idk is she a cat now :(

I really wanted to post at least one picture of the gajevy twins so

apparently they got their dad’s fondness for kitties

10 Things I Hate About You - Part 1

A/N: Part 1 is all set-up. Idk hopefully y’all still like it? Maybe you don’t…idk. Bolded quotes are straight from the movie and not mine. 

Originally posted by marauderimagines

James fiddled with his watch as the guidance counselor, Ms. Umbridge, typed away at her computer. He wondered if he should say something; she had barely acknowledged his presence since he stepped into the room. 

As if reading his mind, she gave a fake grin and a, “I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

James nodded as he glanced around her office. It was decorated with pink lace and far too many cat pictures. Hell, two cat photographs was too many in his opinion, let alone 20. 

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Je N’aime Que Toi

Warnings: Angsty. Apologies beforehand.

Word count:1,221

Summary: After an akuma battle, someone’s identity almost gets revealed in a dirty alley. This may cause a friendship (or two) to form.

“Pound it!” the dynamic duo cheered as they defeated yet another akuma.

Reporters flooded the scene to just to get a smidgen of a story from Paris’s famous heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir. They answered as many questions as they could before a distinct and familiar beeping filled the air.

Ladybug raised her hand to her earrings. “Oh, I’m about to change,” she said to herself.  “Bug out!” She threw one last smile towards Chat Noir before stringing her yo-yo to a rooftop and leaping into the air.

Ladybug landed in an empty alley, ducked behind a dumpster and de-transformed. When Marinette opened her eyes, her akuma Tikki was floating beside her. “Great job handling that akuma, Marinette! That had to be your fastest battle won to date!”

Marinette smiled and came out from behind the dumpster. “Well I couldn’t have done it without Chat Noir. It was his idea to use my yo-yo to-”

“You sure have been talking about Chat Noir a lot these days,” noted Tikki with a crooked smile.

She stopped to look at her kwami. “What do you mean?”

I mean I don’t think it’s the night patrols you eagerly look forward to every other night.”

She thought about it. “Wait. Are you implying that I like Chat-” She was cut short by someone running across the roof above her. Marinette barely had time to tell Tikki to hide when, in the blink of an eye, Chat Noir landed in front of her. “Eek! C-Chat Noir!”

Marinette?” He seemed just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. The ring on his finger beeped and Chat looked around desperately. “Oh!” he cried, “I thought no one was here in the alley!”

If he runs off now, Marinette thought, he wouldn’t make it in time to find another hiding spot before he changes.

Before he could get away, she took hold of his wrist and threw him behind the dumpster she had just taken advantage of. Quickly, she turned and shut her eyes. Behind her, she could hear the faint jingle as the transformation wore off.

“Pee-ew!” cried a grating voice. “You couldn’t pick a nicer smelling place to change back, Adri-”

“Shut up, Plagg!” Chat Noir, or rather the voice of Chat Noir, hissed to… his kwami? “Uh…Marinette,” Chat said awkwardly. “Are you still there?”

She went red. “Yeah, s-sorry! I’ll just make my way out.” When Marinette opened her eyes, she was staring at the closed up end of the alley. If she turned to head the other way, chances were she’d see Chat Noir’s identity. “Actually on second thought, I think you should head out first. And don’t worry! I’ll stay facing the wall and keep my eyes shut.”

 She could almost hear him hesitate. "Okay. Count to ten before turning around. I’ll be gone by then.”

She nodded. “Okay.” Marinette heard him come out from behind the dumpster and she began to count loud enough for him to hear. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five.”

Tikki peeked out from the handbag and whispered, “Marinette, they’re gone.”

Marinette moved a finger away from her eye to look down at her. "You sure?”

She looked back down the alleyway and gave a sly smile. “Positive.”

Marinette slowly turned around and sure enough, her kwami was right. He was gone. She let out a relieved breath. “That was a close one, wasn’t it?”

Tikki giggled. “What are the odds that you both happened to pick the same alley in all of Paris?”

She shrugged. “Great minds think alike?”

Tikki laughed. “Let’s just be grateful he ran into you and not anyone else.”

 “Yeah. That silly kitty. Come on, Tikki, let’s get out of here. It smells and I’m kinda tired.“ As Marinette made her way home, deep inside, her heart lurched at the thought that it was her he ran into rather than anyone else. She couldn’t explain the feeling, but she told herself it was because she was his Ladybug, and she would do anything to protect him; something she couldn’t promise anyone else would do.

Yes, that had to be what she was feeling.

Marinette was in her room doing homework when she heard a light tapping on her window. She turned to see Chat Noir, who smirked and gestured to the roof. Curious and confused, she climbed her bed and made her way up the latch. There he was, leaning against her balcony rail, swinging his tail around in his hand.

Marinette smiled to herself. "Chat Noir, what brings you here? Is there an akuma nearby? Am I in danger?” She pretended to look around anxiously.

He held up a hand and shook his head. “No. No akuma tonight. I actually swung by to thank you.”

“Thank me?” She knew exactly what he was talking about but she enjoyed playing the innocent civilian for him.

“Yes. Back in that alley.”

“Oh that?” She waved it off. “It was nothing.”

“Well it may have seemed that way,” his face suddenly became serious, “but to me it really meant a lot and I never got the chance to properly thank you for it. So, Marinette,” he took her hand in his and looked deeply into her eyes, “thank you for the other day.” Being this close to him, him looking at her as he was now made her forget words…until he added, “It would’ve been a cat-astrophe without your help.”

She frowned and slowly pulled her hand back. "Yeah, well just be happy it was me. Any other girl would’ve died to see Chat Noir’s secret identity.”

He crossed his arms and grinned. “Oh? And you didn’t want to?”

“Not at all,” she replied honestly.

His eyebrows scrunched together. “Why not?”

Marinette stepped forward and flicked the bell on his suit. “Because I’m not any other girl.” He stood dumbfounded by the confident gesture as she made her way back to the latch. “And I also understand a thing or two about secret identities.”


She realized her mistake. “Y-Yeah. Movies and comics and all. Well, I have to get back to homework, got a big report due tomorrow for history.”

Chat seemed to remember something in that moment and his face paled; she ignored it. Before Marinette returned to her room, she paused. “Oh, and Chat Noir,” he turned to her. “Let’s try not to run into each other the way we did the other day. Again,” she joked.

He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. “That probably would be for the best.“

She watched as Chat took off into the night, jumping from roof to roof.

Oh, and you didn’t?  His words rang out in her head.

Deep down, she had always wondered who her partner could be, if she knew him outside of their superhero life. Now, she found herself constantly questioning: Who could the cat be?

A dangerous question if there ever was one. After all, curiosity did kill the cat.

As for Chat Noir, he was rushing home to finish a particular history assignment he had forgotten to write. All the while, he couldn’t help thinking there was more to Marinette than the sweet and clumsy school girl he knew her for. And he definitely planned to figure out what it was.

How did you guys like it? Let me know if you want a continuation of the story. Tags are open so dm me to get tagged :) Or just feel free to dm me. Thank you for reading!


one hundred marvel ladies


ororo munroe (aka storm)

i love animals i can’t even describe like meeting that deer made my DAY no like my month my YEAR idk

just every time i connect with an animal like that im always reassured that yeah this is what im supposed to do with my life (help animals)

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“i’m the lawyer helping you get custody of your daughter and oops you’re all kinds of adorable with her and also i think she’s growing attached to me is this good or bad” Majorly Judging you w/Kara as the cute daughter :)

i love this prompt thank you so much

‘Should we go over it once more?’

Lucy sighs heavily, running her hand through her hair as she scans her notes again. She shakes her head. ‘It’s late, Alura. The best thing you can do at this point is sleep, probably’.

‘I’m just…’ the anxiety in Alura’s voice is clear, the fear behind her eyes burning, as it has been, more and more, as this day has approached, ‘I want to do everything I can’.

‘Hey’, Lucy reaches across the space between them to grip Alura’s hand, ‘we’ve got this, okay?’

‘And yet I can’t help but worry’. Alura grips her hand like its a lifeline, and Lucy’s heart aches. Alura has been so strong since this mess began, but she looks so exhausted. ‘It’s not that I don’t have faith in your abilities, Lucy, its just -’

‘You’re a judge’, she says softly, trying to soothe, and comfort, as best she can, ‘and you’ve seen cases backfire, I know’.

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Falling Apart (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request (by anon):  Hey can u please do a Barry Allen x reader writing where she and Barry are dating and Iris is dating someone (maybe Eddie when he was still alive Idk) at the same time. And then Iris breaks up with her boyfriend and then the reader just gets scared that bc of that Barry now wants to be with Iris but he convinces her that she is the one he loves just super fluffy pleaseee xx

Fandom: The Flash TV Series (season 1)
Pairing: Barry Allen x fem!reader

Warnings: fluff and a little angst
Word Count: 913

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A collection of doodles and drawings of cat girl @knittinggiantbeanies !! (Plus an entirely feline judy)

Ive been meaning to do this for a while, the moment judy said she wanted to see herself as a cat girl i was like MY TIME HAS COME

(also “im like 30% furry” heckin same judy)

A Beautiful Possession

(A/N): I wish I was a mutant, minus the pain…

Pairings: NatashaXReader

Request: Could I request a Natasha x female reader imagine where (Y/N) is an Avenger and Nat’s girlfriend whose mutation slowly starts to manifests as she experience excruciating pain from time to time until one night, her body began to change as she transform into a dragon hybrid like mutant while screaming in pain causing Nat to rush into her room and comfort her? (She has wings, fangs, claws, cat like ears, thin tail, and breathes fire.) Can you make the ending fluffy too, please?

Warnings: None? idk

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama

The whole team were currently on a mission. It was going very well, they had gotten the intel and now they were fighting some agents as they were heading to extraction point. (Y/N) and Natasha were fighting side by side as usual, they worked well together, almost too well. Both were punching and shooting agents when Natasha yells over the fighting. “Hey, are we still down for movie night, tonight?” (Y/N) smiles as they point and shoot their gun at an agent who is about to attack Natasha.

“Of course, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” (Y/N) responds but suddenly a horrible migraine hits their head causing them to close their eyes, hoping the pain recedes. (Y/N) grunts in pain as it gets worse and without notice, the pain shoots down their spine and throughout their whole body. The pain is sharp and it causes (Y/N) to fall on floor while giving a pained scream which quickly catches the attention of Natasha. Natasha finishes the last of the agents before running over to where (Y/N) is.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), hey, tell me what’s wrong. What hurts?” Natasha rushes out with worry written on her face and she scans (Y/N)’s body but finds no blood or injuries. (Y/N) doesn’t respond as their face is contorts with pain as they curl up in a defensive position, eyes still slammed shut which only concerns her more. “(Y/N), I need to get you back to the jet so Bruce can look at you alright? It’s going to hurt.” (Y/N) only responds by quickly nodding, tears streaming down their face unable to talk from the fiery pain in their lungs.

Natasha takes a deep breath before scooping (Y/N) up which emits a strangled, pained cry to come from their lips and at that she starts running. (Y/N) needed medical attention now and she was determined to get them there quickly. She runs and runs, trying to ignore the pained cries and gasps of air coming from (Y/N). Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay.

“(Y/N) is a what?” Natasha questions looking at Bruce with wide unbelieving eyes. Bruce purses his lips together before pulling up a screen with a picture of DNA on it.

“A mutant. You see this DNA? That is what a normal piece looks like in (Y/N)’s body but this one,” Bruce pulls up another picture of a distorted looking piece of DNA and points at (Y/N). “Is what (Y/N)’s looks like now. Their mutation is finally surfacing but as what we saw on the battlefield, it’s pretty painful. Until then, I’m prescribing (Y/N) some strong pain meds when it begins again.” (Y/N) gives a sigh before standing up from their seat.

“Anything else?” (Y/N) mumbles out but Bruce simply shakes his head. (Y/N) nods, giving Natasha an unreadable look before leaving the room.

“Keep an eye on them. I’ll give you the meds when they’re done.” Bruce assures and Natasha gives a nod before chasing after (Y/N). Natasha finds (Y/N) in their room, laying on the bed and she crawls in behind them, hugging them from behind. She feels (Y/N) tense before they turn in her embrace and a soft sniffle is heard as they burry themself in her chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Natasha whispers as she runs her hand through (Y/N)’s hair and another sniffle is heard.

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen…” (Y/N) chokes out, fighting to keep their emotions in check but Natasha knows them well enough to know they’re not okay. She gently kisses their head before pulling them closer to her.

“Shh, you’re alright. You’ll get through it and I’ll always be here to help you.” Natasha assured as she continues to hold them, making sure (Y/N) knows they’re not alone.

(Y/N) had excruciating pain two times a week for about a month and they were getting sick of it. It felt like fire was burning their lungs and it felt as if someone was continuously stabbing them with a knife everywhere. Even with the medicine, it was the worst pain (Y/N) had ever experienced but through all the pain Natasha was always there. It didn’t matter the time or place, when it happened she would always scoop up (Y/N) in her arms until the pain went away.

It was late at night, Natasha for some reason couldn’t sleep so, she picked up one of her favorite books and quietly read. She reads for some time when she hears an agonizing scream from down the hall and she instantly recognizes it as (Y/N)’s. She immediately throws her book, runs down the hallway towards (Y/N)’s room before busting through the door. She stares as (Y/N) tosses violently in their bed, their painful screams filling the room causing her ears to hurt and she goes to hold them but stops in her tracks, eyes becoming adjusted to the darkness of the room.

Natasha notices (Y/N) now has a long, thin, dragon like tail but what gets her the most is the big, leathery wings that cover the majority of their backside. She rushes over to the side of the bed, careful to not scare (Y/N), who’s screams have turned into silent sobs. “(Y/N), sweetheart, I’m here, okay?” (Y/N) hearing Natasha’s voice pushes themself to the other side of the bed, whole body shaking.

“S-Stay away. I don’t want to hurt you.” (Y/N) chokes out but Natasha slowly crawls on the bed towards them and they try to scramble back more out of fear. “N-Nat, stop! I’m hideous, I have claws a-and fangs! Please, I don’t want to hurt you!” (Y/N) cries out desperately but Natasha slowly keeps crawling towards them, compassion in her eyes. (Y/N) wants to run away but all their energy is drained so they curl up, attempting to keep Natasha out. 

Natasha gently brings her hands up and cups (Y/N)’s face, feeling a few scales on their cheeks and cat like ears but instead of pulling away, she leans over and litters their face with kisses. This causes (Y/N) to break down more as they slowly melt into Natasha’s embrace, careful not to hurt her. “W-What the hell am I?”

Natasha looks at (Y/N)’s shining eyes before wiping away the stray tears, leaning down and kissing (Y/N) on the lips then brings their hands up and kissing their palms. She plants a small kiss to (Y/N)’s wings and tip of their tail before looking at their beautiful orbs. “You are beautiful and you are mine.”

(Y/N) breaks down in tears again, not out of pain but out of pure emotion, knowing Natasha Romanoff will love them no matter what.

Personally I always imagined Runningwind as being Ashfur and Ferncloud’s father.
I think he and Brindleface had a one-night-stand, but Runningwind didn’t want to be a father so Brindleface raised the kits on her own (since in the old Forest being fatherless didn’t translate to “you’re basically half orphan now”)

Whitestorm is not a bad option as their father necessarily, but I headcanon him as Greystripe’s and Sorreltail and co’s father already, so I find it hard to wrap my mind around the idea that somewhere in between he also mated with Brindleface. He just doesn’t strike me as a kind of a guy who would have two she-cats and then just leave one of them to raise their kits alone.

Idk, I guess it also depends on just how much you want to humanize and romanticize the relationships between these cats.

anonymous asked:

have any fave ereri artists? ^^

Ah yes, so many~ 

Lena is # 1. She is officially my ereri goddess and imo is the queen of ereri. She brings life to the ereri fandom even when we’re dying at the moment :’) 

Other ones that I love and are luckily still active with ereri are Tomomo, Rasu, Sabamiso, Nanaco, Futaki (idk if I spelled her username right), Unap and NK33. There are many others I’m missing, it’s just that their usernames are in Asian so I can’t mention them properly. 

Now, I remember back in my fun 2013 days that I was a huge fan of Chacall’s ereri art. I loved her so much, but.. For some reason, she suddenly stopped drawing them and disappeared. Actually, it’s depressing to know that a lot of old ereri artists are disappearing T-T I also really loved Isara’s ereri art. She was one of those good Isayama copy-cat artists. And her Levi was damn sexy. And she would draw lots of canon-verse ereri which I loved, but again.. She disappeared completely. 

Now a new one that I’ve recently really gotten into is @koka_tin on twitter. Another great Isayama copy-cat artist who draws some ereri but also multiships Levi with other male characters ^^ 

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I'm not sure if this has been addressed already or not since I'm a couple of chapters behind on Halcyon days, but just imagine them wanting to get a pet and Kamilah is like hmm should we get a dog? a cat? And Ana just comes home one day with a fcking hawk and is super determined to tame it and it just goes horribly, but Milah doesn't let her quit because "you brought berta home now go and get her down from the attic or you're sleeping on the couch" idk I just love them so much ok

Pet-related stuff here, here, and here!


Kamilah asks how in the fuck she managed to get a hawk, but Ana doesn’t have time to answer before the hawk tries to peck at her face. She can’t figure out how to tame Berta; it just flies around the house wrecking stuff, leaving half-eaten rat carcasses around, and pooping everywhere. Kamilah’s patience starts to wear thin and Ana willingly takes to the couch until she tames this feathered beast. But the last straw was when Ana found bird shit all over her Bey albums, and finally lets the hawk go. Where? Only she knows.

Fast forward a few years later, 4-year-old Fareeha is playing in the backyard while Ana prepares lunch. The girl bursts into the kitchen excitedly, so Ana turns around, and freezes.

What the fuck.

Fareeha is holding her hand up - which is thankfully wearing a baseball glove, because perched upon her hand is a tawny, sharp-eyed hawk. The bird is calm and quiet, merely observing the humans with its beady eyes. Ana’s mouth works in vain, until she finally finds her voice.


Roommate: I’m getting a kitten!
Me: …Well fuck…should I get a cat???

“There… This is much more comfortable, wouldn’t you agree?”


Idk kinda/sorta a follow-up of my previous sketch, not really sure XD

Yea, Demongo’s definitely not letting her slip away.. Sorry, Blue Diamond, you’ll be needing a replacement Pearl

Also, cute new head canon for Blue Pearl - if you hold her like this, she immediately goes limp just like one of those ragdoll cats

Anywho, tried to get the cape to look right with the pose but think I screwed up lol And once again it got scanned slightly tilted for some reason -.- I’ll fix it later

Oh well, hope it’s decent for now

Samurai Jack © Genndy Tartakovsky

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

Doodled by me

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Positive thing: My family adopted a kitten and a puppy at the same time and they've basically grown up together. The cat (Luna) is small for a cat and the dog (Bowie) is kinda big now but still acts like a puppy. They get along really well and you can see that they do some of the same things that they've learned from each other. Sometimes they'll play together like they're both puppies or kittens and sometimes Luna will kick Bowie out of his bed so she can steal it. Idk I just really love them!

Oh wow 😍
My heart, that’s so sweet!

drfm  asked:

Yo Pilot! How u doing? Asking for a art prompt that will take a whole page. So it can be a scene maybe??? IDK but Imma finish this sketchbook today :D

Omg omg, Ninoir balcony scene? A certain tom cat stops by to visit a certain dj, and neither of them are entirely sure how it happened but they are too close for this space to qualify as polite and now they’re flustered, but they both havent moved

Maybe just Ninoir in general? Ninoir cuddles? A quiet night after a vicious akuma attack.

Or maybe alya holding a picture oh him kissing CN in ninos face like “How long have you been dating cat noir!?!” Totally thrilled with the scoop she got and his face is like FUCK
(In the background adrien is also like FUCK)

The first one is my fav but any is great

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Could you do a V (and RFA+Saeran if you could) where MC asks if they can get a pet (pretend they're living together idk) and when they say "sure" MC pulls out a lisT OF ANIMALS. Not like "oh I want two or three cats and a mouse" oh no, I mean like "lets get snakes and mice and dogs and cats and fish and salamanders and cows and horses and guinea pigs etc." and it's obvious MC has researched this because she has specific species/breeds she wants? Thank you! (If not it's fine lmao)

Note: I’ve been taking so long to get around ti requests but hey ho at least I’m doing them now. Hope you enjoy this!


  • when you pull of the list she’s so shocked
  • of course she’ll let you have a pet, but-
  • maybe not that many
  • she does love how creative you are though
  • she probably will get one or two of the more obscure ones with you
  • you end up getting like a bearded dragon and a Burmese python
  • and you call them the most ridiculous names like fluffles and polly probaby


  • yoosung i literally just ??
  • he didn’t even know some of these animals existed
  • you end up getting two guinea pigs because they’re small and fluffy
  • you guys love them like you would your children
  • it’s so cute like you get them all this stuff
  • play stuff
  • chocolate safe for animals
  • organic food


  • so surprised
  • he’s glad you don’t want a cat tho
  • he gets some sort of reptile with you
  • you both love your pet
  • literally you get Hyun to buy your pet all the fancy stuff
  • a fancy cage
  • the best foods
  • all of it


  • jumin is kinda confused because you both already have Elizabeth III
  • but he still buys you a pet
  • over time he kinda loves the pet more and more
  • he buys the pet pretty much whatever you want for it
  • he also loves the pet because it’s kinda the first thing you got together as a couple properly


  • tbh he has a list too
  • you literally compare what animals you have and soon enough your house is filled with animals
  • people are concerned for you two
  • like genuinely your house is full of animals
  • you guys would buy all the essentials
  • your animals would literally be living in luxury


  • he’s kinda confused
  • like what even are most of these ??
  • nevertheless he gets you whichever ones you want the most
  • he doesn’t really know how to look after them but gets whatever you say they need
  • over time he learns how to look after them and both of you kinda love your pets


  • he’s super surprised by how many animals there are
  • but he tries to get as many as he can
  • it makes you so happy
  • you both love your pets and take the best care you can of them
  • they actually have their own mini room
  • that’s literally how much money Jihyun spent on them