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Ionia - Ruins of Tuul-Ghao

“In the northern regions. among Ionia’s highest peaks lies the ruins of an old temple lost to many. The people used to know it as ‘Tuul-Ghao’ - ancient ionian for ‘Heaven’s Reach’.”

“Despite not many dare set foot there, the place remains in a fairly well preserved state, for the time it remained as such. Some tales about it say the spirits surrounding the region make it their home now… but I am not so certain.”

“The place lies within the clouds, hidden from the people living below. The air surrounding it feels dense and while some may claim it to be the sound of the wind howling in the distance, others will argue the faint whispers coming from within the region belong to the ancient souls who still inhabit the place.”

“It is unknown the reason as for why such a building has fallen into disuse.  The old bridge that connected it once to the outside world has been severed a long time ago, and it seems as if the people would rather have it that way.”

“Truth be told I had no clue such a place existed a few years ago. The temple falls prey to some adventurers in search for treasure and valuables, even though word has it they always disappear without leaving traces. I cannot tell whether or not the tales are true - I have only been there once. The only thing I can truly say with certainty is that the place surely won’t fail to make an impression.”

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Idk why I'm asking this, I guess it's kind of for validation or whatever but I have ADHD, and my friends are telling me that I can't need/like/reblog stimmy stuff if I'm not autistic because that's who it's for, not people with ADHD. They're telling me im invalidating autistic people and it sort of makes me upset because I could have sworn that stim was for people with ADHD too? I'm sorry for the negativity but I'm just really upset about this atm and idk what to say to them--

hey, it’s alright! people with ADHD do stim, and you aren’t alone. I’ve never spoken to an autistic person that has said stimming is only for autistic people. Even in official definitions of stimming, it’s said that many neurodivergent people do it - people with OCD, anxiety, SPD, and yes, ADHD. you aren’t alone. And I’d recommend checking out or talking to @adhdstim or @adhdstimming or @adhdstims !! you aren’t alone and you are completely valid in your stimming.

Just a quick tip to artists

If you’re an artist who likes to work really close, (like me), do yourself a favor and put up two views. You can do this by clicking View–> New on your toolbar.

There’s nothing worse than finally zooming out and realizing what you were doing was very wrong. This saved me a lot of grief tbh. I’m sure everyone knows this already but ._.;; I arrived quite late to that party.

P.S, this is for Paint Tool Sai!


Alright, HERE we go! Awhile ago I had an idea for a MP100/Voltron crossover, and after mentioning it to @x-i-l-verify​ and loooots of brainstorming later, we have…*gestures vaguely* this. These are more or less screenshot redraws just to kind of get across who is who. :) More info, reasonings and musings under the cut, because well…it got long…

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50 Films Challenge - First film I remember seeing in the cinema - Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.


Talent swap cuz i can

Fuyuhiko is prince, Sonia is mafia, Mahiru is mechanic, Kazuichi is photographer, Ibuki is traditional dancer and Hiyoko is musician

There are some drawings i don’t really know if i should post or not tbh and this is one of them. I just hope i won’t delete it in my sleep (trust me, it has happened a few times already)