idk it was hard to pick only 8

˗ˏˋ t o p  1 0  b i a s e s ˊˎ˗

i was tagged by @bamethyst ✨💓 (thank you for the tag!)
((i only got into the kpop world last october so it’s been about a year so my biases are mostly from mainstream groups))

1. yugyeom // got7
2. jimin // bts
3. jiwoo // kard
4. lisa // blackpink
5. rena, roa, siyeon, kyla and yuha // pristin (it’s hard to pick one bias)
6. yan an and edawn // pentagon
7. sanha // astro
8. young k // day6
9. sunmi
10. yeri // red velvet

i tag: @yu-gyeomiebabo, @astonishowell, @different-or-weird, @kpop-lester, @banktan@sprxngday, @starprnce and @agustboy ;;; idk why i feel awkward to be tagging so many people i dont rly talk much to ..