idk is this common knowledge or

Summary of this shoe discourse for those who don't know wtf is happening

-JK (Shiro’s VA) posted a pic on IG of two pairs of shoes; one red one black

-Bex (Pidge’s VA) commented ‘Sh/eith confirmed’ as a joke and liked a few other comments from fans saying shit like “Keith is a powerbottom #confirmed” and other golden shit like that

-Antis are flipping shit about it bc they enjoy being extra and get aggressive when the VA’s remind us that they in fact support shaladin because they’re not ignorant morons

-Also they’ve just found out that Tyler (Hunk’s VA) likes H/idge ??? Even tho that’s been common knowledge since like last year ???? So idk why that’s only just appearing ???

-Some antis are threatening to leave the fandom over it (one can only dream)

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Humans are absurdly overengineered generalists

Humans are proportionally weak compared to arthropods, they’re slow compared to horses/wolves, they’re dumb compared to Artificial Intelligence, they’re fragile compared to megafauna like elephants, their socialization is nonexistant compared to true eusocial/pack species, and they’re clumsy compared to octopodes.  They’re not bad at anything, however, and they can repurpose a skill for anything (e.g. they can socialize with strangers, they can reuse domain specific knowledge for other stuff, they can use one type of movement for a lot of tasks, etc) which is not super common.  Most importantly, though, humans can continue functioning after almost any injury.

leg bones? There are 2, so breaking one is no more than an inconvenience in the short term until the endorphins wear off.

lungs? Again, theyre redundant.  Function can be temporarily restored with TAPE!

Tendons/ligaments?  Those are redundant too!


IDK what aliens would think of us, between “what kind of idiot would design that?” and “thats so cool, what excuse/purpose can we find for one as a crewmember?”

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Hello Bendy! What's your favorite thing to do? (I've never asked a question on a ask blog before so sorry if this question is kinda boring)

B: i only like you for your alcohol
MM: so… you still like me.
B: Piss off.

(FUN FACT: Back in the good ol’ mafia days,  if a gang wanted control over a business they would ask for half or more of the entire profit, bleed the business dry, and burn the place down if/when they went bankrupt. If the business owner did not comply to begin with, they would go after the owners family and torture/kill them, and if THAT didn’t go through to the owner, they would be assassinated. Or “whacked” as they liked to put it lmao. But the thing that Moon Man and Bendy have goin on is sort of a special case.
-Mod Moon Man)

Who Wins the Bet? (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Idk maybe a jughead smut if ur ok with writing that? Like reader and him have a lot of chemistry and sexual tension and the gang has bets on when they’ll finally swallow their pride bc theyre both too stubborn to admit they like each other and like maybe at a party things between them get heated and it leads to smut? Im rlly bad at explaining things this is both vague and specific im sorry lol

A/N: Hopefully this is what you wanted!!


Warnings: Smut! 

Who wins the Bet? (Jughead x Reader Smut)

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Hi! I love you guys and your endless knowledge! I was helping my friend pick out furniture the other day, and we somehow ended up on the topic of Cybertronian housing/furniture ect. So I was wondering, are there any established facts to do with housing on Cyberton? Flats/Apartments, Villas, detached/semi-detached ect. Any established layout to these things? Common decor? Idk, it's an odd question but it's also weirdly interesting from a cultural perspective.

So many Autobot and Decepticon bases that feature prominently in cartoons and comics are spaceships (usually crashed ones!), so the majority of “personal living space” we see tend to be ship’s quarters. And those don’t even appear that often - More than Meets the Eye has probably given us the most frequent looks at such rooms (being that it’s actually set IN a ship) and they all tend toward the “featureless grey metal cube with plank attached to wall” aesthetic, with maybe a little desk or workbench or something.

….which has been quite in-keeping with the personal quarters seen even on Cybertron in other comics, which are largely limited to other IDW books, since they currently deal with peacetime on Cybertron and the ability to have a civilian life, versus fighting on other planets. Like Windblade’s here:

Or the grim little dwellings in the Decepticon ghetto:

Beast Wars featured a couple of looks at quarters, too, which had the similar “metal cube with plank-bed and desk” thing going on, but were slightly more personalized. Here’s Cheetor’s, which has a little hologram “clock” on the “bedside table,” and a poster of… space? …on the wall.

Optimus Primal keeps a nicer room, with a globe and a flower Dinobot brings in while he’s recuperating from a virus, and… are those light-fixtures supposed to look like bananas?

There are also a few cracks in the series about how Rattrap keeps a big collection of Waspinator parts, and how he moves “all his junk” into Primal’s quarters when he is believed dead, so personal affectations and decorations are definitely a thing, at least in this era, but they’re not something we see a lot of in the broader Transformers world.

Outside of ship quarters… hmn…. Mirage had an estate once, because he was a rich toff. And joked about Hound making him a “big house with a four car garage” once they got back to Cybertron.

Just spent the day at Six Flags and now I want a Superbat fanfic where Six Flags exists but it’s themed after the real life Justice League (instead of DC comics).  Clark drags Bruce there on a date because roller coasters, ferris wheels and rigged games remind Clark of the county fairs back in Smallville, but Bruce is all “why would you want to ride a roller coaster when you can actually fly you idiot”

Bruce acts as if he doesn’t care for the “childish rides” but when he sees Clark’s big, dorky grin when they get in line for the Superman ride, and he sees all the kids that are excited about the rides and the Justice League itself, he can’t help but feel pleased

a notice for the skam fandom: hey guys, I just wanna make sure all of my fellow skam fans over the age of 17 are careful when regarding the cast members. remember that most of them are indeed, underage, and the last thing I want is to see this fandom hyper-sexualize underage actors and characters. it’s not appropriate. this means smutting and nsfw art work should not include the underage cast members.

thank you for your time.


So I finally got Darkseid War: Green Lantern comic today.

Today when I went to pick up my prescription the pharmacist told me I should avoid grapefruit - I didn’t know this since it’s not on the information sheet I get with my meds and no one had ever mentioned it to me before.  

Idk, maybe this is fairly common knowledge…but just in case any of you guys happen to be taking Sertraline/Zoloft and, like me, weren’t aware of this: say no to grapefruit!

Krypton was incredibly technologically advance compare to Earth right?  When Kara came to Earth, even her elementary knowledge of science and technology that she learned on Krypton is far far ahead of humans. But it wouldn’t do well do be consider a genius because she’s suppose to blend in, so blend in she did. she hid her knowledge. 

Then she became a reporter and got sent to cover a science conference. so she’s there as this newbie reporter from CatCo, and she starts to engage with some scientists. when she first introduce herself, they were all expecting the generic question every common person asks, but nope, Kara can’t help it, it been so long since she has a scientific debate (She doesn’t really talk with Alex or Eliza about it because maybe they took the hiding things too far? idk but she doesn’t) and Kara can’t help wanting to engage these scientists in long through-provoking debates that is so stimulating to her and also helps her remember Krypton

and these scientists were not expecting this unknown reporter from CatCo of all places to be asking them hard hitting questions and to understand their jargon and to even suggest ways to make it better, to get better results, to bring up theories and example that pokes holes into their ideas. words quickly spread throughout the conference about Kara, this random journalist  from a non-scientific publication, who is able to keep up with their jargon and theories and inventions, who asks questions that points out the flaws so they can make it better

From then on, Kara keeps getting invited to many other conferences, and the scientists living/visiting National City keeps trying to set up lunch and dinner with her to talk to her about what their working on and to hear her insight. Scientists are like fighting each other to get a chance to debate with Kara, and Kara is just really happy she gets to remember Krypton in this way, and also she gets to help humanity by helping steer the scientists in the right direction.

Kara also becomes the go-to reporter whenever scientists wants the world to know their work and new inventions, or when they need the public attention so they can get some more funding. 

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Hello, I was wondering if you'd be able to write a 3848 fic, somewhere alongs the lines of the two realizing they have feelings for eachother? Thanks! :)

if you were looking for more feelings, then don’t worry, I have a longer fic with feelings in the works of these idiots, but in the meantime, here’s a combo of your prompt and CJ’s rude attack on me:

@duncanjameskeith: write me something about hartzy smooching on those tats 👀

Ryan hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of it. The way the numbers bend every time Vinnie moves, how they’re splayed over his ribs, how they trail down to his waist.

“Ryan!” Nick yells before snapping his fingers in Ryan’s face. He tears his eyes away from Vinnie’s tattoo and looks up to see Nick hovering near his locker.

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False Assumption Part 1 (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Anon: “Damian W. x reader, where he has a crush on her/ or them (idk about people’s preferences), but their crush pretends to have a crush on a close friend of his bc they’re too scared to tell him since they’re anxious about relationships? :^0”

Schninner: Why yes indeedy do I can! I absolutely adore writing the fluff! :D

Part 2 * Part 3

(Reader can be a guy, gal, or binary pal)

Warnngs: A few Cuss words

Word count: 545

Master List

It was common knowledge to any one that met you, that you liked Damian Wayne, you had for quite some time now. It wasn’t your average ordinary “He looks cute” kind of crush, you had a full blown middle school crush on that boy. And really, if we’re being honest, who wouldn’t? He was beyond smart, loved animals, skilled martial artist, and his looks were one to talk about.

You two had met in costume a while back, while He was on patrol. You guys had squawked and fought with one another, but became fast friends, leading to your huge and unavoidable crush on the boy wonder.

You guys were friends, so it should be easy to tell him how you felt, right? Wrong, in fact, it made things a whole lot harder for you. If you were to tell him how you felt, and he didn’t return your feelings, it could make things awkward, or worse! It could destroy the wonderful friendship with him entirely!

These, and many more paranoid thoughts ran through your mind as you stood next to Damian on a rooftop. Both of you were in costume, talking about anything you could. You were so busy “observing Gotham” (You were just trying to look anywhere but at Damian, because he looked so damn hot today) that you hadn’t noticed that the boy wonder had been slowly stepping closer to you until you felt his forearm brush against yours.

Startled by his sudden closeness, you jumped, and prayed to the gods that you weren’t blushing as hard as you thought.

“So, [S/H/N], there’s been something I wanted to talk to you about.” He said at last, breaking the silence that had formed between a minute ago.

Fear rose into your heart.

Why is he talking like this? It’s not like him to tip toe around the subject.” You thought, anxiously tapping your finger on the side of the building.

“He’s always direct, gets straight to the point. Unless he’s nervous…”

“I had been thinking about this for quite some time now…”

“Holy crap! HE knows!” You internally screamed, “he knows that I have a monster size crush on him, and he’s going to tell me he doesn’t think about me that way, which will lead to the inevitable falling-out of our friendship!

“… and I was just wondering, that maybe…”

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Think {F’N], Think!”

“… Maybe You- “

“I have a crush on Jon!” You shouted, mentally high fiving yourself on the quick save.

Damian looked at you in surprise, and blinked hi eyes, once, twice, behind the black domino mask.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly. Did you just say you liked Jon? As in Jon Kent?” He asked you, not breaking eye contact.

“Yeah, I mean, He’s cute, with the hair, the eyeballs, and those nostrils…” You continued listing off the many ridiculous reasons why you “liked” the Superboy.

But Damian had long since stopped listening, he was to focused on the sinking feeling of disappointment and hurt. If he had listened, if he had paid attention, he may have heard the slight quiver in your voice, or how obvious it was that you were head over heels in love with him.


❝ Ahahahaha! You are strong, Warrior of Light! Yet know that if I should perish, so too will the mortal within whose flesh I reside. Now make your choice and live with it!

During our prae run the other day, @der-vogelfanger mentioned that Lahabrea says p much the same thing Thancred had said to Emmanellain during the 3.2 MSQ! And since i love me some good parallels i wanted to do something with it : >

An artist shouldn’t have to ask someone to credit them or tell them to ask for permission to use a personal piece. If you’re famous I understand being harder to approach, but crediting someone takes 2 seconds and doesn’t hurt.

And for artists who aren’t famous or even popular (I.e. me) it’s damaging to their exposure to just spread/repost their art without linking back.

“Cool pic! Who drew that?”
“Idk man lol”

Great job! You just cost that artist part of their audience.

Just… this should be common knowledge.

idk if this is common knowledge but that love me love me say that you love me i can’t care about anything but you tweet is from a song called lovefool by the cardigans and if you listen to the whole thing it’s very sad to imagine ryan listening to it and relating

i kno ive talked abt this before but i still rly cant get over darth vader as a disabled character who is also a disabled villain but doesnt really fit the usual trope of how disabled characters are usually villains or at least just Really Not Protagonists

like hes not a villain bc hes disabled, hed still be darth vader if he had all his limbs and didnt need a respirator and full body life support suit at all times, his motivation isnt being bitter about how his body works so really his being disabled doesnt at all tie into him being a villain BUT ALSO

it completely ties into how darth vader is darth vader bc like all the Iconic Darth Vader Things are pretty specifically bc hes disabled (the breathing, the mask, being fuckignf seven feet tall) but like its done in such a cool way and i think thats possible bc his being disabled is like really unrelated to his motivation as a character, and so often w disabled characters/villains especially, their main character trait is being disabled and it makes up their whole motivation. like theres being realistic about how much disability can impact ur life and ur choices (a lot) and then theres making a disabled character who is Only a Disabled Character and not really anything else. like usually im really uncomfortable w disabled villains especially done by non-disabled writers/creators bc of this but man. fuckn love darth vader

anyway it also kind of makes me think of the way that luke skywalker could become a “legend” in like 20 years just bc it SOUNDS like something out of a legend to have this kid show up in the middle of the rebellion out of nowhere saving everyones asses and then all o the sudden hes a jedi like?? sounds fake but ok. darth vader goes from this like cute little jedi prodigy to a fucking seven foot tall specter of a man who you never see his face, he literally seems like something out of a nightmare, even if ur on the same side the Breathing alone just would be SO anxiety inducing!! it doesnt sound possible for that to come out of cute lil anakin. all of this stuff is bc of the adaptive equipment he needs to survive and function but it adds SO MUCH to the intimidation factor. darth vader has an Image and that image is only possible bc of equipment he needs to survive as a disabled person

but then also w rogue one when we see him in the bacta tank it just really!!! adds a lot of depth like it really hammers in the fact that however terrifying and deadly he is hes still not in control, hes still being used as a weapon just like the jedi wanted to and then put back on the shelf when they dont need him. (but they would still be using him the same way if he didnt need the suit or a bacta tank to survive. the jedi were already using him to begin with. this isnt bc hes disabled but being disabled affects How all of this happens. he wouldnt necessarily be in a bacta tank but he would still be held like a useful prisoner.) but also it just felt really Real like under the mask and the suit is still just a body. the medical science in the star wars universe is pretty incredible but it can only go so far, and thats so much more realistic than the way a lot of scifi treats disability as like “well that doesnt have to exist because SCIENCE!! medical science CURES ALL!! so we dont have to bother writing disabled characters.”

idk i dont really know where this was supposed to be going but i really love how hes written as a disabled character because like…to say “hes not written like a disabled character” isnt really true because that kind of thing usually means the disability is glossed over or ignored, but hes not written like a disabled trope. its totally common knowledge that darth vader is the darth vader we kno and love specifically because hes missing most of his limbs and needs a respirator and life support system. like the way hes written as a disabled villain, in the setting hes in, feels really authentic and weirdly relatable. hes literally gotta wear it like armor and it kind of rly hit home as someone who has had to sort of build up this tough unaffected persona to deal w people staring and making nasty comments and whatnot (on account of being visibly physically disabled) because under the suit and the mask and the image that has been built up of darth vader its still just a person in there with a body thats breakable and cant survive on its own. like hes a three-dimensional character but also his disability is written into his character in a really three-dimensional way

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idk if this is common knowledge or anything but,, apparently reaper had been doing his reaper-y business for around a decade, and the explosion was only 6 years ago?? which means gabe had adopted the reaper persona fOUR YEARS before the end of overwatch?? which makes me so sad bc i can imagine jack wanting to eliminate talon while gabe, his besto buddy (coughcough crush coughcough) is most likely working with talon right under his nose (pt 1)


Idk if this is common knowledge or not but the nightmare in Red Belt was def. connected to the Mewberty ep in more ways than the hearts.

The music at that point sounds v. similar to the music that would play when Mewberty Star shoved a boy into a locker… Margo found their dead body in a locker… which was covered in Mewberty hearts.

It rlly looks like a representation of being gendered as a boy, in a way that is meant to look horrifying (being attacked by a giant moth? implication of death? horrifying). But they doesn’t have the words to express what is horrifying them so much and so what they comes up with is “I’m… wearing a suit?”

Tldr the nightmare scene is covered in gender-related imagery from the show & even uses music parallelling these scenes of Star literally pinning people down and shouting “BOY!” so it really is stronger evidence than I realized.