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I hate my face and I hate Jaehwan and his face so I decided to choose him even though he’s not my bias (or fave, seriously I hate him). also I’m not worthy of being next to a picture of Jonghyun tbh

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after watching jacks video with dr. schneeplestein, it got me thinking…

wouldn’t doctors be the best murders out there?

1. They’ve got years of experience and schooling with medicine, the human body, surgeries, and etc. This allows them to know what to do when trying to save a patient from a certain injury or problem in one of their systems. However; what if doctors took that to their advantage? This also allows them to know the quickest ways of trying to make you die. They probably know the exact amount of times they need to dose you with anesthetic before you go into a coma that you’ll probably never recover from…

2. Since they’re also trained to help people, their image can also be useful into manipulating the patient. They can make believe you’re going to get better, and then, the next day, you’re dead on your hospital bed and the person watching over you is wondering how you died so quick.

“It couldn’t have been the doctor, they prescribed the right medicine and everything!”

Little do they know…

3. The cops wouldn’t suspect them as easily. Again, the image and reputation of the doctor also comes into play.

They are not here to kill people, they are here to save people.

Although the police might have to investigate them, i suppose the police won’t be to harsh unless they had a reason to. The doctor could easily say they “prescribed the right medicine”, they “tried the best that they could”, they wanted the patient to survive by using these tactics, and try to bring in their knowledge on how the patient would’ve survived, and how they tried to save them, but couldn’t.

however; this is just a thought. i normally think doctors want the best for people, but just a thought…

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hey!! If you don't mind answering, could you please tell me where you got the name Claraha from for you bellarke reincarnation!AU? It's such a gorgeous name and I tried finding like a real historical person with that name, but I couldn't.

akldshfaslkd thank you but i made that one up

I always feel so lazy for only working 25h a week. Like, that’s only 3 long shifts, that’s not a whole lot. But whenever I work more I am reminded that apparently I am not capable to doing more, I worked one more shift last week and it absolutely fucked me up? So I’m glad I’m getting an inofficial break by pretending to be sick to see Radiohead in Poland lmao but also I should proooobably try to get some sort of diagnosis on what exactly is wrong with my body, because not only am I judging myself but I feel like other people are judging me too. I just don’t know where to start, every time so far I went to a doctor and explained how I feel that there’s something wrong and I don’t have as much energy as other people and stuff they always ran blood test, found nothing, and we’re like “we don’t know either but maybe do more sports” and like….that doesn’t work for me. And maybe it’s just the depression and ptsd eating my energy but idk it feels like there’s something else.


Looks can be deceiving…

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modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet

Ok but imagine a soulmate AU where the other persons name is written on your arm so Shiros upset ‘cause he lost his arm before the mark showed up and therefore thinks he’ll never find anyone but then one day when he’s looking at his new prosthetic he notices the logo of the engineer that designed it

“H. O. L. T.”