idk it just makes me so nervous


The guys in the Dishonored chat gave me the idea to do an Outsider-inspired makeup, however it turned into some kind of closet cosplay just to get the right whale satan mood (I also edited the eye and hair colour). My idea was to make it look like his skin is breaking off to reveal sort of odd-looking veins of whale oil underneath. Idk it’s some kind of void nonsense at least, and it was super fun to make. <3

if you know someone who is on the autism spectrum please NEVER pretend to be mad at them or make being unnecessarily mean to them a recurring joke in your ‘friendship’. speaking as someone who has Asperger’s syndrome, it makes me so paranoid and anxious when people do that. im tired of laughing it off and hiding the fact that it actually makes me really nervous when people do this. idk just please don’t do it. it’s really mean.

Michael Jones is my absolute favorite person ever and when I think there’s no way I could love him more, he proves me wrong. Gdi. <3

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really want a boyfriend, super SUPER shy and nervous around boys I'm almost 15 wtf I'm screwed ;(

idk I think when you want a boyfriend, you never find one. Just let relationships progress and see where they go. As for being shy, do things that make you feel hot! Leggings, clear skin, taking a jog. Those things make me feel good about myself and so I do them as often as I can. 

          i’m gonna try out this whole permanent starter call thing ! if you don’t know what this is by now, it’s similar to liking a regular ‘ol starter call, only you’re giving me warrant to pop into your tag with things not just once, but whenever i have the inspiration. it probably means i’ll drop you memes here and there as well. don’t worry; i won’t abuse it, and you have the right to unlike this post if you change your mind without any hard feelings whatsoever. 

i get to go see my girlfriend for a whole week in august and im so fucking excited dude i want to hug and kiss her so bad. but im so nervous at the same time ive already seen her but idk i just get so nervous around her and i have to meet her mom and friends so im like AHHH but yes im just very happy cause she makes me very  very  very  very  very  very  very   very happy and i love her i honestly cant wait to be with her again ok bye

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So this guy that I've seen at some parties has started texting me. He's really nice and very attractive but he is like 18 or 19 and I'm 16. We were talking and he wanted to hang out which I thought would be fun but then he told me he's "looking for something long term, not just one night" which made me super nervous cuz I don't like hooking up or being in relationships cuz idk affection and kissing and stuff makes me really nervous (I could be a asexual idk). We are hanging out tomorrow,help pls

i think you should tell him you would rather be friends with him and nothing more, don’t do something you don’t want to do 

People coming to my town to adopt villagers is so nerve-wrecking for me!!!

a few people you should follow

killclown - generally rad person, has amazing art, is a dedicated follower of Lord Shrek

megalopolus - the most fabulous egg on the planet, also has amazing art, also is a devout Shrekist

khatorl - super awesome person, the most organized blog I have ever visited, wide variety of content

cutttlefishculller - very sweet and friendly, lots of positive content, just a generally pleasant presence on your dash– also has an awesome fatshion blog ( chubby-fish)

haberdashing - one of my first followers, talented writer, multifandom blog with a place for everybody

I woke up . And …….. Nobody likes me . You should’ve seen me last night I just don’t talk ! And it makes everyone so uncomfortable. And now I’m at home alone and I’m too nervous to contact my only two friends . And I just want to see L but I was so stupid last night….. And everything seems so distant . And as soon as I came into consciousness this morning I was imagining c****** all over my body , And falling down the cliff near my house…. and I spent the night dreaming of takin pills . and idk it feels. Lot like the end.


I was tagged by the absolutely gorgeous katyasburps and trashglamour5000 to post 6 selfies! I had to dig deep for these tbh, I am not a selfie person. Will delete later.

I’m nervous to tag people because idk how people feel about sharing pictures and all those shenanigans and I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable…

So I guess I’ll just suggest that nogush do this and idk anyone else well enough to feel comfortable nominating them.

If you want to do it then go ahead and celebrate your selfie!


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Hi! I'm kind of new to Tumblr, so I'm super nervous about sending out an ask! hahah (this is my first one) your gifs inspire me sooo much that i was just wondering where you get the videos for the gifs you make? Like from Itunes? or downloaded from somewhere? For so long i've been confused on where people keep getting really nice quality videos! idk.. u don't have to answer i was just wondering! :) Love your blog btw! <3

congratulations on your first ask!!!!

for Steven Universe :

For Gravity Falls : eeeeh I was in such a panic to get “A Tale Of Two Stans” I forgot where I got it from…>< might work..maybe?

Once the dvds get released in Ireland (fingers crossed) I’m buying them and I’m going to make my gifs using them. just for now I have literally no other way to watch the episodes 

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i was rly nervous to rebooble my own selfie but then i remembered a very nice thing u said abt how we should do that as much as we want and idk if u even remember but it meant a lot 2 me and u make me feel like a happy lil bub so idk just thanks 4 bein u ilu

always always rebagel he own selfies show the world ur beautiful and not afraid to show it and no one Groot will ever hate on u for loving urself

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I love your headcanon for nitori being afab and his gender n everything i relate a lot ..!!! i just love how u draw him trans just thANKS man also nitori is my #1 fave and ur my fave artist ;o; !!!

sPITS <33333 Ahh thanks I’m so glad people like it! I was nervous to post it at first but it’s fun when people incorporate trans/gender headcanons into things I think it makes it makes people more comfortable with themselves? Idk for me, I like drawing it because I feel like it’s my way of venting how I feel about my gender so <3 aNYWAYS Thank you again anon <333


ok I’m really nervous about this tbh

I was tagged by devilisherald and she’s so cute tbh I really enjoy talking to her and my other wonderful beans YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <33

I looked through my selfies and I found a few here that I don’t mind sharing as much as the others AHEM They’re all pretty recent if that matters to any of you

Just wanted to make sure that you get me from every angle in every light and color and expression (or maybe not I have thousands idk)

I also kind of like to dress as a boy from time to time. I didn’t cut my hair, I was just very tryhard and my hair kept falling down from the cap so I gave up D:

And oh that’s my kigurumi up there on the pout thing ehe~ like I said earlier I’m totally obsessed about red pandas they are my favorite animal on earth and I want one so bad and an axolotl pls I AM SO SORRY FOR WRITING LONG SENTENCES OR NOT WRITING correctly ‘cause I’m just so excited and I wanna tell you guys so much

And I am very aware of my bushy eyebrows and I have learnt to love and accept them as my babies ‘A’

Anyways I don’t know anyone exept for lay-the-unic0rn that I have really talked to (that haven’t already been tagged) so I’ll just tag you bbi empiternal AHA YOU THOUGHT I’D LET YOU GO ehe, xleafeon and some of my other followers ser-bran-stark and @jewelmania21 I’m sure you guys are great and cute and all <3 You don’t have to if you don’t want to except for empiternal lol ilu

EDIT: and hello bunny-faced-hoshi sugar I thought you might wanted to see my face ok bye ilu <3

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An o'hennig fic where dylan and shelley visit her family in louisianna and he tries to impress them by doing a southern accent (insp. - fcalvin007(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92985868588/notanotherteenwolfpodcast-haaay-baton-rouge) and southern things making them confused shelley finds it cute they end up laughing... idk whatever u come up with is great. :)

Okay but that accent he did cracked me up, I’m from Texas and that just… omg. xD


He was very nervous, to say the least. Dylan and Shelley had been dating for almost 7 months now, and things were beginning to get serious. They told each other that if they made it to the half year mark, they would bring in the ‘rents; so they did. Dylan’s parents loved Shelley, and she immediately clicked with them as if she had been apart of the family for years. Now, it was Dylan’s turn, and the fact that her father was, “very interested” in meeting him, scared the shit out of Dylan. This is his little girl, so he’s bound to be protective, Dylan knows this. Sadly, that knowledge didn’t cushion the blow.

Shelley’s family lives in Louisiana, so the couple decided to go there and pay her family a visit. She seemed very excited to see her family, and tried all she could to reassure him that they were nice people. Pulling up to the Hennig ranch, Dylan felt a pain in his knuckles, and realized he was gripping the steering wheel a bit too tightly, “Dyl, just relax. They know that I love you, so they will love you, too.” leaning in, Shelley gave him a quick peck on the kiss, “For good luck, even though you don’t need it.” she smirked, sending a wink his way before hoping out of the car. Dylan smiled at this, as it did make him feel better, but the nerves were still pulsing through his veins.

He watched as her mom ran out of the house and wrapped her arms around Shelley, hugging her tightly. The sounds that they made caused the corners of Dylan’s lips to twitch upwards. Walking up, her mom turned to Dylan, who held out a bouquet and spoke, “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Hennig. Shell told me all about how you like centerpieces, and my mom grows flowers in her garden. I hope you like them.” A gasp escaped from Mrs. Hennig’s mouth, “Why gosh golly aren’t the precious, bless your heart, boy!” she took the flowers before giving him a hug- Dylan taking note of the accent.

Then came her father, “Well, he’s got the wife wrapped around his finger, so the lad can’t be that bad.” This guy was about 6′2, and all muscle. He was slightly dirty, but the ‘worked-all-day’ kind of dirty. The man gripped Dylan’s hand, shaking it harshly but keeping a kind smile on his face, “Nice to meet you, boy. Name’s Glenn, but you can call me ‘Sir’.” “Glenn.” his wife spoke, harshly. She gave him a look that said, ‘be nice’. Dylan cringed slightly at the death grip, but kept a smile on his face, “Nice to meet you, too, sir. I wouldn’t dream of calling you anything else!” this caused them to laugh.

Shelley’s brothers weren’t in town, but Dylan had already met them so it wasn’t too big of a deal. This weekend was all about the parents, and Dylan was just hoping to leave a good impression. Their accents were very thick, so he thought; why not? Maybe if he could give a good accent, they’d be impressed. So it was grilling time, and everyone was out back while Mr. Hennig grilled some steaks, “How do you like your steak cooked, boy?” he called. Dylan took this as his chance, “treat it like roadkill, sir. Cook that thing until you’re sure it ain’t coming back.” there was a pause. Shelley’s eyes widened slightly, and she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. Mr. and Mrs. Hennig looked at each other confused, not quite sure what he meant.

And that was it. Their facial expressions were enough to get Shelley onto the floor, unable to hold in her laughter. Dylan’s cheeks turned tomato, and as her parents finally realized what he just did, they began to laugh, too. “I like you, son!” Mr. Hennig spoke between laughs, and Mrs. Hennig gave Dylan a pat on the shoulder.

Well, that didn’t go as he played it out in his head, but Dylan wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeehaw!


I love it when people try to do Southern accents, but they don’t realize that each Southern state has a different kind of accent xD Hope you liked it!