idk it seemed nice in my head

since fred and george interacted with the marauders map i feel like they would kind of know the personality of moony, padfoot, wormtail, and prongs just because they had to do some poking and prodding to get into the map. so during order of the phoenix while they were around sirius and remus what if they started to overhear them joking around like two of the marauders and they start making connections. then one day, they hear sirius call remus ‘moony’ and loose it. they would run into the room and ask if the two were actually the ones who the twins idolized for all those years, and they start a conversation about all of the memories both duos had with the map.

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can you say something nice about mutuals you've interacted with who you think are closest to you? can be as many as you wish, it's time to spread positivity xx

okie so first i’ll tag 4 mutuals who i’m lov and their blogs are amazing,, i’m going to try to keep the messages short but know that ily guys!!

@ehitsali uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did u kno,,,,,,,,, i lov you and you’re really smart even though you don’t seem to acknowledge that but you are!!! and i hope your teachers chill tf out and stop giving you so much homework

@wlwjieun you’re like so nice and kind i’m just laksl and ilysm and thank you for everything and i hope you get all of the things you want in the future!!

@pjimints you’re really calm whilst also being savage at the same time idk how you do it ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

@wlwminyoongi you’re so cool and you always seem happy and you’re really nice to talk to!!! also your dog is so cute alkslkal

and these are also mutuals that i lov (i’m tagging off the top of my head but i lov all my mutuals!!)

@ahoneyyboy @jkslesbian @je0n @bfkook @btslesbian @maindancerjin @2miel @waejin @wingscouldfly @sleepydaegu @chimsbf @kimceokjin @vantegf @vanillalattaes @virjin @wingscouldfly @yoongikyu @yoongihoneys @yoonshabnami @iluksoo @pkjchim @snmi @hoseok @liebenswertae @lollyhaze @namgl @maprichos @jinsasleep

Breakfast in bed

Genre: Angst (is it tho? idk it’s more sad at first but idk how to describe it) / Fluff!

Request: can i have a scenario where you’re stressed out/sad and mark tries to cheer you up (as your boyfriend)? hehe take your time to do this and have a nice day/night ahead!!

A/N: This is my first request aaaah thank you so so much I really hope you like it!! I was so happy to see your ask lmao I got so excited I started writing straight away 😅 

Word count: 1,591

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My VLD S3 Review!!!

Warning!! This thing is full of spoilers!! This thing is pretty long, but it’s basically all my thoughts on this season!! (With a nod to all the klance scenes i thought were awesome) (Let me know if i need to add a keep reading break)

1. Changing of the guard

  • lotor’s female generals are SUCH AN AMAZING ADDITION. Not only do they give character to the enemy side, but also add to lotor’s allure and kind of sexy vibe, and also adds SO MUCH REPRESENTATION. I think a big issue was the gender proportion in the show, and honestly they fixed that beautifully, with pidge, and these fucking awesome female warriors (not to mention how cool each one is and how different their combat styles are)
  • HEY MAN????? How everyone just looked at lance and lance just stepped up to keith to comfort him and oh my god there’s so much more klance in this season that’s just scratching the surface… and it’s not like, flirting or romance, they seriously are starting to really enjoy each other and just be good… friends???? 
  • Also on that note keith’s anger is just so heartwrenching, it really shows so much of his personality and devotion to people who care for him, especially shiro

2. Red paladin

  • oh my god my heart hurt so much in this one
  • so much langst–and also so much character development for lance, first he’s all upset that the black lion didnt choose him. Lance is a guy that really wants a big break, to do something great and prove his worth, but maybe the strongest, and most heroic thing for him to do is just keep on being him, understand the strengths he has, and continue to support those around him with unrestrained fervor. When the black lion chooses keith, and keith refuses (my heart, again), LANCE steps up once again to comfort him and told him “i respect the black lions decision, and you should too.” Honestly, best fucking line in the whole season.
  • And then when he doubts himself, and allura tells him that the red lion chose him because he put behind his own glory to support his friend and honestly THAT was such a nod to lance’s development that i just feel so much pride for my boy
  • Also, look :DDDD

3. The hunted

  • It was so cool seeing more of allura’s personality show, how she really doesn’t like it when things aren’t in control, and can be demanding and scary when frustrated, honestly, that’s so type A
  • Lotor’s tactics are SO Different! It less brawn, and more brain, and it’s really interesting to see how voltron handles it (not well, but they are adjusting). The complete dynamic of the battles make the show seem much more mature, which i will add more to later

4. Hole in the sky

  • this was a complete fever dream
  • sven? brave slav? shiro with an accent? creepy brain washing alteans? wt f
  • A+ on continuity with the alternate reality thing, i thought slav was just blabbering bullshit that would be forgotten, also A++ on keeping up with continuity but making everything still SO DIFFERENT

5. The journey

  • there’s so much explaining to do in later seasons… i think the galra released him on purpose, and something is off…
  • also, long hair, stubble shiro? H O T
  • The fps pov was put into a lot of use here, it was used a lot this season in general, gave it a rlly cool badass vibe
  • We missed out on how shiro escaped the first time, but i’m so glad we saw this escape because it really showcases shiro’s strength and wit and complete mad max vibes. those guns didn’t come from nowhere lol
  • Not to mention how DARK it was, definitely see how the rating has gone up, shiro almost died in space, the oxygen supply was running out, he was keeping a pilot log, it was like in those angsty fanfictions
  • something seems… off with shiro still? idk he mentioned a head ache and i couldn’t just write that line off so easily, i think the galra did some tests. Something might be up with his head. Also KURON??? Like… KURO????? the fuck

6. Tailing a comet

  • shiro is.. different in my opinion, like something about the voice josh keaton uses?? idk just so weird, also the haircut, its nice, just.. different..
  • the team has a weird, off balance vibe, shiro doesn’t seem to fit in anymore? like in general, i thought there would be hugging and fluffy stuff like that???? but no????
  • seriously every single klance fanfiction i read come to my mind and just exploded all at once its like a fever dream pt 2 i wouldnt have questioned it if they just started necking on the bed honestly it was that weird
  • And then cue the langst… poor dude doesn’t think he’s worth being a paladin
  • And then keith comforts him this time!! “Leave the math to pidge” keiths cute little smile goddamn

7. The legend begins

  • u can tell so much thought has been put into the back story, it makes the show so much more precious
  • and i love the explanation so much!!! all the character and endearing ness in all of the former paladins just warmed my heart
  • young zarkon and young alfor…. they both seemed like people worth loving yknow
  • i like the explanation… that the evil wasn’t entirely from themselves, the evil just feasted on the weaknesses of haggar and zarkon. It gives so much more emotion, understanding and remorse to the enemy side
  • also THE ORIGINAL BLUE PALADIN is the same alien as rolo!!! idk i just thought that was really cool. i wonder if we’re gonna see rolo and nyma again

So, like, all in all, i can definitely see why the producers upped the rating? This season was a lot darker, and a lot more complex concerning character, battle strategy, and overall plot. Definitely would be less of an enjoying watch if I was like 8 yrs old or something. The humor was always very endearing and fun, but sometimes because the scene was so dark and stressful its inclusion seemed a little off. Also shiro in general seemed a little off, with first being exposed to shiro as sven in the alternate reality episode, i couldnt really look at shiro without assuming the worst. I get he’s been through a lot, but his dynamic with the team is lost. What would help would be more inclusion of some more endearing bits of his personality from in previous seasons, but i know that comes with time.

Also!! Really really cool science stuff? Like, idk how much is accurate, but they are really getting creative doing research to help make the show more interesting, from alternate realities, to using planet’s qualities during battle. This is something they’ve done ever since season 1, and definitely they are not running out of ideas soon!!!

And yes, concerning klance, i love how they’re so close and comfortable with each other now, and just Good Ass Friends. There were multiple times where lance was the one warning keith of when his hot headedness was getting to the best of him, and honestly, they’re getting closer and closer to becoming such a power duo. 

I can tell that so much thought and love has been poured into this show. From creating such a complex history, to looking into new ways to spice up battles, to cool scenes with weird science and amazing landscapes/views, ALSO unique characters that are all so endearing in their own right (literally can’t find one lame character), and the large, overarching plan lotor has that team voltron grapples with at the end of the season….  like god DAMN, i’m so happy and proud for them to be able to share this to people and have fans enjoy it and eat it up like i am?? To be able to make something like this as a living sounds like such a blessing

and thats all folks ahaha so sorry for the long rant but i had to get it out

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Hi can I get a Drabble please? I was listening to Sia's Titanium and I thought it would be hilarious if the lyric "you shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am titanium" was changed and 'titanium' was 'cybertronian'. I thought of a human friend singing this to Prime in his cab to cheer him up and actually getting him to smile or something. Idk it seemed hilarious in my head! Lol

This was for Bayverse! I think about this a lot, actually…

You sat in Optimus’ cab, staring out the window, as he zipped down the highway. He was nice enough to pick you up from your house, so you could hang out with the bots today. Not that you’d be doing much, but just talking was enough for you. The radio was quietly playing, odd for Optimus, but you didn’t think much of it. His sigh was almost inaudible, but you heard it clear as day.

“Optimus? Are you okay?”

“I’ve just been thinking, (Y/N), about my family and what will become of us.” You hummed in response. You quietly wished you could do more for him, take his mind off it if nothing else. A song you recognized trickled through the speakers, and you began humming along. 

“I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose,” the lyrics ran through your head, keeping perfect time with the melody. A thought struck you, and you sharply turned to look at the steering wheel. You didn’t know if Optimus was titanium, or bulletproof, but you did know what he defiantly was. You knew you’d have to squish the syllables a little, but it would fit.

“I am Cyb’rtonian!” you sang, just loud enough so he could hear. A small chuckle followed your mini performance, which grew into a full laugh. You wondered how he could drive straight laughing that hard. He started singing with you, to your surprise, his rich voice adding soft bass to the higher voices of you and Sia. 

For a while, you’d taken Optimus’ mind off his stressors, and he couldn’t thank you enough if he tried.

oh, it’s been a while since i’ve seen something so beautiful,  he expressed aloud, head tilted up and at the sky by the man who never seemed to look down unless at his feet to see the magnificence beneath him or a book to read the magnificence. he rested his hand on the balcony, staring hopefully at the night.  i’m sorry,  navin expressed to the momentarily forgotten company.  it’s my first night in this castle. 

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3 4, and 30! :D (hopefully it isn't too much trouble??)

(dude why would it be too much trouble it is no trouble :D)

3. the person you would never want to meet?
there are multiple people i wouldn’t want to meet actually, but right off the top of my head… i’d say donald trump. he just doesn’t seem like that nice of a guy, y'know? (i’m not even american this doesn’t even affect me that much)

4. what is your favourite word?
(cause i am freaking trash, and it’s really fun to say idk)

30. your house is on fire, holy shit! you have just enough time to run in there and grab ONE inanimate object. don’t worry, your loved ones and pets have already made it out safely. so what’s the one thing you’re going to save from that blazing inferno?
i mean i could go super sentimental and say something like a meaningful photo or a childhood teddy or a favourite book or something like that, but let’s be real guys…

i’d 100% get my laptop

Bloody Murder
  • Jihoon: *yelling at Soonyoung*
  • Minghao: Do you think you could-
  • Jihoon: *yells louder*
  • Minghao: Hey, it would be nice if you'd-
  • Jihoon: *turns to Minghao* *literally starts screaming bloody murder*

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The character ask: Felix Iresso and Lana Beniko

Sorry this took so long, was kind of distracted last couple days

felix iresso

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: idk he seems really sweet? Like just in dialogue like a generally nice guy who cares about people a lot. I also relate to him a bit w/ some of his holocron in his head junk (which comes across as not being able to trust his mind even tho its not actually his mind so less relatable on that aspect). But still. Mentally ill feels.
worst quality: man it took me a really long time to think of one here which is weird cuz I could for other characters I liked equally or more. I guess he can come off as somewhat indecisive during consular’s plotline (main thing im thinking of is when he asks you for advice for what to do with one of the people who messed with his head and harin-so says “i trust u to make that decision” he doens’t approve, but I think he does if you tell him to be kind to her? Lol this is such a bad worst quality. Someone who’s played more recently might be able to label a more accurate or better one
ship them with: harin-so, my jedi consular
brotp them with: i haven’t played consular in long enough to remember the crews dynamic :x i need to replay it :P
needs to stay away from: tharan just cuz i dont like tharan. ur better than him felix
misc. thoughts: I really wish his holocron in his head plotline got like…. resolution? Been a while since I played it, but he like never got it out right? And few answers? Am I remembering this right?

Lana Beniko

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: her strategic mind and how she’s analyzing situations all the time, and her disregarding some sith BS like titles
worst quality:  not disregarding the rest of the sith bs and being willing harm her allies to get the mission done
ship them with:  lycaea, my sith warrior
brotp them with:  I imagine she has a pretty interesting dynamic with Jaesa, so maybe her? Also definitely Koth
needs to stay away from:
not sure
misc. thoughts:  im gay. Also she’s buff. Also also I hate it when people draw her like tiny compared to theron they’re nearly the same height in game

Worlds Collide: Pt. I

Part II | Part III

a/n: this is 100% @persephunee‘s fault, and don’t let her tell you any different.

this is only part of a longer “happy ending” (slash option 4)  fic which I’ll be posting in installments, hence the vaguely suggestive beginning. not nsfw yet but future installments will be, so be warned (or hyped? idk). takes place after the end of the show and will include some small references to my current headcanons/theories about said ending, but in the end is mostly nerds kissing and doing…other stuff, also awful fluffy things about being in love and enjoying each other’s existence a whole lot. enjoy.

In hindsight, Yeon Joo doesn’t know why she agreed to this in the first place. He did ask nicely enough, yet there was something about his eyes…the way they seemed to be undressing her in every possible way, sizing her up and liking what they saw, that made her burn from head to toe. He didn’t expect her to say yes, she knew that. Maybe she said it just because of that. Maybe it was because of the catch in his voice this time that gave the words more meaning (not too long ago he’d been sure he would never have this chance).

The raw want in his eyes has been there a long while, and though it makes her nervous, part of her revels in it.

Maybe it’s that after all this time, all the variables they’d countered and now hard they fought to get to this point, it seemed foolish to waste any more time pretending to take things slow. He is hers in all but deed, he makes sure she knows that with even the most casual of touches, and she’s been his in her soul for so long now. There is something in her that will always ache for him. Now, having finally beaten the odds…they have catching up to do, as Chul said. But this…

It starts slow. Love is a patient thing, but ultimately Chul is not, and she knows it, and she loves him for it as she loves him for all the things he is. Her unconditional acceptance is met with curiosity and a lively interest, coupled with tenderness, trust, and a sweet protective streak, all overlaid with a strong physical attraction that he never lets her forget. He’s always touching her in small ways, buckling her seatbelt for her when they go driving, brushing a hand through her hair, kissing her forehead in quiet moments (he often needs reassurance, she finds, that she is still there and breathing and warm to the touch). All in all, a good recipe for a lasting relationship, but not the best combination for “taking it slow,” as he once put it, not in the long term.

In the end, it all comes together. They don’t plan it. They gravitate. Two worlds colliding.

It’s the most mundane sort of occasion that makes Chul realize. They’re just in the studio as usual after work, and Yeon Joo is discussing her last surgery with him and he’s pretending to understand (in the end, though they both require fine engineering, human beings work nothing like computers). He nods and takes stock of the things she says and makes a mental note to research the terms she uses later so he’s not confused on the difference between arrhythmia and arteriosus. She asks him if he wants ramyeon.

He realizes then that he can’t live around these things anymore. He can’t let these moments pass, can’t let her go another moment without knowing how much he adores her, how beautiful she is, how he could listen to her talk all day. How she is his life, and he couldn’t imagine an ending happier than this. He can’t think of the words to phrase these things because so much of it is beyond words and he knows, perhaps somewhat cynically, that so much of it is the mood. The warm sunlight of the studio and the first heady rush of love, so new to someone like him. He goes with it, though. He wants to be with her a long, long time. He wants to be old and still feel these things.

Yeon Joo trails off mid-sentence, noticing his silence and interpreting it as the lovestruck daze it is.

“What?” she asks.

She already knows what. He can clearly sense the satisfaction in the word, that birdlike tilt of her head that he loves and the quirk of her lips.

He kisses her. He doesn’t ask first and she doesn’t seem to mind, leaning in eagerly to the touch and looping her arms around his neck in a way that feels right, feels more than familiar. The studio is quiet and has a cozy, deserted feel to it.

Kissing Chul is something you can get lost in, Yeon Joo reflects. He is all soft lips and hypnotic motion and his hands cup her face with such gentleness, his right thumb tracing lazy circles against her skin. Chul’s in no hurry; he’s enjoying the intimacy and the empty studio and the little noises she makes when he positions her closer, his hands drifting downwards to rest warm against her hips. She feels brave suddenly, tingly all over and drunk on the feel of his lips. He’s good at everything, honestly, but the way he kisses…

She barely notices her hands moving until they’re threaded through his soft hair, tugging a little on the strands to access a new angle of his mouth. Chul seems to like this, because he breathes in sharply through his nose and suddenly he’s backing her up until her knees hit a solid surface and he’s pressed full length against her, sliding a knee between hers to prop her up against the kitchen counter and oh, they’re in new territory now for certain. He seems almost elated by this, a sort of triumph over his old self.

Therefore it may or may not be deliberate, the way he abandons the kiss for a moment in favor of taking her lower lip gently between his teeth, catching and tugging on it softly. This produces a sound from Yeon Joo that’s somewhere between a gasp and a whimper (the old Chul may have seen her nude, but this one is the first to elicit such a noise, he notes with deep satisfaction). He’d always wondered what would happen if he did that, and the result is more than gratifying. Her head tips back and his follows, and now she’s almost limp-bodied between him and the counter.

Yeon Joo doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed when his hold on her loosens and he falls still. They separate, both breathing heavily from a combination of oxygen loss and and heady excitement, and she thinks the way he pants is nothing short of glorious.

In the aftermath of the kiss, they stay inhabiting the same space. The same small universe. They hold one another as they calm down, her hands stroking up and down his back, his head resting against the crook of her neck and shoulder, the ends of his hair tickling her cheek pleasantly. He smells like soap and the slightest hint of that expensive cologne he likes. The result is spicy-fresh and more than nice, in Yeon Joo’s opinion. She always enjoys these little touches, almost more than she enjoys the kissing itself. It seems even more intimate, somehow sacred.

Unknown to Yeon Joo, Chul vows then and there not to rest until he’s learned the full range of sounds she can make, has learned every inch of her inside and out. In time, though. For now he smiles, half at the ridiculousness of being in love and drunk on sunlight and kisses, and the relief that he’s allowed this at last, and half at the knowledge that there is much, much more to come. She just doesn’t know it yet.

She leaves soon afterward, after one last kiss to the forehead and promises to meet tomorrow for another coffee date, or possibly at home (as much as it makes them feel like a pair of naughty teenagers, it all depends on whether her mother is home or not). As much as they enjoy one other’s company, Yeon Joo is never one to stay long in her father’s studio, especially not after dark. Chul knows why. He himself often wished, on the nights after he got out of prison, that he had another place to go besides his own house. Whether that would have made things significantly better or not, he couldn’t say. At any rate, Yeon Joo only seems to stop by long enough to see him whenever she gets off work, and perhaps snatch a kiss or two in their moments alone (their total has hit twelve now; he’s been counting). Tonight she’s gone before the sun starts to get low, leaving Chul alone to contemplate how he’s going to stage this.

On the one hand, she’s been much less shy recently. He’s been doing research, if you could call it that, in his spare time, and there’s been plenty of it. For the moment he has neither work nor any significant hobby besides learning as much as he can and planning for their future, and it’s starting to make him itch a little. He wills himself to be patient. There’s plenty he’s eager to see and do with her, after all, but he doesn’t want to rush or make her uncomfortable. Rather, he wants to be as good as he can to her. As himself, as her husband. It’s the least he can do to make up for everything they’ve lost. It’s been months, and he’s ready for a change, but in the end the impetus will have to come from her. But…how?

Chul taps his fingers against his lower lip, considering. Suddenly he straightens - smiles to himself. There’s a thought blossoming at the back of his mind and he’s optimistic - no, certain - it will work. It has to. Ideas, after all, have always been his forte.

계속 (to be continued.)


           Patient debrief: John Constantine

Intake interview proved extremely brief this person was committed to his own volition. He’s a chainsmoker with a history of violence [so a real charming gentleman]. He’s self-loathing banterism is insufferable. [A real corker for me now is] apparent schizophrenia that seems to be untreated most of his life, so he has developed an entire language and hierarchy for it as a coping mechanism. He talks with complete clarity about demons, angels, monsters and possessions...
       [Must be scary... living in a head like that...]

Fan report OTRA Gothenburg, Sweden 23/6

ok wow…. I just got back from the concert and i’m gonna try to give a good view over the whole thing. Just now as a walked past a mirror I realised I’ve got a somewhat shocked expression on my face, haha… might need a few days to come down.

(This might come out a little rushed, but the concert ended literally less than an hour ago and i’m on my ipad, so. Note - this got really long. Heh.)

I’ll start of quickly with the stuff leading up to the night, just for my own fancy of remembering it all. we all heard some horror stories from like Brussels of what the organisation can be like, but I guess we’re really lucky in Sweden, because it worked flawlessly (up to a certain point, lol) and lucky for me even while queuing for several hours I didn’t really get tired as I usually do. loads of nerves and anticipation, I’d say. hella long queue, though, and a little too much standing all pressed together - because when the queue started moving, finally, all chaos broke lose and people started running, ending up in a big lump on the other side of the stadium for too long instead. Anyway, onwards.

The stadium was awesome. I think the capacity is around 65,000, don’t think we’ll break the record but close maybe, 50 - 60,000 at least. Definitely biggest I’ve ever been to, so cool experience. From my point of of view it seemed really full too, literally up the walls, and the walls are so high… So hah take that, ‘struggling’ ticket sales rates! lol.

Audience; hella good. Many balloons. Very nice atmosphere, no bad incidents really and the mood was really good. Partly thanks to the rad Mcbusted - awesome openers and really good at warming up the audience. Fun, jokey boys with nice catchy music, even for me who hasn’t listened at all to them.

Leading up to the actual main act tho, I was really looking forward to doing the Macarena and Single ladies dance among thousands of other people, but unfortunately those didn’t come on… heeey I liked that tradition. ( even though it’s my first 1D gig, lol.)

Enter the boys… I'mma start on Harry. Because, yeah, I sort of have Harry-tunnel vision, though I think I managed pretty well to divide my attention between all of them.

Wow, he seemed really happy and was very smiley. Wearing: No need to mention; usual tight jeans (tiny, I want call them, lol, and then a white tee, so breaking the pattern of matching with Louis today - on the other hand it looked suspiciously like the famous 'boyfriend tee’. Maybe, maybe not.

Harry wasn’t maybe as 'wild’ as he’s been some of the dates this tour, but he held up a really good mood all the time and literally kept me laughing so much. Say hi to the return of 'I have a son, his name is Ismail….!’ and loads of Köttbullar!!!, and a pregnant ballon belly… He also made a really nice impersonisation/accent when he was trying to get the audience stomping and clapping, apparently someone said 'No, not possible!!’ and he had to express his view on that. Vocally, his voice sounded somewhat rough but he also did reaaally well. Such as the Ready to run high note, loved that. His part in Don’t Forget Where You Belong… *heart eyes*. Only wish I’d enjoyed his voice a little more in the moment, but there’s literally so much that takes up your mind.

Also the first random thing that hit me really was that Harry looks so much like his younger self in real life! Apparently that’s something that hasn’t gotten through to me via pictures etc.

Now, Louis! I really enjoyed his t-shirt, 'The future is now’, looking really good in mainly black, + white. (Wonder where that might fall in his habit of communicating through t-shirts…) No clothes-change though which was surprising, (Edit: okay he swiched tees in the end but no one else did.) but I guess it depends on the weather. At first, his general smiley-ness from the last shows didn’t really show, I think, but believe me, that came. A bit in he was so very bouncy, playful, loving all the balloons and he blew up so many! Especially during Little things where he also seemingly tried to hit Harry with them repeatedly when they were flying away which was really cute. Later on he apparently got lucky to find some water pistols, which then took up much of the rest of the concert because hey, apparently you can’t have too much of waterfights. He also picked up one of those disposable cameras and proceeded to take pictures… I would kill to see one those pics, aha, if the camera worked.

On the larry-interaction front I have nothing special to add really, except the previous mentioned balloon thing. The 'usual’ (lol, love that) turning to Harry during 18 and Night Changes happens a few times from Louis, but then he also sings about equally much to the others. Harry did the Little things-thing again, of singing 'I’m in love with…’ without finishing the line and then really obviously turned around, to look at, well /someone./

Liam, oh Liam, was so cute and wonderful to see in right front of me. He put so much silly stuff on his head (party hat, huge glasses, flower tiara, the list goes on..) and seemed to have so much fun. There was the repeated praise of the audience, which well, is very nice, and for once it sounded really genuine. I really enjoyed his voice and there was a nice note change in a Little White Lies (unless he usually does that? idk) which I then can tick off on my OTRA-bingo, lol. He did loads of beat boxing between some songs as well.

Niall was his usual brilliant self, but I honest sort of want to see more of him now in hindsight. I’m not sure if it was because he didn’t spent much time at my part of the stage, but I feel like I didn’t see him enough. Even if only to check out his guitarplaying more, cause as a guitarist myself i’m very interested. He did shake his butt loads in Girl Almighty though, that’s always the best way to enjoy that song, haha.

One thing that hit me as I was walking home, even though I haven’t really noticed this before in videos, is that I sort of really missed Zayn…. Not only his lovely high notes, though very much that as well, but like a little bit of his presence… ah well.

Now, RAINBOWS. I saw Rainbow Bondage Bear and his 'baby’ there as his usual amazeballs self on the pink throne he deserves. I think he was sporting full black leather with a matching cap to top it off, not much news but niiice.

Took a while till I spotted some rainbow signs/RD participants - almost thought I was on my own for a moment, but then there was a lovely rainbow “You make us strong” rainbow sign in front of me, as well as “Harry you are my rainbow”. Aw. Also, saw a “Harry is my queen” - hah, cute. which yeah… I agree. That was only my section though so there might have been loads around/behind me… On the screens later though there seeming was rainbows here, there and everywhere.  which yeah, brings me to…

The sign-reading part. Which had an…. interesting incident. I filmed this part closely because reasons like the last concert, haha, so I’ll upload tomorrow probably. Basically the first sign that came up on screen said something like “If God hates gays then why do Louis and Harry look cute together” complete with rainbows. And oh my god it stayed on the screen for so long while Liam was talking a bit, the whole audience started reacting like 'omg’ and wow, so much screaming. Basically, that reaction really surprised me, I hadn’t really seen anyone I could identify as a Larrie around me, but in that moment it was everyone, it was so enormous, and I’d also say very positive. Also - got awkward as hell because it literally stayed on screen for what felt like ages (well hello there camera person…), you could wonder why… because Liam wasn’t reading it, obviously, tried talking away, so they just tried to wait for other signs and then Harry reacted with doing his old “oggy oggy oggy!” very suddenly, which to me felt a lil stressed lol. I don’t even remember the rest of the signs now, got so intense there a moment. (Oh right, there was one the said “Sorry I didn’t bring my dad, Harry!” LMAO.)

Ah. I probably missed loads but that’s about it, now. The only complaint I have is that it was over way to quickly, like really… went so fast, and also that Louis wasn’t loud enough! (because he sounded REALLY good in all the songs, it just got a little drowned out from the crowd.) His mic should be turned up to eleven for maximum No Control appreciation.

All in all they seemed to love and appreciate it very much, best show in the EU tour hmm? Love that my country is so awesome to them 😘

(I have loads of pics and video too, will probably spam some of that tomorrow unless I find something especially good on my phone right now.)

let’s go with a preshow selfie too..


“It just seems like they’re always running again and running again. Then Daryl says to Beth, ‘This is kinda nice. We’re having dinner together and I can protect you. You take care of me, I’ll take care of you.’ She sort of sparked hope in him and I think he took that spark a little further in his head and turned it into a little fire.

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can you suggest me kpop members (male/female) that would be a good mafia / gang member? It's for a fic ~ It's okay if you can't :3

I’ll list the first people to come to mind:

Big bang T.O.P - He has that whole mysterious feel (if you ignore like 90% of his personality)

B.a.p Yongguk - same as top

Block b - Ukwon and Zico (Actually most of block b, cause I can also see taeil)

External image

Jay park (Idk why, I cant even see him as hardcore lol)

Onew - it seems weird to name him but like imagine a nice, clumsy, innocent guy  by day, cold killer by night. There is just something about him. He seems like that bad guy you would never expect to be bad.

As for the females I would say:

Lee hyori - She totally seems like the type to step on her enemy while wearing heels.



Miss A Fei

Girl’s Day Sojin - Her name kept popping into my mind for some reason:

These are the ones I could think of at the top of my head. I hope this helped at least a little. I feel like I just gave the names of stereotypical “hard core” kpop members lol.


Just in case you want more people:

kpop-redrose said: I would also suggest EXO Tao, with his martial arts abilities and hard core looks, particularly in Wolf, he is a good pick too.

Oh, but a few years ago, I would regularly pass by this old building on my way to school. But it was almost permanently covered by a giant banner advertising, idk, flatscreen TVs or something, so I never knew how it looked. But I always thought, what a shame, this nice old building and they cover it up with an ad! The depredations of capitalism, I thought, shaking my head.

Then one day I passed it as they were changing the banner, and I got my first look at this old, historical building, and it was absolutely hideous. It wasn’t in disrepair or anything, it was just ugly. The architect who designed it seemed to think that square shapes and thick window ledges were the only elements a facade would ever need, and I’m not adequately convinced he realized he wasn’t designing a prison.

“Oh god, put the banner back up,” I thought as I looked upon this architectural abomination. “Capitalism can have this one.”

I think the reason a lot of fans don’t like arzaylea is because luke hasn’t confirmed anything yet, and she’s out there subtweeting him constantly, posting pics of them together (which she later deletes, after millions of people have seen it), tagging him in stuff which he obviously isn’t going to see bc he gets millions of notifs a day, and she probably does it bc she knows it’ll come up in ppls notifs. She’s literally trying to make herself seem as involved with him as possible, and lukes not acknowledging it and I think that’s what a lot of us don’t like, the fact that she’s doing all she can to let people know about their “relationship” and luke isn’t, and it makes it seem like he isn’t happy or he thinks it’s something to hide ?? Which is probably the opposite of the truth but idk it’s just sketch and I love Luke I just hope he’s happy and that she’s a nice to him