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Okay this is a bit belated but I just got around to reading Tan jiu’s latest ad with the motorbike dudes and it actually gave me a lot of feels (this guy is selling off his buddy (the motorbike/ handsome guy in the racing suit) to lead a safer lifestyle with his girlfriend/spouse)…

…until I read the weibo comments anyway I was laughing at the comments for the past 5 minutes HAHAHAHA

“After getting a main wife he sold his mistress*”

(*a lot of guys refer to their vehicles as their second wife)

“So, usually he always rides* his buddy????” 

*as in have sex in cowboy position LOL


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frank and karen's first kiss set after the events of the punisher? or non-shippy frank and curtis interaction because i love them :) for the prompts!


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uh so like. through a lot of screaming on discord i have pieced together a modern single parent au with the help of some friends. 

warning for mention of death/death during childbirth

so basically julian is a doctor and a single dad raising his adoptive daughter, mila, who he ended up with after a patient died during childbirth. the mother was not in good health, and had no immediate family to contact. just kind of an unknown face who showed up at the hospital in dire need. 

julian decided to raise the child as his own, feeling guilty for being unable to save her mother and not wanting her to grow up alone and without family

so basically mila is in school now.she’s a really cute kid and really enjoys it: especially class with her favorite teacher: the mc

bring on all the cliches that come with “single parent has a crush on their childs teacher” au

asra and the mc are super close friends. they teach in the same district. asra is a guidance counselor.

thats like the basis of it and everything else is just tooth rottingly fluffy headcanons

i might write something for this when im not dying of college

but if u ever wanna write smth for it pls let me see when ur done thatd be rad

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what is truth bombs booster pack

it’s a bunch of coloured cards for truth bombs that are dnp themed for all the dnp fans who want some aspect of them in the game too or as dnp put it:

This limited-edition booster pack contains 30 special Dan-and-Phil-themed Truth Bomb questions! ‘Amazing’ for anyone who watches our videos to roast each other more than 'danisnotonfire’.

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