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Need a hand (Zach DempseyX Reader )

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Request; Hey could you do  a  Zach Dempsey smut where you find him jerking off and offer to help him. Also i really love the Musical fingers imagine.Btw I don’t know if you do 13rw Characters but if you don’t you could just turn it into a reggie mantle one Thanks in advance.

A/N; Let me tell you guys how this is another version of this imagine because the first one I  was doing  my computer shut down in the middle of it so I had to  rewrite the whole thing but  yesss   I do 13rw imagines I love that show and all the characters.In other news I write other things not just smut. I can write fluff romance drama just tell me what you want  sis or bro. Idk ask for a part 2 if yah want i lowkey feel this is short but at the same time long idkk


Warnings;smut,sin, sin,sin ,more sin, jacking off ,blowjobs  blah, blah, blah

Part two

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon one of those day in April when the weather is cooperating. A day meant to go out , the park. shopping , walking  it doesn’t matter as long as you go somewhere to enjoy the weather.Where was I going not anywhere I wished to go. I was walking down the street no not on my way to the park to enjoy this lovely warm weather instead I was stuck studying for a final tomorrow with my study partner Zach Dempsey. Yes you heard right the Zach Dempsey star player of the basketball team.Unlike his teammates he was actually I laid back guy.He knew what mattered.He was pretty smart for a sports guy, He worried about his grades as much as he worried about sports.He wanted to be a biologist or something like that. He told me on one of our study session, I honestly can’t remember correctly maybe I was too busy drooling over the hottie, maybe that’s the problem I’m too  distracted by him. I mean the guy is fit from head to toe, I guess sports really do pay off. Oh if he knew the dreams I have about him and how I fantasize over his lips being on  mine. Zach and I have weird friendship  we are always flirting with each other and making sexual innuendos but we have never made contact that wasn’t just the friend type even though I wished we had. I was early to our study date I was sure Zach wouldn’t mind my parents went out and I didn’t want to be home alone. Zach has texted me earlier to just walk in when I got there. Zach parents were out of town and they took  his little sister with them so it was just going to be me and Zach.I reached the long driveway of the Dempsey home and decided to let myself in.Walking up the driveway I remember all the time Zach has come to open the door for me.How  he’s always wearing a shirt that hugs his bodily perfectly showing off all his muscles and how his sweatpants always hang low on his hips. He looks mesmerizing each time. I reach the door opening it slowly trying to  remember the way to Zach’s room. I’ve been in this house couple of time but the house is a mansion figuring out your way through it is like trying to get out of a maze each time.Making my way up the endless stairs I start to remember the way to his room. When I reach the top of the stairs I hear a something that sounds exactly like a moan. Immediately  I regret my decision of showing up early. What if Zach had someone over? I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything.My mind told me to get out of there but my feet wouldn’t listen they had a mind of their own and I slowly walk towards the door Zach moans got louder and I gotta admit they sounded enticing.Tempted to see what was happening inside I decided to look through the breach of the door. The view was captivating and alluring, Zach was pleasing himself his muscles clenching his hair was damped  and little droplets of sweat decorated his forehead and his eyebrows were furrowed.His hand moving up and down his exquisite cock and in that moment I desired that my mouth was his hand. As a gasp left his mouth I couldn’t hold it any longer my heart palpitated and I felt my body heat up the place in between my legs throbbing for attention.A sudden wave of confidence flowed through me as I stepped into the room speaking up.

“ Need a hand “ I say confidently

Zach is shocked he pulls his pants up in one swift movement turning the chair to face the opposite way that i’m standing.

“ wha… what did you say ?” he says stuttering

I start walking towards him “I asked if you needed help with that” I said standing in front of him. I sit on  his lap and slowly kiss his jawline

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“ like I said I could help but only if you want” I swing my legs to straddle him and get close to his ear I start nibbling on it slightly “Let’s be honest Dempsey you want this as much as I do so what are you waiting for” I say and I start kissing his jawline again.He grabs my hips firmly making me me grind on his bulge. I let out a gasp from the sudden contact. we craved each other. I look up at him his eyes darker full of lust the intensity between us growing. He harshly pulls my face to his crashing our lips together  and a surge of electricity runs through me.The kiss was passionate and lustful at the same time. Like we had been waiting for this forever and like it will last for eternity. I pull away short of breath and see Zach smirking.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that for” he says panting.I get on my knees making eye contact with him eager to have his luscious cock in my mouth my core burning with desire at every touch.I glidle my hand across his bulge and he hisses. I massage it slowly through his boxers. The anticipation of having him in my mouth is killing me but I also want to tease him. I slowly pull down his sweats and he kicks them off he’s only in boxers now giving me a better view.I take off his boxers looking up at him and batting my lashes I take him in my hands and he bucks his hips upward putting more of himself in my hand I pump him a few times before putting his savory tip in my mouth  a suck the tip slowly and he lets out a throaty moan. I take him in my mouth as much as I can slowly bobbing my head up and down  he starts thrusting his cock in my mouth making me moan which sends vibrations onto him.He forcefully pulls my hair into a pony tails guiding me. He hits the back of my throat and I gag. I can hear him cursing under his breath and I know he’s close. The view is consuming , he’s furrowing his eyebrows his mouth slightly open letting string of curse words fall from it once in awhile I moan at the thought of having him come undone inside my mouth. I feel him twitch so I moan again. I feel his milky liquid in my mouth and  I greedily savor his taste, his delicious cock still throbbing in my mouth.He lets go of my hair I wipe the corners of my mouth and get up.I sit on his lap again pulling his lips to mine kissing him passionately.

“Damn Y/N I didn’t know you were such a freak”

he says still short if breath

“Actually there a lot of things you don’t know about me Dempsey” I say smirking.I get up from the chair and start walking towards the door but Zach grabs me and throws me on the bed pinning me down.

“now its my turn to make you feel good” he says kissing my neck

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feel the sunrise

ok but can we talk about waking up on a sunday morning with shawn? like a good sunday morning, the kind where you wake up in a big bed with clean white sheets, and after your eyes adjust to the little bit of light streaming through the blinds, you turn your face against the pillow to see shawn lying there next to you, all soft, secret smiles and sparkling eyes. he would reach out to push back that one strand of hair that was blocking your face, and kiss you on the nose because you were both too drowsy for talking but not tired enough to go back to sleep.

and after you stayed there for another precious moment, and after you brushed your teeth and picked up his sweatshirt from the back of the desk chair and threw it on because you always thought he kept the ac on a little too high, you’d pad barefoot down the stairs and meet him in the kitchen. he’d already have a mug of coffee out for you, and you’d lean against the doorway in your underwear and his stolen sweater, grinning behind the rim of your mug as you watch him stare into the fridge for a moment, searching for something to eat.

and when he couldn’t find the carton of eggs, because you’re both still adjusting to living with one another and you have different ways of arranging the fridge and the cabinets and the dishwasher, you’d pull them out for him and grab the milk, too. he’d put on some music, something slow but happy, and then he’d come up behind you and wrap you in a hug. you’d be completely enveloped in his warmth and this is what you want every day, isn’t it? you want sleepy neck kisses and tangled hair against your cheek, pillow creases in your skin and heady whispers of sweet nothings, large hands tethering you to the earth and reminding you that you are here, this is real, you are so, so lucky.

and when you burn the eggs, he wouldn’t get mad; he’d only laugh and drag you over to the couch where he’d lay you down and tell you he was hungry for something else entirely - and that’s how you’d spend your sunday afternoon.

someone sTOP ME (title is from “coffee” by miguel but like this isn’t even a real imagine this is just me being in my feelings at midnight)

I would not only like to thank God, but also Jesus, for Shin Hoseok

I mean, he’s literally the cutest most adorable person on the planet 

brown haired Wonho is my undoing omg

Minhyuks face tho

what a fuckin dork

But then he just does a fuckin 180 and turns into a little shit, acting all hot and sexy


okay but he looked absolutely sinful in this outfit, am I not wrong?

he’s hot and he knows it

yo remember that time monbebes thought he got his titty pierced bc of this gif?

like hes hot just standing there???

absolutely sinful

Also look at this kinky motherfucker 

ft. Changkyun (fuck these two)

dat booty do

do you see that leash. fuCK this boi

Well that was a long post…

How would you guys feel if made more appreciation type posts like these? Maybe every Sunday?? Idk man but Wonho’s got in a fuCKING MESS FUCK ME

(None of the gifs or pictures are mine)

Short Stuff

A/n: So I kinda wrote this differently than my other fics and IDK how I feel about it just yet but last time I read through it I remember liking it. Truthfully I’ve had this done for awhile and forgot to post it. Sorry to @milleniumxhan for the wait.

Request: @milleniumxhan Heyyyyy!!!! Could you do a Thor x reader where you’re really short (okay me like im 5'1) and like he finds it hella adorable and the when the other Avengers tease you he gets all defensive and yeah. Thanks <3

Warnings: none 

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It was yet another Sunday morning at the Avengers which meant a “family” breakfast. You, Nat, and Wanda started on the pancakes and waffles as Tony and Steve worked on the bacon and sausage. The others were setting up the table and sipping coffee. Once the food was ready, everyone gathered in a line and made plates the filed into the dining room. To say you hated these meals was an exaggeration but you didn’t like them much either, especially when pancakes were served which is when the jokes started because someone had the bright idea to call you “short stack” one time and not surprisingly the name suck. It wasn’t that you couldn’t handle yourself you just would rather eat in peace than listen to the Avengers think they were funny, especially Tony.

“Y/n, you can’t eat that, it’s cannibalism” Tony smirked at you

“You know what they say, you are what you eat,” you replied taking your place at the table.

“So that’s why you’re so short?” Bucky asked. He may have been nice most of the time, but he could be an ass just like anyone else

“Yeah I ate too many pancakes, and it shrunk me,” you deadpanned

‘Don’t let those fools bother you Y/n,” Thor said taking a seat beside you

“I don’t,” you said, “I’ve had plenty of idiots think it’s funny that I’m small but what they don’t realize is I’m the perfect height to kick their ass.”

Thor chuckled, and the rest of the meal was filled with talks of missions and stupid things Steve did.

This is it you thought I hate being short. You were currently standing on a box you found on top of a chair because someone decided to stash the chocolate in the highest shelf.

“Need some help there, little one?” Thor asked

“I got it.” you huffed “and you too? I thought you were above name calling?“

“I don’t understand?” Thor said moving closer to your makeshift step stool
“Little one,” you said as you grabbed the chocolate, leapt off the box making it and the chair move. Luckily, you ended up safely on the ground.

“I didn’t mean to offend you Lady Y/n.” Thor replied sincerely

“It’s alright,” you said “it’s better than shorty or smol bean.”

“If the others ever bother you let me know,” Thor told you “I’ll try to put an end to it”

“Thanks but it’s fine really I don’t mind” you replied

“If you put your elbow on my head one more time I swear!” you growled shrugging Clint’s arm off of you

“Sorry Y/n I don’t mean to you’re just the perfect height” the archer smiled

You grumbled a response and glared at the man child next to you. During your sparring session with Clint Thor walked into the practice room just in time you watch you pin Clint to the ground after a swift kick to his ankles that made him lose balance

“This is punishment for using me as an arm rest” you smiled as you got off the floor and made your way to the exit

“It would do you well to treat Lady Y/n with respect Hawkeye” you heard the god say.

“I respect her” Clint responded “she’s just so small sometimes I forget she can kick my ass”

“Small and adorable” you heard the thunderer say, making you stop in your tracks and make your way into a better hearing distance

“Adorable?” Clint said “does someone have the heart eyes for our little Y/n?”

“Of course not she’s just small and cute. She needs to be protected sometimes and if I’m the one that has to do it then-” Clint cut him off

“You totally have heart eyes for Y/n,” He said “ask her out I’m sure she’ll say yes”

“How would you know,” Thor asked

“Cause I’m pretty sure she has heart eyes for you too big guy” at that you left. Of course you liked Thor but he was just a friend or at least that’s what you thought. Once your mind was openeded to the idea of having something more with the god it ran wild.

It was moments like these when you praised your genes for making you short. Weaving in and out of the crowd of people was easy and it made for a simple getaway. Two hydra agents were following you but it didn’t take long to lose them as you pushed your way through a gap. The only downside, Thor couldn’t keep his eyes on you. You had watched him fly off around the time the agents showed up and although he offered you a ride you declined. You only knew this upset him after you had escaped and after he spent a half hour trying to find you. You were already in the plane when he got back.

“What took you so long?” You asked smirking at the blonde before you

“I was looking for you,” Thor said his eyes searching you for possible wounds “why didn’t you tell me where you were going?”

“Because if Hydra heard they would fund us and then we’d both be in trouble.” you shrugged “I don’t know what the big deal is” that was a lie, a blatant lie, you knew exactly why he was mad.

“I could’ve lost you Y/n” his words confirmed your thoughts

“So” you stated simply. You needed him to admit his feelings to you, not just to Clint

“So that would’ve been horrible,” the god paused “Imagine what the others would think if I lost you”

“What about what you would think?” you asked

“I imagine I’d be upset” Thor sounded confused

“Why” you asked

“Because you’re my friend” Thor hesitated

“Wrong,” You said “tell me the truth”

“That is the truth” he was more confused now

“The whole truth” you demanded “I know what you said to Clint that day I pinned him. I know you like me so tell me.”

“I don’t just like you Y/n. I think I’m in love with you” he looked down at his hands

“Good” you smiled “because I think I’m in love with you too.”


A/n: I hope you enjoyed this I know it’s a bit different. Requests are open, and I’m slowly working through the few I have rn but feel free to send some in if you have an idea. Love you all! -G

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Religious Topics in Mystic Messenger - Korean vs. English Comparison

Hey there lovelier anon♡

Interesting question! I was personally really surprised to hear about this subject pop up in Mystic Messenger myself! I will be glad to talk to you about it ^^

I can actually relate to Jumin a little. Going to church when I was a kid. Typical Sunday school kind of thing. Played the piano for services for 8 years. It was pretty hectic.

In this context, I feel really similar in terms of how situations go because like Jumin, I used to go to church as a child, but not so much anymore now that I am 22/23. Idk if I should go by Korean age or not.

Anyways, please join me under the cut to discuss the religious topics that the anon requested above! Religion could be a sensitive topic so for those who don’t feel comfortable with said topic, read with caution ^^

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy!

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Harry Freaking Potter {S.M}

requested//a Shawn imagine where he comes back from tour early and you cuddle while watching Harry Potter {Christmas special}

It was three days before Christmas. Today was the day. Shawn should be home, like he has for the past two years. Today, of all days, Shawn should be here. This was more important to you than Christmas itself, more important to you than your anniversary… Well maybe not that but it was pretty important.
Today was the day that you and Shawn always watched Harry Potter. You would get in Christmas pajamas and exchange your Christmas gifts. It was what you looked forward to every year. This would’ve been the third year that the tradition would’ve continued. But instead of eating muffins and drinking hot chocolate with Shawn, you were sitting on the couch in your apartment watching the same Christmas special of Friends that was on two hours ago drinking a red Fanta. This episode was your favorite, but you couldn’t seem to find yourself enjoying it. You were sad, and your phone kept ringing and you didn’t feel like answering it. You wanted to watch this episode of Friends for the third time today and ignore the world. But your darn cell phone just kept ringing. You heard the gosh darn ringtone at least seven times.
Eight times.
Nine times.
Ten times.
You picked up the phone because you couldn’t stand to hear Taylor Swift sing the chorus of “Sparks Fly” one more time. You picked up the phone without even looking at the caller ID.
“What do you want.” You snap into the phone a little more rude than you intended, but you didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I mean ANYONE.
“Babe, I want you to know I’m outside your door.” Shawn chuckles. Shawn. As in Mendes. The guy you wished could be here. Was on the phone when he said he was going to be busy all day long and you didn’t think you would hear from him all day long.
“Shawn oh my god hey I thought you were busy!” You say changing your tone of voice.
“Did you hear what I said?” He laughs. You think back to what he said before.
Holy crap. Shawn was at your front door. You sprung up from the couch and ran to your front door of your apartment. You quickly slung it open. And there he was.
His hair was messy, and he was wearing Santa pajama pants and a black sweatshirt. You couldn’t believe he was right there. You almost started crying. You just were so excited he was right there with you.
“You’re here.” You whispered, a tear escaping your eye.
“I’m here.” He says back and you walk into his arms, wrapping them around him like you were never going to be able to hug him again. His muscular arms wrapped around your small torso.
“God, I missed you.” You mumble into his shoulder. You were slightly lifted off the ground by Shawn, because he was so tall and that’s the only way you couldn’t hug him like this without him bending it down.
“I missed you more my dear.” He says, giving you another squeeze. You couldn’t believe he was actually here. You were certain Shawn wasn’t going to be here and you were planning to sulk the rest of the night. But here he was, hugging you tight and your face was buried in his neck. You could stay like this forever, but you knew you wouldn’t. He pulls away. At first it made you sad, because you felt like when he let go he would be gone. But he was still standing right there when he pulled away. You were so happy he was here. You weren’t surprised when a tear escaped from your cheek. He looks you up and down. You were wearing gray sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt just so happened to be Shawn’s. You took it from his place before he left for tour. It smelled like him. You suddenly felt self conscious, unsure why. You weren’t sure what was wrong with you but it made you slightly upset. He frowned a little.
“What?” You asked, crossing your arms.
“Oh, nothing darling you look beautiful. You aren’t wearing the pajamas…” He says. You laughed a little. You were relived. You silently scolded yourself for thinking Shawn would ever in a million years ever make you feel badly about yourself. Your worried face washed over with a small grin.
“Okay, okay! I’ll go change into my Santa pajama pants so you aren’t lonely.” You say and kiss his nose lightly. You run up to your room and rummage through your drawer, finally finding the Santa pajama pants that Shawn had gotten you for Christmas last year. You quickly took off your sweatpants and pulled on the Santa pajamas that matched Shawn’s. You proceeded to run downstairs, almost falling down the stairs might I add, and Shawn is kneeling by the DVD player, already staring to load the first Harry Potter movie. You smile to yourself.
“You have no idea how happy I am that you are here.” You say, walking slowly over to Shawn. He pushes the DVD into the player and looks up at you with a smile.
“I’m happy I’m here too.” He stands up and walks over to you. He had taken off his sweatshirt and was now in his thin white t-shirt that was basically see through. It was pretty freaking hot to say the least. He makes his way over to you and wraps his arms around your waist.
“Don’t you look lovely.” He whispers in your ear and kisses your neck.
“I’m wearing your sweatshirt and Santa Claus pajama pants, I’m not really a Victoria Secret model.” You laugh a little.
“I think you are absolutely gorgeous.” He says a little dramatically and gives you a kiss on the mouth briefly, giving a loud ‘MUAH!’
“Thank you, handsome.” You giggle, running your hands over his stomach. His eyes flash worry and he takes your hands away. He really hates when you give him attention like that. You weren’t sure why, but it really made him uncomfortable.
“Let’s watch the movies. I’ve been waiting all year for this.” He says and kisses your neck lightly. You shiver at the ghostly feeling of his lips.
“Yeah, let’s do it.” You say, taking Shawn’s hand into yours and leading him to your couch. He sits down, you sitting next to him. You swing your legs over his, basically sitting in his lap. He places his hand on your thigh, smiling at you.
“The remote is by your leg, hand it to me.” You laugh. His cheeks turn red and he hands you the remote. You click buttons and start to set up the movie. The movie starts to play. His hand tightens a little on your thigh, almost to where it tickles you. But it doesn’t.
“Thanks for coming home for this.” You sigh.
“I’m sad I have to leave in four days.” He whispers, resting his head on your neck.
“Four days!” You say excited. He laughs a little.
“Didn’t know you didn’t wanted me to leave so early.”
“No! You are going to be here for Christmas!” You squeal, hugging onto him tight. You couldn’t be happier. Not only was he here for the marathon, he was going to be here for Christmas, your favorite holiday.
“Oh, I seem to have forgotten to mention that.” He smiles a little, kissing your cheek.
“This is the best Christmas present I could ask for!” You say, squeezing him tighter, peppering his face with kisses. Your hands move up to his face as you start kissing him deeply. His hands move from your thigh to your lower back. Your lips moving in sync. You could feel things heating up, but Shawn stops abruptly. Both of you were breathing heavy and your lips were swollen and his hair was spiked up from your fingers running through it. You give him a confused look.
“Look, darling I’m sorry but the owl part is about to happen and that’s my favorite part.”

this was a complete mess but Christmas imagine special!! idk why I wrote this bc I hate Christmas!! But this took me a whole Sunday to write wow I gotta drive to rehearsals :))

Simplicité - Chapter 4.5

Happy Simplicité Saturday! (Or Sunday, idk what time it is where you are) Sorry that I’ve been so off schedule lately, but I’m gonna try my best to stick to Saturdays (feel free to yell at me if I don’t). Yep, it’s another inbetweener. I felt like there needed to be more info about the aftermath of what happened at Bianca and Adore’s. I promise this chapter is worth it. Thanks to @veronicasanders for being a fucking genius and helping me out a ton with this chapter. ❤️ TW: Angst, eye fucking, cursing. No Bianca this chapter, I’ll be saving her antics for Chapter 5. Enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone!

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I feel it is my duty as the wacky Tom Paris blog that I am to remind you all that this Sunday is Threshold Day! @captaincrusher does an excellent job organizing/promoting the celebration so if anyone is curious about the specifics, check out this tag. It’s not a formal event but I for one have prepared some posts and I’m excited to see what else ends up floating around as well. :)

Whether you actually enjoy the episode (I do, no shame) or just like to joke about the… well… experience, I do hope you enjoy the flood of lizards/lizard babies. And if Threshold isn’t really your thing, I will tag everything both by the episode title and ‘Threshold Day’.

Catch you all at warp 10!!

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i think my favourite moments in this game are the ones where you get to stop and breathe? finishing the trawl through a super-mutant-infested high-rise and sitting on a balcony watching the sun rise over the ruined city with your companion. it’s just stopping and watching the broken down but still beautiful and somehow alive world when i feel most connected to my survivor. just. taking a breath

TFLN Sentence Starters (part 6)
  • [text] Yeah you were fine except for when you peed under the bar
  • [text] I am naked and annoyed.
  • [text] And besides a nice relationship, I just really want to get laid damnit
  • [text] Well, she chose the fuckboy life or the life chose her. Not sure which one but either way I don’t need that negativity in my life.
  • [text] I just felt emotion and I’m not okay with it
  • [text] you asked the cab driver if he wanted to meet your parents, last night.
  • [text] He came on my favorite pants. He is dead to me.
  • [text] Uhh I just had to break up with a guy who I didn’t even know I was dating…
  • [text] I feel like I don’t show you my boobs enough. And you deserve to see them like all the time
  • [text] Idk why you’re asking me for advice on dating bro, after I told you I got a convicts number today.
  • [text] Currently on my Sunday walk of shame. Should I go to church?
  • [text] We have a great relationship based on communication, sex and mutual loathing.
  • [text] so an orgy is about to happen in the next room if you wondered where i am currently at in life
  • [text] I am praying to every god I can that he drank so much that he won’t even remember me
  • [text] I drank so much that my feet don’t feel like my feet
  • [text] He told me he’s proud of our abnormalcy as a couple. I think it’s the most romantic thing he’s ever said.
  • [text] Fireball goes down like mother’s milk. Btw your housemate is naked
  • [text] I feel like I hate him but his dick too bomb to hate completely
  • [text] My memory of last night is a delicious blur of tits, ass and alcohol.
  • [text] I had one beer! ONE BEER! They took shots in mourning of my tolerance last night. My ability to drink is a joke.
  • [text] I want a shirt that says, “I’m sorry for the things I said when it was Taco Tuesday”
  • [text] I woke up in your kitchen with my ID in my hand and my nails were painted electric blue. Dude…never let me have fireball again.
  • [text] Also you can’t just sext a Michelle quote from Full House.
  • [text] You leaned over to me in the elevator and whispered “how long do I have to pretend to be sober?”
  • [text] Fuck baseball, getting drunk and playing with kittens is the REAL national pastime
  • [text] By the way im currently in a mansion and need you to pick me up
  • [text] It’s times when I’m naked but also want to be platonically social that I miss you the most.
  • [text] I’m the girl holding the bag of goldfish
  • [text] in retrospect i think my mom tried to raise me gay
  • [text] she’s a drunken disney princess. so basically me if i had a crown and no desire for independence.

“What can I look forward to today?” Dr. Wells enthused with one of those intoxicating smiles that tended make your knees knock together.

“See for yourself…” You replied with a grin splitting your face as you leaned over the counter, handing him his drink and watching Harrison tip back his first swig.

His enamoring blue eyes closed briefly; pure bliss twisting through his expression as he swallowed down that first sip, allowing you to freely gaze at the knob in his throat at it slid beneath his skin. 

“Is that caramel?” He finally asked, opening his eyes to find you nodding. “Heaven per usual… What on earth have I done to deserve such special treatment?”

You shrugged. “You’ve got one of those faces.”

“One of those faces?”

Yeah. I mean, I can just tell you’re a good guy.” You explained with a bright smile before bending to grab a rag from beneath the counter so you could wipe down the bar top, failing to notice the very quick, very nervous twitch that jerked at the corner of his mouth. “Plus you happen to be one of my nicer customers. You’re tips aren’t too bad either.” You teased, lifting your gaze back on Harrison to see him leaning back in his wheelchair with his hands folded behind his head; coffee resting on the seat between his thighs as he watched you.

“You’re twisting my life into a knot of caramel-coffees and hard decisions. Do you know that?”

“So you’ve told me…” You replied with a smirk, still having no idea what that even meant, as many times as he’d said it in the past. You supposed it had something to do with a man trying to cut back on sweets or caffeine but he never went into detail and you never bothered to ask. You were wrong of course. So very wrong. And little did you know you had the man you knew as Dr. Harrison Wells wrecked and thoroughly torn in two…

(X) (~♫♪~)

**Star Trek: Discovery Spoilers!!**

Don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers

Being autistic, I heavily relate the the Vulcan’s in the Star Trek universe. That being said, on Sunday’s first 2 episodes of Star Trek Discovery, we see that Michael Burnham was a human raised on Vulcan and had trouble fitting in. Rightly so… anyway her struggle to fit in with the Vulcan culture really hit home with me, because I feel like that every day. Knowing I’m different and trying to fit into Neurotypical ‘culture’. Might be far fetched but idk I just wanted to share


I feel so…light lately. So…excited for what is to come. Not really sure how to describe it, not sure what the proper words are, but I find myself smiling more than I have in a really long time and…I don’t think the way things have played out in the last few months are by chance. There is always a bigger plan at work and you know when you just feel…life’s magic? And the universe/God saying, “I see you. Trust me. You just wait.” Hm idk…it’s very…beautiful and gives me the chills

Today has been really beautiful and kind and lovely and this wonderful woman practically gave me a free manicure without the color on my nails but touched up my cuticles, etc. So, so so nice. 

I usually take off from running on Sundays but it was 40 degrees out and sunny today and too beautiful not to have my feet hit the ground

First Kiss

Anon Request: “hey can i request one? ^^ (y/n) and (c/n) are friends. not necessarily best friends or strangers, but they talk here and there and are comfortable with one another. they both want to get their first kiss over with before high school ends and are too awkward to admit it.”

Spring time for you is great. Seeing all the gorgeous flowers, the warm air accompanied by a cool breeze, and the upbeat vibe that everyone seems to have now just feels amazing. Well, maybe their vibe is upbeat because high school’s ending soon… but who cares, it’s spring, school’s coming to a close, and you just found out today that you and (C/N) had to work on a final project together. Your heart nearly dropped when you heard your teacher call the both of your names as a pair. It’s not like you guys hardly ever speak and you couldn’t even approach him because that would be weird, because you do talk, it’s just that you guys are simply casual friends, and you don’t know if he feels the same about you.

“Wow, I really don’t think that we could finish this all in one class period,” (C/N) remarks.

“Yeah, me neither, if we want to get at least a C we’re gonna have to work on this a little longer.” You say.

“Hmm, well I mean we could stay after school and work on it together if you don’t have anything to do? You could meet me outside, by the school fields?” He offers.

“Sure we could do that,” you say with a smile.

###timeskip to afterschool###

“See (Y/N), I told you that we could finish this with just a little more time, we make a good team.”

“Yeah, we finished a little earlier than I thought we would too. I told my mom to pick me up an hour from now. I’m going to have to wait here so I don’t get on her bad side.”

“Oh wow, me too. Well, we could just wait here, maybe talk a bit.” He says with his million dollar smile. For a while you two just have random conversations, and you find out things you didn’t even know about him, and you fall in love with the new undiscovered pieces of (C/N). His sense of humor is out of this world, and the conversations never seem to go dull, you feel like he’s opened up to you so much, and in this moment, you guys aren’t just casual friends. It may be a bit deeper than that.

“…So..(Y/N)” he begins.


“You’re not seein’ anyone right?”

“…no haha it’s kinda embarrassing.” You try to hide your face, and you cover your eyes with your sleeve.

“Ah, don’t hide your eyes from me.” He states seriously, “How is that embarrassing?”

“Well because practically everyone is and I don’t know I haven’t.."You cut yourself off, this might be getting too deep for your liking.

"You haven’t what? Had a boyfriend for a longtime? Neither have I, well girlfriend you know what I mean haha anyway its nothing to be embarrassed by, you and me are on the same boat,” his awkwardness is showing a bit.

“No I mean… it’s like..”

“Like?” He’s anticipating for your answer.

“I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.” You blurt out.

“Oh…"He pauses for quite a while.

"I told you it was embarrassing!”

“No, no, no.. it’s alright… like I said, we’re on the same boat.” He’s feeling kind of embarrassed now too, you can tell.


“Yeah,” he starts, “I just want to get it over and done with you know?”

“I know.” You say.

“Like anytime would be great, as soon as possible right?

"Yeah I agree 100%” you add on.

“So since we’re both on the same page, it would be alright for…us? Like for us just to get it over with right now. I mean, it would be perfect since I sorta like you.” He says with a wink.

“..yeah..I mean cool, I mean sure lets do it.”

“Cool,” he says now closing his eyes. You take that as a sign to close your eyes too. Your heart is beating one thousand times per second, and you feel your face getting hot, and you really don’t know what to expect, until you feel his lips suddenly on your lips, and you’re instantly relaxed. It doesn’t feel wrong..It feels so right, but he then breaks the kiss.

“Wow, so this is what we’ve been missing out on huh” he says.

Okey dokey I hope that was OK. Tell me if you liked it anon!! Oh and, the smut will be posted tomorrow (Why i picked sunday to post a smut idk) and also the boy pov will be posted tomorrow or monday too! I also wanted to say that I got 100+ followers! I’m so happy, thanks for following me even though my writings not the best sometimes. I’m gonna work on typing up the most recent requests for you all bc ily so so much. P.s the imagine is short but I’ll try doing longer ones. Or do you all think this is an ok length?

@amandakitswell sure!! i’ll always listen to whining about zevran, lmao.

@jicklet mrrr. i know that feel. i’m sorry, i hope you find something to do tonight that feels satisfying. esp on a sunday that’s a super antsy way to feel :/

@bakonswitchredux yessss <3

@storyhoard i hope you are able to be as productive tonight as you want/need to be! moana’s on netflix if you’re ever in the mood for it, i love it bc it emphasizes listening to women and the connection btw … idk, kind of everyone and everything? which is an idea that’s super reassuring to me (tho i get that it doesn’t feel that way for everyone!). anyway i hope you’re doing ok tonight <33

dokucchi  asked:

Hey, sorry you're having a rough time. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?? Hang in there since the babysitting and negative moods and almost everything hurting right now will pass.

I know it’ll pass.. I just.. idk I’m feeling pretty horrible.

I’m just watching tv and I’m calm. I just.. Idk.

I’m not really tired (If I am, it’s not because of the babys keeping me awake, I’ve been up late playing games so my own fault)
I guess I’m sick of having to babysit since Friday afternoon and it’s now Sunday afternoon. All I’ve done in that time is babysitting with a few breaks to eat here and there. - Though babysitting these nephews aren’t hard cos I basically just have to play my game and he’s happy to watch.

I’m the only one who packs up the toys, though. I help dad clean, I have to do the washing later (Cause god knows my mum wont)

I’ll have to clean up the house later too, cos again - my mum probably wont. She’d say she’s too tired from babysitting to do anything.

- just had to interrupt here because I’ve had to walk out and find all 4 kids on their own with no supervision - again.
And there’s a scream fest going because one of the younger kids spilled a bucket of water that the older kids were using to play with.

I just.. I got a head ache, I dont want to be the one to have to do everything because other adults want to talk.

I dont want to be the kids responsibility because I still feel like I’m a kid myself. I need to be looked after. Earlier they went to get fast food and didn’t get me anything and I was upset about that because hello??? I’m here too?? I don’t get anything?!?!


11 Questions Tag

I know this is hella overdue and hella long buuuut thanks @loeycoaster for the tag~~

i’m not rereading this so sorry for typos  and just all around not-making-sense lol

1.  What’s your best, or most prevalent, childhood memory?

idk, but my first thought was about how my brothers and dad and I would go to blockbuster on sundays pretty frequently lol

2.  Who or what always makes you feel better when you’re down?

@black-zak-attack and @batmanlemonade, and also when my little brother calls me

exo and seventeen also distract me from my sadness 👍🏾 

3.  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I’d like to go to Nigeria so I can see my family. I’d also like to travel to more states because it’s so weird to think how insanely huge the US is and how there will be parts of it I’ll just never see.

4.  What are you most passionate about? ex. modern world issue, area of study, hobby, etc. Tell us about it!

Passion…? tbh I’m not sure if I’m genuinely passionate about anything, but there are things I like a lot. Like linguistics and baking and proving functions are bijections asdjkl

5.  Who do you admire most in life?
I look up to my dad quite a bit

6.  What’s your opinion on the idea of soulmates?

I think about that sometimes and idk? Like, it’d be cool if there really is someone out there that’s like perfect for you, but at the same time what’s the point to knowing that someone is out there if you two may never meet? If it was guaranteed you’d meet your soulmate, then that’d be great. But then there’s also like, what if you meet someone and grow to like them, but you know theyre not your soulmate? Do you leave your soulmate hanging? Now your soulmates gotta find someone else too…
There’s a lot of words floating in my head about this but idk if I can articulate them lol

7.  What are you studying / planning on studying? Are you happy with it? Do you love it?(I ask because I’m personally clueless and miserable)

I’m studying math education and I have a minor in esol (english to speakers of other languages)

tbh for a good half of my college career I felt like math ed. wasn’t for me, but I think it was mostly a self confidence thing. Now that I’m learning to accept the idea of making mistakes and not being perfect, I’m more comfortable. I also love learning different math concepts like group theory and algebra and infinite sets (the idea of different sizes of infinity both makes sense and is mind-blowing). and honestly I thank God for my math connections course that I’m taking this semester bc I swear I love math more and more each class.

I’ve had an inclination towards language for a while. The earliest I can pinpoint my desire to study language deeper is probably eighth/ninth grade when we did grammar stuff in English class. Everyone else hated it and couldn’t care less about identifying direct and indirect objects but it was literally! my fave! part! of English class!

8.  What do you do to relax?

Listening to music and doodling/drawing are my top two things. They kinda give me something else to shift my focus too. I also like eating :-) 

9.  What movie can you watch over and over again, but never get tired of? (or book!)

I could watch Howl’s Moving Castle everyday for the next year and I will love it just as much if not more by the end of the year

10.  What’s your favorite joke?

I can’t think of a joke but have you seen that comic with goofy and the two hats bc asdjkl lmaoooo i can’t see it and not laugh a little

11.  Tell us about your bias/biases and why you love them :)

AAaaaah where do I start?? Idk if I can express my love for them as eloquently as you did for yeol, honestly this is just gonna be freeform or stream of consciousness or whatever I’m just gonna type and see where my fingers take me asdjkl tbh just stop reading after this point. don’t read what ‘s after this..seriously… stop

SO uhh Do Kyungsoo?? I think he goes by D.O. because his last name is Do…Honeslty he really seems like the sweetest person this world has to offer and I can’t believe I was blessed by the Call Me Baby music video that introduced him to me like wow that day was literally life changing. 
Yes my eyes were drawn to him because he’s simultaneously adorable and hella attractive but then my ears picked up on his talent and he’s had my heart ever since he called me baby girl (i now have the ten minute loop of that part playing..) asdjkl
Kyungsoo only wants to make everyone happy and never intentionally harms people (I mean yeah he’ll punch chanyeol but he’s not tryna harm him, ya feel? lol) He just wants what’s best for everyone and he wants to sing his heart out and be with his EXO family and act and live his wonderful life. I’m just really happy he has two passions and is able to pursue both of them!! 

I’m actually kinda tired and I could say a lot more but my mind is drained so I’ll wrap this up 

I think the reason why he is my bias (and jihoon is, for svt, but that’s for another time) is because I feel like we’re really alike personality wise? LIke we come off as shy and standoffish but really when we’re with people we’re comfortable with we can be free and wild and fun and loose and just laugh (God, I love his laugh!!! and his smile!!!!!) He’s kinda inspiring?? bc I’ve always had this feeling that my personality would push me back from doing things but he’s literally a kpop star but he loves watching movies by himself and watching anime and he’s a shy guy but he does what he can to make other people happy and really that’s me and I really look up to him and wow I knew i was soft for him but MAN am I SOFT for him. I really just wanna hug him but then again i also think about how we can both be shy and awkward so i always think that if i had the chance to meet him the last thing he’d wanna do it hug me aahaha lmaoo

but yeah uh. So this Do Kyungsoo guy? He’s pretty cool if you ask me

love of your life

// a short and sentimental jumin han x mc fic that nobody really asked for! mc with avoidant personality disorder (avpd), anxiety, and depression (because boy do I love writing vaguely about my own experiences) \


it’s a saturday when you decide to turn your back on jumin han, the love of your life, forever.

“you shouldn’t try to understand what’s going on up here. i don’t want to put that burden on you anymore,”

you pointed up to your head and played with your hair, looking down. it wasn’t a very romantic or sweet approach to the situation, but it was your way of handling things. avoidance, trying to make people forget about you, pushing everyone away. you wanted to become deep tree roots in the ground, hidden from the earth but a strong base of something greater than yourself. you could just watch from afar, and he could be your branches.

“that’s nonsense.”

your heart skips a beat and you tense up, noticing his eyes glancing back to you, quick and intense emotion deep in his grey orbs. “i’m going to love you, mc, and you have no say in it from now on. i’m not going to lose someone as special as you, no matter what.”

wistful laughter rises up in your stomach and gets caught in your throat. it’s not a happy feeling, and instead you feel like you’re going to throw up. you just can’t believe him. oh, how desperately do you want to just have a picture-perfect happy ending with him, but your brain is holding you back. your past. your mental illness. your chemical imbalances… whatever name this collaboration of demons inside you went by, they had sank its teeth into you and they weren’t going to be easily swayed.

“that’s just the default response, isn’t it?” you laugh bitterly, tragically. the hoarse and soft sound is cut short by quieter sobs and tears filling up your lungs. you ball up your hands into fists, knuckles turning white, and stare at the ground.

you’re being difficult. you know you are. you don’t want to be this way, so confrontational in the most self-destructive ways. whenever you get your hands on something good, every part of you is telling you to ruin it and to run the hell away. impulsively.

your brain was a separate being than yourself. the personality disorder, depression, anxiety and who knows what else that clouded your heart so often were bigger than you now. they were cruel, hateful, and evil. you didn’t want to put someone else through your shit. you didn’t want to see such a beautiful man slowly fall out of love with you when he gets to know the demons you keep hidden behind fake smiles and pretty excuses.

“i’m really not special… i’m just nice to you. i understand you, because i know what it’s like to lock up all your feelings in a little box and never let them show. but does that- does this- really equate to love? am i just getting in over my head?”

he stood up, and your stomach dropped and lurched. he was going to leave. he’s going to walk out and you’re never going to see him again and you’re going to die because you said too much and you sounded like an idiot you wished you never opened your mouth and everything is falling apart and you think the walls are shaking and your breath is gone you don’t know where it went you can’t move and you can’t breathe and there are a million thoughts attacking you at once a million words in your brain and it’s too much and you still can’t breathe

he steps close to you. you press your chest to your knees and let out a strained sob. he touches your shoulder. your thoughts overload your brain. he notices that you are hyperventilating. you’re…

you’re dying.

it’s a sunday when you decide to leave this world in front of jumin han, the love of your life, forever.

except, wait, no, that’s not right. instead, your tired eyes open to greet white fluorescent lights and a tile ceiling.

“you’re up.” you’re startled by his voice before you begin to hear the heart monitor. your mouth is dry, but you manage to open it, and with a small, weary, and broken voice you ask him what happened.

“you had a very intense panic attack and fainted from excessive hyperventilating. i rushed you here as fast as i could,” he looks you directly in the eyes and you know that he is filled with compassion and empathy and love for you, but you can’t bear to meet those lovely eyes. not this early, at least.

you felt yourself sink deeper into the cold bedsheets. “i’m so sorry,” you whispered, and the faucet in your eyes began to drip yet again, oceans filling up your orbs and blurring your vision. shame, embarrassment, and insecurity filled your head this time. but you felt a hand brush the tears away from your cheek and lips pressed to your own.

he pulls away gently, and looks at you lovingly. “i don’t care if you think you’re a burden, or if you’re afraid, or if you want to push me away. i won’t let you. mc.. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i could never possibly see you as a burden. you helped me take the lid off of my heart and take on my own internal issues like an adult, and i’m going to do the same for you.”

your heart begins to race and you look at him, surprised. he doesn’t let you protest. “i’m with you now. i’m going to do everything in my power to make you feel loved, because you deserve it. don’t you ever try to convince me otherwise.”

finally, you let yourself smile, and the tears turn to ones of a new type of happiness unfamiliar to you. it’s not going to fix everything, but you know that this is a start to a lot of progress; you love him. and you want to be better for him.

it’s a sunday when you decide to start opening your heart to jumin han, the love of your life, forever.