idk it looks pretty crappy but

Anchors ∾ m.dl.c

posted 4/24/17

request? yes
  “ Can i request a Montgomery imagine where him and Y/N are bestfriends but everyone can tell they like each other and she kind of his “anchor” like she calms him down all the time since he has a bad temper and then he confesses his feelings to her?

pairing(s): montgomery x fem!reader

warning(s): pretty short & crappy, a small sexual tension part, and idk what else

a/n: i got into hella feels when i wrote this. gah, my heart. + i’m sorry this is so bad, please don’t hurt me

words: 571

“You’re the one who acted like a fucking psycho.”

“Hey. Watch the language.“

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Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War


I finally got my copy today, and I’m so happy! I was so anxious to play Zestiria, that I couldn’t resist any longer and bought the Japanese version, and it’s as great as I imagined ♥ I immediately bought myself two 1000 yen cards to buy some DLC, but it was gone in a flash ;A; I might buy more cards later to get some costumes for the girls, but today I focused the most on Sorey and Mikleo. Mikleo looks so fresh in his swimsuit ♥♥♥ I love Mikleo’s original design a lot, but I can’t help but also find it kind of stuffy and formal, if you compare it to the other Seraphs outfits. Also, he looks nice with his hair parted. You can see his eyebrows a lot clearer now, though I do miss his headband. And Sorey’s outfit looked so cool…! I bought it in a flash! xD

Next up, I bought nearly all attachments, and as you can see, I had lots of fun with them! xD The hair options are most fun to play with, but I’m also amazed at the customization you can add to your attachments! Change their color, place, form! Amazing!

I ended up finishing the prologue today, and then quitting. Going to play more this weekend! I love it so far ♥ The camera is a bit wonky, and I can’t make heads or tails of the whole item/equipment/skills menu (god do I miss the items icons TnT) but the rest of the game feels new and exciting, and I can’t wait to play some more~

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suga saying "everything's gonna be okay" pls ty (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I know this blog has been dead since forever but I had this halfway done and I wanted to finish it and here we are

Also it looks pretty crappy?? I’m sorry;; I was trying a new painting style at the time and idk what I was thinking… I tried to go with it but I honestly dont know what my thought of process was at that time… Im so confused lol 

congratulations therealjacksepticeye for getting 5 million subs! its amazing how quickly this community has grown, and i love it. this drawing looks weird because every single line is made out of fives. everything. im never gonna draw fives again