and jimin learning the dances and with jin and jungkook for vocals and he’s even going to yoongi and namjoon for help on rap and you’re so damn proud of him 
  • and you tell him that and like seeing the sparks in his eyes when you do is just the world to you. it means everything.
  • also you’re like i brought boxed lunches because like your grandma said taehyung we have to keep you chubby and he’s like this is why i love you the most
  • you and taehyung changing each others names in your phones to emojis like the poop emoji or the praying hands emoji and like you don’t know why you do it you just do and it’s so funny to the two of you and the rest of bts is in the corner like those two are on a whole different planet 
  • i know i said like you and taehyung matching bangle bracelets but honestly matching necklaces too would be really cute i feel like accessories are really pretty on him and they’d be pretty on you too!!!
  • taehyung would also like taking showers with you it’d just be cute…….
  • you two hanging upside down off the couch to see who can last the longest until taehyung starts sliding down to the floor and pulling you with him until you’re like ontop and you’re both laughing because your heads are spinning but it somehow feels just right
  • you and taehyung would only ever argue if maybe he said or did something and it ended up being a misunderstanding and hurting you slightly, like he’d never ever say or do anything to intentionally hurt you and if you were saddened by something he’d literally spend days doing everything to make you happy again with only sincere apologizes like taehyung is not a man shy of getting on his knees to ask for forgiveness from the one he loves he’d do anything to keep you with him
  • ok taehyung would also have this habit of just looking at you like staring at you and you’re like,,,,,is there something on my face??? and he’d be like ‘no…………………..i just want to keep looking’ and you’d get flustered and taehyung would chuckle and you’d be like oh my god did you plan to make me blush and he’s like wHAt noOOOO and you’re like sTOp taehyung do not do this ever again but he does do it because well like he’s being truthful - he just wants to keep looking (you getting red is just the icing on the cake hehe)
  • taehyung just wants someone to sit down on the floor with him late at night drinking coffee from a vending machine and telling stories to each other while also someone who understands what he’s trying to convey without it being lost to some other meaning and you two reach that point of telepathy where you know what makes taehyung comfortable and what he wants to say and vice versa and it’s just good to have someone like you by his side
  • also as a last thought imagine going backpacking with taehyung through like europe or south america and just doing things you’d never thought you’d do with the person you love by your side and you two just hold hands and know that you can challenge anything with each other by your sides
  • but if you ever get tired from all the adventures, taehyung will definitely piggyback you home safe and sound ^^ 
photographer!kihyun au

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  • i,,, have had a thing for photographer kihyun for like,,,eVer sinCE i started stanning him,,,
  • and since there’s not much out there fics/aus about photographer kihyun
  • /rolls sleeve/
  • ok but photographer!kihyun would be both cool and cute i kid u not
  • the type to always???? ALWAYS!!!! have his camera by his side; either slung on his arm or in his backpack
  • there was this one time he forgot to bring his camera along and his friends thought something happened to him or the camera
  • “is ur camera oKay??????r YOU okay????” “why wouldn’t they be okay and im here aren’t i?”
  • turns out he just forgot to charge the batteries overnight shdsdsj clumsy
  • but how much do you wanna bet he can’t sit still without his camera by his side?
  • “yOo kihYUN sTop FidgEting” “i cant help it!!!!i’m so used to have my camera with me i-”
  • his camera is basically his wife,, but anyways moving on,
  • the type to be gone during the weekends to take short trips to the beach or countryside for pictures
  • “hey kihyun are you free this weekend” “can’t im going to the beach” “hey ki-” “CANT i have to go to the neighbouring city”
  • but his pictures ended up being to die for so it’s forgiven ;;
  • his phone wallpapers,,, would mostly b pictures of sceneries he took. Only on rare occasion it would be faces of people,,,, prob mainly bcs it was him who took it.
  • imagine him putting a picture of minhyuk because he loved the way the pic turned out and minhyuk saw,,,
  • “omg ki i didn’t know u liked me that much ;”^ )” “i  DONT. the pic just turned out nic-” “AWWW SHUSH I Like Me Too ;););)” “sdhjsdhjskajhskja remind me to not take a pic of u ever again”
  • “no way u like the way he poses for pics too much to not take pics of him” - prob shownu
  • “,,,,,, riTe”
  • its tru tho kihyun is picky when it comes to his pictures, especially potraits and he always complains about how its so hard to take pics of shownu
  • “shownu u do know you can breathe like normal, right?”
  • but anyways,
  • his instagram!!!!
  • god his instagram would b aesthetically pleasing nd like, low quality-ly hq,,
  • pics from his trips? pics from his coffee stops? pics of mx hanging out? you got them all!
  • but like,, what’s hard to see in his feed is probably his selfie since he takes bad selfies according to wonho and minhyuk
  • “i  DO NOT. take bad selfies” - says kihyun as he poses the same pose for 2938482 selfies with the same angle
  • sighs
  • so instead of uploading his selfies, the only pictures that would have his face in it would be the candids the boys took of him
  • from when he’s drinking coffees, or from when he’s taking pictures,,,
  • mostly r pics of him taking pictures w his camera since he find himself looking extra cool doing those
  • but like,,, since most of his pics r candids, u can hardly see his face since it’s always being covered w camera or looking down
  • also since most pics r from  the boys, u could expect to see minhyuk or wonho annoyingly commenting on his pics
  • “omg what a cool pic i wonder who took them” “i bet the photographer’s good looking tell him i’m a fan of him!”
  • “im  Blocking. both of u”
  • ok but you,,,, you do know kihyun, sort of
  • that is if u consider being friends with changkyun and hearing changkyun bragging about how good this one photographer friend is then yeah you do know kihyun
  • you follow him on instagram, but like,,, u never actually met him before??
  • tho judging on his ig pics he seems attractive but also seems like a snoob?? or a bit cocky?? based on his comments so idk,, u just dont really like those type of guys
  • but anyways, you’re studying filming major in school so you’re always standing behind the camera or screens instead,
  • but you’re been told a handful of time that you have enough visuals to be a model,, it DID crossed ur mind but like???me??? a model??? must b mad enough to do  That,  so u didnt
  • so you’re a close friends with changkyun, and you two are always hanging out when kyun ain’t hanging out w mx
  • so when you’re out together, it’s always u who takes kyun’s pictures and you’re no photography student, but you could say your pics r decent (since you actually like photography as well,)
  • changkyun loves!!!! ur pic and he always say that you would bond well with kihyun since the two of you have similar taste
  • youre like  “naaaaah no thx” and kyun just shrugs bcs like okay then sure no fOrcing u
  • so u continue to hangout with changkyun with him mentioning about wanting the two of you meeting up but you always refusing
  • UNTIL 
  • one day you two were hanging out at the park, just casual and being a bunch of goofs when kyun said some of the mx boys r here and wants to meet up nd if its okay with you
  • “yeAH??? i mean i would love to meet them anyways especially minhyuk! i heard he’s kinda cool,,”
  • “yeah but there’s gonna be kihy-” changkyun before his words being interrupted by a hollering minhyuk from afar
  • you immediately recognize minhyuk based on his jumpy attitude and also wonho who’s following behind a sprinting minhyuk
  • minhyuk immediately pounced on changkyun and you like,, laughed at how done kyun looked
  • u suddenly heard some clicker sound beside u and when u turn, ur eyes meet w a pair of very??? beautiful??? eyes???
  • it took a few seconds but u then realized it was kihyun,, with his camera his hand,, like OF COURSE kihyun would b around taking pics
  • immediately introducing yourself to the boys, changkyun immediately said, “ah ki hyung, she’s the one who always took my cafe an d ootd pics”
  • youre like ?? but when u look at kihyun he was like O-o and was saying “yeah i sorta figured?? since u hardly hang out w anyone else anyways” but he wasnt even looking at u or anything,,,
  • “wow he really /is/ snobby,,,,” was what u thought at first since even after a few mins of hanging out at the park, he still wont meet ur eyes??? even when he’s talking to you or something??? wow   rood.
  • but like yea you guys hanged out for a while longer before u decided to leave the boys alone
  • so when you excused yourself, changkyun was like “yeah yeah sure i’ll see you later” but
  • kihyun seemed weirdly and surprisingly disappointed for someone who hardly made any eye contact w you through out the hour of hanging out
  • nd judging on his personality around the boys and on what changkyun told you, you doubt he’s actually  SHY
  • (in which he is but we’ll get to that later)
  • but anyways, kihyun was like: “you’re leaving already?”
  • “????y ea??? i have early classes tomorrow so,,”
  • “o right your filming classes”
  • ???? ?you’re actually surprised that he knows??? but okay then
  • so like u go home and attend your classes like normal for almost a whole week, nothing unusual happened, and u doing ur usual routine,
  • like going to classes, having lunch w your friends and changkyun when he’s free, studying in the library,, and even going out during the afternoon for an hour of,,, walk
  • so here’s the thing
  • even when you’re a film student, you have a huge interest in photography, so,
  • every afternoon you would go out for an hour or two, just to walk around town, stopping once in a while to just take pictures.
  • people thought you go out for some exercises but l mao n O
  • you always have your small handy little camera by your side,, your loyal best friend.
  • so like it was a week??? after that meeting with kihyun and the other boys, but nothing happened,
  • you did saw kihyun around the campus once in a while,
  • but everytime your eyes locked, he would blin k for once or twice then quickly look away,
  • in WHICH, helped u to think that he’s really a snob
  • (u gH HE IS REALLY NOT but we’ll get there anyways,)
  • so like one afternoon you’re just walking around town, taking pictures like normal,
  • and you’re at this small park at the end of town,
  • its small, and not packed, just like how u like it,,
  • so you ended up just spending your afternoon there, taking pictures and stuff
  • nd after a while u spot a cute little kitten playing around, and of course u took pictures of it
  • the cat spotted you and it just ran towards you and soon,,
  • your camera was forgotten and you’re there,
  • just sitting on the ground and playing with the little kitten,,,
  • it was really peaceful, with just you and the kitten, and maybe some one or two people passing by, a couple sitting on a bench nearby,, but that’s just it
  • it’s not noisy or anything, just the way you like it,,
  • at least until u heard some sound of the flicker of a camera
  • looking around, you were expecting to see someone taking photos of views or the trees,, BUT
  • what you wasnt expecting was seeing a camera lens being pointed directly towards you,, just a few feet away from you,, and the kitten
  • you just stared at the camera,, nd the person behind the camera since you’re not really sure what to do
  • because like you’re not sure either to be mad or not?? since yea, it’s not nice to take other people’s pictures without permission but like,
  • you yourself have taken so many candid pictures of others,,, so??? u’re not exactly sure??
  • realizing they were caught, the person quickly lower down their camera and bow down their head slightly
  • but like you managed to catch their face and you just,,,: “kihyun???”
  • the person look up at you and with his round glasses on the bridge of his nose, his beanie covering his black hair, a simple round sweater hugging his figure,
  • you could easily tell it is indeed your campus’ infamous photographer, Mr. Yoo Kihyun
  • “what are you-”
  • “look, i’m sorry for taking your picture without permission it’s just that the settings was all so nice and the sunlight was on point, the kitten was active and you look really pretty so i just had to,, and like i hope u dont ask me to delete them??? because it’s really pretty,,, like i could show u if you don’t believe me it’s ReALLy nice!!! and-”
  • “l mao kihyun you’re babbling and yea of course you can keep them,”
  • “please dont tell me to- wait, what?? reaLLy???”
  • “yea h, i mean, as long as i look good in them tho”
  • “o- oh,, well,, u do look decent i guess???”
  • “don’t lie, i heard it when u said i looked pretty.”
  • “o h sh OOt”
  • CUE a cute blushing kihyun scratching his nape, trying to figure out how to cover up his honest words he blurted out a while ago,
  • but when he looked up trying to spit out some words about how it was the sun that helped you looked nice,, he sees you grinning at him while the little kitten still playing with your fingers,,,
  • and he thought,, oh screw it
  • “y-yeah,, well you always look good anyways, so nothings new”
  • and when he sees your cheeks slowly growing red, he was glad he said those words,,
  • he’d always thought you’re cute anyways, only he never actually brought up the guts to approach you properly
  • and now,, with you here for once smiling at him instead of looking at him as if he’s some kind of snob you hate, which he knows you thought of him that way before this,,
  • he decided he’s gonna be a  Man and not waste this chance with you
  • “but like, do you wanna see it though? the pictures, i mean.”

a/n : i might do a second part of this, who knows since i have a major big fat love for photographer!kihyun anyways! Also, newton was released today and photographer!kihyun made his appearance!!!! 

Dance practice: Junhoe Imagine

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Requested by anon

Words: 1300 

Pairing: Junhoe X female reader (Y/N) 


Summary: You’re in the same entertainment company and he has a crush on you and messes up his lies to see you. (Idk how else to put this, it’s late ok?) 

A/N: I’m trying to keep up with the requests, and I really hope you liked this one as I had nothing to go on other than a soft Junhoe imagine. 


Why are these cups always placed so high up? You thought as you struggled to get a cup down from the top of the cupboard in the cafeteria. It was late at night, so no one was working there, and you had been to practice for a couple of hours, your group leader had left you to practice the dance moves a “few more times”. You were a singer, not a dancer so it was always hard for you to remember choreography, but your leader didn’t settle for anything less than perfection. The comeback for your group was just around the corner, so you had to work extra hard.

Right as you were about to give up on trying to reach for a cup to turn around and get a chair instead, you felt something around your waist that lifted you up. You screamed in surprise.

“Need help?” a dark male voice asked you. The lift surprised you so that you totally forgot what you were supposed to do. The male put you down again and you turned around to face him. It was Junhoe, a member of one of the other groups in your company. The two of you were friends, not too close, since you never had the time to see each other due to very different schedules. This time, however, both groups were set to promote at the same time, so the chance of running into each other would be bigger.   

“You scared me!” you said and hit him playfully on his left arm.

“OW!” he exaggerated. “Apologize,” Junhoe demanded, you just looked at him.

“Excuse me, you almost made me have a heart attack!”

“Not exactly the kind of apology I had in mind but I guess that works as well. And that can’t have been the first time I have almost made you have a heart attack right?” too proud, you thought, too proud and just rolled you eyes. Junhoe let out a small laugh.

“What are you doing here so late?” he asked.

“Dance practice,” you sighed. He nodded.

“Ah, for your comeback right?”

“Yup” you said and he nodded again. Then it hit you. “Why are you here?” suddenly he froze as if he didn’t know what to say to you.

“Uhm, actually I- I uh, came to look for food” he scratched the back of his neck. “You see, we have no food left at the dorm and so I just thought about checking for food here while I was around the area.” His eyes didn’t meet yours, and you could tell he was not telling the truth, but decided to not ask more about it. The clock above the door leading out to the hallway showed that it was fifteen minutes past two am.  

“Well, you go and find food, it’s getting a bit late, so I think I’ll get back to the dorm,” you said and said goodbye to Junhoe before leaving him behind in the cafeteria.


As you walked through the door to the dorm you heard music playing. It was one of your group’s members playing AOA- Can’t Sleep. She was sitting in a chair looking out through the window, holding a cup with tea, reminding you what you were supposed to do before leaving the company building.

“Ah, damn it, water” you said as you started walking towards the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Why are you so late? We finished at nine today.” Yejin asked.

“Oh, Yubin told me to stay and practice the choreography a little bit more” you answered while getting a water bottle from the fridge.

“A little bit?” she giggled. You both knew how Yubin could be with these things, it was understandable that she wanted perfection, but sometimes it was a bit much.

“So you practiced until now? Did you eat?” she asked.

“Yes, and no, I did not eat”

“Girl, eat something!” Yejin said.

“Too late, I’m gonna go to bed” you finished the water bottle and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Yejin followed you and stopped in by the door you left open.

“Did you see anyone else there?” Seemed like the questions didn’t want to stop tonight.

“Well, I saw a few people leave at eleven… oh, and I met Junhoe” you mentioned as if it was something that happened everyday.

“Oooo~” Yejin teased and you rolled your eyes.

“It was nothing like that”

“Oh, come on, I know you like him, we all know. Anyway, what was he doing there?” and you told her about the food thing. She shook her head while laughing.


The next day was no different from the previous, you were in the practice room, still working on your dancing. Outside of the practice room, someone was watching you through the window on the door. It was Junhoe, he had been standing there for quite some time, trying to decide if he should walk in “by mistake” or wait for you until you were finished. He checked his phone and the time was only half past eleven and he had been sort of hiding, sort of watching you for almost an hour. Unlocking his phone, he opened the selfie camera to check his hair before someone walked up behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Donghyuk asked him. Junhoe put away his phone quickly and turned to him.

“What are you doing here?” Junhoe asked.

“I asked first but if you have to know, I finished dance practice, so I was on my way out, and you?”

“I was just- I heard music so I was curious who was here, it was just Y/N” Junhoe said, trying to not sound interested. Donghyuk nodded and he started walking before he turned around.

“Are you coming or not?” he asked Junhoe who was in his own world.

“Reality calling Junhoe” and Junhoe turned to him with a confused expression on his face, Donghyuk laughed.

“No, just go ahead, I’ll be back soon” and they said their goodbye.

The music stopped playing inside the practice room and Junhoe thought that this was his moment. He took a deep breath and pulled the door open; or tried to. It was locked. A low key panic started to form inside Junhoe’s head. You had noticed him and walked over to open the door.

“Junhoe?” you smiled. “What are you doing here?” you giggled.

“I heard music, so I was just curious who was here.” he said with a little less confidence in his voice than earlier when talking with Donghyuk. You nodded.

“Well, not that interesting, it’s just me” you shrugged and walked back to get your stuff before walking past him and out the door. “I’m leaving, are you staying or going back to your dorm?” you asked him.

“Ah, yes, I was just on my way out actually, mind if I tag along?” and you nodded again.

“What were you doing here so late this time as well?” you asked him.

“Vocal lesson”

“This late?” you were used to having vocal lessons around 2 pm, so to think someone having them this late sounded weird to you.

“Mhm” was all he answered.

“But you don’t need it, though. You already sing so well!”

It was not the usual grin that appeared on Junhoe’s face, but a little shy smile and a light shade of red on his cheeks instead.

“I’m so jealous haha” you said and he became serious.

“What? But your voice is amazing! I listen to your group’s songs all the time to hear your voice!” there was a sudden silence between you before you giggled. He looked horrified as if he said something terrible.

“That is,” you started. “The cutest and nicest thing someone has ever said to me.” And there was the grin again.  

.:BTS in PROM:.

Miyu note: Well, I was now full of energy ready to work again on my computer for entire days when this suddenly came out while speaking with Leen so yeah c: Thanks Leen for always being there to hear my strange ideas, tho maybe our prom was quite strange for me I enjoyed that we could at least take a pic <3 and I’m ready to continue clinging onto you for another 4 years so ya better be ready gurrrrl! (Miyu being emo now, don’t mind her, ily Leen <33333 u know it all ya mah best friend :’D)

Gifs aren’t mine! Also this is all just fiction and I wanted to make these funny, so please chill xd


Originally posted by narika-a

  • Don’t come near him, he’ll flinch
  • Didn’t want to come in the first place
  • Did so cuz u and his mom begged him and well-
  • “Too many girls in dresses” jungshook
  • jk jk well… maybe not, deal with him
  • Probably searching with his eyes for you the entire night but- too many ppl help this boi-
  • Prob the one who stays in the bathroom till his family says: let’s go


Originally posted by jeonbegins

  • The one that joins the dance floor when his old jam comes out
  • “Jagi JAGI LET’S daaAANCEEEEE!!!!!!”
  • Is never in his seat, always walking around
  • Made new friends of lower years in the bathroom really boi
  • Be careful around him or else you’ll fall down because he accidentally step in your dress


Originally posted by kilachu

  • “Hello theeeeere-”
  • Tries to act smooth and gives you compliments all over
  • Honestly he’ll get shy after doing so but whatevs
  • Compliment him please he’s a sucker for that
  • Prob would get a lil emotional cuz he’s graduating and he ain’t going to see some of his friends again
  • Tries to interact with all his friends as much as he can


Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

  • “I’m… Really graduating rn?”
  • Is Namshook
  • I mean ofc he knew he wasn’t going to fail any signature and yeah but he still can’t believe how time went by so quickly
  • Tried to take a marshmallow and ended up breaking the chocolate fountain (no one noticed it anyway)
  • Would probably be shy to dance but if you beg he won’t be able to say no to you tbh
  • Needs a picture of you, you look so gorgeous he could die right there istg
  • Becomes very emotional at 4 a.m in the party when everyone’s drunk and he’s talking about other universes and the what ifs


Originally posted by troiskims

  • He was screaming all the way to the prom
  • yelled in the middle of the speech to encourage his classmate
  • Hands on your waist cuz: “You look too beautiful, it’s dangerous for my hearteu” (ok, so you better let go so u won’t suffer-) “no”
  • Wants so badly to give you kisses all over your face but knows your make-up would get ruined so just pouts internally
  • Dances on the dancefloor, the hallways, the table, the bathroom, the first floor, the second floor, outside, with you, with your parents, with his classmates, with your friends, with his friends, with the teachers, with the other parents, with the lower years kids, with the floor, with the dog, with jesus christ, with god- (u understand now lol)
  • Is all smiley but after the party when he reaches his house cries his heart out cuz: MY FRIENDS NOOOOO- too lateu hobi


Originally posted by motherjin

  • “Are they seriously going to make us come up on stage to take our damn papers-”
  • Is done with everything since the day started lol
  • Only came because of his friends and he wanted to see you so well
  • Sits with his friends the entire party with a neutral face
  • He ain’t bored but he ain’t enjoying idk how to explain that? lol
  • Jokes aside would probably get very real and tell good words to all the people he cares for -y'all will cry with him istg-
  • Secretly took tons of pictures of the party -and ofc of you ;)-
  • Cringes when he sees the video the teacher made with old pictures of y'all


Originally posted by the8-carat

  • Prom? Wth is dat, this is Jin’s birthday party boi-
  • lmfao or that’s what it seems like xD
  • All over the food, you can fight me on that. 
  • He probably noticed Nam broke the chocolate fountain but he ain’t telling anyone -Namjin anyone-
  • “Ah, of course, we’re the best looking couple in this party Y/N”
  • Dad jokes all the way for real, he went up on stage only to tell one I’m-
  • Ain’t caring for anything, he’s going to the dancefloor with you if you want 
  • Probably goes to the bathroom often to check if his suit still looks good
  • Selfies are a must gurl!
  • Screamed when an old selfie came in the video the teachers made -he’s going to sue-

Admin Miyu (with the help of my forever best friend Eileeeen <3)

Markhyuck fluffy one shot ♡:

Title: long distance love

Kind: markhyuck online boyfriends long distance relationship au

Warning: words like “fuck” and “shit” said a few times also small kissing parts but not detailed so yeah almost none

Note: i am also in a long distance,online relationship rn so i’m kinda inspired by own relationship. Also i used the word “silly” as the meaning “being funny in a cute way” not in the meaning as being stupid at the part mark called donghuuck silly. Just to clear things.

Original aff link:

I wrote this for mark’s bday btw even though it’s pretty late 😅 happy birthday my baby 💙


People were saying it must be hard and it was to be honest. It was very hard. Loving someone so much but not being able to touch them, to kiss them, to hug them. It was hard seeing the love of your life’s face just from your computer screen. It was hard not being able to cuddle your other half especially when it was dead dark at night and you were cold and feeling alone. It was hard. But it wasn’t bad. And he definetely wasn’t regretting it.

Mark knew from the start that dating with someone who is miles away from him will be hard but he still said “yes” with a soft smile on his lips and loving look in his eyes when donghyuck asked if they can date. Cause he knew even though they were so far away from each other physically they were so close by the heart.

And it’s not like they weren’t communicating with each other well cause they were. They were skyping, messaging from kakaotalk, calling each other and all. Even at the most random times…

‘Can we skype ?’

'Like right now ?’

'Is it ok ?’

'Uhmm right now isn’t so okay to be honest baby’

'Oh…oh it’s ok. We can talk later.’

'Donghyuck babe i’m in bathroom right now. Do you really wanna see my face while i’m taking a dump ?’

'Oh shit’

'Yeah oh shit really *laughing emoji*’

'My stupid ass thought you didn’t wanna see me’

'First of all hyuckkie, don’t call yourself stupid, second of all there hadn’t been one single day that i didn’t wanna see your beautiful face. I would fly there and drown you with kisses and hugs if i could. God damn sometimes i just wanna ran all the way to there just to see you.’

'How the hello kitty you can get so deep while taking a shit ?’

'Cause i’m so in love with you lee donghyuck’

'Confessing while pooping oh how romantic’

'You can say whatever you want but i know you are blushing so hard right now’


'Yeah whatever just be ready’

'To what ?’

'To see my handsome face cause imma skype call you in like 5 minutes’

'Ok but make sure you washed your hands well’

'It’s not like you will be able to hold them babe’

'Still. Wash them well.’



'Love u’

'Shut up’

'U r blushing’



Yeah their relationship was a bit…playful ? Silly ? Even the first time they met was silly. They had a huge figt under a post about lee taeyong. Yes they literally met thanks to their fight about a male idol.

Booming-system-up-up reblogged tytrash’s post.

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm maybe you would wanna give the god damn credit of the aesthetic to the person who made it ? Like idk me!!!

Tyrash added: uhmm i made this aesthetic myself. Who r u btw ?

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm no it’s mine. I posted it like 2 months ago. And i’m lee taeyong’s number one fan. Hadn’t u see my url *shady kawaii face emoji*

Tytrash added: look darling you are wrong. I did this aesthetic myself today. And puhlease i am his number one fan. He even pecked my cheek once in a fan meeting. He called me cute. We r sailing.

Booming-system-up-up added: ugh *rolls eyes* i can’t with the liars really. Just everyone know it’s my aesthetic and this person stole it.

Tytrash added: hey stop blaming me i haven’t stole anything from anyone

Booming-system-up-up added: you did

Tytrash added: no i didnt

Booming-system-up-up added: oh yes you did

Tytrash: fucking come to dm u potato

Booming-system-up-up added: oh be ready u onion

Then they messaged each other and turned out it was all just a misunderstanding. Yes mark’s aesthetic was really similiar to donghyuck’s but there were differences and mark swore he really hadn’t see the aesthetic donghyuck made. After arguing a bit more at the end they both accepted they both were quilty and kinda became friends when mark added “btw pls check out my new friend’s aesthetic blog too. He makes great aesthetics ^-^ link: ……… "at the end of his post.

And oh boy after that was a long ass ride. Cause mark learnt a few things about donghyuck (or haechan cause that was the name donghyuck used when they introduced themselves to each other) right at the day they met. 1, donghyuck had a pretty potty mouth and kept using some words like "shit” and “fuck” pretty much, 2 he already started treating mark like a friend even from day one so mark guessed he was pretty friendly and 3, donghyuck himself was also very pretty thanks to the selfies he posted on tumblr for the #tyfansselcaday that mark saw accidently(ok maybe not so accidently)(maybe he searched the tags “selfie” on donghyuck’s blog on purpose)(just maybe)

Looking back at the old days now mark was still surprised about how he actually fell for donghyuck a long long time before confessing him but noticed it so late. He tried to remember when he started loving donghyuck that much and realized that he already started falling for donghyuck after the first week of their friendship began. Donghyuck was just so amazing. Who wouldn’t fall for him really ?

'Then i said “cash me outside how bout that ?” Lol’


'wHY ???’

'Donghyuck darling it’s like the meme of 5 months ago.’

’*sassy hair flip* do i look like a care ?’

'No you don’t really’


'Why i can imagine your proud and sassy af smile rn ?’

'Cause i do have that smile on my lips rn’

'You have nice lips tho’

'What ?’

'Uhh i mean i said your lips are nice for’
'Shit im sorry i pressed send button accidently’

'Nice for what mork ? For kissing ? *wiggling eyebrows*’


'Merk i don’t wear lipstick babe’

'Well it would look good on you’

'Cause of how nice my lips are ?’

'Lee donghyuck i STG!!!’

'Ahh messing up w u is so much fun markimoo. What would i do w/o u babe ?’

'U’d die’

'Would really die without u mork ♡’

'If this is how you are confessing your undying love to me you are so bad at it hyuckkie lol’

'Oh shit sorry i’ll be more romantic next time i swear’

'Why are you talking so seriously like you really are gonna confess me ?’

'Cause i really am gonna confess you’


'Mark ?’


'Mark i’m so sorry do you…hate me now ?’


'Yeah ?’

'Skype call me right fucking now’

'You can tell me you hate me in here mark. Please just don’t say it right to my face…’

'Donghyuck fucking skype call me so i can confess you back face to face.’

'You what ????’


'Ok ok omg i cant believe its happening holy shit’

And that was how they both confessed each other and mark had never liked the person who made skype more than he did that night. There were “i always knew you are so hopelessly in love with me” and “then why you didn’t confess me already idiot” and a few tears that their owners tried to hard to hide them and donghyuck’s snot didn’t stop leaking from his nose but to be honest that was the best night mark ever had. He just confessed to and got confessed by the boy he was “hopelessly in love with”. What better thing could happen ?



'Yes baby ?’

'Can i call you ? I know it’s late a bit late but…i need to hear your voice. I just really need to hear your voice i’m sorry.“

Mark didn’t even wasted time at sending a message to donghyuck and called him as fast as he can. He tapped on "call” button so fast that he might’ve broke his finger.

“Baby are you okay ?”

Mark heard donghyuck’s sighing in relief.

“I’m okay now”

“Something happened, love ? Tell me”

“No no i just…i missed you…so much…i know it sounds stupid cause we never met face to face or spend any time together so how can i miss you right ? But i do. And i red a post on tumblr about how long distance relationships never ends well and how it might hurt both sides. Especially if one side is silly. And i don’t want you to break up with me cause our relationship is a long distance one and i’m sure there are lots of pretty girls or boys there that you can replace me anytime and i am just a silly boy who loves you and lee taeyong with all of my silly heart. And i-”

“Donghyuck! Breathe!”

And he did. Donghyuck was literally out of breathe, panting and hearing this made mark’s heart hurt more.

“Are you calm now ?”


“Donghyuck look i…ugh okay look first of all i miss you too. So much. So so much. Super duper much. Okay ? If i had any chance, any, i would run all those miles barefoot just to see your face. I don’t know who wrote this post but they clearly don’t know our relationship. Nor how much i love you and how much you love me. You remember the day you asked if we can date ?”


“What did i say that time ?”



“"Yes. Yes we can. It will be hard probably. So hard. To keep a relationship strong with all those miles between us. But i will never give up on it. I will do my best to make this relationship perfect. And as strong as taeyong’s love for febreeze. And i know you will do the same. So i promise you right now that we will be that one couple everyone whispers about.” And then i laughed cause you were just too cheesy and too serious for something that we both didn’t know if it will work or not.“

"But it does work dosen’t it ?”

“It does…”

“Donghyuck, love, you might be silly sometimes, especially when you are sleepy and might be a little evil from time to time and might make me burn in jealousy with all your close pics with taeyong cause you are mine and only mine but it dosen’t mean i will break up with you or i will love you less. You pretty much have my whole heart and keeping it in your hands. It literally beats in your palms. How can you even think i can love someone else than you when i’m so "hopelessly” in love with you ? Please, please never thought about things like that again. I know you miss me so much and i do miss you too. So much. But i promise you. One day i’ll find a way to fly there right beside you. I’m already saving money. Please be more patient. Or else my heart will got broken. Would you want that ?“

"No” donghyuck said and sniffed

“Baby wait are you crying ?”


“Did you just screamed that you love me at 4am ?”


“Oh baby….your neighbor will really beat you up”

“I hate you!!”

“I love you too baby”

“I just wanted to hear your voice cause i was down!”

“Are you still down ?”

“……no i’m not anymore…mark”

“Yes baby ?”

“Thank you”

Mark smiled. Donghyuck and his cute, soft voice was too much for mark’s poor heart.

“No, love, thank you”

“I guess i gotta end the call now. You probably have things to do. Isnt it like 3pm in there ?”

“Yeah but most important thing ever in my life is loving you, you know hyuckkie”

“Cheesy lil ramen boy” donghyuck said and sniffed again “making me cry. Idiot.”

“You know whenever you call me "idiot"i take it as "i love you” right ?“

"I know”

Then mark asked something he thought he should ask. Just to be sure.

“Donghyuck we’re good now right ?”

“No. We’re perfect”


“Mark lee i swear to god if you keep singing that son-”






“Oh shit the neighbor is hitting on my ceiling. He’ll kill me. He’ll literally kill me mark oh my god. Save me”

“Oh opps  look at the time it’s time for me to go”


Mark laughed cause donghyuck’s voice was literally shaking.

“Nothing will happen baby don’t worry. If anyone ever lie a finger on you imma beat them with a kitchen table”

“Why kitchen table ?”

“They are stronger and harder”



“Oh the neighbor stopped”

“That’s a sign for you to go to sleep”

“Yeah. I really gotta sleep or else i’ll fall asleep on mr. Kim’s class and i don’t wanna die in school.”

“You can’t die before we get married”

“Yeah right whatever” donghyuck said in a joking tone and mark could see him rolling his eyes “imma go to bed now. Bye my ramen hair babe. Love you”

“Love you more my lil evil”


“You are a lil evil hyuck just accept it”

“No i meant it like you can’t love me more than i love you it’s impossible. Ugh just forget it. God that was cheesy”

“My cheesy lil evil”

“Mark go to sleep”

“It’s afternoon here baby”

“Then lemme go to sleep”

“I’m not holding you back babe”



“Goodnight then”

“Goodnight babe. Love you”


Donghyuck wasn’t eager for many things, he never had lots of wishes to ask from god even when he was a child. And he just wanted one single thing since he met with mark. Seeing him. Face to face. And hugging him. And kissing him. And cuddling with him. And doing all those coupley stuff.

He had been praying and asking god every single night to see mark’s face, to hold him close just once. Just once was enough for donghyuck. But maybe wishing for something that will probably never happen was silly.

“Donghyuuuck” donghyuck’s mom shouted from the living room and donghyuck shouted back

“Yes mom ?”

“You have a visitor”

“Na jaemin you are 40 minutes late. You are so dead."donghyuck said and got up from his bed.

"What the fuck made you be that late ?” Donghyuck asked when he entered the room but then froze when he saw a blonde, ramen like haired boy in front of him instead of his model like sassy bff.

“M-m-mark ?”

“I’m sorry for being late. Was dealing with some problems. But i’m home now” mark’s voice got softened when he said last sentence and he let out a sweet chuckle when donghyuck ran to him and pulled him into a tight and warm bearhug.

“Are you crying again love ?”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up mark.” Donghyuck said into mark’s neck and sniffed “why the hell you didn’t tell me you will come ? You want me to die by a heart attack ?”

“I wanted to surprise you” mark said and pushed donghyuck gently to cup his face softly “but it worthed right ?”

Donghyuck was about to lean forward to kiss mark finally after all these waiting but a voice stopped him.

“Please don’t make out in front of me. I didn’t made you two meet to see that. Please”

“Na jaemin!”

“I’m 40 minutes late. I know.” Jaemin said and laughed “but i brang some ramen with me as my apology so we’re good right ?”

“Did you two idiots planned this together ? Really ??”

Mark looked at jaemin “awww he calls us idiots”

“He loves us”

“I know right”


“Donghyuck, darling please don’t yell. Our neighbor was pretty pissed when you yelled at 4am last week”

Donghyuck sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Dear god, is it my punishment for loving these two idiots so much ?”

“Awww he loves us so much”

“Awwww baby”

Donghyuck sighed again and just pulled mark into a soft kiss. Jaemin didn’t say anything. just smiled, watching the two lovebirds, taking some pics.

“Awww i’m such a proud mom”

“Aren’t you a proud dad ?” Jaemin’s own boyfriend asked, appearing out of blue.

“No i’m a proud mom. Donghyuck you are doing amazing sweetie”

Mark pulled donghyuck closer and donghyuck felt something pressing on his chest.

“What is that ?” Donghyuck asked when they broke the kiss.

“My surprise for you” mark said and pulled out the cd he was keeping in the pocket of his jacket

“Is that…oh my god mark…”

“Yep signed cd of lee taeyong’s newest album. Deluxe version. He even wrote a few things for you in the card inside the cd. Also there is a video of him saying he loves you and appriciates how much you love him.”

Donghyuck just pulled mark into a hug again and cried more.

“Shouldn’t you be jealous tho ?"donghyuck asked playfuly when they broke the hug, mark was still holding donghyuck’s waist.

"Why would i be when i know you’re mine ?”

“True” donghyuck said and kissed mark again, linking his arms on mark’s neck.

Donghyuck’s one and only wish came true and he had never cried that much in one single day before. He thought he would be okay with just his wish coming true but now he had more wishes. Seeing mark again. Or mark never leaving him. Going to the same university. Graduating together. And marrying in future. He chuckled in the kiss suddenly. Cause oh…how silly wishes. Donghyuck knew there was no way those wishes could come true. But even just imagining was making him happy.


“Hmm ?” Donghyuck asked while playing with mark’s hair and panting softly.

“I have another surprise for you too”

“If that’s a diamond ring you gotta keep for a while babe i’m too young and hot to get married right now” donghyuck joked and laughed and mark did too but then mark pulled a paper out of his back pocket and gave it to donghyuck. Donghyuck’s eyes got wide while reading the paper.

“W-wait t-that says you are accepted to …… university”


“It’s the one that i will study in”


“B-but it’s here. So close to my house”


“B-but how ?”

Mark pulled donghyuck towards the window and pointed at a house pretty near to donghyuck’s house.

“See that house ? That’s my new home…well mine and jaehyun and doyoung hyung’s new house. My parents didn’t let me move here alone” mark said and laughed but donghyuck was quiet.

“Donghyuck baby”

“Pinch me or punch me in the face”

“What ?”

“It’s too good to be true. I’m either dreaming or i died and woke up in heaven”

“Well i mean you are angel so that would fit”

“I’m definetely dreaming you never call me angel. Pinch me”

Donghyuck held mark’s hand up to make him pinch his arm but mark put his arms around donghyuck’s waist, pulled him close and kissed him instead of pinching him.

“I’m definetely dreaming” donghyuck said between kisses and mark said “then let’s hope we will never wake up”

Donghyuck questioned how could all of his wishes came true. But then decided not to think about it a lot. Cause if it really was a dream then he was thinking same with mark. He hoped to never wake up. If it was real then he hoped it will last forever. Cause it was just too good. And his heart had never been happier. Mark was making donghyuck’s heart happy. And it was all that mattered.

“Shit. Fuck. There is no place left in my phone to record more. Jeno! Gimme your phone!”

“Babe should we really record them kissing. I mean isn’t it a bit too extr-”

“Jeno. Your phone.”

Jeno sighed but gave his phone to jaemin anyway “whatever you want babe”

hip hop unit when you’re on your period


  • he probably made plans for the day but you texted him in the morning telling him you can’t make it bc you’re bleeding and you didn’t have the mood :(
  • he would be disappointed but being the sweetheart he is, he would come over to take care of you
  • that includes buying you your favourite snacks
  • you’ll probably be clingy when he’s here but he isn’t complaining
  • he LOVES it when you’re all clingy and pouty so he can take care of you
  • lots of kisses
  • but no cuddles bc you can’t lie in that position you might stain the sheets
  • and as much as you wanted to cuddle mingyu, you won’t have the energy to wash everything
  • binge watch movies
  • romance movies just bc
  • you have to keep leaving in between movies to go to the toilet
  • “babe don’t leave”
  • “i have to change”
  • “no you don’t”
  • “shut up kim mingyu i will bleed on you”
  • you hit his shoulder and then push him away so you can go to the toilet
  • “but i miss u” mingyu will be all pouty and shit
  • “…….we r literally in the same house…… and i’m going to change my pAD ITS DISGUSTING”
  • “it isn’t disgusting bc ure my girlfriend”
  • and then he’ll smirk and ure like…. ???
  • anyways you will push him away and run to the toilet AND LOCK THE DOOR
  • phew it’s so hard to get mingyu away idk if its good or bad
  • and he’ll be outside the toilet calling you asking if you’re done and when you open the door he will try to scare you
  • “BOO” he’ll suddenly jump out
  • when you roll your eyes at him he’ll hug you like a teddy bear and carry you onto the sofa and continue to kiss you
  • “i hope ure always on ur period”
  • “why??”
  • “bc then i get to take care of u and kiss u, and u won’t run away bc u r lazy”
  • you’d be too tired to even reply him and entertain his shit
  • but u still love him 


  • he’s chilling at home and you texted him asking if he can get you pads and come over
  • tbh he would be pretty reluctant and hesitant but too bad he loves u and ure cute
  • “ure lucky I love u so much to be doing this”
  • when he’s at the store he’ll freak out and send u pictures of the pads and ask u which ones u want
  • “babe which”
  • and after u tell him he’ll grab and pay very quickly, trying his best not to be obvious that he’s awkward
  • he’ll get some food along the way
  • after he reached your house he’d rant about how awkward the situation was when he was getting the pads
  • you’ll just laugh bc he’s so cute
  • “what’s so funny??” and you’re like nothing and he starts to tickle u
  • and he’s like “oH shit I forgot SORRY” 
  • he’ll make sure u aren’t in pain
  • y'all will eat lunch while he surfs the net blasting raps
  • and you’ll be taking boyfriend pics of him
  • “babe stop and eat” then he’ll cover ur phone lens
  • “nO VERNON let me take more pictures of u”
  • “but I’m shy”
  • he’ll start rapping his part in fronting and you’re like /heart eyes/
  • lots of selfies with weird faces
  • if you’re having cramps he would stop whatever he was doing and pull u closer to him and let u lay ur head on his shoulder and will ask u if you’re alright
  • if u fall asleep on him he’ll smile and take girlfriend pictures of u ;-)
  • when u wake up he’ll show u those photos and
  • rip chwe hansol


  • we’re looking at a boyfriend material right here
  • he knows exactly what to do when u’re on ur period
  • he already knows which types of pads you use after you told him once
  • he’ll buy so many packs though
  • “you need to store these up in case of emergency”
  • and u’re like “wow u sure know more about this than i do”
  • when you want to drink iced drinks he’ll be like “nO WHAT DO U THINK URE DOING RIGHT NOW”
  • u’re like ???
  • and he will talk about how you shouldn’t drink cold drinks when you’re on your period
  • ………who’s the one bleeding now……… u never know
  • and you’re like “but i rly wanna drink it”
  • and you throw in a few pouts
  • “nope, you’re gonna have cramps later on, YOU’LL REGRET UR DECISION”
  • and before you can continue to argue further he pushes you out of the kitchen and brings you into your room and tells you to rest
  • even though you’re fine
  • “cheol i’m perfectly fine, i’m not in pain”
  • he shushes you and goes to the kitchen to cook lunch for you
  • isn’t he such boyfriend material
  • just marry him already
  • he’ll bring the food into your room and treats you like a princess
  • he might even feed you U NEVER KNOW U WILL NEVER KNOW
  • you’ll catch him staring at you and when you ask why he’ll just say that you’re beautiful and he just needed to have a good look
  • “you feeling ok?” “you need anything?” “i’ll do it” “rest baby” “do u want to cuddle if u want just let me know i’m here”
  • ok i’m ending this here before i spill tears everywhere where do i get a seungcheol


  • i have a feeling he’ll search about periods when he’s alone
  • “why do girls bleed”
  • “why do girls have mood swings when they bleed”
  • “why does cramps hurt”
  • “what to do when your girlfriend is in pain when she bleeds”
  • when he’s over at your house he’ll ask you a lot of questions about it
  • “wonwoo, are u ok? why do u need so much info”
  • “because…… it’s important to know about girls’ needs, and their pain…. and especially now that i have a girlfriend, i just need to know”
  • “but u can’t help much”
  • “how do u know i cant help u have to tell me first”
  • and after you explain everything to him he’ll nod and pout
  • “i’m sorry” he’ll apologise out of nowhere
  • “what for??”
  • “for not understanding what girls go through… and sometimes being angry at you when you have mood swings, i didn’t know things are this hard”
  • “its fine, at least now u know”
  • he’ll ask if you’re hungry and he’ll order anything you want
  • pizza! time
  • after lunch y’all will be doing ur own things aka him sitting beside you on your bed while reading his book while you’re probably decorating your diary, pasting some polaroids that you and wonwoo took together, and snapchatting
  • when he wants to take a break from reading, he will hug you like a koala and make clingy noises
  • “babe i’m sleepy”
  • you’ll pat his head and let him lie on your lap
  • playing with his hair is one of your fav thing to do
  • and you’ll use your fingers to trace his features and he’ll fall asleep
  • aHHH SO CUTE its always so cute when he falls asleep on your lap
  • but it wouldn’t be cute if you need to go to the toilet to change before it overflows and you can’t bc wonwoo is in deep sleep
  • but its still cute

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make a list of Your fav things abt jin/that made u fall for him

the very good thing about being a relatively new stan is that i constantly get to go back and find little things that make me fall in love with jin more and more and more and more. it’s like a honeymoon stage, you’re already in love with them but some things are still… new and become more reasons to love them. but if I had to narrow it down to a few things that made/ make jin slip into my heart it would be the following:

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i'm really sorry idk why i'm sending this but i'm really sad about robb tonight? and idk if u have any favourite HAPPY facts or headcanons about him that u wouldn't mind sharing maybe? bc i feel like all the content for him on here is red wedding related and that's bumming me out lmao!! if not that's ok :))


You never have to apologize for sending me an ask, and especially not a Robb-related one. I love and miss him so much, too. And you’re right, most of the content is always sad and/or Red Wedding-related. And there is more to Robb than just the way he… died. So yes, absolutely :)) 

I’m gonna separate modern AU and canon universe headcanons, because I have some for both!


  • while in Winterfell, Robb always played games with his younger siblings, mostly to entertain them, but also because he loved spending time with them and feeling a bit less like the future Lord and more like just Robb 
  • he is the sibling to always break up fights and make sure that everyone is okay - not only because he’s the eldest, but also because he’s pretty level-headed and good in a crisis (in this case, crisis means food in Sansa’s hair)
  • Robb’s actual name is Robert, but no one ever uses it for him because a) he’s nothing like King Robert b) it’s too formal and he is just a lot more like a “Robb” than a Robert 
  • he loves to go riding in the woods, and while he loves doing so with his siblings and Theon, he sometimes likes to go all on his own, just to enjoy the quiet
  • he is completely unaware of the fact that some of the young women (and Jeyne Poole) working at Winterfell have a bit of a crush on him, like he has no idea
  • he always manages to cheer his siblings up. he cheers Jon up when he’s called a bastard, he listens to Sansa sob about the sad romance tale she just read, he encourages Arya to do the things she likes instead of the things Septa Mordane insists upon her doing, he encourages Bran with his dreams of being a knight, he carries Rickon around Winterfell, entertaining the little one when he’s bored - and he even listens in when Theon (on very rare occasions) talks about the Iron Islands in a more of a longing kind of way instead of the usual boasting
  • he likes going hawking with Ned, because it’s one of the few occasions on which he actually gets to spend alone time with his father, and they always talk for hours about this and that
  • his favorite thing about being King in the North is not the glory, or the fame, or anything else like that. he loves that he can feel like he’s a part of something, like the men around him trust him and respect him. Robb’s always been very big on loyalty and trust, and he feels that among his troops
  • while at the beginning of his march to save Ned, he tried to keep his (gorgeous) curls at bay somehow, after Ned’s death he just gave up on that and let that beautiful hair do what it will
  • even though he knows that great swords like Ice are very valuable and important to a family name, he never craved Ice for himself, because he recognizes that the weapon isn’t any better than the man wielding it 
  • while Robb has his social side, he also has the quiet side to him, and because of that, sometimes all he wants is to get away from the noise and messiness of being around his men, and to just sit by himself for hours 
  • he likes going into the Godswood, not only because he believes in the Old Gods, but also because it’s something he learned from Ned, and after his passing, it’s something that makes him feel closer to his father
  • ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he fantasized about how it would be: how he could teach the child to walk, to ride horses, to be a good man - or a good woman, he really wouldn’t mind either one 
  • and to end this list of headcanons, he never went to the Twins that night and lived happily ever after, just as he deserved.


  • Robb never got the fuss about taking selfies - he enjoys taking pics of other people, scenery, food, Grey Wind etc a lot more
  • some say he got into the best college because of his parents’ connections, but it’s just because he’s a smarticle who worked harder than anyone else
  • he doesn’t mind drinking, he does it with Jon and Theon every now and then, but even when he gets smashed, he sort of maintains this politeness and never does anything he might later regret (if you don’t count accidentally stumbling into the Stark house at night and knocking over one of Cat’s vases)
  • he often goes jogging in the woods behind the Stark mansion with Grey Wind
  • he loves snow, and often convinces Jon to build a snowman with him whenever there’s enough snow for it - and he likes snowball fights even more
  • when he got his first apartment, he was so excited about getting his own set of keys that Arya decides to play a trick on him and hid the keys for two days 
  • even though continuing the family business (in my headcanon, it’s a lawfirm) had always been something that was sort of expected of Robb, he actually, genuinely wants to be a lawyer and to build the Stark company even further
  • he reads a lot, he’s read most classics, but he also really likes scifi and fantasy books
  • he has an insanely contagious laugh, you can’t help but to be in a good mood when you see him happy
  • Robb really likes men’s fashion and is always well-dressed and dapper
  • he is always nervous on a first date, but luckily for him, always comes off as very adorable while being so
  • he’s a lot more shy than you’d assume 
  • he’s not the best at cooking/baking but he’s determined to get better, and often cooks with his parents and/or Sansa and Bran
  • when he, Jon and Theon go to a party, he (or Jon) is usually the designated driver
  • his apartment is usually clean, that is, until Grey Wind decides it’s a little too clean and runs around a bit, knocking down this and that
  • he always accidentally spoils his favorite shows for himself by innocently googling stuff
  • he takes a lot of notes during lectures, and his hands are always messy with the ink afterwards
  • he is just happy, okay, just as he deserves!!

wow, okay, that’s enough for now! :D thank you SO MUCH for asking, coming up with these made my day <33

TURBULENCE in LA summary

just some stuff before I forget:

  • When Papa Tuan and the Tuan family walked in, the whole room cheered (they were in my row but not my section)
  • Papa Tuan and Joey (Mark’s brother) happily took photos with fans in the aisles before the show started and right after it ended
  • During Q&A, when asked their ideal type, Youngjae paused for a long time saying “ohhh…ohhh…ok you” and pointed to a random aghase
  • JB said he cried during La La Land and he sang a bit of the OST during Q&A
  • One of the questions was ‘What was your first impression of the members?’ and Jinyoung said he thought Yugyeom was older than him cus he was so tall
  • Jinyoung also said Mark was a little dark (skin tone) and that when he first met Jaebum seven years ago he was very quiet and that he’s still quiet but not as much
  • Jinyoung also said Youngjae was so cute and that they did a hidden camera on Youngjae and he cried
  • Jinyoung also said BamBam was shorter, signaling chest high, but Jackson said “No, No, No BamBam was here” and signaled to only as high as their knees
  • Yugbam danced to Juju on that beat together and then we all shouted “Eazzyy!“
  • Youngjae DOMINATED the song guessing game, he guessed at least 3 songs (including Rewind and Begging on My Knees) and won the game
  • During the guessing game JB shouted out his name but I guess he said it in a weird way cus then the members started making fun of him saying “JaeBUMM”
  • Jinyoung used this opportunity to call JB “JaeBUMM-ah” several times
  • during the punishment for losing the guessing game (where the losers inhaled helium and performed Hard Carry) Jinyoung made JB sing the LaLa Land OST again
  • Jackson hasn’t won any games through the whole tour and Danny Lim the MC made a point to bring it up
  • JB’s partner’s name was Kat/Cat and she made a claw gesture with her hand so JB would understand
  • BamBam’s partner was 24 so BamBam made a point to call her ‘Noona’ all sensually (she was so lucky!!)
  • Before they were about to play the hackey sack game BamBam asked his partner what her name was again and he named their team HollyBam at first then Bamly
  • Before Holly could play Bam said: “My Queen, go first”
  • Yugyeom accidentally hit his partner in the chest with the hackey sack toy and she (perfectly) dramatically fell to the floor so Yugyeom had to lift her up
  • Youngjae’s partner was that one girl in the main title card/thumbnail of this Buzzfeed/GOT7 video 
  • Jinyoung hit the hackey sack 12 times and it was pretty obvious their team was going to win
  • Jackson was upset at Jinyoung’s score and the fact that he hasn’t won so in the background he grabbed Jinyoung’s hackey sack and threw it at the ground in rebellion
  • Then along came Mark and his partner and their score was enough to defeat Jinyoung’s team
  • Mark hugged and lifted his partner when they realized they were going to win
  • In the background Jinyoung and his partner took Mark’s hackey sack and had turns tossing it to the ground like Jackson had done to theirs earlier
  • Mark presented the prize to his partner (a bag with a poster and probably other goodies) and even threw in their winning red hackey sack in the bag (idk if they do this often but I thought giving the hackey sack was sweet)
  • before Mark’s partner could walk off the stage, BamBam called her out for wearing a jacket that had Jackson’s name on the back (I think he said ‘next time wear a different jacket’) and Jackson came to hug her and walked her off the stage
  • At some point JB took off the top to his outfit and just wore a black hoodie and during two song performances (If You Do and I think Hard Carry) he wore the hood through the first half of the songs and his performance was so extra but he looked like a sith lord
  • During their ending speeches Mark said he’s really grateful for LA fans cus their support means he gets to come to LA and see his family (he teared up when he mentioned his family)
  • he also said they hope they can return to LA this year for K-Con or something else
  • Youngjae said he thinks of LA as his second home
  • Youngjae pointed to the balcony section and said Elliot Yamin and Sanjoy were there and that he sang and passed JYP auditions with one of his songs and then sang a bit of it, “Wait For You” (a lot of you might recognize the song once you hear it)
  • somebody gave BamBam a WOLO shirt
  • At the end of the fanmeet while the boys were taking selfies with fans’ phones, Bambam was taking a selfie video and then Yugyeom came along and put his arm around him and they recorded themselves singing the closing song together YUGBAM
  • I remember a Jinson moment at some point but I don’t remember what..

    Wow I’m really surprised I remembered all this.

so me and kcvnsky were talking abt dream pack blue and i kind of got carried away w blue and proko being bffs ((half of these are his and for the rest u can still blame him bc he didnt stop me)) also this got rly long just letting u know in advance (also also this would not be possible w out kiohne‘s headcanons starting this all)

  • ok so proko and blue drawing w markers on kavinsky’s face when he falls asleep
  • they try to make jiang a cake for his birthday and its a total fail and they almost burn the house down
  • proko and blue making hearts w their hands around swan and skov
  • more on this: they would def make fun of the two of them constantly when they act all domestic and shit
  • if they see any kind of affection between the two of them blue and proko would exaggerate it and make rly obnoxious kissy noises or if swan and skov hold hands, blue and proko would hold hands and skip and swing their arms around them oh man
  • OK SO one night they are listening to weird music in the car and they do this little head bop and they are blasting the music rly loud and they just sit there for hours dancing in the car and swan is yelling at them but they cant hear him
  • when they come inside swan is like “blue the sad part is ur completely sober i can understand if u were drunk like proko over here but ur NOT” and they continue to bop their head as they walk through the house
  • plAtoNIC kIssiNG ((but lbr they have all made out w each other at least once))
  • man oh man do i love this idea 
  • do u want to hear a little story i think u do ok SO 
  • blue notices proko’s lingering stares towards k and tentively asks him abt it one day and at first hes like “no wtf” but then he opens up to her and shes the first person hes talked to abt this and he also listens to her whenever she needs to rant or just talk 
  • so anyway back to my story: proko staring at k one afternoon while he’s on his phone and he gets a text and immediately gets up to leave and proko curling his fist and staring at the floor and clenching his jaw bc he knows who k is texting and is gonna go meet and blue notices and goes over and tries to distract him and he appreciate the effort but nothing will ease the ache in his heart and the pit in his stomach so she pulls him away and they drive up in the mountains and they’re sitting on the hood of the car and proko has a bottle of vodka in his hand and he goes from anger to sadness to desperation back to anger and then finally to acceptance that k will never love him back he will never be someone’s first choice and blue says “hey u will always be my first choice” and he looks down at her and kissed her temple and says “I know little one” and she looks up and full on kisses him on the mouth and she doesn’t mind that she’s not the person on his mind bc that’s not what this is anyway
  • and blue drives proko back to the house bc hes took drunk to even walk straight and bc of that reason she has to help him in the house and blue puts him in his bed and he mumbles from under the covers “pls don’t leave” so blue ends up putting on a pair of prokos sweatpants and one of his t shirts and crawls into bed w him and puts her arm around his waist and they fall asleep like that and in the morning proko is like “I know I got sad abt k and don’t take this the wrong way but ur not rly my type and if we did anything or if u got the wrong idea-” and blue smacks him w a pillow and says “nothing happened dumbass u didn’t want to sleep alone. besides u would be lucky to get a piece of this ass” and proko laughs and he feels a little better and they go downstairs and blue eats yogurt while sitting on the counter and proko is trying, key word trying, to make pancakes and I’m gonna stop right there
  • ALSO ok so whenever the six of them are hangin out/theres a party, for a lot of that time they are always together like its always either proko draped over blue in the chair or blue lounging in prokos lap and theyre ALWAYS absent-mindedly touching like proko running his fingers through her hair or blue tapping her foot against prokos legs and theres nothing romantic they’re just best buds kill me now pls
  • THEY BET ON EVERYTHING! THEY BET ON EVERY SINGLE THING and its not even w money its like “i’ll bet u ur left shoe that i can make k mad before u do” and thats why proko had to walk around w only one shoe all day bc blue can get under k’s skin like no other
  • one day blue comes over and is exhausted helping her mom so she goes up to prokos room and she has her head in his lap and shes talking to proko abt how maybe she doesnt want to be used all the time what if she didnt want to help amplify her moms psychic abilities has anyone ever considered that and proko is stroking her hair and she falls asleep so proko carries her to his car bc as much as he hates to admit it, she cant constantly be over their house so he takes her home and he doesnt wake her up he just carries her inside ((these boys have come and go throughout that house they ladies that live there arent even fazed)) and he goes upstairs and lays her on her bed and tucks her in and everything and he gives her a cute lil forhead kiss goodnight 
  • prokopenko and blue holding hands platonically everywhere and taking 3000 selfies and they’re the kind that take pics of everything and everyone and blue is the one that prints them and puts them on the fridge they don’t use for anything else than milk and ice cream 
  • one whole wall of prokos room is full of the pictures him and blue took. there’s some of them together and separately (blues favorite on the wall is one of proko laughing w his eyes squeezed shut and his head thrown back) (prokos fav is of blue flipping off swan and jiang who are in the background) and there’s a bunch of the pack all together and of each of their cars and blue and proko make it a point to take a picture of each party they have and there’s some of jiang and declan together and some of k and ronan ((but most of the pictures involving ronan have him flipping off the camera or scowling at them)) and there’s some of swan and skov being all gross and domestic and there’s even some of dick gansey and his crew ((quite a few of that one adam guy bc hot damn)) theres some of the sunset from their favorite spot in the mountains
  • when proko is gone blue can’t step inside his room bc she cant bear to look at their wall of memories together

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- he was the one who suggested the idea of matching!
- you two have like 30 ideas and can’t decide
- you finally decide on being a puppy and a kitty (zens going to hate u)
- you jump up behind him with a bloody scream mask and he yelps, loudly
- there are children staring at him and he’s bright red
- sees you holding a skeleton hanging decoration and decides to joke with you
- with fake tears- “mc tell me the truth… have you been cheating on me with him?”
- you glance down and look at him, keeping the joke going
- he’s been boning me for a while now… i thought you knew oppa
- you both burst out laughing
- he never expects dirty jokes from you but when you make them he thinks they’re gold
- also, you guys STOCK UP on candy
- at least four bags because you are not fuckin around, though at least one of those are going to be eaten as soon as you get home
- you two decide to do each other’s makeup and it’s a mess
- he can’t stop laughing when you’re trying to paint on the little puppy nose because it tickles
- when you mess up you just lick your thumb and wipe it off like a mom
- he’s very surprisingly GREAT at eyeliner
- but… awful at everything else, makeup wise
- doesn’t know how to use these tools (literally uses a beauty blender to apply your eyeshadow)
- when you two show up to the rfa’s Halloween party you are slaying the game
- throughout the night you two make cat-and-dog themed puns
- he also licks your face a lot when you’re not expecting it
- yoosung you stop that right MEOW
- “mc today’s been RUFF let me give you my love!!~”
- zen is watching from the corner with death in his eyes

- really wants to do some type of pop culture costumes
- matching Disney prince and princess??? YES
- you decide to be rapunzel and he’s Eugene
- as an actor, he REALLY gets into his character so for the next weeks he’s just going to Be Him
- it’s the night before and you decide to try on your dress
- you two end up dancing in the kitchen and your dress does that spinny pretty skirt thing and you love it?
- then you two are cuddling and drinking together while watching old Halloween movies and OH NO
- he spills wine all over your dress
- tries everything to get it out, but he can’t and now there’s a bright red stain on your pretty princess dress
- you promise him it’s fine and he apologizes a million times
- instead of moping though you two have an even better idea
- so, he goes out and buys a bunch of fake blood for you two
- the next day you two go outside with it all and have a fake blood fight
- he’s squirting it all over you and you can’t stop laughing trying to spray him back
- by the end you two are COVERED in blood stains
- well now seems like a good time for pumpkin carving right
- he carves his pumpkin to look like his face
- and you two cook the pumpkin seeds to bring them to the party later
- finally the party’s one hour away and you’re adding the finishing touches
- adding fake scars and bruises on each other
- you guys are now ZOMBIE rapunzel and eugene
- everyone likes your costumes, and think it’s very creative and unique
- great things really do come from mistakes !!
- near the end of the night you can bet he’s going to be playing seven minutes in heaven with you
- leaves a LOT of love bites and hickeys, but they go well with your costume
- also, he gets wasted on spooky cocktails


- she wasn’t really planning on dressing up but you manage to convince her
- she wants to be simple so you two made little milk-and-cookie themed dresses
- the day before you two go to a pumpkin patch and have lots of fun together just choosing the prettiest ones and talking about life
- you two set up the party yourselves
- decorating the whole house and all that jazz
- diy everything
- got a lot of decoration ideas from Pinterest
- going shopping with her is so nice because she knows exactly what she needs
- buys a lot of candy to hand out to trick or treaters
- she also picks the best movies for y'all to watch
- lots of snuggling and kissing and you take so many selfies w her
- late at night you two watch the stars together and decide to watch at least one scary movie
- it was too scary for both of you now and neither of you want to get up to go pee
- it’s ok you two will just protect each other from scary ghosts all night


- you’re red riding hood and he’s the big bad wolf
- he doesn’t wanna go overboard so he’s just wearing wolf ears and draws a little circle for his nose
- zen thinks this is VERY FITTING (all men are wolves)
- he has a lot of pumpkin candles around the house but that’s as far as he goes decoration-wise
- doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth so he just buys you a bunch of candy
- loootttssss of wine
- he lowkey wants to scare you so he just stands directly behind you while you’re texting
- when you notice him you SCREAM and ask wtf he was doing and he just smiles
- what a CREEP am I right dudes
- you two don’t stay long at the party because he doesn’t want you to be around too many drunk guys
- so he takes you out and you two have a romantic night at home
- he never really cared much for this holiday but with you it was wonderful
- anyways at the end of the night y'all are going straight to the bedroom
- for more spooky fun :)


- you two are definitely going trick or treating before the party
- he wants to go as one of those gross innuendo costumes
- so now you’re an outlet and he’s a plug
- he’s definitely the type to go TP someone’s house (zen……watch out)
- endless pranks
- when you wake up on Halloween morning he rubs your back and you turn around
- he’s wearing a really scary mask and u scream and accidentally kick him off the bed
- he tries to steal ur candy but you don’t let him
- at the party he just fucks around with everyone and tells a lot of jokes
- he holds you close to his side all night though
- at the end of the day it’s 3 AM and you two are watching awful scary movies and trading candy
- also he’s going to get really tipsy and try to have sex with you but then he falls asleep halfway through
- and of course, you draw on his face wth sharpie when he’s asleep


 •aight so to start it off, yall met in the third year of high school

•  for the sake of this au, you’re just v quiet ok you just wanna go to the library, grab a book, read abt the history of Aristotle or smth

•  but you pass by seungcheol on the journey there, and knowing how much of a flirty sHit this boy is, he’s gonna try to start up a conversation 

•  you dont really like him bc of how loud he is and bc of how much he flirts w other girls 

•  he’s not necessarily a playboy ?? to be a flirty shit is not even his intention, this poor boy just wants some friends yo he’s misunderstood 

• ok so aforementioned, you’re not as fond of him but when he starts talking to you, you thought ‘hes actually pre hot lmao df' 

•  and when seungcheol is speaking, he notices that you’re giving him v dRy replies, bc honestly, yeah he’s hot but you don’t even wanna be here

•  you just wanna go to the library

• so he just figured like wow ok i guess they dont rlly like me then and he just didn’t try to talk to you from then on bc he’s pretty passive 

• but at one point, the teacher paired the both of you up for a project 

• it required to do some work at home w your partner but there was no way in hell that your dad was letting a boy into his house or vice versa

• so yall do the project after school a lot but aside from setting days to work on the thing, both of you don’t really talk 

•  but he decides to ask you one day after school while you were in the library and reading 

• this boy secretly likes to read too but error! you’re not at the level of friendship to unlock this type of conversation 

•  but it’s gonna go from 0-100 real quick bc he comes w the intent to ask you abt you not liking him but next thing you know ,,,

•  "hey, i just wanted to ask why you don’t really li- hOLY SHIT IS THAT A SIGNED COPY OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY"

• so from then on, you guys started talking a lot abt books that range from teen romance novels to like jAne austen or smth and that was what made yall best friends 

• since you hang out a lot, people at school constantly mistake you two for dating and you don’t rlly care but seungcheol just plays along sometimes like 'yea we look good together right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’

•  everYON e thinks you’re dating, even your parents and you constantly have to remind them that no, seungcheol is my best friend :))) 

•  but everytime you had to clarify this misunderstanding and state that yall are bffs for life!!!1! seungcheol’s soul just leaves his mortal body bc he’s in lOve w you and you lOWKEY RECIPROCATE THE FEELING but yall can’t tell each other this without the risk of ruining your friendship 

•  but at one point seungcheol was like lmao yOLO

•  so both of you met up at your usual hangout on your friendversary and likewise, got gifts for each other 

•  you prolly got him a book or smth idk you decide 


• he’s gonna be like close your eyes and you’re like bitch u probably gonna do smth shady and he’s like nono i swear dw i got you and if you still refuse, he’s probably going to throw his scarf at your face or smth bc he desperately doEs nOT want you to see this gift yET

• so you open your eyes and see this beautifully wrapped gift w a little bow on the top and tied up w ribbon and you’re like “wowoww !!1! It’s so nice !!! seungcheol, you really outdid yourse-”

•  "jeonghan did it.“ 

•  but back to the point, ok so you open the box and it’s your favourite book and you look up at him like lmao i already have this and he still looks proud as hELL and says smth like turn the first page so you do and it’s a siGNED COPY FROM YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHOR !!1! WOW HOW DID HE GET HIS HANDS ON THIS 

• and on the bottom, it’s a note from him written in pencil just in case you wanted to erase it, "now that i got you this, you can’t say no if i ask you to date me right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" 

•  it’s a greasy message and based off what he wrote, it sounds overconfident but trust me, this child is internally bashing his head against a dishwasher wishing he had worded it differently to make it sound more appealing  

•  but then you close the book, lean back, and seungcheol is literally like ohymfukcn ign god im gonna get busted and he’s eyeiNG YOU LIKE CRAzy

• but then you just kinda smile and say "yeah, id like that” and he literally bursts out into a fit of smiles but is all like “really?? you’re sure ??”

• "yeah"

• "you know i talk a lot"

• "i know"

• "and i can be really annoying"

• "i know"

• "i eat from your plate too" 

• "yes, i know"

• "and,, and …. and —“

• "christ seungcheol do you want to date or not" 

• he just can’t get over the fact that the person he’s been crushing on for like months is now !! finally !!! in a relationship with him !!!!!!

•  hes honestly so happy so he just grabs your hand and brings it to his forehead like "thank you." 

•  it doesn’t really take long for the both of you to initiate skinship

• back when yall were just best friends he would already start holding your hand and giving you hugs bc he’s so frICKin affectionate and that’s one of the factors that made you fall for him in the first place 

• he’s v touchy feely and seems to be the type of person who’s into spooning or forehead kisses

• overall, both of you are pretty comfortable with showing each other affection but wanna guess at which base the both of you are stuck at :))))))

• yes, the fIRST KISS AWH

• he prefers to handle this relationship without guidance bc he wants to make it feel as though the only times the both of you were dependant were on each other 

• but if the time calls for it, he will ask jeonghan

• he lays awake at night just thinking about how he should plan out the first kiss and smiles when he thinks up of this little fluffy scenario and at one point, he was brainstorming and decided,


• youve been lowkey giving him the signs for like two weeks but i guess he just wants this to go perfectly so he didn’t really acknowledge them and took his sweet time 

• but it was during winter and he took you out for a little evening walk on the beach or smth and it was v pretty bc the light posts were all cute and decorated w christmasy things and the boardwalk was outlined in white lights as well 

• but fuck, it was -15 degrees and you thought it would be a cute idea to just leave your house in this fashionable fall jacket you got at banana republic

• likewise, seungcheol offers you his scarf and he’s just praising himself bc so far so good, operation first kiss is going smoothly 

• he honestly planned to go in right at that moment but then you’re like aHH LETS TAKE A SELFIE :DDDDDD AND HIS WHOLE PERFECT SCENARIO COMES CRASHING DOWN

• but then you’re holding the phone and you’re smiling this great big smile that seungcheol absolutely adores so he’s boutta turn and tell you you’re so cute bUt

• you turned as well to tell him that his hat was crooked but then your lips just kinda brush against each other’s and you accidentally take the picture and you’re like ohymgod 

• he just stares at you and just praises god bc this plan honestly carried itself out wAY better than he imagined 

• that accidental selfie you took though was so cute bc not only did you manage to capture the moment of your first kiss, but like, the lighting was good ?? your side profiles looked nice ??? and seungcheol’s cheeks were so rosy from the cold and you were engulfed in like 90% scarf and ouch ok god it’s so cute i-

• he admires it everyday and he forced you to send it to him to make it his lockscreen :)))

• he’s p chill and he trusts you so he doesn’t get easily jealous  but when he does,,,, good lord, the poor soul he’s salty at better go running for his life
• sometimes he gets unnecessarily jealous when you wanna go have a girls night out w your friends or smth

• seungcheol knows dAMN well he shouldn’t be feeling this way bc yenno, they’re your friends and his way is the only way you’ll swing but I guess he’s just lonely ??? 

• when guys are hitting on you, superman coups is gonna come flyin to your rescue, slinging an arm over your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple
• he’s also gonna smile at the dude, v nicely — so nicely they feel threatened ok it’s one of those kinds of smiles 

• "aye bud, what do you need from my GIRLFRIEND :)))” hes gonna emphasize 'girlfriend’ v hard 

• for your v first anniversary, you expected him to take you somewhere sentimental like your special hangout place and bring a bouquet of flowers bc you know he’s a person full of meaning and passion idk how to describe it

• well you’re in for a surprise bc he went ALL OUT

• this hoe’s gonna take you out to some fancy restaurant and pull all the stops  by ending it off w some snazzy stargazing on the rooftops of your highschool 

• he even checked the weather forecast making sure it was gonna be a nice bright night w no rain 

• yall just kinda stay there until evening talking about your future and what yall plan to pursue in life when you both graduate and he makes like this pinky promise with you that you’re both gonna try your best in your potential careers and try to make the relationship the both of you have work as best as you could 

•  additionally, he got couple rings as a gift bc he doesn’t plan on letting you go anytime soon ok bye im dead cya  

Manhattan Madness

Originally posted by breathlessley

  A/N: Soooo I’m back! And this is a new little mini series that I’m posting for my friend Megan. It’s more for her, but if you guys like it too, lmk and that would be great! Hope you like it :)

I walked out of the black van and as soon as the heels of my designer shoes hit the New York pavement the stream of flashes start in front of me. My bodyguards push them away as much as they can and I keep my head down with my sunglasses protecting my eyes from the harsh white lights. I know my boyfriend has now gotten out of the van as well because I can hear the paparazzi shouting his name now instead of mine. I quickly sign and take a few pictures with fans, they thank me, and then I’m safely inside my apartment building. The place I call home ever since 2 years ago when I moved here with Dylan, The Kimberley. I look back to see Dylan still taking selfies with a few fans, he was always so nice to all of his friends. After his accident, he learned to sort out his real fans from the fake ones, and they learned that he isn’t going to talk to them if they are going to be invasive towards his life. We had just gotten back from the wrap party for the final season of Teen Wolf, and it was around 11 PM. He made his way inside the hotel and we walked into the elevator together with his arm around me I squeezed him close into a quick side hug and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He was quiet that night after the party, he was really upset the past few days, he realized that a big chapter of his life had just ended. Just as we were going up the elevator quietly, I got a text from Megan. I just remembered that she had a date tonight with a new guy that she had high hopes about. Her text said,

“OMG, so done with boys rn, all they do is want to do is hook up anymore! Like seriously? On the first date? Unbelievable!”

Guessing by her text, I assumed her date did not go well. I texted her back,

“Ugh, sorry Megan :(, thought you had a good feeling about this one?”

She responded,

“Idk anymore dude, can you come up to my room tn so we can eat ice cream?”

I was still in the elevator, I looked over at Dylan who looked really sad, I couldn’t leave him like this he was an emotional wreck, but I also couldn’t leave Megan alone after her awful date. I then got an idea,

“Look, I can’t leave Dyl tonight, he’s a mess, can you maybe come down to my room tonight so we can all watch a movie together? Room service on meeee :)”
“You know if you give me food, I’ll be there. See ya in 15”

I was happy Megan understood that Dylan was upset too. We got in our apartment and we both got changed into pajamas. I looked over at Dylan and saw that he put on “the sweatpants”, he got them they day we met. A couple years back I was doing a cover shoot for Teen Vogue, and I was requested for wardrobe since I was a celebrity personal stylist. I found out I was dressing Dylan O’Brien, I was completely shocked. I had always been a secret Teen Wolf fan, I freaked out which was unusual for me and struggled to find a rack of selection clothes for the shoot. I was so stressed out I bought a $700 pair of Givenchy sweatpants, don’t ask me how I found them. When he came in to meet me and see the clothing selection he thought it was the funniest thing in the world that I would buy such high-end sweatpants, I told him he didn’t understand because he obviously didn’t have a sense of fashion. We clicked from there and I secretly let him keep the sweatpants from the shoot, and here we are 3 years later. We settled on the couch and talked a bit before Megan came over,

“Megan’s date was shit tonight, she’s gonna come over in a few, ok? Nice sweatpants by the way…”

“Thanks” he laughed pulling me close, “Yeah that’s fine, I need just a night to be around you and Megan you guys always know how to cheer me up. I just can’t believe how these years have flown by I feel like it was yesterday Tyler and I were in that audition room still 19 years old”

“I know babe, it’s so sad to see it all end, but hey, you have so many new projects coming up!”

“It just won’t be the same, and I feel bad for leaving Tyler in LA right now because of his bad break up with Bella. She was such a bitch to him, he deserves so much better than her.”
“He really does…”

Just then Megan rang the doorbell, it made a lightbulb go off in my head. I got up to the door and let her in hugging her. We all sat in our lounge area and turned on The Proposal while we decided what we would order from room service. When all of our ice cream came, we were so happy, the hotel made homemade ice cream every day in the kitchen. Megan and Dylan fell asleep I texted Tyler,

“I think I have the perfect new girlfriend for you”

Hope you guys liked it!

VIXX @ Toronto KPOP Con 2016 (Fanaccount)

Alright by demand I’m gonna write this sucker out for u guys.

So firstly I was in the front row for this concert and we were way more LITERALLY right against the stage than I thought we would be.  There were only 8 seats in the front row and we took up 3 of them.  I went with my friends @hyukking and @kenperess who are Hyuk and Ken stans, respectively.

This fancam I took gives a good scope of my proximity to the stage:

PLEASE NOTE that we really REALLY were not allowed to film and ppl around me literally got their phones confiscated so i apologize for not filming more…

Alright I’m gonna split this into a few sections which are: talk section things, our interactions with them, and new impressions of the members.

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