idk is it ok


some prom doodles

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omg ur so pure, I can’t imagine u having.... s e x I FEEL LIKE UR BLOG IS TOO PURE FOR ME TO EVEN SAY IT

omg nonny LOL :’+) no it’s okay!! tbh I don’t mind talking about it! sometimes ppl don’t have space to talk about sex cause they’re uncomfortable talking about it to their parents / friends / others so yeah but the most important thing is to use protection & be safe !! I’m always open in talking about anything :+)

the paladins as iconic vines

shiro: “how much did you pay for that taco?” “ay you know that this boy’s got his free taco“ *falls and drops taco*

keith: “road work ahead? uh, yeah, i sure hope it does”

lance: *jumping in a bouncy house on phone* “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you” “you can’t be on your phone!” “fuck you obama made me do this—“

pidge: “stop saying i look like chicken little. he’s dumb, and a coward, and i am not a coward”

hunk: *sees bear* “it’s a fucking bear” *bear disappears in river* “NOOOOOOO” *bear reappears seconds later* “oh shit he’s right there”

allura: *walking up to a small child* child: “daddy?”


*loses Steve in a store*

Dustin: don’t worry I got this guys

Dustin: *uses hand as microphone* “oh Steve’s hair? Yea he uses-”

Steve: u little shit I will disown u right now


you’re next to me in my life

happy birthday, amanda 💙