idk is it possible to get pregnant from this

 Warning: Mentions of rape, abuse etc.



Read at your own risk ~~~~

Part 1: You and Rafael Barba got married when you were 18 and were happy for almost 6 years until you grew pregnant and he told you he didn’t want children yet (he did not know you were pregnant at the time.) Not wanting to ruin his career (and possibly life) you left him. Rafael knew you left him because he didn’t want children but never came after you for a divorce, he simply hid his marriage from his co-workers and friends. 10 years later you’re a detective for the gang crime unit (Idk if that actually exists) and still haven’t talked to your husband about the child you guys have together.

It has been 3 weeks since Mike Dodds died of a stroke after being shot by Gary Munsun. Barba was still getting death threats but nothing too serious since the guy who threatened him outside the courtroom was arrested.

It was a slow day at SVU. Everyone was doing paperwork. Nobody had been the same since Mike had died. 

Olivia had just left her office to brief the squad about the trial to convict Gary Munsun when she got a phone call from a unknown number. 

“Hello, this is Lieutenant Benson” 

“Uhm hi. My names Y/n. I’m a uhm detective in Gang Crimes” Y/n spoke softly into the phone. She didn’t want her daughter Cierra to hear. 

Olivia walked to the vending machines to continue talking to Y/n. 

“Hi Y/n. Is there something I can help you with?” Olivia asked. 

“Uhm yeah. I was uh… I was raped while conducting a interview in Rikers” Y/n got choked up. 

“Oh. Well you need to get a rape kit done Y/n. Your attackers might of left some sort of DNA. Can you meet me at Lincoln University Hospital?” Olivia spoke softly into the phone.

“Um yeah but I can’t leave my daughter alone” Y/n whispered. 

“Don’t worry Y/n. We won’t let her know about whats going on” Olivia said. 

“Okay. Goodbye. I’m leaving now” 

Olivia walked grabbed her coat and started walking to the exit. 

“Carisi, Rollins meet me at Lincoln University” 


Olivia noticed Y/n right away. She was sitting on a bench outside of the hospital with a petite little latina girl. 

“Mama why’re we here?” The little girl whined. 

“I told you Cierra, we’re waiting for Mommy’s friend” Y/n whispered. 

“Excuse me? Y/n?” Olivia asked as she walked up with Rollins and Carisi in tow. 

“Olivia” Y/n stood up quickly. 

Olivia had to hold back a gasp as she got closer to Y/n. 

Her eye was swollen shut and she had bruises all over her arms. Olivia could even see dried up blood around her nose. 

“Lets get you inside to see the doctor” Olivia said concerned as she wrapped one arm around Y/n to comfort her. 


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I know I’ve posted on this before, but I was rereading and I just want to reiterate what I think this means.

“Blood to blood and soul to soul,” - Literally, Manon’s parents making a baby? And also literally Manon because is has the blood of all witches and it’s not a stretch to argue that when you make a baby you pass a piece of your soul into it etc. 

OR: Anyone remember when Dorian and Aelin grabbed hands (like Rowan and Aelin did!) and used their power to kill the king? That whole Canarram thing is quite literally a blood to blood, soul to soul connection. What if Dorian and Manon do their hand holding canarram thingy at the same time/with Rowan and Aelin and we just blast the shit out of some Maeve and Valg scum? (feeeels)

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Zane: im pregnant.
Everyone: what
Pixal:its true.
Nya:how is that even possible
Jay:thats not where babies come from- when did you guys e- HOW DID YOU GUYS EVEN?!
LLOYD: Wait, where do babies come from?
Garmadon and misako: *sweats nervously*
Everyone: gets into argumenf about procreation

Zane & Pixal: *backs away slowly whilst whispering* we are the best prankers