idk is this is spoiler actually

the whole aldertree interrogating jace scene makes me believe he’s actually sebastian in disguise, idk how he would have known all those facts about jace and valentine so… or he could be valentine?

Thoughts on Season 2! (Positivity!!)

Smh ya’ll got insanely high standards…I, for one, loved season 2 of voltron and idk why you’re all so salty abt it bc I literally see no reason why you should be!!

some cool positives to remember!!:

*an actual fan theory was true! That’s kinda cool, right? Even though it had evidence behind it, that happens pretty rarely (this is pertaining to keith’s galra heritage)
*the mall episode in general
*the little creatures that followed pidge around when she was building the satellite
*literally forgetting to purchase a system to play the video game on
*matt!!!is okay!!
*haggar is altean…tbh that’s pretty cool. idk why I didn’t see that coming!
*“I hate altean pools”
*shiro and pidge bonding with their lions
*the mice entertaining allura while everyone else was busy
*the fact that literally no aliens care about earth because no one buys from that one shop
*lance is essentially a sniper!! yay!!
*slav being a nervous wreck 99% of the time
*the star spore fight
*pidge, the pilot of the nature lion, constantly complaining about how awful nature is

My questions:

*in the time loop the mice just literally changed species each time. are they a type of creature that just does that over time, or were they so young that when they ceased to be in existence, they just straight up changed species?
*if the latter is the fact, wouldn’t coran have just changed species too?
*And since they all went back to normal afterward, would coran have been okay after all, since allura wasn’t affected by the time loop and would have been able to get them out of there eventually?
*speaking of, why wasn’t allura affected by the time loop?
*and if it’s a time loop rather than an age loop, wouldn’t they have been okay since they were asleep for 10,000 years, or does cryostasis not really affect that
*lance has shown up on at least 2 occasions since leaving earth with a face mask. they left the space station without any of their posessions, so does this mean the castle just came equipped with face masks?
*who will pilot the black lion in shiro’s absence?
*allura finally got sparkly things in the finale. surrounding her. protecting her. im so happy for her. but why?????
*how does an upside-down pool even WORK?

And finally, my suspicion for season 3:

*there was all this talk about keith leading voltron if something were to happen to shiro, so that’s obviously going to go into effect in the next season.

so why did shiro disappear? and where did he go?

maybe my memory is just bad and I need to rewatch season 1, but if i remember correctly, there was never really an explanation as to how and why shiro was sent back to the station. And why does he have the galra arm?

I think that, maybe, after being kidnapped during the kerberos mission, the galra installed his arm and somehow made it so they basically could control his mind whenever they needed to, just in case (because why wouldn’t they be able to…they’re aliens. possibilities are limitless, haha) and then they let him go. on purpose. And he could turn against the rest of the paladins whenever it was convenient (keith spoke of a prophecy in episode 1, there might have been something similar leading the galra to believe that shiro would pilot the black lion)

but why, might you ask, after voltron causing so much damage to the galra fleet already, haven’t they used this to their advantage already?

well, firstly, up until now zarkon was pretty convinced he could destroy voltron if it came down to it, and that proved to be untrue.

secondly, to obtain information. if they waited until now, the galra now know everything about team voltron: their strengths, weaknesses, families, home planet, and everything that matters to them. shiro now knows all of that

and lastly, maybe they just haven’t really had the chance. or it’s just not convenient. this was only the second battle that really came down to it.


/APPARENTLY/ we could be seeing spideys underarm webbing in the new movie!! Fancy suit upgrades! 

Things confirmed by season 2
  • Galra!Keith
  • Texan!Keith (or at least southern!Keith. YOU HEARD HIS DAD DON’T LIE)
  • Brogane is real and I am shook
  • The ladies actually do love Lance and so do I
  • Hunk could be the next Gordon Ramsey if he didn’t have to save the universe or whatever
  • Sharpshooter (sniper) Lance!!!!
  • ShayxHunk is real you can’t tell me nothin’
  • If that bathroom scene wasn’t a nod to a possible nonbinary Pidge, idk what is

me: [sitting happily with thace and all of my thace-is-keith’s-dad headcanons and fanart]

voltron writers:

Beautiful things in episode seven that people forgot the moment they kissed

-Viktor collapsing on him and falling asleep
-Yuuri wiggling his butt while leaning against the wall
-Leo’s confidence in himself, even after getting a low score
-Guanghong’s theme??? Is so good????
-Also Leo appeared in Guanghong’s story
-Speaking of Chris he did it again
-Perfect son Phichit is an actual disney prince
-“I don’t know how to make you stop crying should I just kiss you???? Idk”
-The intensity with which Viktor ran to him
-Plisetsky’s poor fork
-Yuuri can’t pronounce Russian and neither can I
-“With love from Russia~~ ;)”

there are two things that I really loved about Moana

One is that she was to be the next chief like no hassle

none of that “she’s a girl, she can’t be the next chief” bullshit

the second is that in You’re Welcome there’s a line that Maui sings and it goes like,

“It’s just me / Just your ordinary demiguy”

and I guess it’s supposed to be a play on “demigod”

but part of me just believes that Disney’s Maui is genderqueer

N Now we’ve promptos rescue scene reversed~

Not gonna lie, I was actually expecting smth like this when they all reunited after the crystal incident (trying not to spoiler too much). I mean, srsly, who if not Prompto would jump into Nocts arms after all this time???? Instead it was all rather luke warm n it left me irritated n wanting :/ 

So here is my version of their reunion n imo how it should have been! (especially since it could have been such a nice circle from Prompto’s rescue n his question to Noct~… *sigh*)

  • Victuuri: *kiss*
  • Someone: Idk, it was hidden so it's not a ~real kiss. Why do they keep queerbaiting us like this?
  • Someone else: I can't believe they kissed. What cruel queerbaiting! Sure, they may care for each other, but think of the "no homo" that'll go on later, which I KNOW will happen because I've actually seen ep 8 which isn't even out yet!!
  • Me: .... ?????????
  • Me: If it was a guy and a girl, there'd be no question of the validity of the kiss. What the fuck????
For the people freaking out about baby JJ being dressed like Cartman

Let’s not forget South Park made a reference to Yuri on Ice and Crunchyroll recently.

Kubo-sensei noticed it, and actually twitted (I don’t have the source for it rn but if someone do please add them) about it. I think she was saying something like wondering about canadian in south park or idk.

What I want to say is that : it was intentional. It was fully intentional and most probably a reply to South Park’s reference to Yuri on ice.

And it’s so nice.

about the birthday art
as u probably know, ishida posted some particularly gloomy art for his birthday, and there were some things about it that concerned me…

red circle: looks like tombstones, it seems like touka is in a graveyard

blue circle: if you look closely, it looks like there are actually two heads shown, not one. kind of looks white, maybe kaneki’s head?

green circle: it looks like someone is standing behind touka, as you can see there are actually two sets of shoulders. since this person is not shown, maybe this suggests some kind of haunting?

orange circle: as pointed out by several others, touka looks to be holding kanekis mask. it looks like there is a skull underneath the mask. the first time the legend of the one-eyed king was spoken of, ishida illustrated the king as a skeleton upon a mountain of skulls. is this hinting at kaneki meeting his demise due to his self-proclaimed reign as oek? cue x files theme music

anyways this is probably some pointless/useless analyzation but this is the first tg art thats ever made sense to me/ worried me so! please reply with ur thoughts i’d luv 2discuss it

I’ll be honest I didn’t see this episode as a romantic moment for Blacksun. I think it’s definitely going to strengthen Blake and Sun’s relationship, but I hope this isn’t the deciding factor that pushes Blacksun to canon status. Blake and Sun still need to talk about their problems and APOLOGIZE to each other for their short comings. I really hope something like that happens before Blake and Sun become canon if that’s what RT is intending to do.

Also I’m glad this episode served as a massive ‘fuck you’ to anyone who tried to delude themselves into thinking that Blake doesn’t care for/hates Sun.

Utapri Analysis: Star Constellations

i’ve already talked about this on twitter, but i thought i’d post it here as well so more people can see it. will contain a few spoilers i think? not really bad ones or sth though.

so you might remember this screenshot from cecil’s and shion’s ep

the shape seemed really familiar to me, so i found that if you turn it around, you can see it’s the big dipper

cecil, tokiya, masato and otoya form the “body” of the star sign and ren, syo and natsuki the “handle.”

i looked for more information about the constellation and apparently megrez (cecil’s star) is the faintest star in the big dipper. in the screenshot though, it seemed more like utapri made cecil’s star the brightest. this might refer to how cecil has felt all this time, like he was the weakest part of starish and he didn’t matter as much as the others since he was the last one to join the group. but after his episode/the season so far, he realized he was more than just that and is actually a big part of starish and makes the group even, just like any other member. you can even see he’s the center of the constellation and thus holds them together. 

every single star of the big dipper has its own name, so every member of starish has their own star name. i’ve looked into them and the stars don’t really have a meaning or such, though they do all have an arabic name that can be translated. the translations didn’t exactly make me think ‘oh this fits them as a character’ but the stars individually might have certain connections to the other stars. (i haven’t really taken the time to look for this so feel free to if you want to.) 

starish’s star names are:

otoya: dubhe 
masato: merak 
natsuki: alioth 
tokiya: phecda
ren: mizar 
syo: alkaid
cecil: megrez

another thing that’s interesting is that the big dipper is part of the great bear, and the great bear contains of 18 stars. the great bear could be a metaphor for starish, heavens and quartet night as in the picture below.

with this, maybe we’ll see more star constellations in the future (or maybe there are some i haven’t noticed yet.) it seems that the ‘star’ in legend star really does have a meaning this season.