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Anyways as soon as I saw that I knew ppl were gonna make a big deal out of it. "Harry didn't jump" just imagine with me harry jumping and tell me if it's realistic especially in that suit he was wearing. The fact that he dropped everything he had going to go to the performance is a big deal itself.

yeah tbh same. idk they truly wanted him to split those suit pants right in the crotch for this jump. it doesn’t “prove” anything, it’s not that deep. he was there without hesitation. anyway im glad the boys all flew in!!!

seventeen did this on purpose they knew we were hyped for another bindaettok gentleman kind of feel and hoshi was like “u know what…..we should not do that. find the ugliest suits we can. trust me guys it’ll kill our fans if we look too good and if they’re dead they can’t support us ” and the rest of seventeen was like “shit ur right ok”

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I'm kind of assuming that you've heard about this already, or it came up in your research, but UCF has made recently color-changing displays thin & flexible enough to be implemented as clothing.. so, yeah, I think most of the stuff in the book is pretty damn plausible, considering much of the tech is stuff that's being researched right now. especially color changing suits. (idk if links work in asks, or else I would add a link, sorry!)

Thanks for the news! I hadn’t heard, but similar concepts were in the making when the book was written. There are several technologies that were fiction when I wrote it that have already started to happen :)

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