idk it all just looks pretty


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 


Nice weather.

Although the pollen is 2 inches thick, the temperature was so perfect all day long. I decided to go on a stroll and by the time I put on the outfit above and actually looked at it in the mirror, I was a bit skeptical. It was the perfect outfit for the kind of weather we were having, but… Idk.

I thought well maybe I just need a friend, so I texted Barry. A bit later we got together, he brought his camera too! We went to east Atlanta, we didn’t realize it was going to be so busy, lol. I was already feeling pretty self conscious, but somehow being there with Barry snapped me out of it and I just went into work mode. Barry said “lets shoot at the cross walk!” I didn’t hesitate and said “lets do it!”

There were several people sitting outside on the patios, enjoying the nice weather with their drinks and meals. Then here I come, feeling half naked up to the cross walk. People on the street, in their cars, walking by… I might as well have been the paid entertainment, lets just put it that way. So many eyes, all tuned in on me.

This is when I think to myself “Oh my gosh, here we go again. I’m going to have to slay it.”

I waited for the right away to cross the street, for what felt like an hour! Perfectly poised, in some ridiculous pose of course. Finally, it was my go! I looked at Barry, he had game face on, so I TURNED IT!!!.

I walked hard across the street, caught my hat in the wind flawlessly and everything. I even gave a little giggle while trying to keep the wind from blowing my skirt up to high, and it worked! I slayed that crosswalk, and I am not mad about it.

People stared, yes they did! But I didn’t care, I worked it!
…. And that is all.

Moral of the story?
I did not get to this point over night.
I did not emerge on the other side without my scars.
I did not get to where I am today without making mistakes.
I was not always able to shut out my fears.
I was not always able to call on a friend like Barry.
I was not always able to be successful in the things I am now.

There was a time in my life when I had nothing to live for.
There was time in my life when I didn’t love myself.
There was a time in my life when I had no hope.

But somehow along the way, I discovered hope. I learned how to love myself, I am learning how to love others. The people that I needed in my life showed up, I walked with them, I learned from them. I became one of them and each day I grow more confident. Things take time and experience to learn and understand!

Give yourself credit for where you are in life. Think about any and every single accomplishment you had today! EVERYTHING, from just brushing your teeth to creating a new cure! Give yourself credit, you deserve it! Take things one day at a time, they will get better as long as you never give up!

-Elliott Alexzander


After episode 11 aired in Japan Tumblr basically flooded with the translation that Yuuri is ending things with Victor.

But listen hereeeee; I highly doubt it’s the relationship that’s over. Like come on they are definitely aren’t breaking up. Just look at the preview subs!!!

So it’s pretty clear that there’s no way in hell they’re breaking up -
either the coach-skater relationship is ending or Yuuri is referring to both of them retiring maybe.

Honestly people don’t even worry about the angst cause there’s no way this is ending sour. (God knows I might have just jinx’d it..)
What I’m thinking is that there needs to be some sort of a conflict so the last episode can be truly epic.
And also, if Yuuri is talking about them going their separate ways even though they love each-other, then perhaps that’s why Victor is going to be skating ‘Stay Close To Me’ at the Barcelona arena (there’s a meta somewhere that sounds pretty damn legit and explains why the skating from the trailer is happening in Barcelona I’m sure most people read it I can’t find it rn).

Anyways I think this is either Yuuri’s anxiety acting up hence why he’s preparing to maybe give up Victor and then he’ll swoop in like come on don’t be silly I love you lots.

Orrrr we won’t find out what they talked about until the end of the episode where they’ll just casually reveal that they’re both retiring after this and they’ll be cute house-husbands. Let’s stay positive peeps cause next week is going to be epic. Don’t be downers <3 

On a side note Yurio and Otabek’s encouragements to each-other and high scores gave me fucking life so that was a thing. (Yurio broke Victor’s world record real good I’m proud of my angsty Russian son.)

“aw, darlin’, i guess you’re gettin’ pretty attached to me! …..your cat is too.” (wink wink nudge nudge obvious flirt)

“….shut up. you probably….bathed in cat nip or something. morpheus usually has better taste than this.”
(first attempt at dr. dalias and akmazian from the eos_10 podcast - my personal HCs for them. akmazian either has a partly cybernetic arm or that’s just like…armor idk I LIKE ROBOT ARMS OK)

(also, listen to eos_10, it’s a DELIGHT. it’s been on hiatus for a long time, but the first two seasons are just really wonderful ok and i love it)


Guys, I just realized something…

In the book, during the rumble, Ponyboy was doing pretty okay against the Socs, even if he was a little weak and sick.

Notice how there was no bonfire in the book.

Now in the movie, there is a large bonfire in the dead center. The flames are huge.

In the movie, Ponyboy is depicted as a helpless kid during the rumble who can’t fight worth anything.

What if that was because, in the movie, he looked at the bonfire and all he saw was the burning church?

He was so focused on the flames and memories that he couldn’t fight.

Who’s who in BTS

Namjoon (Rap Monster) - Our leader. The one with the pretty dimples. Has an IQ of 148 but has no common sense whatsoever. The one that looks at Jin like he’s a fucking aquarium (NAMJIN IS REAL YALL). Bangtan’s dad bc he’s the leader and he just looks like a dad idk. Also the one will help you take your panties off yet wears pajamas with little Ryan bears all over it ;). Very clumsy but very smart, can speak English. Thinks everything has a meaning to it.

Seokjin (Jin)- Our gorgeous ass visual, his look’s can kill a bitch. He knows he slays everybody. The one who’s always blowing kisses and says “HA, HA, HA”, also has a laugh that sounds like you’re cleaning a window. AKA the mom of bangtan bc he just acts like it (and the oldest)*. Dramatic af. Has a beautiful voice but not enough lines :(. Makes lame dad jokes and laughs at them by himself. One of those embarrassing parents. *can be mommy, daddy, and a baby at the same time idk how hes human

 Yoongi (Suga)- A rapper.The one who regrets everything in life. Usually has a poker face and looks like he has no emotions whatsoever (unless it’s to Hobi). Barely ever smiles but when he does iT’S THE CUTEST LIL GUMMY SMILE EVER. Doesn’t give a shit, doesn’t give a fuck. And the biggest fanboy of J-hope. Can spit straight fire but also has a soft spot for Kumamon, puppies, and Hoseok. Looks like he just wants to sleep bc he does

Hoseok (J-hope)- Our lead dancer. LOUD ASF. The happiest lil sunshine in the whole world. Always smiling. Loves everything and everyone. The one who’s always screaming or yelling or laughing loudly. But he will judge the shit out of you. Scared of a lot of things. And the one that goes “MANHI MANHI MANHI” in the Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV. And will make you feel some type of way.

Jimin- THE SMOL BABY. The squishiest little mochi. The one who’s eyes disappear when he smiles (don’t take offense to that, i’m Asian too yall). Wants to love everybody. Will hug anyone if he gets the chance to. Everyone treats him like a baby (even our maknae), but can also kill with that jawline and six pack. Has a beautiful voice and can dance well, too. He can go from “I’m a baby” to “I’m your daddy”  in .873 seconds.

Taehyung (V)- So naïve, like a little lost puppy. Looks 17, has the voice of a 30 year old, but acts like he’s 5. The one who doesn’t know wtf is going on most of the time. Has cute box smile that will melt your heart. Will take him 57 hours until he understands a joke. FINE AS FUCK. Sticks his tongue out atleast 267 times in every MV, can easily turn you on. Like Jimin, he can switch up easily from cutie to hoLY FUCK. Loves children.

Jungkook- Our. Mother. Fucking. Golden. Maknae (the youngest). Think he’s 26 but Is only 19. Everyone (but Jin) is scared of him. Very clueless. The toughest yet a cute baby honeybun. The one who licks his fingers while staring right at you in the Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV. Very sexual but doesn’t understand what most of the stuff means. Always looks like he just saw something he didn’t want to (JungSHOOK). Looks like a little bunny. AKA Namjoon and Jin’s baby.

every time someone vehemently specifies “only in legoverse” when talking about batjokes my life expectancy is cut in half

This might be a little long, but I had this idea that Tsukki is like a human Shazam app - he constantly listens to music but he doesn’t like listening to the same stuff over and over so he’s listened to like, every song at some point and remembers them all.

Well the team is walking through the sports complex to get to the gym and they pass a practice room with idk ballet dancers. Suga’s like, “wow that’s a pretty tune…” and Tsukki pops out an ear bud to listen for a sec, then says “oh yeah that’s Polovskian Dances by Alexander Borodin” and they all just look at him like O.O because they never expected him to know and Yams is blushing and grinning because Tsukki shared that song with him one time.

Tsukki always uses music to express his feelings to Yams because he’s so bad at putting it into words, but Yams can translate because he knows how important music is to Tsukki.

— Okay this is me with classical t b h ~ Mod Han

everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

About Tae’s Donger ( My opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

I saw a couple of people talking about how they think V of BTS has a small penis/ dingaling whatever you call it… Personally I don’t agree with this because because he’s got  some big ass hands and feet guys …

He just wouldn’t be proportional if he was small he is at least medium to large . I found these and it looks pretty big:

this is just my opinion and I respect anyone who thinks otherwise. Plus….

 I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

Again this is all the proof I have and if you have any opinions feel free to share… I wonder how big the other members are tbh ..

anonymous asked:

the fact that Jungkook wore an already huge bomber and said he would take it off to basically 'confess' to someone and Jimin suddenly started wearing it (and drowning in it because he is tiny in it) will wake me up at 3am screaming ;-; This isn't even a question I just wanted to cry about it to someone, sorry~

don’t worry i’m crying too. even when he said that he would take his jacket off to confess he was looking right at jimin like right at his face. 

then jimin is seen in public wearing it??? then in hobi’s selfies he’s wearing it???? idk i’m getting vibes here. mr. i-hate-sharing-clothes sharing his clothes with jimin a lot lately??? it all seems pretty gay to me. not that they didn’t seem pretty gay before. it’s just enhancing lately. ANYWAY i love how small jimin looks in jungkook’s clothes i’m just crying over it every time it happens, my heart. 


I think we’re all pretty sure that Cr1TiKaL is dating that girl with the blonde hair, and I’m just really happy that he found someone he likes who looks so nice (especially after having his last gf cheat on him). And it’s very cute seeing pictures of them on tumblr and things!

But also all of these pictures came from social media posts outside of Cr1TiKaL’s (like the girl’s own Instagram) and we know that he’s a fairly private person … So probably we should give them some privacy and at least not directly message him about his relationship developments or anything, at least until he publicly mentions having a gf in a video or something.

but what if alex wakes up at night afraid that all her coming out story and all the story she had with maggie was just a dream, and then she looks to her side and sees maggie right there next to her in the bed and just can barely breath cause she’s so relieved, so she lays back down and cuddles maggie and hugs her pretty tight so she just won’t leave

official ranking of every espeon sprite on bulbapedia

a very nice sprite!! she looks so regal and beautiful! what a lovely start 

this one is so cute!! look at that head tilt!! so adorable!! i just want to give her lots of pets. 10/10 this one is the best 

she is the correct color now which is nice!! all in all the same as the gold sprite but a little better  

idk why but this one makes me feel like she is sad. but other then that it is pretty quality. maybe a little weird looking but still a decent sprite 

so cute!! she looks like a curious little cat i love it!! very hugable very cute 9/10

also very cute!! the leg sticking out makes it even cuter. she looks like a nice friend in this one

a tad boring but still decent. it looks like its trying to recapture the charm and cuteness of the silver sprite but it just isnt working out

the same as the platinum sprite but just a lighter color. disappointing that they didnt make a different sprite. still cute tho 

very regal and refined. a good look for espeon!! somewhat boring but i still think its good. 5/10 

Idk if dat lovely anons gonna return so gotta write this before i forget

Cedric talking to Harry with his charming smile and being really suprised cause it looks like Harry is unaffected, not flustered, 

Cedric acting all stoic but thinking “wtf how dare you” cause he has effect on everyone but one he intended to 

so he starts doing more and more obvious flirt and doing some ridiculous things

meanwhile Harry has a heart attack every time they speak because did Cedric Diggory just flirt with me  so he sasses out of conversation cause he’s pretty sure Diggory is making fun of him or something 

“I guess it was all going just a little too well. If I wasn’t careful I’d be happy pretty soon. Heaven’s no place for one who thrives on hell, one who prefers the bit to the silver spoon. Then when I’d almost resigned myself to winning, when it seemed my bright future would never dim, when my luck looked as though it was only beginning, I met him.”

-Carrie Fisher’s Journal, 1976