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So I finally got Darkseid War: Green Lantern comic today.

Krypton was incredibly technologically advance compare to Earth right?  When Kara came to Earth, even her elementary knowledge of science and technology that she learned on Krypton is far far ahead of humans. But it wouldn’t do well do be consider a genius because she’s suppose to blend in, so blend in she did. she hid her knowledge. 

Then she became a reporter and got sent to cover a science conference. so she’s there as this newbie reporter from CatCo, and she starts to engage with some scientists. when she first introduce herself, they were all expecting the generic question every common person asks, but nope, Kara can’t help it, it been so long since she has a scientific debate (She doesn’t really talk with Alex or Eliza about it because maybe they took the hiding things too far? idk but she doesn’t) and Kara can’t help wanting to engage these scientists in long through-provoking debates that is so stimulating to her and also helps her remember Krypton

and these scientists were not expecting this unknown reporter from CatCo of all places to be asking them hard hitting questions and to understand their jargon and to even suggest ways to make it better, to get better results, to bring up theories and example that pokes holes into their ideas. words quickly spread throughout the conference about Kara, this random journalist  from a non-scientific publication, who is able to keep up with their jargon and theories and inventions, who asks questions that points out the flaws so they can make it better

From then on, Kara keeps getting invited to many other conferences, and the scientists living/visiting National City keeps trying to set up lunch and dinner with her to talk to her about what their working on and to hear her insight. Scientists are like fighting each other to get a chance to debate with Kara, and Kara is just really happy she gets to remember Krypton in this way, and also she gets to help humanity by helping steer the scientists in the right direction.

Kara also becomes the go-to reporter whenever scientists wants the world to know their work and new inventions, or when they need the public attention so they can get some more funding. 

Idk if this is common knowledge or not but the nightmare in Red Belt was def. connected to the Mewberty ep in more ways than the hearts.

The music at that point sounds v. similar to the music that would play when Mewberty Star shoved a boy into a locker… Margo found their dead body in a locker… which was covered in Mewberty hearts.

It rlly looks like a representation of being gendered as a boy, in a way that is meant to look horrifying (being attacked by a giant moth? implication of death? horrifying). But they doesn’t have the words to express what is horrifying them so much and so what they comes up with is “I’m… wearing a suit?”

Tldr the nightmare scene is covered in gender-related imagery from the show & even uses music parallelling these scenes of Star literally pinning people down and shouting “BOY!” so it really is stronger evidence than I realized.

Today when I went to pick up my prescription the pharmacist told me I should avoid grapefruit - I didn’t know this since it’s not on the information sheet I get with my meds and no one had ever mentioned it to me before.  

Idk, maybe this is fairly common knowledge…but just in case any of you guys happen to be taking Sertraline/Zoloft and, like me, weren’t aware of this: say no to grapefruit!

mkay so idk if this is common knowledge and everyone knows this and i just never clued in, but my sister and i are playing the first uncharted game (the remastered version) and i noticed this on the side of the jet ski: 

which, as some of u may recognize, is the design from ellies tshirt in the last of us:

also, i discovered that in the original uncharted the boat design looked like this:

which i guess means that they took the little design from the from the first uncharted, colored it, then put it in the last of us (6 years after the first game was released) and when the remastered version of the uncharted games was released (two years after the last of us) they decided to throw in the newer version :0


❝ Ahahahaha! You are strong, Warrior of Light! Yet know that if I should perish, so too will the mortal within whose flesh I reside. Now make your choice and live with it!

During our prae run the other day, @der-vogelfanger mentioned that Lahabrea says p much the same thing Thancred had said to Emmanellain during the 3.2 MSQ! And since i love me some good parallels i wanted to do something with it : >

I have too much free time

So i’ve made some lists of things i’ve noticed that I think are cool/interesting concerning Lazytown. Some stuff is probably common knowledge but I feel like pointing it out anyways. I’ve also got a little list of head canons. If you’d like to see my observations and head canons, read on!

(I’m currently using mobile and idk how to insert the ‘Keep Reading’ line. I’ll edit this later. Apologies)

Things I’ve noticed in the show:

-Sportacus likes to have one ice cube in his water so that he can chew it. He’s a cube chewer
-Robbie is spooked by ghosts. And bees. And dogs. The man is super duper jumpy all around
-Trixie is a freakin danger junky omg
-Robbie almost always accidentally closes the hatch to his lair on his fingers. Poor boi just not paying attention lol
-Hats are like 90% of the disguise. Your hat falls off and it’s all over. Likewise, you could probably get away with just a really well made hat and nothing else.
-it gets really really freakin cold in Robbie’s lair in the winter. :(
-Sportacus only needs a scarf in dead winter?????
-Stephanie really likes those useless fluff balls you find on the end of winter hats and sometimes on boots
-the mayor loves hot cocoa.
-Robbie actually does like the kids. He often wonders what the kids are up to and checks up on them through his scope thing.
-Stephanie is afraid of heights! :o
-Trixie Pixel and Stingy are the three musketeers. They act a bit more mature and joke around like besties when its just the three of them
-Robbie is always calling Stingy 'Stinky’? Does he reek of greed or something?
-the mayor is the mayor and the principle? Who the hell hires him, how is he at all qualified for any of this
-Robbie never gets calls, except for when Bessie calls him by accident :(
-Robbie points off into the distance dramatically when he pulls the disguise lever
-Robbie likes to sleep with his arms crossed
-Sportacus’s crystal does actually sense when people are depressed; in season 2 episode 16 Robbie takes apart their race cars and they’re all sad and Sportacus’s crystal goes off. Now ik thats not depression, but if it goes off when they’re sad, surely it’ll go off when someone is actually depressed.
-Robbie knows everyone’s birthdays!! He wrote them all down in his calendar :D
-Ziggy’s Bday is the 14th? Of what?
-Sportacus’s is the 10th (eh heh)
-Bessie: 6th
-Mayor: 3rd (I think)
-Stephanie: 1rst
-Pixel is left handed (or possibly ambidextrous?)
-The mayor likes to knit
-Trixie can play the guitar
-Sportacus is very knowledgable about trolls?
-Robbie is an extremely light sleeper
-Stingy will get camera shy AF

Things that are true in my head:

-Robbie loves to wear bowties. Sportacus thinks he’s really freakin cute when he wears bowties :3
-Once Sportacus finds out that Robbie has a phone but no one ever calls him, he’ll call him up from his airship and asks if he’s doing alright and they have nice little conversations :)
-Miss Busybody makes the absolute best hot cocoa. It’s the highlight of the Mayor’s day whenever she makes some.
-Trixie actually loves to read but won’t admit it, books are dUMB
-Pixel is into astronomy
-So I’m pretty sure Robbie did something for someone once. Not sure what it was exactly, but now he not only gets free stuff, he gets immediate (and free) shipping. He probably murdered someone for somebody, idk
-Trixie will crinkle her notes and tear them. She won’t notice shes doing this
-Stingy hums the 'Mine’ song. All. The. Time.
-Stephanie’s favorite number is 8
-Ziggy’s is 4
-I feel like Robbie might have ADHD, he’s always jumpy and twitchy (this might also be due to the fact that he’s constantly eating cake tho) and he can’t seem to remember things, especially names. He seems like the impulsive type as well, always eating and doing whatever he wants.
-blue kangaroo XD
-i can’t believe his top teeth were fake guys i never noticed
-it’s pleasantly surprising how much thought actually went into these characters and their appearances

he senses something, call it desperation || kidge week day 2

A/N: this takes place immediately after this fic. title derived from the ballad of mona lisa by p!atd. enjoy!

Prompt: Secret

Summary: Where in which Keith is sure that he wants to throw Lance into an airlock and hit eject if he opens his stupid mouth one more time. Or maybe just thrown himself in. That works too.

It was common knowledge that Keith had always been on the temperamental side. Always diving headfirst into danger, face in a constant state of scowling, yelling just about every damn day…He was the paladin of the Red Lion for crying out loud, the literal embodiment of impatience, so of course it was expected that he had a short fuse too.

Never did Keith expect that his fuse can get even shorter.

Until now, that is.

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"four middle school girls" I can't even begin to point out what's wrong with those four words. Does totally-isn't-Alex-you-guys-seriously-anon even do his research? Obviously not, since even pro Yandere Simulator sources (like, I don't know, the WIKI?) state that YandereDev's real name is Alex. It's not an invasion of privacy if it's common fucking knowledge! -AAAA

“four high school girls” like only 2 of us are girls “middle school” idk abt the other mods but im out of school and looking @ colleges but ok like they really thought “kek,, im gonna call them al,l , , ,,,, Girls, , ,, ,,,, hehehe.. . that’ll , jiggle their puff,s, ,,” its so fucking funny lmfoa


@gayromansionis replied to your post “bullet-dodging anon again, so I’m a trans woman and one of the big…”

yeah though, and tbh even when this is common knowledge i doubt cis fandom will react/complain much because they couldn’t give a damn about us (especially not about trans women) so i’m pretty sure it’ll get swept under the rug because hey lets just complain about hair options

yeah im sure people will ignore it/forget about it and god i really just when game developers do this where they introduce a marginalized character and then kill them off because people will always try to frame hurt fans as being ungrateful and greedy for wanting the good representation they deserve and its so cruel

and really bioware’s track record with trans women in particular is literally just awful transmisogynistic caricatures who were turned into jokes in dao and da2

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You could always order a pizza online. It's a godsend, trust me.

Lol two people telling me this. It must be common knowledge. Idk if I had someone to share it with i would

okay so i’m sure this headcanon has probably been expressed by someone before but i’ve never seen it so

but like enjolras having a soft spot for jehan

i mean everyone in les amis does, of course, because let’s be real who can hate jehan the beautiful flower, but enjolras has the biggest soft spot for them (which no one expects and no one really comments on once it’s common knowledge)

and enj lets jehan braid his hair all the time and jehan almost always puts some type of hand-picked flower (because it’s jehan and fake flowers just won’t do) in the ridiculously intricate (and ridiculously beautiful) braid.

enj usually likes to have his hair up in a bun when he’s working or at meetings because it stays out of his face but any time jehan braids it he keeps the braid in (and takes care to keep all the flowers in their proper place) because he knows it makes them happy

just enjolras and his soft spot for jehan

Shadow Ranch Cheat

Guys! idk if this i common knowledge but in shadow ranch during the magnet maze puzzle: open it, and then exit, put the rock back down and walk away and then walk back and open it again. if you do this 5 or more times the wooden blocks will disappear and you’ll be able to do the maze freely!

Hey I’m not sure if this is like common knowledge or anything but I’m just gonna put it out there. I was listening to ‘the kids aren’t alright’ by fob and one of the lines is 'former heroes that quit too late’ and I just made a connection between that and the quote 'you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’ and I think they might have based that line off of that quote because they line up almost perfectly. Idk I was just thinking and thought I’d share.

Oh! There’s actually a different version of all of them singing the themesong, that’s so neat! They’re so cute!!


Edit:  Apparently these aren’t the real voice actors, which is disappointing, but they’re still kinda neat I guess

"I'm all dressed up and naked"

I read The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen after hearing the new song, it’s about these two guys who tell the King they have this amazing new material to make his clothes out of, but only those who are worthy of their job can see it. So the emperor sends members of his staff to look at it (before he does) only there is actually no material, it’s a scam, but no-one wants to admit to it so they all lie. When the emperor sees it he lies too. So they dress him in the new outfit, but there is none so he is naked but no-one wants to say other wise. Until a child says he has no clothes, then everyone is like “actually that’s true he has no clothes” but the emperor is like fuck it and keeps going with the ceremony.
“I’m all dressed up and naked” - Emperor’s New Clothes/ p!atd